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July Empties *Day 19*

Another month has gone and with it many products that I have loved, hated, or just felt “meh” about. My goal was 15 empties and I think I may have achieved that goal, but I am not 100% certain. I am going to keep the goal of 15 more empty products for August. I think that is a realistic goal to give myself and I seem to be flying through products more since I told myself that if I really love it, I can rebuy it at my next paycheck. I haven’t loved anything enough to repurchase yet. I am almost done with a drugstore setting powder though and I will be needing to pick up a powder this week. Well, let’s start counting! Oh! BTW, this post features pictures of Dean’s arms and legs. He wanted to eat the yellow bag!


1. Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars in Oats ‘n Honey


2. Enfamil TriViSol Liquid Vitamins

cotton pads

3. Swissspers Cotton Rounds


4. Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

eye cream

5. Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream

hand cream

6. Victoria’s Secret Hydrating Body Lotion in Love Spell


7. Coola Moisturizer in Fresh Mango

dish soap

8. Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid in Free & Clear

bath oil

9.Village Naturals Therapy Cold & Allergy Relief Foaming Bath Oil & Body Wash

nursing pads

10. Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads


11. Veet Fast Acting Gel Cream Hair Remover


12. St. Ives Green Tea Scrub

Face Mist (2)

13. Tarte Rain Forest of the Sea Marine Boosting Mist

cleansing water

14. Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water

Well, I got pretty darn close in completing my goal of 15 empties for the month. I still consider it a win, since the past few months have been pitiful with the amount of empties. Maybe, I will reach my goal in August. I’m proud of myself though. I’m using up and letting go of so much stuff that took up space. I even had room to put more products in my bathroom. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to do that. It great to try new things from my stash.

With Love <3
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July Reads *Day 18*

Well, it’s another month of book reviews and this time I have read three of them. I am one short of my goal, but since I’m halfway done with two books that I’m reading, I don’t really consider myself short of my goal. I’ll probably have four books to review in August or more. I’m really starting to enjoy reading again. It’s an amazing feeling and I’m finally going through my personal library of to-read books just collecting dust on my bookshelf. I’m reading on my kindle as well and I am purchasing books on that as well as I read them.

Sinful Cinderella (Dark Fairy Tale Queen Series Book 1)Sinful Cinderella by Anita Valle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a twisted story of Cinderella and I liked it. It is for free on Amazon right now. All of the Disney Princesses get an evil makeover. I like this more sinister side of the stories. It is similar to the Brothers Grim or the Grim Brothers, where the stories are anything but sweet. The book was a bit boring in the beginning, but it did pick up and I will be buying the next story in the series on kindle, which is Snow White. All of these books are connected in interesting ways. It was a solid read and a good start to a series. I’m hoping that the Snow White book will be a bit more interesting and not as slow. I highly recommend it.
Sisterhood Everlasting (Sisterhood, #5)Sisterhood Everlasting by Ann Brashares

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Unless another book gets published, this book ends a well loved series of mine and I have successfully finished another book series. Not an easy feat, I know. There were so many surprises in this conclusion to the Sisterhood. I’m still trying to wrap my head around all of it. There might be another Sisterhood in the distant future and that makes me happy. I don’t want to say too much and spoil what the book has to offer. It made me sad for all of the characters, but I didn’t cry reading this book. It was emotional, but in a standoffish sort of way. It was a satisfying conclusion, but I wouldn’t mind a sequel to add more depth to these lovable characters. The characters changed the most in this book than in any other. They really developed and exploded into their true selves. I can relate to the sudden change that changes your life forever and I enjoyed that relate-ability.

DollhouseDollhouse by Kourtney Kardashian

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Saying this book was an utter waste of time would be an understatement. First off, this is not a stand alone novel like I first thought, but there will NEVER be a sequel. I guess, it just wasn’t as popular as the Kardashians’ thought for some reason. So, the story ends with more questions than it answers. There really is no sustenance to the story. It was boring at best and something anyone could write. This story is more about character development and relationships than action, but it even fails at that when only one character truly changes. I wouldn’t buy the sequel even if there was one. This book wasn’t terrible though. It’s not an adult book though. This reminds me of a badly written YA with no relate-able characters. Maybe, it is terrible actually.

