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Nexplan Review

This was a crazy day! I got my Nexplan implant in my arm for birthcontrol. My arm hurt for several days, but overall, I enjoy this method. I don’t have to think about it anymore. Plus, I thought the procedure was pretty cool.

The healing process unfiltered.

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Blendjet Lisa Frank Design

My cousin Mel peer-pressured me into getting this blender, and I absolutely love it. I have been getting into making protein and immune-boosting smoothies lately for in the morning as a breakfast substitute. I was getting tired of bringing out the big blender as it was so loud and such a pain to clean. Mel suggested this blender because she uses it too. We both agreed on the Lisa Frank one as it is very “me” to those that truly know me and the style that I like. It is super portable, lightweight, and fits 16 oz, and the best part is it is self-cleaning with just a drop of soap with some water. It is perfect for the mornings as it isn’t as loud, so it doesn’t wake up my son. There is so much to love about it, and it is one of my regularly used kitchen appliances.

I also use fresh fruits and veggies, not just frozen or pre-packaged frozen mixes. I am dairy sensitive, so I use oat milk in my smoothies. I am so in love with oat milk. I find that the brand I buy mirrors milk really well without the heaviness. It matches the flavor nicely. I love it in my coffee and cereal as well. I use it for anything that calls for dairy or cream within reason.

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Sunday Adventures: Part 1

With the breakup, one thing that I am doing is spending Sundays with my son going on adventures and giving him my undivided attention. We often go hiking. Our favorite hiking spot is an animal sanctuary and protected land. With the trees losing their lives, it has been beautiful there and we love the crunching sound the leaves make when you step on them. Unfortunately, my ex can no longer be in the picture for my son. I think it is all for the best in the end for the Bean. Some men run when you attach responsibilities of parenthood onto them and this was a sad case of that. Bean has a momma who loves him and a huge support network, he will always end up ontop. My Bean, the little boy who loves everyone caught up in adult drama. This series will just be a series of lifestyle updates and the latest photos of our crazy adventures.

With Love,

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Once And For All by Sarah Dessen

My best friend bought this book for me as we both really enjoy Sarah Dessen’s books. We hope that she chooses to write an adult novel as we would be all over that. I am not going to spoil this book for anyone. I do recommend that you read it, but I do have to give a trigger warning as it does go over death, loss, and grief. I really enjoyed this book as I felt emotionally connected to the main character in this book. The other characters were well fleshed out as well and not flat or two-dimensional. I didn’t have any issues reading this book or anything that annoyed me about it. It was a very solid, light read for enjoyment purposes. I enjoy reading a lot of YA novels for fun. I would give this a 5/5 personally as I adore the author and a lot of the books that she has written.

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Marshall’s Haul

I needed a couple of things from Marshall’s, but ended up walking away with way more than that. There were other things bought as well that are not included in this haul, such as a candle for his teacher and items my boyfriend added into the cart. He bought lens wipes and an extra USB charging cord for his phone. Any who, this is going to be a long one. I ended up signing up for their store credit card, because I shop there so often. It is only about 15 min up the road. Let’s get into it!

I bought Juicy Couture winter boots for $15. I bought a size 10, since the fur is so thick inside. I’m usually a size 8.5 to a 9. These are listed for up to $80 at other stores. The boots appear to be discontinued as they are not listed on their website. It is a score for nice winter boots. I enjoy the UGG style winter boots, so these were right up my alley.

I got a Chuck It! ball for the cat and Dean ended up liking it too. I bought it for $3 and I see it going for $12.99. This was a real steal at like 75% off. Everyone enjoys it. It is a tough durable ball and with Dean being a heavy mouther, I know he won’t damage the ball or be able to bite off chunks of it.

I got these LED lights for my son’s room. He absolutely loves them and they are super fun. I paid $7.99 for them and I found them listed for 12.99. They seem to be discontinued as they really hard to find. The colors are really bright and they definitely set a mood.

We needed another can of dry shampoo and we love this one. Our last 2 cans are on their last legs, so a new one was necessary. My boyfriend just grabs the first one that he sees; hence, all of these open ones at once. This one has a nice scent and I purchased it at $8.99. The 8.4 is 15.99, so I am guessing that this is somewhere around the $20 range. It is a really great scent that I can’t wait to use once the others are used up.

I usually get a 60 pack of wipes for $4.99, so I thought I got a steal by getting 120 wipes. The pack normally goes for $15 on the website. I am looking forward to trying these out once the current 60 count runs out, which shouldn’t be long. I use wipes every morning to wash my face, because I do a deep cleanse every night. I also use a wipe initially to take off my makeup before going in with a makeup removing cleanser.

I needed another hair detangler, since I don’t know when I’ll be able to make it back to the salon to get my hair done. I am sharing this with my son as he needs a detangler too as he has inherited my tangled hair. lol. I paid $5.99 for this and it usually goes for $12.99. It works on my son’s hair. I find that it does add a bit of hold to the hair, when I use it on dry hair. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.

