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Sunday Adventures: Part 9

Here are some more Adventures that I am catching up on. This was our first snowfall, so it was very much documented. lol

With Love,

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Marshall’s & TJMax Haul

I picked up some cute things from Marshall’s and TJMAX a while ago.

Love me some Hello Kitty fuzzy socks.

I needed a good pair of hiking boots.

I needed more hair ties.

I wanted to try more Bite products before I can’t find any anymore due to them no longer being a business.

I needed more dry shampoo.

I needed more morning cleansing wipes.

I always wanted this perfume and it smells quite lovely.

A good scalp scrub never hurt anyone. lol

I needed more foundation options. I’m all about the options.

This purchase was a long time ago, so I’m catching up on some older haul posts.

With Love,

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2023 Project Pan: February Update

The monetary value of the items I have used up this month is $245.98 bringing the year total to $325.64. I have used up or decluttered 2 makeup wipe packets, 1 setting spray, 1 primer, 1 chapstick, 1 makeup palette, 1 serum, 1 set of lashes, 1 candle, 1 deodorant, 1 cleaning concentrate, 1 hair mask, 5 face masks, and 1 toner. That is 19 items that were used up or decluttered this month. I am ecstatic that I was able to use or get rid of these many items. I used up 3 makeup items this month. I have 9 more items to use up this year for me to be happy with how much of my collection I have used up this year. I have made a care package for a friend who lost her father recently to cancer. I’m well known by my friends to give care packages to those in need.

With Love,

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Wetch Betch Candle Sub: October 2022

I am back to show you the candle of the month for last October. I look forward to getting this candle at the beginning of every month. It is always here by the 10th at the latest, usually anywhere from the 5th to the 8th of the month on average. The amount of burn time, the scents, the energy, the crystals, and bits and bobs in the candles; this is all worth the $18.50 for me. October is spooky season, and the candle’s name, Bat Spirit, is fitting. Burn this candle to welcome rebirth and renewal.

As always, the candle is gorgeous, and I will reuse all the trinkets inside for my own spellwork.

I had technical difficulties removing the tarot card.

My tarot card means justice, which is fitting as this was the month that I started seeking justice for myself against all of the men that have harmed me in my life. I refer to them as the three horsemen.

I love the letter that always come with the candles that give me a deeper understanding of the Pagan world that I live in. I love learning more about my culture and my spiritual beliefs. I am anything but traditional.

With Love,

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Wetch Betch Candle: July 2022

This was my first purchase of the candle subscription from the Wetch Betch shop, where I get all of my witchy supplies. She has her own website and a shop on Etsy. Each platform has a different inventory, so check out both if you consider purchasing. Use the code HocusPocus for 20% off your purchase. The candle subscription is $12/month for one candle, but with shipping comes to $18.50. I requested to start my subscription with this candle as I have been dieing to get my hands on it.

Being a sea witch, I totally align with this candle. I am saving it for a really special occasion. I love this subscription and have many more months to show you all to catch up on! I love the letters that come with the candles; that enriches my knowledge of the candle and crystals. I highly recommend this subscription. The candles are beautiful, and hand poured. Lots of love goes into these candles, so their magic is strong.

With Love,