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Wetch Betch Candle Sub: October 2022

I am back to show you the candle of the month for last October. I look forward to getting this candle at the beginning of every month. It is always here by the 10th at the latest, usually anywhere from the 5th to the 8th of the month on average. The amount of burn time, the scents, the energy, the crystals, and bits and bobs in the candles; this is all worth the $18.50 for me. October is spooky season, and the candle’s name, Bat Spirit, is fitting. Burn this candle to welcome rebirth and renewal.

As always, the candle is gorgeous, and I will reuse all the trinkets inside for my own spellwork.

I had technical difficulties removing the tarot card.

My tarot card means justice, which is fitting as this was the month that I started seeking justice for myself against all of the men that have harmed me in my life. I refer to them as the three horsemen.

I love the letter that always come with the candles that give me a deeper understanding of the Pagan world that I live in. I love learning more about my culture and my spiritual beliefs. I am anything but traditional.

With Love,

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Erin Condren Rose Gold Gift 2022

I spent an embarrassing amount of money on Erin Condren last year (like I almost have everything now), so I qualified for the Rose Gold Gift they send to Rose Gold Members every year. It came with a cute pin and mini notebook. I really love the color blends, soft pink to lilac, with the cute quote! I can always use another notebook as I live by paper and pen because the pen is mightier than a sword.

With Love,

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Valentino Voxbox

I received a surprising Voxbox from Influenster. I was mailed the Valentino box and when I opened it, I thought it was mistakenly sent to me. It had a card in the box, but no where stated it was from Influenster. I looked on the app and saw that I had the campaign badge for it. I must have gotten the box, before the notifications went out. I did get the notification via email a couple of days after it came in. Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way. I received this for free via Influenster for reviewing and testing purposes. All opinions are my own. I was sent free products in exchange for an honest review.

This box has me feeling so fancy. I have one Dior product that I also got from Influenster and they just make me feel like a fancy person, even if I’m the only one that knows that I’m wearing it. Luxury makeup and skin care give me such a confidence boost. I would never purchase them outright though. The sale would have to be VERY good like the Farsali that I have purchased for $9 full size.

Valentino Twin Liner 02 Black & Rosso, 0.5ml & 0.1g, $40

The black liquid liner is very opaque and there is not much bleeding. It was really easy to use, but I am terrible about using a liquid liner. The red/orange/pink liner is very creamy and glided easily on the lid. It was also good in the waterline.

Valentino Stick With Me Glitter Primer Base, 10ml for $25

It was a nice base. It kept the glitter on my eyes. I really have nothing else to say about it, because I don’t have any experience with glitter primers. I never used one before this even though I wear a lot of glitter. I am going to use it with the other glitters that I have to see if the performance is clear across the board.

Valentino DreamDust Eye Glitter in SkyDust, 3.1g for $32

This eye glitter is so gorgeous! I love it. I love the color. I love everything about it! This is the item I am most excited for. I am so happy to have this in my collection. I won’t say that it will be used up by the end of this year, but I wouldn’t be surprised either. I’ve been wearing this a lot.

Valentino Eye2Cheek Blush in Bright Dream, 3.6 g for $58

This doesn’t look like a blush shade to me. It looks more like a highlight. I am not sure how I feel about it as a blush and it is not pigmented enough for me to wear on my eyes as eye shadow. I know some people like dewy or shinny blush and I think that people who like that would enjoy this. I also think if you want to buy this as a luxury highlighter, this would be a good one as you can build up the pigmentation to a certain degree.

This was a pretty expensive voxbox, so I feel very grateful to have gotten these goodies. I might give the “blush” to a friend, who might have better luck with it.

With Love,

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Another EC Haul

As you know, I got a new job, so I needed to buy some things for my office and my workspace at home. I decided to make another purchase for other items as well for my home and work office. I am currently setting up a space for my home office on the unused dinning room table. When we move, I’ll have to work out a better space for my home office and I know we will since our current living situation is a bit….let’s just say cluttered. I am working on reorganizing my future mother-in-laws kitchen. Two trash bags later, I have an almost empty cabinet and now, I can relocate any spices or baking goods that are still good into this one where they belong. Now, let’s move on to look at the goodies that I was able to order.

