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Winter SSB: Erin Condren 2022

This is the winter surprise box from Erin Condren for 2022. I absolutely loved this winter box! I only paid $20 for it as I waited and took my chances until it went 50% off. I would have been so sad if I had missed this one as it was filled with everything that I will use.

The design and inside of the box was beautiful.

I like using these to mark pages in books and notebooks instead of bookmarks. There is nothing similar to this on their site, but I would give it a $5 value.

A coupon for $20 off my next order making this box virtually free for me.

I do enjoy these stickers and I have used them. A similar two page sticker pack is $5.50.

I have this pad saved away for when I need it. Similar pads go for $10 on the site.

I love EC pens, so the more the merrier. I am happy to have a metallic gold and midnight blue in my collection. Similar pen duos go for $12.50.

I love this pretty snowflake cover. Similar covers go for $8.50.

This beautiful folio with the goals petite planner is #goals. I loved this item a ton! It is perfect for on the go. Similar items are priced at $27.50 for folio and $14.50 for a total of $42 for this set.

This box was a value of $103.50 and $83.50 is the total if you minus the $20 I spent on the box. I would say that this is a great value!

With Love,

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Marshall’s & TJMax Haul

I picked up some cute things from Marshall’s and TJMAX a while ago.

Love me some Hello Kitty fuzzy socks.

I needed a good pair of hiking boots.

I needed more hair ties.

I wanted to try more Bite products before I can’t find any anymore due to them no longer being a business.

I needed more dry shampoo.

I needed more morning cleansing wipes.

I always wanted this perfume and it smells quite lovely.

A good scalp scrub never hurt anyone. lol

I needed more foundation options. I’m all about the options.

This purchase was a long time ago, so I’m catching up on some older haul posts.

With Love,

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Wetch Betch Candle Sub: October 2022

I am back to show you the candle of the month for last October. I look forward to getting this candle at the beginning of every month. It is always here by the 10th at the latest, usually anywhere from the 5th to the 8th of the month on average. The amount of burn time, the scents, the energy, the crystals, and bits and bobs in the candles; this is all worth the $18.50 for me. October is spooky season, and the candle’s name, Bat Spirit, is fitting. Burn this candle to welcome rebirth and renewal.

As always, the candle is gorgeous, and I will reuse all the trinkets inside for my own spellwork.

I had technical difficulties removing the tarot card.

My tarot card means justice, which is fitting as this was the month that I started seeking justice for myself against all of the men that have harmed me in my life. I refer to them as the three horsemen.

I love the letter that always come with the candles that give me a deeper understanding of the Pagan world that I live in. I love learning more about my culture and my spiritual beliefs. I am anything but traditional.

With Love,

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Wetch Betch Candle: July 2022

This was my first purchase of the candle subscription from the Wetch Betch shop, where I get all of my witchy supplies. She has her own website and a shop on Etsy. Each platform has a different inventory, so check out both if you consider purchasing. Use the code HocusPocus for 20% off your purchase. The candle subscription is $12/month for one candle, but with shipping comes to $18.50. I requested to start my subscription with this candle as I have been dieing to get my hands on it.

Being a sea witch, I totally align with this candle. I am saving it for a really special occasion. I love this subscription and have many more months to show you all to catch up on! I love the letters that come with the candles; that enriches my knowledge of the candle and crystals. I highly recommend this subscription. The candles are beautiful, and hand poured. Lots of love goes into these candles, so their magic is strong.

With Love,

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2023 Project Pan: January Update

The monetary value of the items that I have used up this month is $79.66. I have used up 1 makeup wipe packet, 1 moisturizer, 1 dry shampoo, 1 hair oil, and 2 bath bombs. That is 6 items that were used up this month. I am happy with both of these numbers so far. I used makeup 5 times a week every week in January except for the one time I wore it 6 times. I had a date night on NYE. As a result, I already have a makeup empty for February. At the end of January, I had mostly removed the BECCA embossing on the finishing powder I purchased at Marshall’s. My liquid blush is getting down there, and I may have to crack open a couple of new setting sprays soon. I have been enjoying trying on my makeup and rediscovering my collection. Unfortunately, I know that rediscovering some of my items will lead to declutters, but that is okay. It is just taking up space if I am never going to use it. I’m hoping to use up 10 makeup products this year. I am really hoping that I can do it. So far, I have 0 makeup products used up. I already know I will have 1 in February, so I am looking at 9 more. I’m hoping one can be a lip product. Using up 2 lip products would be nice, but I don’t want to push the envelope too much.

