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1K Declutter: Feb Update

We are starting off this post with 960 items decluttered or used up out of 1K for a project that has spanned into its third year. This month might see the end of the project. I try not to count my items, so I don’t spoil the surprise for myself. lol. I am so excited to complete this project and go back to doing empty posts where I take one picture and let you know how I liked the products and what I used up that month. I’m actually making it under a different title, because I also want to keep track what items in which categories that I am using up. It will be interesting to see the results of that.


#961 – 965 – Either worn out or too small clothes.


#966 – 968 – I used up a candle in my project pan, doubled sided tape, and 1 sticker.

Hair Care:

#969 – 972 – I found another old hairbrush while cleaning out the bathroom. I used up Hair & Nail gummies, a hair mask, and a hydrating styling cream.

Body Care:

#973 – 978 – The three items that expired were the diaper cream (already have a new tube, this is a must have on hand if you have children or experience thigh chaffing when exercising), the anti-itch lotion, and the antiseptic cleaner for when my son got MRSA and needed to be bathed in this everyday to get rid of the infection on his skin. I used up a deodorant, the steri-wash for my piercings, and a body lotion.

Skin Care:

#979 – 985 – This was the month for using up skincare and opening up some new products. I decluttered the Coola Mineral Sunscreen. I used up the two sunscreens, the two face masks, toner pads, and a packet of face wipes.

#986 – This is featured separately as I decluttered this to my boyfriend’s mom. I just don’t like this facial oil as it is very thick. I think it will really moisturize her mature skin.


#987 – 991 – I used up a face powder, a primer, a lip balm, a BB cream, and a mascara.

Well, I was REALLY close to finishing this project this month. However, I know that March will be the finale post for this series. I have really enjoyed using things up and getting items out of our space. I will continue to do so, but it will be nice to take a break from this series for a while. See you in March’s last post!

With Love,

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The Lunch Chronicles

I like to pack my son his own lunches to take to school. He went to summer school, so these are some of his lunches that he took. He is starting kindergarten in my Fall and I will be packing 2 snack boxes as well. Some days, we will get school lunch, because he gets free school lunch. Summer school wasn’t long enough (8:30 to 12) for them to provide lunch. I provide snack and lunch type items for his 10 am snack. In the Fall, he will go from 8:35 to 3:05. It is such a long day, but he has ASD and ADHD. He gets Speech, OT, and ABA therapy at school. I am looking forward to more progress that he’ll make in school this year.

The above box from left to right: chopped ham, Ritz crackers, graham crackers, M&Ms, Babybell cheese, and Oreos. He ate some of the ham, crackers, and M&Ms. He ate all of the graham crackers and Oreos. He left the cheese.

The above box from left to right: fresh cantaloupe, chopped celery, Veggie straws, M&Ms, Feta cheese, and chocolate Teddy Grahams. He ate all of the veggie straws, teddy grahams, and celery. He ate some cantaloupe and M&Ms. He didn’t eat the cheese.

The above box from left to right: Wow Butter sandwiches, deli turkey breast, pretzels filled with cheese, M&Ms, raisins, and teddy grahams. He didn’t eat the Wow Butter sandwiches and one of the pretzels. He ate the turkey, raisins, and teddy grahams. He ate some M&Ms and one pretzel.

I enjoy using cookie and sandwich cutters when I can to spice up his lunch.

The above box from left to right: alphabet shortbread cookies, Cheesezits(?), corndog, M&Ms, spinach, and grapes. He ate the cookies, cheeseits(?), and corndog. He ate some of the M&Ms, spinach, and grapes.

The above box from left to right: teddy grahams, Ritz crackers, Veggie straws, marshmallow, carrots, and chocolate chip cookies. He ate the teddy grahams, veggie straws, carrots, and the cookies. He ate some of the crackers. He didn’t eat the marshmallow.

The above box from left to right: alphabet shortbread cookies, Cheeseitz, corndog, M&Ms, ketchup, and barbecue chips. He ate the cookies, cheeseitz, chips, and ketchup. He didn’t eat the corn dog or the M&Ms.

My son doesn’t always consistently eat the same things. I add one new item to the box and the rest I fill with things that I know he eats. I always put at least 1 treat in there. The M&Ms are used by his teachers for positive reinforcements. Some days, we was more cooperative than others. I look forward to making more posts coming September as he starts on the 8th!