These page markers were a free gift with purchase

I purchased these cute Hello Kitty stickers for my home office. The paper is nice and thick to take notes on. I absolutely love them!

One can never have too many stickers. Right? Right.

My next calendar doesn’t have a monthly view, so I plan on using these mini calendars and stickers on the monthly dashboard pages. I still want a calender with important dates noted and appointments.

I am using this notebook to write procedures and cheat notes for my new job.

Label stickers to mark the steps in a basic skincare routine for the boyfriend.

This has a calendar and list pads. I use the calendar to mark what I am working on when I work from home as my boss does check in with me to see if I need more work or if I am struggling with anything. I use the list pad to jot down notes to them write in my softbound notebook.

Beautiful Hello Kitty stationary for writing cards to friends and loved ones.

I bought myself a gratitude journal. It is the same one that I bought my daughter to keep her close to my heart.

Just a quick little haul for ya’ll. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.

With Love,

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Sticker Haul from Etsy

I kinda swore off buying anymore stickers, but I had some stickers missing in my collection that I needed to fill. I still need to buy a December calender sticker kit that I print myself. I am trying to use up all of my fall leftover kits before December hits and I buy some winter kits. Anyway, I was missing a Christmas countdown and some bucket list stickers for the holidays coming up. So, here are the stickers that I purchased this time around. I kinda have been on a buying spree and indulging myself like I never have before on things that I need and want recently.

This was a store freebie that was tossed in with my items.

I love this Fall buckets list and I also love that I can use these stickers next year if I don’t get to all of it this year. It just gives us different activities to prioritize next year. I got a bunch of these different ones and I plan on buying more next year of other seasonal bucket lists.

These are Fall Date Night stickers, but some of these can be for any time of day. There are a few morning walk ones, too. The point is for my boyfriend and I to do more bonding activities together with new ideas on how to do that. I also like that a good part of these are free or low cost ideas.

The Halloween bucket list came after Halloween, so these will be used next year and I am looking forward to it! I did get to use a Halloween Party sticker, because it was the weekend after Halloween.

I am looking forward to try to hit on all of these Christmas themed stickers! So many great ideas to do with our little family. Jenna is still missing from our life (boyfriend sees his daughter every other weekend for a few hours at her house), but this Christmas will be full, bright, and happy regardless. We all just have to make the best of our current situation.

Lastly, I have my 30 days to Christmas countdown that I like to get every year. My favorite holiday is Christmas with all of the activities and the family getting all together. Granted, my boyfriend’s family get together fairly often (cue the Halloween Party we went to). The Christmas season will always hold a fond place in my heart and it has nothing to do with the presents. Plus, you know, as adults, we hardly get any anyway. Hahaha! I love the joy and the delight on all of the littles faces. There is a reason why it is called one of the most magical times of the year.

With Love,

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Influenster Voxbox

I received another Influenster box a few months back with a VERY expensive Dior product in there. I got the Dior DreamSkin Primer. I am so happy and so grateful to have gotten a $120 USD product that I would NEVER buy on my own. I would NEVER spend so much on a SINGLE makeup item. I do spend that much at times on perfume, but that is about it. Even my most expensive face palette is $80 USD.

I am not going to lie. The packaging is gorgeous and I love that this is a pump! I love the baby pink with the silver accents. However for the price, I was expecting this to be glass, but it is just hard plastic. It sorta cheapens the experience for me. This is a dream. My face is perfected in the prettiest way. I even used this on my fiancé and he was impressed on how good his skin looked. It is slightly tinted and it blurs imperfections like a dream. It fills on pores, even the rather large ones on my nose. It smells like baby powder. I highly recommend this product if you can afford it. If I could afford it, I would purchase it. As such, it is WAY out of my price range. It is very beautiful on the skin though. For my oily skin, it acts as a moisturizer and a primer for makeup. I never end up putting makeup on top though. I use this for those no makeup days. Overall, It is very expensive, but for a reason.

