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Empties Analysis: March 2022

Empty Items:

  • Serum: 1
  • Face Mask: 2
  • Sheet Mask: 2
  • Lip Mask: 5
  • Eye Mask: 4
  • Nose Strip: 1
  • Face Wipes: 2
  • Facial Cleanser: 1
  • Bar Soap: 1
  • Body Lotion: 4
  • Body Scrub: 1
  • Hand Cream: 2
  • Dry Shampoo: 2
  • Hair Leave-In / Detangler: 2
  • Hair Mousse: 2
  • Shampoo Bar: 1
  • Lip Liner: 1
  • Bronzer: 1
  • Blush: 1
  • Cream Eye Shadow Stick: 1
  • Liquid Eyeliner: 2
  • Mascara: 1
  • Lip Balm: 1
  • Liquid Lipstick: 3
  • Cream Contour Stick: 1
  • Setting Spray: 1
  • Primer: 1
  • Concealer/Foundation: 1

Number Of Empties:

  • 48

Current Amount Used Up:

  • $840.17

Items Purchases:

  • Perfume: 1
  • Dry Shampoo: 1
  • Facial Wipes: 4
  • Hair Leave-In / Detangler: 1
  • Pressed Powder: 1
  • Primer: 3
  • Brush Set: 2
  • Bronzer: 1
  • Lip Scrub: 1
  • Serum: 1
  • Facial Moisturizer: 2
  • Lip Liner: 1
  • Nail Items: 8
  • Samples: 2
  • Eye Cream: 1
  • Liquid Eye liner: 2
  • Mascara: 1
  • Body Balm: 1
  • Setting Spray: 1
  • Bath Salts: 1
  • Foot Mask: 1
  • Body Mask: 1
  • Tanning Lotion: 1
  • Scalp Scrub: 1
  • Highlighter: 1
  • Face Mask: 1
  • Toner: 1
  • Liquid Lipstick: 1

Number Of Items Purchased:

  • 44

Current Amount Spent:

  • $459.12

Current Beauty Balance:

  • -4 Items Added To Collection (I’ve used up 4 more items than what I have brought in. My collection is 4 items less than it used to be).
  • -$381.05 (More product $ used up than purchased)

I am loving where my balance is at this month. I have less products in my collection and I have used up more than I have spent so far this year. I cannot believe that right now that the amount of products that I have brought in haven’t increased my collection size. But also, that despite spending $459.12 so far this year, I have already used up that amount of product (and then so), which totally justifies my purchases to myself. I am dreading April, because I did a birthday haul for the Sephora Spring Event. lol

With Love,

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Purchased VS Empties: March Update

I did some online and retail therapy this month. I also donated quite a few items as well. I am hoping that the numbers sort of balance each other out. I have no clue though. I know April will throw things way off, because I have already shopped way too much this month. I got so many incredible deals though that I never feel guilty over any of my shopping. I have also really been pushing through product with a speed that I have never accomplished before now that I am not hoarding and saving my products.


5 items were Boxycharm, which costs me $27.99 a month. The Kopari Balm was $9. The eyeliner was $3. Primer for $6 and setting spray for $12. The bath salts were $2. The foot masks were $5.99. The body mask was $8 and the self tanner was $9.99. The scalp scrub was $6.99 and a life saver. The moisturizer was $3 and the Becca highlighter was $12.99. The total spent in March was $106.95, bringing us up to my current yearly total spent as $459.12. I am honestly surprised that I have almost spent $500 in 3 months. I might have been way off when stating that I would purchase about 1K this year.

Used Up:

I used up or decluttered the following items: Shampoo bar $10, bar soap $2, two eyeliners $18 and $12, VS lotion $20, hand cream $16, lotion $5, 2 hair mousses for $15 and $19, 2 face masks for $4, 3 lips masks for $4, 4 eye masks for $5, sleeping mask $3, 2 lip masks for $6, 2 packs of face wipes for $5, 2 lotions for $10, cleanser $6.99, VS scrub $20, hand cream $8.59, heat protectant spray $14, Amika foam dry shampoo $26, Setting spray $36, mini primer $2, 3 lippies $6, MJ Extra Shot $39, Stila mascara $25, and Valentino blush $58. I have used up or decluttered a total of $386.58 this month.