With Love,

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October: Reflect Back in EC Vertical Planner

It is time for my first month lookback in my Erin Condren Vertical Life Planner. I am so excited to share with you all of the events that occurred this past October and an in-depth look into my planner. I learned a lot about myself and my planning style this month. I learned that I actually want to try a different planner when this one runs out as this type isn’t quite right for me. I do a combination of planning and memory keeping. I hope you enjoy my planner posts as this as fastly become a big part of my life and keeping me sane this holiday season. Now, let’s get to my review of October 2020!

If you own an EC, you know that the beginning as unmarked boxes for every month of the year (6 for a 6 month planner, 12 for a 12 month, 18 for an 18 month planner). October was a big month for me. I quit my job and started a whole new career as a Paraprofessional which is a one to one teacher for children in special education.

I have used the page before October to mark my son’s goals for the month of October. My son, Dean, has autism and his teacher emails me daily reports on how he is doing in the classroom. He started making new sounds and saying new words this month. He also had different experiences. Oh! His 6 year molars are coming in and he is only 4! This boy has always excelled at physical milestones WAY before they are due.

This is a glance at my monthly dashboard. I make my own stickers with a Canon Ivy and I couldn’t be more in love. I cannot wait to have the space for a printer and circuit, so I can make my own planner stickers.

This is mostly a picture page of my favorite pictures from the month. The pictures don’t show as well as in person. The pictures are much more crisp in person and uses no ink.

I do a lot of filler for this side of the dashboard. I still haven’t filled it out for November yet. I think I will keep it the same, but I am still figuring out how to best utilize the space for me. I like the important dates box and I did that for November, but I am at a loss for what to do for the other three boxes for November.

An overview of the monthly view of October.

I did some decoration on the days that were not part of the month. I got sick near the beginning of the month that near the end of the month I found that I had bronchitis. It was not fun not being able to breathe for weeks without constantly using my inhaler. There was Columbus day, so no school. I had my birth control shot that I self administer. I started my first day at work on the 20th. Jenna’s birthday was the day after and we had two Halloween Parties at school.

My son also had a flu shot this month. It was the last day at my old job. I marked my paydays. My son had to be picked up early at daycare one Friday. I had to get my fingerprints taken for my new job. Martin had a dentist appointment and Creag had his last vet appointment for a year. It was also Halloween! Although, we didn’t do any trick or treating because of COVID.

An overview of the first week of October.

It was a new month, so we had our monthly cleaning to go through.

I was on a cleaning and organizing mission this week.

An overview of week 2.

I had more cleaning that I wanted to get done.

This weekend was really light on things to do.

An overview of week 3.

I love this crazy picture of my fiancé and I forgot to use my September sticker at the beginning of the month. Better later than never though!

An overview of week 4.

This week was Jenna’s birthday!

I love watching Ash Versus The Evil Dead. It is a really great series that we have been binge watching all October.

An overview of week 5.

Jenna and I gamed on Roblox and talked over Facebook messenger for an hour. Our landlord actually came out from California this week and fixed our sink and heaters.

I found out this week that I had bronchitis once I started coughing blood. I didn’t have COVID which was a relief. So, on Sunday, we cancelled our game night and I had an early night as I hadn’t been sleeping being up most of the night coughing and coughing up blood.

Overall, October was a really great month to us. It was a month of great change, but all for the better.

With Love,

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Dean’s First Stitch

My little baby boy got his first stitch this past Wednesday. It has been 4 days since he split it and got it stitched. So, suffice to say that working from home is not going too well, when I have a little boy that needs a lot of supervision and hands on attention. My work isn’t being too accommodating either. I had to fight for my rights to reach a compromise. They expected me to lock my 4 year old in a room with me for 8 hours to be able to continue answering the phones and doing my job, while keeping him safe. I said that I wouldn’t keep him locked up and that is child abuse. He got hurt, because I am distracted with work and phones. I asked after he got hurt, because I can’t do work to its full capacity and keep my son safe. So, I still have to do my outbound calls where I can plan for him to be in the room with me and I have to be on the phones for 2 hours every morning. Two hours of my 4 year old locked in a room with me isn’t too bad. The volume isn’t very high in the morning and he is usually eating breakfast and just waking up. It was a compromise that I had to fight for, but I have it locked in until this COV-19 thing is over and done with.