With Love,

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Sticky Situations Haul Ultimate Planner Sale

I saved so much money with this haul during the sale and I got quite a few freebies as well. I am so excited to keep ordering from my favorite seller. I decided that I would continue to buy the monthly kits on the regular. I did buy one for December, but I already decorated for January. The next monthly kit I will buy will be for February, which is quite far ahead. I would occasionally buy the weekly kits, but they are expensive at $20 a pop. I am going to show how much of the weekly kit I use up in a week and show the week including what is left of the kit. I think you can get 1 complete week and have plenty of extras to use for another week’s spread. I’ll also be doing my monthly lookback later on this month as well. I have a bunch of new posts in the wings with some more planner related content. I guess, my blog is expanding into planning as well as still being beauty related. I am also thinking about adding pet content starting with my new cat’s introduction and possibly organization content when it makes sense. I am also thinking about adding some seasonal content as well. I just want to enjoy what I am writing about, which is what I am going with!

Now, onto the haul!

This card is so pretty that I am going to add it into my planner on one of my lined pages for November. It is just too pretty to not utilized. I don’t know what you would use these for. Postcards maybe?

Oh, because I was one of the first of 20 orders, I got a bunch of freebies from every shop that participated. The above is one of those freebies.

This is the freebie from the shop that I ordered from. Most of these will be saved for next year as I never used them for this Halloween. Next year will be better where we might actually get to do all of these things. This is super adorable though.

Another freebie. These are cute, but I don’t feel compelled to purchase from this shop. If this is a sample sheet, it is not a shop that I feel compatible with. I do like them and will use them though. Just not my favorite.

Another freebie. I love script stickers and these are nice. I might check them out for more of these stickers. I will for sure use up all of these fast. lol

A freebie. These are cute, but not something that I would purchase. I will use all of these cooking and cleaning icons / stickers, but it is not something that I am looking to buy from a different shop. Color scheme is more neutral than I enjoy as well.

A freebie. These are super cute and I will enjoy using them! These stickers make me smile and these are the types of stickers that I enjoy adding to my planner.

Another freebie. Most of these will be used on my Christmas spread, but this sample is also foiled which is so luxe for a freebie item. I will enjoy them and I might purchase more from this shop.

I enjoy the variety of these work stickers. This is also a freebie item. I don’t get a lot of opportunities for overtime in my current job, so it might be awhile before I get the opportunity to use it up.

With this freebie, I enjoy that all of the stickers are practical and will be used up. I enjoy having a huge collection of stickers to choose from depending on theme, mood, etc. Also with it being 2020, the cancelled sticker will probably be used up quick.

I enjoy the functionality of this freebie. These will all be used up rather quick as I am a busybody. lol. I like the light gold/beige coloring as it is neutral to fit with any spread, but not too neutral that the color is boring or looks blah on the page.

I love the creativity of this freebie. I enjoy the colors and all of the sayings / script. These probably won’t be used up as fast, because I like to hoard all of my cute ones.

The icons are kinda boring on this one. I will use them up, but nothing that I am interested in purchasing. These might last a long while because I barely read the news, do my nails, listen to a podcast, or do my hair.

I like all the planning stickers in this freebie and the inspirational script. I’m a fan of pink and purple, so I find the soft colors very pretty as well.

Another cute freebie that I will use up fast. I really like all of the fall colors in this one.

I received this page freebie because I spent over $30 in the sale. I’m using this as a Christmas list instead of a Black Friday one. I’m going to write down everyone that I want to get gifts for and to check them off when I have down so. I’ll be able to better budget and keep track of the various people in my life.

I purchased these laptop doodles to keep track of my blogging and my homework. When I am done with college, I plan on also using them for tracking my book writing. I love how adorable they look.

I got the coffee doodles to mark special coffee dates / orders / or as random deco for going out events like buying a Christmas tree with a cup of hot coffee. I’m a coffee fan, so getting some coffee stickers is a must. I could also use them to mark some school events.

