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Winter SSB: Erin Condren 2022

This is the winter surprise box from Erin Condren for 2022. I absolutely loved this winter box! I only paid $20 for it as I waited and took my chances until it went 50% off. I would have been so sad if I had missed this one as it was filled with everything that I will use.

The design and inside of the box was beautiful.

I like using these to mark pages in books and notebooks instead of bookmarks. There is nothing similar to this on their site, but I would give it a $5 value.

A coupon for $20 off my next order making this box virtually free for me.

I do enjoy these stickers and I have used them. A similar two page sticker pack is $5.50.

I have this pad saved away for when I need it. Similar pads go for $10 on the site.

I love EC pens, so the more the merrier. I am happy to have a metallic gold and midnight blue in my collection. Similar pen duos go for $12.50.

I love this pretty snowflake cover. Similar covers go for $8.50.

This beautiful folio with the goals petite planner is #goals. I loved this item a ton! It is perfect for on the go. Similar items are priced at $27.50 for folio and $14.50 for a total of $42 for this set.

This box was a value of $103.50 and $83.50 is the total if you minus the $20 I spent on the box. I would say that this is a great value!

With Love,

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Marshall’s & TJMax Haul

I picked up some cute things from Marshall’s and TJMAX a while ago.

Love me some Hello Kitty fuzzy socks.

I needed a good pair of hiking boots.

I needed more hair ties.

I wanted to try more Bite products before I can’t find any anymore due to them no longer being a business.

I needed more dry shampoo.

I needed more morning cleansing wipes.

I always wanted this perfume and it smells quite lovely.

A good scalp scrub never hurt anyone. lol

I needed more foundation options. I’m all about the options.

This purchase was a long time ago, so I’m catching up on some older haul posts.

With Love,

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Blendjet Lisa Frank Design

My cousin Mel peer-pressured me into getting this blender, and I absolutely love it. I have been getting into making protein and immune-boosting smoothies lately for in the morning as a breakfast substitute. I was getting tired of bringing out the big blender as it was so loud and such a pain to clean. Mel suggested this blender because she uses it too. We both agreed on the Lisa Frank one as it is very “me” to those that truly know me and the style that I like. It is super portable, lightweight, and fits 16 oz, and the best part is it is self-cleaning with just a drop of soap with some water. It is perfect for the mornings as it isn’t as loud, so it doesn’t wake up my son. There is so much to love about it, and it is one of my regularly used kitchen appliances.

I also use fresh fruits and veggies, not just frozen or pre-packaged frozen mixes. I am dairy sensitive, so I use oat milk in my smoothies. I am so in love with oat milk. I find that the brand I buy mirrors milk really well without the heaviness. It matches the flavor nicely. I love it in my coffee and cereal as well. I use it for anything that calls for dairy or cream within reason.

With Love,

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Erin Condren Rose Gold Gift 2022

I spent an embarrassing amount of money on Erin Condren last year (like I almost have everything now), so I qualified for the Rose Gold Gift they send to Rose Gold Members every year. It came with a cute pin and mini notebook. I really love the color blends, soft pink to lilac, with the cute quote! I can always use another notebook as I live by paper and pen because the pen is mightier than a sword.

With Love,

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Shein Haul

It has been a while since I bought these clothes, so I will speed through the items I purchased. I am moving towards purchasing clothing from Marshalls as the quality is usually better. I have gotten many things that I love from Shein, so I will continue to purchase unique items like the Hello Kitty collection.

I love this pj set so so much. I purchased a small, and it fits perfectly!

The swimsuit is super cute, and I love it! I do wear shorts with it, though, when I’m with my son. This shade of periwinkle blue makes me look more tan than I actually am.

My favorite color is pink, so these pants are right up my alley!

I also purchased some items from the Care Bear collection. These pants are so cute and are a mix of jeans and corduroy like material.

I thought this would look cute in the spring un buttoned with a tucked in tang top or something like that.

These pants are adorable. I love the pink that is growing in my clothing collection.

The Care Bear dress is hands down my favorite item that I purchased from this haul. It fits my personality to a T.

Cute workout clothes for the summer.

I finally bought myself a winter coat, and yes it is in pink. lol. It has a subtle army-style print. It is very warm as it is a down-feathered coat.

With Love,

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EC Haul

Another haul from EC. Yes, I am obsessed, but my spending is gonna be slowing down as I am buying gifts for Christmas. I have a short list as there are only a few people in my life that I am close enough to for Christmas gifts. Like literally 7 people. My spending is always reasonable. Things will be tight due to the holidays though and my son’s birthday is the day after Christmas. As such, I am having fun and using up the stuff that I already own.

I love that I got a pink box this time around.