Also, I am grateful to be working, but not at the cost of my child’s safety and well-being. My work is corporate and they care more about the customers than they do about their own employees. I had to be very strong and stand up for myself with not backing down with my request as I felt the HR rep really tried to push me into not changing anything. She offered a flex schedule, using PTO, reducing my hours. Here’s the thing: I am a single mom. I need to pay my bills. I’m not going to take unnecessary PTO. A flex schedule isn’t going to help me as I don’t have anyone to help me. My fiance is taking care of his daughter and his parents/grandparents. Plus, he is working remotely too. Even when he is here, he is working. I don’t have him with me during the work week to help watch my son. Before this pandemic, we were together a lot more. So, it is really irritating to me that work asked if there was someone else to watch my kid for a few hours. If there was, I wouldn’t be asking for reduced phone time and my son never would have gotten hurt. Once I asked who was going to pay for his hospital bill for him getting hurt and if he got hurt again, she starting being more understanding and asked if I could do 2 hours in the morning available for calls. I comprised because I know volume is low and he is just getting up. Plus, 2 hours is an okay amount of time to be stuck in a room with mommy and not be abuse.

I was logged into the phone on that fateful morning. I had just set him up for breakfast and went back to my computer to discuss a claim. That is when I heard him cry around 8:15 am and he walked right for me, arms up to be picked up. That’s when I noticed the blood. “Oh, SHIT.” I picked him up and grabbed some paper towels to hold to his face. I called Martin to rush over. I get the first aid kit and I message work that I am going to the ER. I call my boss and I punch out. I shut my computer down, all the while holding my crying screaming son who is bleeding. Martin gets here and takes him. I take pictures of his cut and send them to my mom, who tells me that he is going to need stitches. I call his doctor, who tells me the same. I call the ER to let them know we are coming. We take off and get to the ER about 9:30 ish. 

I get screened in the tent with Dean. We get out temps taken and asked a lot of questions. I get my purse and his diaper bag searched. We wait in the waiting room about 5 to 10 minutes before going into the room. The nurse sees him and takes his vitals. They treat his cut with a cotton balls taped to his face that needs to sit for 20 min. It lasts 40 min before falling to the floor. It had antibiotics and numbing medication to be the stitch in. Well, my boy is active, so they have to give him a loopy nasal spray, twice and they wait about 30 to 40 minutes in-between each. They come back again to do the cotton ball. Now, it’s about 1pm and I am getting really tired. I ask Martin to come in to help. I haven’t eaten anything and I am running out of strength. Only 1 visitor with a patient. The doctor makes an exception, because Dean has autism and we need a strong person to help hold him down.

At this point, Dean has lost muscle coordination, but he is strong and trying to move around, placing all his weight on me. My arms are still SUPER sore right now. We hold him down for the stitch after the nurse swaddles Dead. Nurse has his head, Martin has his shoulders, and I have his legs. Dean lost a lot of blood that day. He needed to be cleaned up as it was everywhere, but the doctor got that stitch in!

After stopping at Wendy’s drive through for lunch, we make it back home at 2:30pm. We strap Dean in for his cheeseburger and place him in our bed as he still has no coordination. He then falls asleep for an hour, until we have to go pick up our groceries at Walmart. It was a long day and very traumatic. I had to take the next day off from work to recoup. I am so happy that my little boy is back to normal. We just have to keep an eye on it to watch it heal. It is a dissolvable stitch, so he doesn’t have to go back and get it removed. I went to a “clean” ER that is not taking any patients suspected of having the COV-19 as it is one of the designated ERs to be safe for uninfected patients.

He is so young to have gone through that. He simply tried to get out of his big boy chair and hit his lip on the edge of the table. Now, he will have breakfast in my room with me in the morning and I will sit with him with my laptop on lunch.

With Love,


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Amazon Haul

My boyfriend Martin has Amazon Prime and we needed a few things. I made a little order of essentials and one of them was a fail. We will get to that in a second, though. I am really enjoying the family that I have now. I am back in touch with my family and now, I have Martin’s too. On top of it all, our little apartment is our own personal family and I just love being a part of the lives that I am touching now. There is just so much happiness inside of me that I don’t know how to process it all at times. I just know that this life is worth everything that I am putting into it and I’m so happy that I took that leap. I don’t want to think about where I would be without it.

But enough of that, let’s get into the good stuffs!


The Regalo baby gate is the perfect height. It is about a foot taller than Dean. The problem? It is too short for our door way and another 4 inch extension is sold out. I will be calling to see when they will be getting new ones to order. I am hoping that I can get one soon! Dean is really rambunctious and I wanted to keep him out of the kitchen for safety purposes while I am distracted working from home.