My purchases for the year total $459.12 and my empties total $840.17 so far. This means that I have used up $381.05 more than what I have brought into my collection. However, I have lessened my collection by 16 products, even with the purchases this month. I am very happy with the beauty balance this month. I do like that my use up is currently almost 2x the amount spent. However, April has already been spendy, so I don’t know what the numbers will look like for April.

With Love,

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1K Declutter: March Update

This is the final post in the series. I am proud to say that I was able to reach my goal of using up / decluttering 1,000 items from my home and from my life. I donated a good portion of items as well, which always feels good. It is sort of a bittersweet post as it is saying good bye to the past two years that I have done this series. It is the beginning of a new time with new, fresher memories. I am excited to show you the final numbers and the items that I used up or decluttered!


#992 – 1,009 – It felt so good to donate all of these items to the Ukraine. It is all new items.


#1,010 – 1,017 – I used up or decluttered all of these skincare items.

Body Care:

#1,018 – 1,020 – I was proud of myself for using up a body scrub as body items usually take me forever to use up, because I don’t take as much as time as I should taking care of it.

Hair Care:

#1,021 – 1,022 – The Amika nozzle stopped working and nothing that I could do could make it go. It was almost like it ran out of aerosol.


#1,023 – 1,031 – I also used up / decluttered 8 makeup products! This concludes my 1K declutter series. If you have been along for the whole ride, thank you so much!

Onto another adventure.

With Love,

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22 in 2022 Project Pan: March Update

I am back with my March update on my project 22 pan. I have used up 2/22 in this project pan so far this year. To finish in time for the year, I would need to use up almost 2 makeup products every month to get to 22. Currently, I am a month behind. I am excited to see if I have improved my numbers for this month. I want to have more items in my project pan, so I have some additions this month and I will also have more next month. I feel like I can handle more than 5 items at a time in the project. I think that I am going to try to make it 10 products that I am working on during this project at a time.

Ending February Project Pan Items:

I started the month of March with the 5 items above to work on and below is my progress on all of the items.

Feb Update:

March Update: Ciate Setting Powder

I was able to make a decent sized dent in this loose powder this month. It isn’t my favorite and I would not recommend nor repurchase it. It is very powdery and leaves a white cast. I predict that this will be in the project another 3 months before it is used up. My goal is to use up this product entirely. I do have another loose setting powder to replace it with when it is used up.

Feb Update: Coola Setting Spray

March Update: USED UP

I managed to use up this setting spray in the month of March where I wore makeup almost everyday. I am so happy to have a setting spray out of my collection as setting sprays are my weakness. I have way too many setting sprays at the moment, so you will see another setting spray replacing this one in this project pan. I wasn’t a fan of this one. It had a strong sunscreen scent and burned my eyes.

Feb Update:

March Update: Becca Highlight Beads

When I look at these beads from Feb to March, I see progress even though I didn’t use up any beads this month. I concentrated more on the blushes and wore this only two days a week most of the time in March. I plan on using this more in April as I have been a fan of the flushed sunkissed look. I might try layering this over the bright pink blush.

Feb Update: Marc Jacobs Primer

March Update: USED UP!

I used up this mini primer in the month of March and moved on to another primer that I will be introducing to this project pan. I am happy to be moving through my primers, because primers are also something that I buy a lot and really do enjoy using. I generally have good skin and will use primer and powder most days as my base.

Feb Update:

March Update: Hourglass Palette

I expanded the pan on both the powder and the bronzer. I also hit pan in the highlighter this month! My goal was to hit pan in the highlighter. I was able to achieve that goal this past month. In April, I will continue to use this highlighter for the last month before rolling a new highlighter into the project. I think using up the rest of the palette will take me until the end of the year.

Additions for April:

I am adding in 3 items for April. I am adding the Too Faced primer to replace the Marc Jacobs one. This is a mini size of the full sized version. The average size of a full sized primer is 30 ml or 1 fl oz. This primer is 20 ml, so it is pretty close to a full size for being a mini. I am guessing this will be at least 2 months of use. I am also rolling in two setting sprays. The Huda Beauty is my oldest setting spray and I am about 1/2 way done with it. I use this spray for when I go to work or some place special wear I want my makeup to last and be perfect. The Farsali setting spray I use when I am at home. I am very disappointed with it. It does a great job at hydrating and setting the face (It can also be used as a primer and I have been using it before going in with my Too Faced one), but it REAKS of white vinegar. My face smells strongly for a few minutes. It mostly goes away, but sometimes I can still smell a whiff. I just want to use both setting sprays up, so I can crack into my Too Faced Hangover Setting Spray.