How much did you use up?

I use these packets as my morning cleanse. The moisturizer was nice and lightweight.

I love a good dry shampoo, and despite having oily hair, putting oil in my hair once a week keeps it soft and manageable.

I love my baths, and the charms were sooo cute inside them.

With Love,

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Erin Condren Rose Gold Gift 2022

I spent an embarrassing amount of money on Erin Condren last year (like I almost have everything now), so I qualified for the Rose Gold Gift they send to Rose Gold Members every year. It came with a cute pin and mini notebook. I really love the color blends, soft pink to lilac, with the cute quote! I can always use another notebook as I live by paper and pen because the pen is mightier than a sword.

With Love,

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Shein Haul

It has been a while since I bought these clothes, so I will speed through the items I purchased. I am moving towards purchasing clothing from Marshalls as the quality is usually better. I have gotten many things that I love from Shein, so I will continue to purchase unique items like the Hello Kitty collection.

I love this pj set so so much. I purchased a small, and it fits perfectly!

The swimsuit is super cute, and I love it! I do wear shorts with it, though, when I’m with my son. This shade of periwinkle blue makes me look more tan than I actually am.

My favorite color is pink, so these pants are right up my alley!

I also purchased some items from the Care Bear collection. These pants are so cute and are a mix of jeans and corduroy like material.

I thought this would look cute in the spring un buttoned with a tucked in tang top or something like that.

These pants are adorable. I love the pink that is growing in my clothing collection.

The Care Bear dress is hands down my favorite item that I purchased from this haul. It fits my personality to a T.

Cute workout clothes for the summer.

I finally bought myself a winter coat, and yes it is in pink. lol. It has a subtle army-style print. It is very warm as it is a down-feathered coat.

With Love,

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EC Haul

Another haul from EC. Yes, I am obsessed, but my spending is gonna be slowing down as I am buying gifts for Christmas. I have a short list as there are only a few people in my life that I am close enough to for Christmas gifts. Like literally 7 people. My spending is always reasonable. Things will be tight due to the holidays though and my son’s birthday is the day after Christmas. As such, I am having fun and using up the stuff that I already own.

I love that I got a pink box this time around.

The presentation was sloppy and the box could have been smaller. Lots of empty space, so they must have ran out of the smaller EC boxes.

I love the laptop stand, but I need a smaller laptop to fit it. lol. My desk is very compatible so I am able to make it work as it is up against the upper shelf. It gets scrapes and nicks very easily, but I don’t mind. Wear and tear is a part of life. I just don’t want my items coming in all dinged up.

I love this acrylic block. It has the mantra that I am trying to live by. I just use it as a decorative piece, but when the weather starts to warm up again, I probably will be using it as a paperweight with the fans going.

I hate to get the last HK pen that I didn’t have. They are super adorable.

Yes, I have a pen addiction. lol. I haven’t even used these pens yet, but I love having a variety for my planner by using various kits. I always look forward to using my gel pens and other various pens. I love experimenting and trying new kinds now. There is nothing like using a brand new pen.

With Love,

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22 in 2022: October Update

I have had more success this month, but it is only due to declutters. I find them very essential because I don’t want to hold onto makeup that I don’t like when one of my friends could be using it. I suppose that I could sell them on Glambot and I might do that with some of the items that can be sold there to recoup some money. I left off on 11/22 used up/decluttered items last month. The tally is going to go up a significant amount again and I am super excited about my progress.

We can add 6 more items to the list bringing up the total to 17/22. I just need to use up or declutter 5 more products. I’m soooo close to using some items up that I think that I can do it with two months left in the year. The BECCA was too light for my skin. ITEM cream blush didn’t blend very well. RARE BEAUTY primer had too much glitter in there for my liking. I don’t wear false lashes. The lipstick isn’t my color and the TOO FACED liquid eye shadow didn’t stand a chance against my oily lids.

With Love,