Dean cracked the waterproofing on the mattress by jumping up and down on it. I bought this one that also has some extra padding on it to make his bed more comfortable. Not sure if he notices, but I know it is good quality by touching it.


Pots and pans were something that we were missing desperately. I purchased a cheap set to get us through for the time being. I basically want my whole kitchen to be Pioneer Woman stuff. I love love love that brand from Walmart, but it is a bit pricey. But we can actually cook things now, an amazing thing. lol


You also need knives to cook, among other things. This was just a basic but necessary Amazon haul. Just something small to get our home off to a great start. I am so excited! Next week, I will be starting to buy hanging veggie and fruit plants for my patio. I’ll be showing that in May. I might plant some flowers as well. We shall see. I really want to try my hand at gardening. I think that I would do well at that, plus I want to grow my own spices too. I really want my own mint and aloe plant. I think those are easiest to keep alive. I need more hobbies. Blogging is my only hobby right now. I am adding cooking, baking, and gardening. This way, I will never feel bored and always have something to do. I am not very creative, so these are hobbies that I can get behind.

Does anyone else garden and have any advice? I will be doing a potted hanging garden and on the kitchen sill for the most part. Maybe some hearty flowers to plant outside.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

Let me just tell you that it has been a difficult week and I’m on vacation no less. I am actually writing this on the day that it is going up, because I have been too emotionally drained to prewrite my posts. I have a lot of personal shit going on right now, which basically involves me moving out on my own with Dean with little to no assistance from my dad. He keeps going back and forth on whether or not he will help watch Dean until the school year next Fall. I think that I’ll be moving sometime in the Spring/Early Summer. I’ll have my move out money ready by the end of this year/early next year. My dad will need his move out money too though and in the mean time I will be paying more than my fair share of the rent (about $225 more than I would out on my own). So, it easy to say that I am pretty pissed about that. The sooner I leave, the better for everyone. I just want to be happy again. But that’s enough depressing shit. Dean’s the light of my world and I love him so much. But I have to take care of myself to take better care of him and being in such a negative, mommy bashing environment can’t be good for him.

10/29/18 – Ann

Did well on programs, seeking prompts with clapping, dinosaurs, links. List behaviors observed: lick, mouth, flop. Started new pictures during snack. Picked up on strawberry picture right away, needed prompts for new chips picture. Licking items instead of mouthing.

10/29/18 – Joyce

Discussed moving to non identical matching, child can handle a field of 6 for identical matching. BCBA reminded grandparent today is her last day. Performed direct service with client (D-BCBA session only) ran gmi, potato head, did bubbles, read Panda Bear Panda Bear, child out his hand in glitter goo, did Velcro birthday cake, pointing, squeezed clothespins, nested large cups. Grandparent commented child likely tired

10/30/18 – Ann

Very active, seeking tickles, calmed at end of session. List behaviors observed: flop, mouthing slinky. Dean very active, flopping while smiling and seeking my attention. Matching looks great. Did well once calmed second half of session.

10/30/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. He had some trouble with transitioning, but did well on programs. He enjoyed bubbles and singing. List behaviors observed: mouthing and flopping.

10/31/18 – Ann

Active, more prompts to engage with toys. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop. Shorter session due to family doctor appointment. Increased flopping at start of session. Did well with increased reinforcements.

11/1/18 – Ann

Attended well, introduced non identical matching pictures. List behaviors observed: flop, mouth. Dean had a good morning. More focused than he had been other days earlier this week. Ate a good snack. Did well with a variety of toy items.

11/1/18 – Deb

Dean did great today. We enjoyed playing and singing today. He did well with programs.

11/2/18 – Ann

A little fussy with a runny nose. List behaviors observed: flop, mouthing. Dean did well with matching non identical pictures. Attempting to put playdough in mouth. Sat well for most toys.

With Love,


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Dean’s EI Week

I am writing this on 11/10/18 while Dean is taking a rare nap in his room and I have a few spare moments to myself during my lunch until I have to punch in to work from home. Dean has come a long way with Early Intervention and it is getting close to the end. I have yet to receive a confirmation from his health insurance that he is being renewed next year. Else, I have to add him onto my work plan next year and it will be shittier insurance. Not to mention that adding him will add $110 on to my current plan. That means that every paycheck, I will be paying $235 for our health insurance. That is close to a third of my paycheck. That means that most of his SSI check would be going to his health insurance, leaving me again with nothing. Also, since I don’t get his SSI two months out of the year because I make too much money, that means that on those months that I will be getting $330 less out if my paycheck. That is like 40% of my paycheck. I am scraping it together as is. Hopefully, when I call on Monday, he will still have coverage next year and the crisis can be diverted.