I needed a new hair brush. I usually get the Wet Brush, but I decided to try this one out for $10.99. I love the look of the brush like the design and colors, but I prefer the real Wet brush over this imitation.

These are nice brushes for $6.99. We needed more eye brushes. We were in a pinch. I personally am not a fan of the colors of these brushes, but one day, I will build my fantasy brush set.

I have never tried a Pretty Vulgar product, but always wanted to! This is like a pore smoothing primer with light coverage. I really love this for $7.99. I’m into lighter coverage now a days, because I just love how my skin looks. I’ve been on top of my skincare and my skin has been looking fantastic.

BECCA is hard to find now that it is discontinued, so I bought a couple of products while I still could that were in new condition at Marshall’s. $9.99 for this is such a steal. I loved the one in the purple tube, so I am sure that I will enjoy this one as well.

This is a really pretty setting powder for $10. I only use one powder on my face to mattify my skin and set my base. I use finish powders like this too. My current pressed powder is in my project pan, so I needed another pressed one in the wings. I alternate between pressed and loose face powder. I’d like to use up all my loose ones as I really prefer pressed nowadays.

I had a shit ton of fun shopping with my boyfriend throughout the store. He is lets me browse and hunt for items to my heart’s content. It takes a great man to exercise patience with a woman hunting for a good deal, but it’s an even greater man that hunts with her. That’s my boyfriend!

With Love,

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Another BeWitching Haul

I am back with another witchy haul! I wanted a few more things and I had 2 coupons to use by the end of January or lose. Between the 2 coupons and the 50% off sale going on, I was able to grab quite a few items without spending all that much on them. Again, this is the same shop called Wetch Betch and I shopped from her website. I do not get anything from anyone clicking on the provided link. It is not a referral and I do not have any referral codes for the store. This might be my last haul of these items for a while as I want to work through what I have now. I also want to move out so I have more space to store all of my stuff and get a better inventory system going of how much more I can buy based on what my needs are. I also do intention magic for others as well.

Free samples. I haven’t burned the Sweet Betch incense sample yet, but it does smell amazing! I highly recommend her incense sticks, even though they are a bit pricey. I would use them along with intention magic work.

Witches Brew Cauldron Candle for $16

I got to choose the tag on the cauldron. Also, how cute is that cauldron? I will be keeping this for sure once I have burned the candle. I’ll be able to use it as a smudge stick holder and burner for practical reasons, but it is also cute for decorate reasons as well. I could also fill it with black ritual salt to ward of evil and negative energy. The candle smells super sweet and a bit like bubble tape. I absolutely love it! It is so pretty! It is for sure my aesthetic. It has some bits and bobs that can be used when I make my own candles or to use in my own spell work, such as the pentacle charm. The candle is charged to ward off and absorb negative energy.

Glass Tea Light Holder for $2.25

I got my tea light holder in frosted glass instead of the clear as it is more my style. It fits her tealights perfectly and I don’t think she sells them for a bad price.

Ritual Bath Soak in Purge Betch for $13

I bought this bath soak, because a little sachet of this came with my shadow book to do my shadow work for healing. I wanted a full size so I could continue to ground myself after using inner spell work on myself. This bath soak is made for protection, purification spells, and to detox your body. The scent is a lemony lavender floral infused with salt. This soak is made with empaths in mind. I might not break into this until after we move. I don’t know. I’m not finding my current space inspiring for me to do my intention work consistently. A calm, smoothing space is very important for me and my magic work.

Karma’s A Bitch But So Am I Tea Light for $2

I bought a second one of these tea lights for my own cord cutting with a person who used to abuse me. This candle is made of Black Soy and dressed with black obsidian crystals, ritual black salt and protective herbs and florals. It is unscented. This candle is made to use in protection spells, reversals, banishings, and cord cuttings. I love her saying of “Do no harm but take no shit”.

F#ck the Fans Protective Shield Spell Candle for $11

This is a protection candle and is made of soy and dressed with corresponding crystals, herbs & flowers. It has a light scent and is charged with the intent of shielding and protecting your energy from “fans” that want no good for you. These can be frenemies, people you’ve cut ties from, those who cast the evil eye and intentionally send you bad vibes. This candle has a strong mix of protective herbs, hot foot powder, a coffin nail, black obsidian and snowflake obsidian tumble. It is perfect for protection magic and for general energy protection and psychic attack protection. I plan on lighting this any time I feel negative energy either coming from myself or others.

Betch Be Mine! Spell Candle for $11

This candle is also super sweet and smells like bubble tape, except it smells like that stronger than the other candle does. It is scented with the signature sweet bitch fragrance that smells like sugary candy. It is dressed with a wax heart embed that reads kiss me. A rose quartz tumbled stone and garnet chips also adorn this beauty as well as some rose petals, jasmine and hibiscus. It also has an included tiny love spell jar. Garnet is a gem at enhancing the laws of attraction. Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace, calming and reassuring. I lit mine on Valentine’s Day and I intend on lighting mine every time I need a little self-love or if I want to do intention work and send some love someone else’s way.