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With Love <3
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Dresser Clean Out *Day 17*

My whole dresser from the inside out was a mess with all of our clothes. I’ve been cleaning out our clothes more often since having Dean. He grows out of clothes so fast, so I need to keep up with purging clothes and consigning them for a little extra money.Dean just turned 7 months, so I wanted to clean out his 3-6 month old clothes that weren’t fitting him anymore. We also entered Summer, so I wanted to put away the heavier items that still fit him like his fleece sleeping sacks. It seemed like a great opportunity to clean out the places that need cleaning like the dresser, his crib, his “corner”, and the walk in closet. I decided to make it a little series. I hope you like it. I might continue this series for other places in my apartment that need cleaning as well.

The first thing I did was clear off the top of the dresser and throw (or place) everything on my bed. I wiped down the top of the dresser with a Clorox wipe and let that dry. Then, I replaced the items that are necessary back on the top like the lamp and T.V.. I threw out the trash and placed games away. The clothes, I kept on the bed to go through and I put back my planner, album supplies, keepsake baby journal, and some clothing items that I placed in a gallon Ziploc bag. I will be buying some storage for under my bed that these things will go in to save for Dean, when he gets older. Lastly, I place back his toys and a few odds and ends. It looks better now, but it will be much improved with the new storage bins.

I took apart Dean’s drawers first and threw everything on the bed. I then, went through his clothes, piece by piece to see what fits him and what could be consigned, donated, and trashed. His top drawer remains the “underwear” drawer with socks, shoes, onsies or undershirts, and t-shirts. The next drawer, I put in his shorts, jeans, overalls, light sweaters, bibs, outfits, pajamas, cloth sleeping sack, and enclosed feet outfits. I ended up with an empty drawer for him, which is great. I know that it will be filled soon, since two people are giving me some more lightly used baby clothes.

I organized my underwear drawer much the same way and had my dad go through his. The last drawer is a junk drawer for my dad to put odds and ends into. I really need a home of my own instead of an apartment. It’s too small with three of us. Nevermind, when guests come over.

With Love <3
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Evening Tea *Day 16*

For St. Ives Green Tea Scrub


What It Is:

A blackhead clearing scrub that calms redness and is made of 100% natural exfoliants.

Key Ingredients:

Salicylic acid, water, silica, glycerin, ceteayl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, fragrance, phenethyl alcohol, olive leaf extract, artificial dyes.

How It Looks/Smells/Feels:

It is a dull lime green pastey scrub with micro-particles. It smells very fresh and crisp like sweetened green tea. It gives a nice exfoliation without being too harsh.

Why I Like It:

It was an average scrub for me and did nothing for my blackheads. I enjoyed using it in the shower when I had it, but I would not repurchase this. I might buy the apricot scrub in the future, because I remember really loving that one. I’m not in the market for one now though. I think I have three or four other scrubs to go through first. It isn’t a bad scrub, it just did nothing for my skin personally. A friend of mine swears by this scrub. So, if you suffer from milia, I would say to try this product.

With Love <3
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Mommy Vitamins *Day 15*

For Spring Valley Prenatal Multivitamin Adult Gummy


What It Is:

A multivitamin in gummy form for pregnant and nursing women.

Key Ingredients:

Contains everything you need except Iron & Calcium.

How It Smells/Tastes/Looks:

They look like sugar coated fruit shaped gummies in the colors green, yellow, orange, and red. They smell a little fishy, but tastes exactly like gummy bears. I really enjoyed these gummies and have already repurchased them several times.

Why I Like It:

I really enjoyed the taste of these, so I remember to eat them everyday. I wished that they contained iron and calcium, because otherwise, I would have not have developed anemia. Now, I buy both of these supplements separately. I buy calcium chews and iron pills. Hopefully, they will work on my anemia, which is borderline harmful (It worked btw).

With Love <3
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Sweet Dreams *Day 14*

For OleHenriksen Invigorating Night Treatment

Treatment gel

What It Is:

An overnight resurfacer with twelve sources of AHA complex in a light gel formula.

