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Seeing Baby Girl

I was able to see J to celebrate her 13th birthday. It was bittersweet seeing her. I haven’t seen or heard from her since.

With Love,

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Sunday Adventures: Part 2

This was an eventful weekend. We went grocery shopping at Walmart, which he LOVES. We then went to Marshall’s where he got a shopping spree. I picked up some lunch from Applebees and got myself a cocktail (don’t tell anyone)! We had our lunch at the nature sanctuary and did 11 miles of hiking that day. This is also about the time that I noticed that my son’s eyes changed from grey like mine to green. He now has the prettiest green eyes I have ever seen. They are a pretty forest green. I’ve been told that I have green eyes too. But they have always looked pretty grey to me.

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Dinner w/Bean

Due to recent developments with my ex, I took my son out to lunch one day after picking him up for daycare. He was so excited when I told him that we were going out to eat. We actually stayed for 45 minutes and he was SOOOO good for me. I actually got to eat and enjoy my food. He got to eat his favorite Chinese food and had lemonade. I had the miso soup and the sushi of course! Food was delicious like it always is. I cannot believe that my little man is going to be 7 this year. So crazy how fast time flies by.

With Love,

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Apple picking

Back at the end of September, Dean and I went apple picking together. I did offer for my ex to come along, but he never did follow up to come along. This was the first year that he actually twisted apples off of the tree. I was so proud of him and he had so much fun that day.

Apple picking with Bean

We ended our day by making apple crisp pies. He was an awesome help in the kitchen. I love my little boy so much and I’m just trying to give him the best life that I can as we wade into the new waters we find ourselves in.

With Love,

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Bagel Boi

It has been ages since my son has eaten bread, never mind a bagel. Well, the bagel sammies came back to McD, so I had to get a bacon one. I had one bite and noticed that the Bean was interested in what I was eating. To my surprise, he took a bite. Then, another. I gave him the sammie and he ate it until it fell apart. He then ate the pieces. But he ate it like a sammie until it fell apart, which was the first time he ever did that by himself! I was so proud of him and I had to capture this moment. We were in the school parking lot waiting for the bell, so he could go in.

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Sunday Adventures: Part 1

With the breakup, one thing that I am doing is spending Sundays with my son going on adventures and giving him my undivided attention. We often go hiking. Our favorite hiking spot is an animal sanctuary and protected land. With the trees losing their lives, it has been beautiful there and we love the crunching sound the leaves make when you step on them. Unfortunately, my ex can no longer be in the picture for my son. I think it is all for the best in the end for the Bean. Some men run when you attach responsibilities of parenthood onto them and this was a sad case of that. Bean has a momma who loves him and a huge support network, he will always end up ontop. My Bean, the little boy who loves everyone caught up in adult drama. This series will just be a series of lifestyle updates and the latest photos of our crazy adventures.

With Love,

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1K Declutter: Feb Update

We are starting off this post with 960 items decluttered or used up out of 1K for a project that has spanned into its third year. This month might see the end of the project. I try not to count my items, so I don’t spoil the surprise for myself. lol. I am so excited to complete this project and go back to doing empty posts where I take one picture and let you know how I liked the products and what I used up that month. I’m actually making it under a different title, because I also want to keep track what items in which categories that I am using up. It will be interesting to see the results of that.


#961 – 965 – Either worn out or too small clothes.


#966 – 968 – I used up a candle in my project pan, doubled sided tape, and 1 sticker.

Hair Care:

#969 – 972 – I found another old hairbrush while cleaning out the bathroom. I used up Hair & Nail gummies, a hair mask, and a hydrating styling cream.

Body Care:

#973 – 978 – The three items that expired were the diaper cream (already have a new tube, this is a must have on hand if you have children or experience thigh chaffing when exercising), the anti-itch lotion, and the antiseptic cleaner for when my son got MRSA and needed to be bathed in this everyday to get rid of the infection on his skin. I used up a deodorant, the steri-wash for my piercings, and a body lotion.

Skin Care:

#979 – 985 – This was the month for using up skincare and opening up some new products. I decluttered the Coola Mineral Sunscreen. I used up the two sunscreens, the two face masks, toner pads, and a packet of face wipes.

#986 – This is featured separately as I decluttered this to my boyfriend’s mom. I just don’t like this facial oil as it is very thick. I think it will really moisturize her mature skin.


#987 – 991 – I used up a face powder, a primer, a lip balm, a BB cream, and a mascara.

Well, I was REALLY close to finishing this project this month. However, I know that March will be the finale post for this series. I have really enjoyed using things up and getting items out of our space. I will continue to do so, but it will be nice to take a break from this series for a while. See you in March’s last post!

With Love,

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The Lunch Chronicles

I like to pack my son his own lunches to take to school. He went to summer school, so these are some of his lunches that he took. He is starting kindergarten in my Fall and I will be packing 2 snack boxes as well. Some days, we will get school lunch, because he gets free school lunch. Summer school wasn’t long enough (8:30 to 12) for them to provide lunch. I provide snack and lunch type items for his 10 am snack. In the Fall, he will go from 8:35 to 3:05. It is such a long day, but he has ASD and ADHD. He gets Speech, OT, and ABA therapy at school. I am looking forward to more progress that he’ll make in school this year.