Chime Candles for $1.25 Each

I needed some candles for my spell work and I don’t have any chime spell candles that are clean of someone else’s energy. I purchased a few of them. Each color holds a different purpose. I purchased light blue which is for strength and healing, peace, tranquility, and serenity. Orange encourages positive outcomes, job success, wish fulfillment, change and transformation. White is good to work with for purification, clarity, truth, and strength. Purple is for psychic powers, wisdom, intuition, hidden knowledge, and ambition. Pink is for friendship, unity, harmony, self love, romance, love, beauty, and emotional healing. Red is good for health, vitality, sexuality, passion, attraction, sensuality, desire, virility and strength.

DIY Spell Bottles for Healing for $14

I wanted to make my own spell bottle for healing and I thought that this would be a great way to do it, until I have my own space where I can buy ingredients in bulk and be able to create them as I please. I plan on buying more little spell jars to hold my smaller gem stones so I can add them to spell jars. I really love the apothecary aesthetic for my own spell work. It is very natural and grounding. I love finding my own bird feathers to add to my spell work as well.

With Love,

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Birthday Haul From My Fiance

As you can tell, a ton of these posts that will be going up has been a long time coming. I have been super busy with school, work, Dean, and relaxing. I have a new family dynamic that is coming up that I have been preparing for that you will all known about soon enough. My life has been so full lately since this whole pandemic started. I never had a life so busy with stuff to do before. I never get everything done in a day that I wanted and the days are just so filled with activities. I am enjoying it, but I am also tired. I am hoping daycare opens soon, so I can at least get a little relief with less to juggle.

Martin bought me this beautiful furry charcoal bedspread set. I need to get a comforter to insert into the casing to make it more plump, but it is so beautiful and exactly what I wanted. It is super comfy and will be nice and warm in the winter time. Without a comforter insert, it is also perfect for the summer.

He also bought me these super cute leggings. They are smooth like velvet and are super comfy. I love the vibrant colors of these leggings. He actually bought Jenna a matching pair, so we can match now. 🙂

I bought a mini one of these and loved it. Martin bought me a full sized one. I haven’t used it yet, because quarantine. As soon as there is a reason too, I will try this out. I have a feeling that I’ll be able to straighten my hair faster with more lasting results with a full sized brush versus the mini that I had that I gave to Jenna.

I am also super excited about these stickers that he bought me. They are going to look perfect in my Erin Condren planner next year. I’m buying my planner at the end of the year in Nov/Dec, so I will have it in time for the New Year. These stickers are gonna fit perfect in that planner. I plan on obtaining more stickers as well. My stash is dwindling and I’d love to have more decorative stickers. I have a ton of functional ones right now. The sticker pack is so me though. I’m itching to use them now, but I know they will look beautiful in a crisp new yearly spread. Also, the planner that I have now is too small for these stickers. The stickers would take up most of the space on my days.

With Love,


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So, I just got the notification that my 2nd month of my 3 month subscription has shipped. I thought that I would get to this post already. I am concentrating on a healthier me this year and a truer me. I am focusing on health, fitness, and exploration. I’m buying supplements, working out more (I laxed last year), and exploring different interests/clothes/makeup than I have before. HUM is a very affordable supplement brand and I stumbled across them while looking for melatonin tabs for my fiance to help him fall asleep at night. I bought him a bottle and a bought him a second bottle in my next order. I think you can tell that it helps him.

I loved the cards that they came with. They were so informational and very useful. I hope they continue to do this in all of their boxes.

HUM FLATTER ME, $25 for 30 day supply

Using these for a month inconsistently, I don’t think they help me. I took this consistent for the first 2 weeks, but I noticed no difference in how flat my stomach was. My stomach wasn’t flatter after use. I think it might be made more for shedding water weight. It might not work well for me, because I also had a c-section and I have celiac disease. I would not buy these ones again, but I will use up what I have.

HUM BEAUTY zzZz, $10 for a 30 day supply

I bought these for my fiance, Martin to help him fall asleep at night. I bought him a second bottle, so I can pretty much tell you that these work for him. He doesn’t take them every night, but when he does, he says that he can tell a difference. It’s worth a try if you have trouble sleeping.


I tried this once in my water and I didn’t like it. It is better to add in juice, smoothies, or milkshakes. I don’t drink a lot of any of those things, so I haven’t touch this since. Plus, I want to get empty tea bags, so I don’t mix this and get floaty things in my drink. I want to use this up, but it isn’t the most tasty thing out there. I’m actually going to try a different protein vitamin mix after I use this up.

This sample made me by the bottle in my next order, spoiler alert!

I also bought a water infuser bottle as it has unique time markings on the size. I now drink 8 cups of water of 64 oz of water a day. I fill this up twice and I am good. I never knew that I could drink that amount of water, until I bought this bottle. The time marks really helps to encourage myself to pick up the pace or feel good drinking it before the time on the marks. Drinking two bottles of this is now my new routine and part of my new healthy lifestyle.

With Love.