I work 4 days a week in school and Fridays I work remotely from home. I need work stickers to track my schedule as some days are half days for school or professional development half days. This will help me keep track of half days where I leave early from half days were I stay until the end of my shift.

I love this sticker page holding book. But I also want to purchase a sticker holder book that will hold leftover stickers on the pages, so I don’t have to keep a page for 1 sticker or a couple of them that are out of season. I’ll be checking out these etsy sellers to see if anyone sells one in their shop. This keeps all my smaller sticker sheets organized and in one place.

I have already started using the December kit on my December calendar. There is more that I will need to add. I just put down the base of the kit. Since plans and events are always changing (Covid-19 pandemic), I am waiting until the month of December starts before putting down any plans as I will have more of an idea as the month goes on. I’ll have maybe 1/3 of the kit leftover that I can use in January as I have already decorated that month without a monthly kit.

I love this weekly kit that I purchased. I am actually using it as my kit for this week 11/9. With using it for 1/2 of the week so far, I can see getting another week (without the date covers and bottom washi of course!) out of the kit. I might even have more left over to get a third week looking nice. I will take a picture of the weekly spread using the kit and show what I have left. I’ll do next week and show that as well. If it is enough for 2 weeks, $20 isn’t as bad as I thought for this. I do love the soft muted colors and everything about this kit. I’m holding off on buying anymore stickers than what the teacher stickers I just purchased from EC. I need to use up what I have and I have a shit ton of stickers right now. I’m thinking about combining funds from Nov and Dec to purchase an organization center, especially since Fridays are remote and our school might be going full remote due to climbing COVID cases in the surrounding communities.

With Love,

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Sticky Situations Co Sticker Haul

Here I am again with another haul. I really love a good haul and I am getting back into my love of planning, which includes tons and tons of sticker hauls in the blog’s future. I am building a good little stockpile, so I’ll be able to plan and sticker to my heart’s content the way I like to do my planning. I don’t mind white space, but I also love a ton of stickers. I do an even mix of writing in the white space and using stickers. I don’t have $100+ disposable income a month to buy enough stickers to eliminate the white space.

My recent purchase is from one of my favorite Youtubers that has a sticker shop. I love that she left a personal little message for me. It was a very sweet touch.

UPDATE: For the weekend of October 16th, use code AUTUMN for 30% off your order.

I included her card, so you can have a look for yourself if you’d like. Not sure if the code works if you haven’t purchased from her before, but it did work on my second order. This purchase was already a great deal and no codes can be used on them.

I decided to purchase her Oops and Mini Grab bags. The Oops Bag has 10 to 15 sheets of stickers that have minor imperfections or it is overstock. the Mini Grab Bags are overstock of headers, little things, washi, and deco sheets and there are 20 sheets in each bag for $7.50. A great deal if you ask me! With shipping, I paid $20.75 for 37 sheets of stickers.

Let’s start with the Oops Bag for $10 which is 10 to 15 sheets. I received 15 sheets with a bonus freebie sheet for a total of 16 sheets.

  1. The Bonfire Girls was my Freebie sheet. I also got them in the Mini Grab Bag as well. I absolutely love these girl full boxes. I need more.

2. I love this deco sheet! It is perfect to add some decoration to a spread, but also good for icons like the coffee ones are good to symbolize a morning routine or a coffee run. There are so many different ways you can use these stickers and I just love them.

3. I love the washi strips for breaking up the day or layering with an icon for some extra pop. You can’t see it, but each pattern has the washi cut into different sizes. I love these lighter, muted colors and the marble design on the bottom right.

4. I don’t do many post office runs, so these will last me a while. I only go to get a new book of stamps when I need them as I mail in my rent, postcards, and letters to friends. I am down to my last stamp though, so I’ll be using one of these stickers soon!