Key Ingredients:

? The jar contains little information.

How It Smells/Looks/Feels:

It smells very chemically and oddly enough, a little bit like play dough. It looks clear and the gel is very thin but not watery. It feels smooth going on the skin and sinks right in. It feels a little drying, so I always put moisturizer on afterwards.

Why I Like It:

This did the best job of exfoliating my skin and getting rid of my acne. It actually did peel my skin every morning after I used it. I would have repurchased this, but I found something that I like better. I bought Paula’s Choice 8% AHA Gel, which is basically the same thing as this product except I don’t physically peel the next morning. So, I want to stick with the Paula’s Choice product. It is also a more natural choice as well. I do love love this brand, but I found a similar product that is better and cheaper than this one. It is still a great product though.

With Love <3
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Bark Back *Day 13*

For BarkThins Dark Chocolate Almond with Sea Salt

Sunshine Voxbox 005

What It Is:

Snack dark chocolate with almonds

Key Ingredients:

Dark chocolate, dry roasted almonds, sea salt

How It Looks/Tastes/Smells:

It looks like normal chocolate bark. It smells like straight up high percentage dark chocolate, speaking of which I would like to know the percentage of dark chocolate in this “snacking chocolate”. Does anyone know? It tastes like one of the best dark chocolates that I have ever eaten. It tastes like dark chocolate, almonds (It has almonds in it, like whole ones.), and a pinch of salt to break up all of the sweet.

Why I Like It:

It is one of the best dark chocolates out there and one little piece was enough to satisfy me for the day. This lasted me more than three servings like they suggest. I would recommend buying the blueberry one or the mint. Both sound very good. Which one would you try out?

With Love,


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Secret Action *Day 12*

Secret Invisible Solid Antiperspirant/Deodorant in Paris Romantic Rose 48 HR Odor Protection


What It Is:

An invisible solid deodorant with 48 hour odor protection.

Key Ingredients:

Aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly, stearyl alcohol, petrolatum, hydrogenated castor oil, talc, fragrance, paraffin.

How It Feels/Smells/Looks:

It is a solid white deodorant that smells very floral and sweet. It feels smooth on freshly shaved arms, but will ball up on the slightest bit of stubble.

Why I Like It:

I really like the scent of this one, but beyond that this is just an average deodorant for me. I still sweat and soak the underarms of my tee-shirts that cling to that area. I have a sweating problem, but there has to be some kind of deodorant that is better at preventing sweat/perspiration. Does anyone know of any really good deodorants that they swear by? I’m in the market for a new one. I’ve tried the Dove Spray Deodorant and I’m not a real fan of it.

With Love,


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#PumpingGoals *Day 11*

There is nothing more satisfying as a nursing/pumping mommy than a chest freezer full of milk. I’m so proud of us that we have made it this far nursing when others don’t come any wheres close to us. Dean is 6 months old and prefers breast over bottle, but when I’m out working, he really has no choice. He has started eating solid foods, so he is no longer exclusively breast feed (ebf). He has never even taken a sip of formula! I’m a proud mommy about that. I understand that others have struggled with breastfeeding and needed to supplement. That was never the case with us. I had a major oversupply that just recently regulated, hence a freezer full of milk. I still pump more than what he needs while I’m at work. I pump twice at work and at the end of the week, I usually have 30 ounces frozen. He usually eats 16 ounces while I’m at work, sometimes more and sometimes less.

Chest Freezer

I needed to buy a chest freezer for all of that milk. Yes, I still put a few other non-milk items in there, but it was bought for my breast milk. I plan on breast feeding until Dean is 1 years old. I will then take the 6 months to wean him off using the frozen milk. Every Monday that I work, I thaw frozen milk for the day the day before. If I have Monday off, then Tuesday is frozen milk day and so forth. The first work day of the week is always frozen, the rest of the week is fresh from pumping once before work and twice during.

I use the oldest milk first and thaw out the milk in a ring so it thaws out evenly and slowly. I find that this is the best method, since bags do leak sometimes. This catches leaks and condensation. I personally don’t use the bags that leak as food, but I will throw it into his tub for moisturizing purposes.