The presentation was sloppy and the box could have been smaller. Lots of empty space, so they must have ran out of the smaller EC boxes.

I love the laptop stand, but I need a smaller laptop to fit it. lol. My desk is very compatible so I am able to make it work as it is up against the upper shelf. It gets scrapes and nicks very easily, but I don’t mind. Wear and tear is a part of life. I just don’t want my items coming in all dinged up.

I love this acrylic block. It has the mantra that I am trying to live by. I just use it as a decorative piece, but when the weather starts to warm up again, I probably will be using it as a paperweight with the fans going.

I hate to get the last HK pen that I didn’t have. They are super adorable.

Yes, I have a pen addiction. lol. I haven’t even used these pens yet, but I love having a variety for my planner by using various kits. I always look forward to using my gel pens and other various pens. I love experimenting and trying new kinds now. There is nothing like using a brand new pen.

With Love,

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July/August Haul:

I did get a few bits and bobs during the month of July and August.

This perfume smells like candy and it was on $10 at TJMAX.

All of the Glow Gorgeous products came from an Influenster box.

These scented glitter gel pens were only $5!

Needed a new hairspray.

These masks are adorable. I bought them to share with my ex-daughter and my ex before we were all ex. Maybe one day, my ex and I will get along to be able to wear these while watching Demon Slayer with her.

This is such a pretty shade for $5.50.

These Kindness Cards were also $5. I’ve already used 2. I like to use them to remind people how great they are.

Right now, I just have the energy for quick posts. It might be a bit before the new me emerges from this new single mom life.

With Love,

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EC Haul

I am so excited to share another haul with all of you! This was my last order until the Black Friday sale. This post is Hello Kitty heavy, so if you aren’t a fan, you may want to skip this one. I am a huge fan! It isn’t just for kids.

This Hello Kitty pen organizer is adorable! It can also hold a ton of pens as well. I filled up the whole organizer and still had some leftover to put in my pink organizer. I have a very girly aesthetic and I’m not mad at it.

You can always use correction tape. Sometimes, I whiteout lines in my planner before I lay a sticker down if a sticker is see-through.

The glue type is nice to have to stick things in your planner or if your stickers lose their stickiness, so you can still use them.

These are old-school gel pens and I wish they had a HK design instead of mid-century circles, especially considering it is supposed to be HK themed.

These metallic marker pens are really fun to use. I also use them in my journals as well as in my planner. The white is good for black pages.

I bought some fine-tipped markers that act more like a pen. I really love pens and writing utensils! Can you tell? lol

Some floral washi type in the In Bloom theme.

An adorable HK pen.

This pop socket is SO me. I love purple/pink and planning, so it is perfect.

I really love the HK planner stand. I even use it to hold papers while reading. It is very versatile as I even use it to hold up my phone.

And a shit ton of stickers as always as well as a trio of planner metallic bands to keep them closed.

With Love,

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Collective Haul for June

I didn’t pick up too many beauty items in June and some of them were birthday gifts. I have been focused on using what I have, which I feel will be very reflective in June’s empties post. I literally have almost everything I could want now, so I feel the slow down coming. I am also shifting focus, which I think will help curb my beauty spending. Like I said, I only picked up a handful of things, so here we go!

Pearlessence Watermelon Dry Shampoo, $6.99 ($15)

I wanted to try a different kind of dry shampoo and this one is watermelon scented! The bottle caught my eye. We do love our Batiste and Amiks, but we are not opposed to giving other brands a try.

Shiseido Facial Cotton, 165 sheets $7.99 ($12)

I wanted to see what all the hype is about this kind of cotton. We do need some cotton pads too because we have a liquid toner and are running out of cotton balls for it.

Kopari Charcoal Deodorant, $6.99 ($14)

So far this is the only natural deodorant that does not irritate my underarms. I do use a heavy-duty overnight deodorant/antiperspirant. I do have to apply it twice a day to stay effective. I do enjoy it, but it is too early for me to say whether I would repurchase it or not.

My fiance’s maternal grandmother gave this to me for my birthday along with some goodies! I love organizers and this fits perfectly in my bathroom free-standing cabinet.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer

I love love love this moisturizer. It has been perfect this summer with my oily skin. It smells like a watermelon jolly rancher and sinks in pretty quickly. It doesn’t irritate my eyes, either. This will probably be in this year’s empties.

Innisfree Intensive Hydrating Cream w/Green Tea Seed

I haven’t tried this yet, but it looks interesting. Since we share skincare, it will suit one of us, if not both of us.

Samples. 🙂

Joico Beach Shake Texturizing Finisher, $19.99 ($24.50)

I purchased this for when I want to wear my hair naturally, which has a bit of a wave to it. It is perfect and light, even though I have fair hair and it is for medium to thick.

With Love,