5. I don’t sweep the floor, but Martin does. These will be good it use to mark his chores, so I can keep better track of when he actually does them. lol

6. Ugh. I haven’t gone to a salon in FOREVER. I do need to get my hair cut as I have a lot of split ends now due to not going for over a year and bleaching my hair. This will happen, I just don’t know when. Also, these stickers will last me FOREVER based on how often I go. My son went more than me, but he can’t keep a mask on due to his autism and no place has allowed his haircut w/o one. So, I’ve been getting really good at trimming his bangs and keeping his hair a HSM Zac Efron length and cut.

7. I am currently unemployed, so these stickers won’t get much action until the end of this month/November. I quit my stressful job and I am in the process of being hired as a pre-k teacher. I’ve never done this before, but the process is longer maybe b/c of COVID. IDK. I have the savings to have quit early. So far, it’s been one week out of a job, but I could be looking at two to maybe three weeks. But these are super cute!

8. I love these girl boxes. I actually ended up buying the weekly kit that has these stickers. They are just too cute and so me.

9. I love the color scheme of these littles. It definitely fits with the Fall theme.

10. These are really bright and cute. I’ll be holding onto these for summer and maybe use the green ones in December for Christmas.

11. These are Summer stickers for sure, but I have my eye on using the orange boxes for October.

12. My pictures here was a bit blurry. I love these Spring colors. Perfect to decorate my birthday week in May.

13. These colors scream Spring and Summer to me. I love the bright and bold colors.

14. Another summer sheet. I cannot wait to use my stickers that I am saving for next year. I am building a nice variety / sticker stash.

15. These stickers are perfect for Easter week! The colors are so soft, but gorgeous!

16. I already used the September calendar in my planner as a “look back” week. I will probably use the date numbers to jazz up my November calendar and decorate the sidebar nicely. I can pretend that these flowers are poinsettias. I am looking forward to decorate November in a couple of weeks. My month spreads are usually a work in progress until the month is over. They get an initial layout with stuff I know ahead of time, then I add throughout the month when things come up. Then, I wrap up with more decoration and start the next month.

Here is the Mini Grab Bag of 21 sheets, keeping in mind that 1. is the Bonfire Girls which I received 2 of. Also, I know my posts have been inconsistent when I post. I have just been so busy. With my extra time, I have been getting ahead on homework and doing lots of house chores/organization. Now, that it has been a week, I have more time to blog and enjoy this precious time off.

2. I have used most of this sampler sheet already. I really like these stickers. I look forward to using up the rest of them.

3. Might use the green in December, but I will save the rest for Spring/Summer. These are such bright, poppy colors!

4. Again, love these labels, because I am a big list maker. These help keep my planner organized.

5. Tie dye is such a summer thing. It’s my favorite design/pattern out of this washi sheet.

6. Cute deco sheet that I am saving for Christmas in July, because it is so cute and appropriate. The Surfer Santa has me giggling.

7. The bottom two colors are very muted and tame to use in non-summer spreads. The top two are REALLY bright though. It’s perfect for summer. 🙂

8. I love the bright washi. Doesn’t necessarily scream Christmas in July, but it is nice to go along with the rest of the collection.

9. I absolutely love this Christmas washi. I’ll be using each image as a full box set to fill up space during Christmas time. I don’t want to break up the picture and use it piece mail. It is too pretty for that. I love the real photos after all the drawn deco.

10. I love this cute deco page. Perfect for decorating the planner and spread. I might use the basket with pillows icon to indicate doing laundry, but most of these will fit better for decoration for me.

11. I have already used a few of these as headers for my planner. These capture Fall perfectly to me: wood and plaid, fire and changing leaves. Perfect.

12. I love these muted colors for Fall and Spring. The baby pink and blue are more spring, while the others speak more Fall to me. Headers are super useful to me. I can never have enough or too many.

13. Another adorable deco page. These will be cute to incorporate in the Spring. No travel plans, but it might be nice to decorate school vacations and whatnot.

14. More pastel headers with some bolder ones.

15. These pineapples are super cute! They are glossy stickers and I don’t know how I’m going to use them yet. Almost too pretty to use!