10/22/18 – Speech

Dean continues with ABA services. Joyce is leaving and Jolene will take over. Dean sat and strung beads. He pointed to his choice. Therapist modeled “I want ___” and animal sound. With bubbles, we said “pop, pop”. Dean said “pop” 1x. Modeled “more” with sign and helped him with hand over hand.

  • Dean requires a lot of sensory input.

10/24/18 – OT

Dean had a busy am with ABA. Joyce will be leaving as supervisor. ABA workers will remain the same. Dean is scheduled for play based assessment. Dean did excellent today. Greeted me with good eye contact and big smiles and wanted a big hug. Dean sat and completed several manipulatives, puzzles, shape sorter, and bead stringing. He did excellent handing over pictures to request more shapes. Swinging in swing, he fell asleep.

  • Continue to use pictures for him to ask for things.
  • Can take pictures of tv shows to print pictures of so he can request

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

Joyce’s replacement Jolene is a good fit for us. On first impressions, I really like her and I think that her viewpoint might be better suited to us than Joyce. Joyce was very strict and Jolene is a bit more lenient. Jolene is also more focused on getting Dean to talk, because she thinks that all of those words are locked up inside of him. She thinks that with enough stimulation, he might actually start to speak. I am super excited about this. Instead of focusing on a lot of skill building, we will be focusing on speech and finger strengthening. We need to strengthen his hands and finger in order for him to hold a pencil, utensils, and be able to clap and stuff like that. It is another chapter in Dean’s life and this series will go on with a new supervisor. I am very proud of how far my little guy has come in such a short amount of time. Our year with ABA is coming up soon!

10/22/18 – Ann

Active, smiling, and playful. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop. Dean was playful, seeking tickles. Did several independent arms up. Needed prompts to flip to second page in PECS book. Used picture to request tickles.

10/22/18 – Joyce

Discussed next appropriate toys and programs child initiated handing off for tickles for more than one therapist, sat in chair on own, no direction given for water. Grandparent informed new BCBA taking case, will set up apt.

10/23/18 – Deb

Dean did great today on programs. He sat well for trials and for longer periods of time. Dean independently sat down with his water today. He did great handing mom the PECS pictures for a granola bar. List behaviors observed: flopping

10/23/18 – Joyce

Parent mentioned EI discussed waiver program, BCBA responded saying HMEA could have further discussion with parent. Parent showed good follow through, parent observed entire session, parent spoke to child ‘s increased interest in toy play/toys, parent discussed success of child’s new bed and bedroom environment. Therapist asks relevant questions for programming, therapist needs to increase pace of session and keep child going with less breaks in frequency and duration.

10/23/18 – Ann

Afternoon session, sat for briefer durations. List behaviors observed: licking, flop. Dean did great matching. Stacked 8 blocks. Sat for briefer durations than he does in the morning.

10/24/18 – Ann

Very active, licking a lot of things. List behaviors observed: lick, flop. Dean was active today, trying to complete toy items very quickly. Not interested in snack. Matching and pointing still looking great.

10/25/18 – Ann

Sat well for first hour, more active for second hour. List behaviors observed: lick, mouth, flop. Dean did well this morning. Very focused at start of session. Liked New puzzle and book. Giving me his hands when I present clap hands.

10/25/18 – Deb

Dean did great today, he had great eye contact. Dean did well with programs. Dean said “8” when completing my number puzzle. He was also imitating blowing and enjoyed bubbles and singing. List behaviors observed: mouthing and flopping.

10/25/18 – Joyce

Updated child’s bx plan and bxs. Generated ICONS (child should be using both icons and real photos at this time) for food items, olives, pickles, various specific fruit juices.
With Love,


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Dean’s EI Week

It is currently November 8th and there is only a month and a half of EI left. I’ll have less Dean related stuff to talk about here on this blog on a regular basis. It will return to a weekly, possibly biweekly at times, update. I am happy that this chapter is coming to an end for Dean. While we are sad that his OT will be stopping, we didn’t care for his speech therapist, who really didn’t work that hard to get him to speak. She literally did nothing most of the time with Dean. She didn’t bring any toys. She talked about nonrelated crap. She was/is basically a terrible speech therapist and has the reputation as one as well. So, we are sad and happy at the same time. Like the session below, was her on the phone for the whole session….literally, an hour.