The above box from left to right: chopped ham, Ritz crackers, graham crackers, M&Ms, Babybell cheese, and Oreos. He ate some of the ham, crackers, and M&Ms. He ate all of the graham crackers and Oreos. He left the cheese.

The above box from left to right: fresh cantaloupe, chopped celery, Veggie straws, M&Ms, Feta cheese, and chocolate Teddy Grahams. He ate all of the veggie straws, teddy grahams, and celery. He ate some cantaloupe and M&Ms. He didn’t eat the cheese.

The above box from left to right: Wow Butter sandwiches, deli turkey breast, pretzels filled with cheese, M&Ms, raisins, and teddy grahams. He didn’t eat the Wow Butter sandwiches and one of the pretzels. He ate the turkey, raisins, and teddy grahams. He ate some M&Ms and one pretzel.

I enjoy using cookie and sandwich cutters when I can to spice up his lunch.

The above box from left to right: alphabet shortbread cookies, Cheesezits(?), corndog, M&Ms, spinach, and grapes. He ate the cookies, cheeseits(?), and corndog. He ate some of the M&Ms, spinach, and grapes.

The above box from left to right: teddy grahams, Ritz crackers, Veggie straws, marshmallow, carrots, and chocolate chip cookies. He ate the teddy grahams, veggie straws, carrots, and the cookies. He ate some of the crackers. He didn’t eat the marshmallow.

The above box from left to right: alphabet shortbread cookies, Cheeseitz, corndog, M&Ms, ketchup, and barbecue chips. He ate the cookies, cheeseitz, chips, and ketchup. He didn’t eat the corn dog or the M&Ms.

My son doesn’t always consistently eat the same things. I add one new item to the box and the rest I fill with things that I know he eats. I always put at least 1 treat in there. The M&Ms are used by his teachers for positive reinforcements. Some days, we was more cooperative than others. I look forward to making more posts coming September as he starts on the 8th!

With Love,

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October: Reflect Back in EC Vertical Planner

It is time for my first month lookback in my Erin Condren Vertical Life Planner. I am so excited to share with you all of the events that occurred this past October and an in-depth look into my planner. I learned a lot about myself and my planning style this month. I learned that I actually want to try a different planner when this one runs out as this type isn’t quite right for me. I do a combination of planning and memory keeping. I hope you enjoy my planner posts as this as fastly become a big part of my life and keeping me sane this holiday season. Now, let’s get to my review of October 2020!

If you own an EC, you know that the beginning as unmarked boxes for every month of the year (6 for a 6 month planner, 12 for a 12 month, 18 for an 18 month planner). October was a big month for me. I quit my job and started a whole new career as a Paraprofessional which is a one to one teacher for children in special education.

I have used the page before October to mark my son’s goals for the month of October. My son, Dean, has autism and his teacher emails me daily reports on how he is doing in the classroom. He started making new sounds and saying new words this month. He also had different experiences. Oh! His 6 year molars are coming in and he is only 4! This boy has always excelled at physical milestones WAY before they are due.

This is a glance at my monthly dashboard. I make my own stickers with a Canon Ivy and I couldn’t be more in love. I cannot wait to have the space for a printer and circuit, so I can make my own planner stickers.

This is mostly a picture page of my favorite pictures from the month. The pictures don’t show as well as in person. The pictures are much more crisp in person and uses no ink.

I do a lot of filler for this side of the dashboard. I still haven’t filled it out for November yet. I think I will keep it the same, but I am still figuring out how to best utilize the space for me. I like the important dates box and I did that for November, but I am at a loss for what to do for the other three boxes for November.

An overview of the monthly view of October.

I did some decoration on the days that were not part of the month. I got sick near the beginning of the month that near the end of the month I found that I had bronchitis. It was not fun not being able to breathe for weeks without constantly using my inhaler. There was Columbus day, so no school. I had my birth control shot that I self administer. I started my first day at work on the 20th. Jenna’s birthday was the day after and we had two Halloween Parties at school.

My son also had a flu shot this month. It was the last day at my old job. I marked my paydays. My son had to be picked up early at daycare one Friday. I had to get my fingerprints taken for my new job. Martin had a dentist appointment and Creag had his last vet appointment for a year. It was also Halloween! Although, we didn’t do any trick or treating because of COVID.

An overview of the first week of October.

It was a new month, so we had our monthly cleaning to go through.

I was on a cleaning and organizing mission this week.

An overview of week 2.

I had more cleaning that I wanted to get done.

This weekend was really light on things to do.

An overview of week 3.

I love this crazy picture of my fiancé and I forgot to use my September sticker at the beginning of the month. Better later than never though!

An overview of week 4.

This week was Jenna’s birthday!

I love watching Ash Versus The Evil Dead. It is a really great series that we have been binge watching all October.

An overview of week 5.

Jenna and I gamed on Roblox and talked over Facebook messenger for an hour. Our landlord actually came out from California this week and fixed our sink and heaters.

I found out this week that I had bronchitis once I started coughing blood. I didn’t have COVID which was a relief. So, on Sunday, we cancelled our game night and I had an early night as I hadn’t been sleeping being up most of the night coughing and coughing up blood.

Overall, October was a really great month to us. It was a month of great change, but all for the better.

With Love,