16. More pastel headers. It’s a good thing that I LIVE for neutrals and light colors.

17. These are a beautiful wash of color. I love the washed out pink with the gold glitter.

18. I love these colors.

19. Friggin’ adorable to use this upcoming summer.

20. Again, this washi is too pretty to breakup. I’ll be using it as a full picture box for sure on birthdays.

21. More headers in pretty colors.

That is all of the stickers that I have purchased this time around, but I did make a purchase during the 30% off sale. More to come. Also, I am changing my hair color up again. I am stripping out my pink hair and waiting to hear what the policy is before deciding what to do. I want to do electric green, but if I can only have natural hair colors, I will want to bleach my roots and tone it to be blonde again.

With Love,

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Erin Condren Warehouse Sale Haul

It has been a hot minute, since the last time that I have done a haul. This is just one of a few that I have been compiling over the last month or so and I am just getting around to writing about. I am super excited to have gotten some new planner supplies. I am still afraid to use all of it, because I don’t want to use them up. lol. Silly, I know, but I enjoy looking at them as much as I do actually using them. I also spent less than $50 on this haul. I saved about $150 with this sale. I do not know the prices that I paid for each item as EC only gives the full listed price, not the prices of the items when you actually purchased them.

The welcome pack above came with a bunch of gift labels, which was a nice touch.

I bought a coil pack of the minis. I want to be able to insert things into my planner when the mood strikes me or if I need to put something in there. I got these to put in keepsake photos, tickets, papers, etc. Just anything that I want or need to have in there that isn’t a sticker. lol

I didn’t realize that these were calligraphy pens or “brush” pens. I am going to have some fun with these pens in cards and gifts. These bleed through the planner pages, so these were not made to use in the planner. I wish the fine tips wouldn’t bleed through.

So, I really enjoy functional stickers. I knew I wanted to have a pack. I have been using the “month” colors in the correct month and it has been really fun to have matching stickers in the same color scheme as the month.

I look forward to use the “To Pay” stickers for big milestones like paying off a credit card or something that I only pay for once a year to really mark the occasion. I love the rose gold foil the best out of all the foils.

I need to utilize these type of stickers more, especially when I don’t have a lot going on that day. These would take up a bunch of white space. Great stickers to mark a planning session or a day at work that doesn’t utilize much tasks.

These check lists and full boxes are going to be really fun to play with and I cannot wait to add them to my planner.

I wanted Holiday stickers for Christmas, so I can add some nice accents all month long.

These would be great for marking when we buy a Christmas tree or buy presents. You could use these deco icons to symbolize a lot of things that you can do during the holiday season. The mitten would even be cute as marking the first snow angel or snowman. This sticker sheet gives me happy vibes.

I needed some stickers for pets now that we have Creag. I can mark when I make his food, take him to the vet, and the groomers.

I love these puffy stickers, because I am a child. lol I cannot wait to use these! Since I scoop his litter everyday, I don’t need any reminder stickers for that. I like that it has these fun stickers with some functional ones as well.

I want to get back into exercising and fitness. I want to get a step counter to make sure that I am getting my steps in. I figure having these stickers might inspire me to do more than just sit on my butt all day.

There are two identical sheets in this pack. I like that I can use some of these for meal planning as well as fitness. I enjoy the mix of inspirational quotes as well.

I needed more shopping and meal planning stickers. I have been feeling more energy lately and I am ready to get back into some home cooking.

Again, there are two identical sheets in this pack. I should be good until the end of the year with these two pages.

This looked like a fun set, so I purchased it.

I didn’t like this sheet, so I am giving it to someone I know who loves llamas.

I thought these stickers looked interesting and could add something special to the spread. You can also never have too many habit trackers.

I am a big fan of quotes and most of these are large. These might be great to use on the functional pages after the month calendar and before the weekly pages. Some of these will fit in the boxes, but the others are too big for the daily boxes.

Like with Christmas, I wanted some deco for my New Years spread to make the week really pretty, but these are also stickers that can be used for other celebrations like the 4th of July.

I am a sucker for foil and this clear sticker sheet does not disappoint. I am going to have a lot of fun with it in a few months.