10/15/18 – Speech

Dean is pointing and using more and all done sign more independently. When he wants to swing, he points to what he wants. Dean was seen at home with Hannah. Family has scheduling concerns due to upcoming health concerns that need to be addressed. This therapist called school today and left a message requesting all meetings done by Thanksgiving. Requested pep be given to school.

10/17/18 – OT

Hannah reported Dean was tired for ABA this morning, but when they left, he was full of energy. Dean did well today. He signed more a few times spontaneously to get more puzzle pieces. He needed a lot of input today and did a lot of jumping on trampoline. He did excellent requesting of puzzle pieces via pictures. Continues to do well with puzzles and bead stringing.

  • Continue sensory play interspersed with adequate directed activity.
  • Continue pictures to request toys/food.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

Another long week for his ABA sessions. I love it when he has a full week and I got to be home for this one. A week at my house is always super busy with people coming and going. Dean currently has a little cold and I bought him some Vicks to relieve his stuffy nose. It seems to be one thing after another for him and it makes me said. This is a boy who is hardly sick, so it is tough on me when it does happen. I just feel so helpless. I am currently suffering from an intestinal infection as well, so we are all just sick babies over here. lol. Dean is getting so big. He looks like a little boy now instead of a baby. He still has those adorable chubby cheeks and is always yelling “Mom!”. It is really cute. The other day, he put his hands in mine and told me that he loved me. It is moments like these that give me hope that he will have a bright future and finally, FINALLY, talk to us.

10/15/18 – Ann

Very low levels of behaviors, focused well on programs. List behaviors observed: mouth. Dean had a good morning. Liked slime, briefly played with kinetic sand. Did well on all programs.

10/15/18 – Joyce

Performed direct service with client (D-BCBA session only). Ran GMI with child, did new Potato Head (large) and new birthday puzzle, did new books, worked on PECS requesting songs. Assessment or Treatment Planning moved Pointing and AWO back into routines viewed Bx to Increase Graphs, RTN variable Wrote experimental Open Ended Play program

10/16/18 – Ann

Slow morning, tired. List behaviors observed: mouth, lick. Dean was tired, so moved slow through programs. Not interested in eating very much.

10/16/18 – Deb

Dean did great today. He Sat well during activities and transitioned well from the trampoline for trials. Dean had good joint eye contact and pointing.  Dean did not sleep well last night. He was up a lot according to mom.

10/17/18 – Ann

Tired. Dean not sleeping well at night. Dean was tired again this morning from staying up later at night. Discussed matching and next steps for non-identical matching.

10/17/18 – Joyce

Discussed new open ended toy play program, will add 5 block structure for expanded play, will begin non identical matching (2D), used BCBAs toysParent showed good follow through. Mom stayed in room for entire session.

10/17/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. He did well on programs, was independently matching pictures today. He enjoyed playing with the playdough and the magna doodles. Dean had good eye contact. We also played with new puzzles, he did well with the New puzzles. List behaviors observed: flopping.

10/18/18 – Ann

Tired, moved slow through programs. List behaviors observed: flop. Dean still having trouble getting to bed at night. Sleepy this morning. Going to doctor today for flu shot and rash on face. Dean was sleepy and moving slow through programs this morning. Zero instances of mouthing today. Great independent matching.

10/18/18 – Deb

Dean did great today. He sat well for programs. Dean had great joint eye contact. We started having Dean request snacks from mom and he did awesome and was requesting food independently. Went over programs with Joyce.

10/18/18 – Joyce

BCBA informed parent of BCBA transition. Parent showed good follow through parent did orcs for chip with child, child did 5/7 independent exchanges. Therapist prepared with excellent non identical matching cards, non identical matching to be added to child’s programs.

10/19/18 – Deb

Dean did great today on programs. He had great eye contact. He enjoyed jumping on the trampoline at the end of the session. He said “bye” while I was packing up my toys! Dean did great with PECS with mom independently handing the picture. Dean had a flu shot yesterday and also was diagnosed with MRSA. He slept great last night on the new mattress.

10/19/18 – Ann

Making noises from throat through most of session. List behaviors observed: flop. Had flu shot last night. Being treated for MRSA on face. Dean was making a lot of noises today. Tired and almost falling asleep during snack. Matching looks great.

With Love,