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V-Day Gnome

For $35, I made a Valentine’s Day Gnome at a local craft store. It was really fun and my friend Pam went with me. We are going again with my bf’s mom who wanted to go with me (probably to meet me and get to know me). I think that I did really well for being out of an art class for over a decade. It was a pretty simple craft to do that is self-paced (in a 2hr time slot). There were other people there that we socialized with as well. It was a very good time and bring your own food and booze. I brought drinks. Next time, I think I’m gonna get some snacks as well that are easy to eat. Anywho, I had a really great time and now have this great decor piece for V-Day. I will need to repurpose one of my totes to a decoration keeper.

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