These holographic stickers just looks cool as hell! These stickers might be the first to disappear. I have already used one of them in my first week in my new planner.

I tried to capture another photo where you can read most of the stickers. They are just so pretty and I just can’t get over it.

I love planning, so I had to get the love to plan sticker pack. That is a no brainer. These pastel stickers are super pretty and girly. I wanna use them all!!!

These remind me of candy hearts at Valentine’s Day. I think some of these will be around to use for that day as well as it is also Martin and I’s anniversary of when I proposed to him.

OMG! I just can’t get over this sheet. It has everything that I love.

I love the pastels of this pack. All of the light hues really work together.

I only purchased one of these books and I had a second one tossed into my order. This is about a $15.50 value that I did not expect to get for free. It was quite the great surprise.

I love the quote boxes. I have used a few of these already.

I love the watercolor design of the stickers. You can never have too many flags and I like to use mine as headers as well.

More flags, but in the Silver Foil this time.

I haven’t figured out how I am going to use these stickers yet, but I think I will use them as bottom washi and for decorating the monthly spread. I’ll be stretching my brain to use these up though.

I used the beautiful watercolor sticker as my bottom washi for this week. I couldn’t not use it. It is so beautiful!

I love these full boxes. I cannot wait to use these in my planner to add some pizazz to it.

In the Rose Gold foil, a mixture of flags and functional stickers. I’m excited to use these as well! I am excited to use all of my stickers and they all give me a thrill of excitement just looking at them.

Not my favorite sheet, but I will definitely use these stickers. I’m just not a fan of how they look. They almost look childish and not in the same style as the rest of the stickers is further off-putting.

Another practical sheet that I will enjoy using.

I am a super fan of quotes and script. These will be used to their fullest.

Again, while I like these stickers, these are a bit childish and not in the same vein as the rest of the Erin Condren stickers in the book.

A better look at the Rose Gold Foil, which is my favorite.

I like these stickers better than the more “childish” ones, but they still aren’t my favorite.

I ordered one set of the colorful kaleidoscope theme and I got two sets.

These are super pretty and I have already utilized them in my planner. I like to use them to mark important events or activities that take up a good part of the day as they do take up a good amount of room in the planner.

Again, I am a sucker for flags and this will give me the motivation that I need to use up some of the habit trackers that I have. This week, I definitely want to do some reading as I will have a lot of free time until my teaching job starts. I don’t want to waste the majority of the week of time all to myself.

I enjoy the amount of birthday stickers and deco this sheet has. I have many birthdays to celebrate and I like to mark it on my monthly and weekly spread, so I go through a lot of birthday stickers.

I have used almost all of the orange for the October monthly spread. I like being able to match the monthly theme with corresponding colored stickers.

I also got the identical set in the neutral colors, because I was loving all of the pastels and the cooler colors.

I wanted some more coordinating stickers with the monthly color scheme. This is a nice mix of practical icons and headers. I have almost used up all of the orange stickers for October.

I wouldn’t get this sheet again, but I bought it so I will use it.

I love my personalized Hello Kitty cover that I put on the notebook that I am using for my new teaching position. I took it to two interviews with me, so it’s my good luck charm.

I took off the cover to use my Hello Kitty one, but I do think this is a pretty color as well.

I already tore the stickers out from the back of the notebook to use in my planner. I don’t tend to use stickers in my notebook.

I am very happy with my little haul and I have two more yet to share with all of you. Plus, I just bought some stickers from a new sticker shop that I am obsessed with. I’ll also be buying more stickers from her for sure.

With Love,

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Birthday Hauling: ELF

Last but certainly not least is my ELF haul. There would have been a LUSH haul as well, but my tub isn’t getting fixed until June. It would be a moot point to buy anything now and I doubt that I’ll want to take many baths during the summer. So, a Fall Lush haul is most likely in my future which is fine with me. I’ll make sure to stock up on my favorite Halloween and Christmas staples. For my ELF haul, I basically stocked up on makeup wipes and makeup brushes that were desperately needed in my collection. I ended up with 2 freebies as well, so I am happy about that. My whole haul was $27 USD and change. I need the $25 to get free shipping.