Current Project Pan Items:

I have managed to use up 5/22 items so far this year in this project. I am currently caught up and on track to using up 22 by the end of the year. I might have the setting spray and hair foam used up at the end of April, but I honestly don’t know if anything will be used up in the next update. Only time will tell. I only have one more application left in the IGK hair mousse. I just have to find an occasion to use it. I think I might just use it on a Monday, because there is only us three ladies in the office on Monday. I think they would get a kick out of it.

With Love,

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Devoted by Hiliary Duff

As usual, no spoilers. I really enjoyed the second book in the series. I like that the story changed and evolved into a bigger, higher purpose. I was surprised and slightly disappointed by the ending. I already purchased the last book in the series, because I am know confused on how this can possibly continue and where it will go from here. I was enthralled with the story until the ending sort of soured it for me. I can see a better way that it could have gone, but I understand that no love story is without their sacrifices. I still recommend the series, but I did enjoy the first book better than this one. I am hoping that the last book will make everything make sense and wrap up the story nicely. I want everyone to get their happy ending, but I don’t think it is going to happen.

With Love,

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Project 10 Pan: Feb Update

Okay, I am back with the 2nd update on this project pan. I decided that I would also make this a rotating project pan that I will call done once I have finished 10 products. Then, I think I will start a new project. Maybe a project roulette one. I’m itching to do one of those. Anyway, so far we have used up 1/10 items. A few should have been slam dunks, but life happens, you know? My life has really been a whirlwind this year with so much happening, both the good and the bad. I’ve really been enjoying blogging regularly as it gives me a reprieve when things get a bit overwhelming. It’s part of my “me-time” and I couldn’t e more grateful that I have a lifestyle and partner that is conducive for this. Now, let me show and tell you the progress that I was able to make on the shortest month of the year.

The below picture is what we started with in January.

Used up:

I was able to use up the candle, which I am super happy about. I wanted to finish it during the winter season. There was still a lot of wax left, so it didn’t burn down incredibly well. It did burn down even though.


I didn’t make any progress in Feb in the body serum. There was too much change and too much going on to focus on using up my products. Now that I am getting used to the fast pace our life has become, I am in a better position to balance my life in March.

I have been making steady and good progress on both the facial spray and the cleanser. I use the spray every morning and night as my toner. I use the cleanser to wash my makeup brushes. I might be done with both by the next update.

The original start of the project photo:

I already used up the nose strip, but I did also use up the hydrating styling cream. I am on track to finish up the bum bum cream and the hand sheet mask. I have just been putting this stuff off really in the month of Feb. I have a feeling that March will have a lot of empty/used up products.


I am adding three more items to the project. I am hoping to get a nap in one of these days, so I want to use up a pair of full eye sheet masks. I want to use up my last regular candle. I also have been straightening my hair and loving it, so I thought I would add this heat styler to the project in motivation of using it up.

So far, I have used up 3/10 products and I finished 2 of those items up this month. I am proud of myself and happy with the progress that I have been able to make considering the hectic state of my life right now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving every moment of it, but it can get a lot sometimes. I am so glad that I have this community to escape from reality for a little while and talk about what I am passionate about.

With Love,

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Once And For All by Sarah Dessen

My best friend bought this book for me as we both really enjoy Sarah Dessen’s books. We hope that she chooses to write an adult novel as we would be all over that. I am not going to spoil this book for anyone. I do recommend that you read it, but I do have to give a trigger warning as it does go over death, loss, and grief. I really enjoyed this book as I felt emotionally connected to the main character in this book. The other characters were well fleshed out as well and not flat or two-dimensional. I didn’t have any issues reading this book or anything that annoyed me about it. It was a very solid, light read for enjoyment purposes. I enjoy reading a lot of YA novels for fun. I would give this a 5/5 personally as I adore the author and a lot of the books that she has written.