Bottles do take up space in your fridge, but I only keep a days worth of milk. Never more than 4 or 5 bottles in there at a time. As you can see, I had five dirty bottles one day. Between the bottles, their cap, nipple tops, and pump parts, it makes a whole boiling pot. I boil the bottles and pump parts at the end of the day with soap in the pot. Then, I just scrub and rinse once the pot cools. I wash and prepare the bottles, since my dad does the work of feeding and taking care of him 5 days a week while I work.


I like to organize my milk bags by month and then by days. This ensures that I use the oldest milk first and I found that it organizes my 5.2 cu Haier Chest freezer the best. The gallon freezer bags can fit 10 to 20 frozen bags of milk. Nowadays, I freeze 6 ounce bags, because I feel that freezing any less is wasteful of the bags.

I organize my freezer as follows. I keep the oldest milk that I am going to use immediately in the little white basket. It comes from whichever gallon bag that I opened up for milk that week. It can take a few weeks to use up the milk in the bag, because the milk bags are all different ounces. My oldest milk is from February. I have the oldest milk on top. So, I have two bags of Feb in one corner and three bags of march on the other side of the white basket. Underneath that is two layers of bags with milk from March, April, May, and June. My little bit of July lives on top with March, until I fill it up. I know I am very lucky to have all of this milk. I probably have about 1,000 ounces stored. I rotate through the stash to keep it fresh. I’m saving the milk for when I start to wean him off at a year old. I want him to still have mostly breast milk and slowly wean to almond milk and then to whole milk. If any mothers have any questions, I’m here to help.

With Love ❤


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Mini Walmart Haul *Day 10*

Yes, that’s a Kmart bag, but you get the picture. I got a bag of stuff from Walmart that I want to share with all of you. I picked up these things while picking up stuff for the animals and a few food items for the week. I bought a couple of beauty items and something for Dean. I haven’t done any big shopping lately. Next weekend, I’ll be hitting the clearance rack at Macy’s and Marshall’s for clothes for Dean mainly.


Veet Gel Cream Hair Remover

This is a product that I will always go back to. It really does work and doesn’t make my legs sensitive afterwards. I don’t use the plastic scraper that it comes with. I have a detachable shower head with a handle to it. So, I take it down and spray my legs with water to rinse the stuff off and them just lightly rub my legs to remove the dead hair. I leave this stuff on for 8 minutes. Any less, and my ankle hairs will not come off. Its a really great product and I stand by it, unless the formula changes. My legs are allergic to Nair, which I feel is harsher on the skin.

Cleansing Water

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

I said that I would try another drugstore cleansing water and this is it. I bought the pink one, because the blue/green one is for waterproof makeup and it looked oily. There was a layer on top of the water. I just use this to refresh my face in the morning. I don’t want oil on my face. I’m excited to give it a try after I’m done with a deluxe sample that I’m using. Has anyone else tried this? Did you like it? Simple Cleansing Water was just eh, to me. I wasn’t impressed by it. I’m hoping that this one will be better. I like other skincare products from Garnier, so I have high hopes.

Pampers Splashers

Pampers Splashers Disposable Swim Pants

Danielle’s mother gave me a $2 USD coupon off of this product and I just had to buy a pack to try them out. I will be taking Dean to the ocean and to lakes, so I need a diaper that can get wet. These should last the whole summer since it goes up until 34 pounds and he’s almost 17. They are Sesame St themed, which is cute. There are 24 of them, so that should last a few times of going to the beach, where I would use a combo of regular diapers and these ones. The package states that they have tear away sides, double leg cuffs, and there will be no diaper swelling. They have the iconic Pampers diaper smell, which smells like baby powder. They smell like this since Pamper pretreats their diapers with a powder that prevents diaper rash. They look cute, but are also very useful. They ended up being $8 USD with the coupon, that’s 2.75 for 8 of them. Thanks!

Well, that is my mini Walmart haul. When I tryout the pants, I will give a review on them and there will be more baby /child posts to come. I’m coming up with more baby related ideas like a monthly Dean update. It’s going to be lots of fun!

With Love ❤