New Year: New Start

It’s a new year, but it’s the same me. I just have a new start. I have a lot of changes coming for 2023. I’m switching to being more sustainable for the planet. I’m making my apartment my own this year, starting with a deep cleaning and decluttering. I’ve already made some new friends and have been more social than last year, if you can believe that. I also have a boyfriend named Mike, who comes with an adorable dog named Beans. Mike is 36, turning 37 in a couple of months, so he is officially the oldest guy I have ever dated. He is my oldest brother’s old friend from high school that we used to run around the neighborhood with and play baseball. Mike has never dated anyone with a kid before, but he is already talking about taking Dean to a baseball game this summer. It is very early, but it feels like what a healthy relationship would feel like. I’ve never experienced one, so I am working closely with my therapist this year to keep me safe and centered on my goals in life. My malpractice lawsuit is still ongoing. Papers have been served, and the negotiations have been started.

With Love,


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