With Love,

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Inhale Health Vape Sticks

My psychiatrist recommended that I take melatonin in vape form, since the pills give me the jitters and doesn’t help me fall asleep. So far, I have to say, it does put us to sleep and keeps us relaxed at night. I also purchased a caffeine stick, because I am trying to cut down how much coffee I am consuming. I don’t like the taste of the chocolate, but I do like the sunrise orange. The chocolate tastes like the smell of a mocha body lotion I used to own or the chocolate flavor fluoride they use at the dentist. I am not a fan of the flavor, but it does work for us. It is interesting to see how long these sticks will last to see if they really are worth $20 a pop.

With Love,

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2022 Project Pan: Jan Update

The above are the items that I started out with for my project pan. I am happy to report that I have decluttered one of the items, so I will be adding another item to the project pan to replace it. I am not going to force myself to use something that I dislike. I did get covid and was sick most of Jan, so there really isn’t much progress. On the day that I am writing this, I have had a lot more. The Feb update should be exciting and make up for this blah one.

The above is what we started out with.

Becca – I made no significant progress with this. No updated picture.

Coola – Decluttered – smells like rancid oil or caster oil – Expires in March

Coola Spray – I made a bit of progress here despite not being able to wear makeup most of the month. I tend to be very generous with my setting spray, because I have oily skin. I want to ensure that my makeup stays on and doesn’t crease.

The above is what we started out with.

Urban Decay 24-7 Powder – I made a nice dent in this. I am as generous in my powder as I am with my setting spray.

The above is what we started out with.

Becca Bronzing Powder – I can tell that I made some progress, because there were 5 “beads” sitting on top of the others and now there are 4. I am a fan of quick makeup and this was nice when I wanted a nice summery look.

The above is what we started out with.

Hourglass Holiday Palette 2016? – There doesn’t seem to be any visual progress.

I am adding another easy one to keep my confidence going during this project pan. I am adding a mini Marc Jacobs coconut primer to the mix.

1/7 Down for this project pan. I started with 7, so my goal is to at least finish or hit pan in 7 products for this particular project pan. I might decide to end it when I get there. I haven’t decided yet. I think I want to make this year long though, because I already have my project 10 pan going on. I love project pans, because they motivate me to use up what I have and be consistent. Without project pans, I feel that my usage is a lot less.

With Love,

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1K Declutter: Jan ’22 Continued: Year 3

I think May might be the last month before I reach 1K items decluttered. There are only 40 more items left to go. I want to say I’ll be done in March, but I feel like that might be too soon. Not every month will be a good one full of progress. As always, we shall see in the next update how much closer we get to the 1K mark. This project is almost to an end and it feels bittersweet. It has been going on for years, but I’m happy and sad to see the end of it in sight. I’ll definitely need a break from this series for at least a year.

#911 – 933 – I got rid of quite a few clothing items from my son’s closet that were either too small or too worn. The good clothes will be donated to his school. I did a huge donation bag last year and I already have another bag to donate this year. It is amazing how fast they outgrow clothes!

#934 – 936 – My hairbrush got too grody, so I replaced it. We used up a can of dry shampoo and I used up a bottle of detangler from Pureology. I really love the brand, but the scent of this didn’t always sit well with my stomach.

#937 – 939 – I used up the pore strip from a project pan, a serum stick by Olay, and a clay mask stick by Milk. I REALLY didn’t like the Milk product. The mask never stuck on my nose or in the crevices of my face. You couldn’t layer it either. It was just no good.

#940 – 941 – I used up an antiperspirant deodorant and an organic bath bomb from a local apothecary shop. The bath bomb smelled like coconuts and sunscreen. It left my skin feeling moisturized. I would go back for more.

#942 – 955 – I declutterd this moldy thermos and I used up so many stickers. I am doing a scrapbooking project, so I love printing out the pictures into sticker form.

#956 – 960 – The lys bronzer will be donated as it was not used and it is too deep of a shade. The Pink Rose eye shadow stick and the Lip liner are going to my best friend to see if she wants to try them. The contour stick and the chapstick are both used up. It took a long time for both items, so I am super proud of myself. 5 makeup items in a month is REALLY surprising to me. I used up 2, cannot use 1, and don’t love the other 2 and want to let someone else give them a try while they are still really new.

With Love,