ELF Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths

Each 2 pack was $5, so I spent $10 on makeup wipes for an 80 ct. I think this is a fantastic deal if they work well. I am halfway through my morning cleansing water, which I bought these as replacements for. I am also sometimes really lazy at 11 oclock at night and I thought that these would be really convenient to not sleep in my makeup. I want to keep my skin as clear as possible, especially since I struggle with acne prone skin. Nowadays, its mostly texture acne that I deal with, but still, gotta keep this face clean.

ELF Lip Exfoliator in Mint Maniac

I bought this for $3 to replace my Lush potted lip scrub which is almost used up as a backup since I won’t be doing my Lush order for a few months. By then, the Coco-Cola one should be back in season. The cherry cola is my favorite lip scrub that Lush makes, so I will be a happy girl when I can have it in my life again. Using a lip scrub has become a daily part of my night routine before I wash my face. My lips have never been in better condition. No flakes, plumb, and liquid lippies look fantastic and are easy to apply (as long as the formula is good).

ELF Lash & Brow Wand

I bought this for $1. It is totally worth $1. I use this to comb my brows into place and through my lashes to get rid of any clumps. It won’t work if the mascara is reallllly clumpy, but for minor clumps, it works like a charm. I think I need a lash comb to salvage clumpy mascara, but at that point, I think I’d rather just chuck the mascara. This was much needed in my brush collection though as I had none.

ELF Pointed Powder Brush

This is so incredibly soft! I paid $6 for this brush, mainly for baking/putting powder under my eyes and setting concealer. I can see using this to set my whole face though if I used foundation. I have a big fluffy powder brush, but it is more geared towards the body with how big it is. This is a better size for the face with more control. I can go back to using the other powder brush to apply my Lush powdered dry shampoo. I am so happy to have new brushes in my collection to help my powders perform better. I bet I will see a big difference. I actually like the ELF brushes better than Real Techniques.

ELF Angled Blush Brush

I actually got this $4 makeup brush for free for my birthday. This will be great for blending out blush and contouring the face. I might reserve this for contouring and use a different brush for blush. The angle is perfect for getting under those cheekbones. I have a kabuki brush that I usually use for blush from ECO TOOLS. It is a nice freebie. It isn’t as soft as the other brushes that I bought, but it is still soft and not scratchy.

ELF Ultimate Blending Brush

I bought this brush for $6 and again, the ones with the white tips are super duper soft. I have that dupe Artist foundation brush, but I hate it. I want to be able to chuck it and a few other brushes, but I needed to buy replacements for them first. I wanted a really good blending brush to buff foundation into the skin. I am so happy to have a few brush “empties” for May. I cannot wait to actually use this brush. I have a particular foundation stick from Hourglass that I want to try with this. I have tons of foundation samples that need to be used up before I purchase one from Sephora. I only buy high end base products, so that it doesn’t clog my skin and is healthier for my acne and texture prone skin. Ingredients really do matter and Sephora has a better selection of cruelty free brands. I would try a foundation or cc serum from ELF though, because I haven’t had a problem with their products breaking me out.


ELF Need IT Nude Eyeshadow Palette

I also got this $10 eye shadow for free. I am actually happy to have this in my collection. It has good buildable pigmentation, which is what I look for in an eyeshadow palette. I don’t like anything too pigmented unless its a lid shade like the Stila Glitter and Glows. It is soft, but I have felt softer and it has a tendency of being chalky with the matte shades. My Ciate palette is higher quality and doesn’t do that. It is really good for a $10 10 pan palette. That is $1 an eye shadow. The metallics are beautiful and by far my favorite from this palette. I do like the matte rose as well though, even though it didn’t show up great in my photos. The three browns on the end are virtually the same swatched out. The one in the middle has gold flecks in it. They aren’t too dark though, so they will be usable on my hooded eyes for darkening the outer v. This is a great palette for nudes when using other eye shadow products that I have to build a complete look. I’m sure I will have a few pans showing this year.

With Love,