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EC Haul

I am so excited to share another haul with all of you! This was my last order until the Black Friday sale. This post is Hello Kitty heavy, so if you aren’t a fan, you may want to skip this one. I am a huge fan! It isn’t just for kids.

This Hello Kitty pen organizer is adorable! It can also hold a ton of pens as well. I filled up the whole organizer and still had some leftover to put in my pink organizer. I have a very girly aesthetic and I’m not mad at it.

You can always use correction tape. Sometimes, I whiteout lines in my planner before I lay a sticker down if a sticker is see-through.

The glue type is nice to have to stick things in your planner or if your stickers lose their stickiness, so you can still use them.

These are old-school gel pens and I wish they had a HK design instead of mid-century circles, especially considering it is supposed to be HK themed.

These metallic marker pens are really fun to use. I also use them in my journals as well as in my planner. The white is good for black pages.

I bought some fine-tipped markers that act more like a pen. I really love pens and writing utensils! Can you tell? lol

Some floral washi type in the In Bloom theme.

An adorable HK pen.

This pop socket is SO me. I love purple/pink and planning, so it is perfect.

I really love the HK planner stand. I even use it to hold papers while reading. It is very versatile as I even use it to hold up my phone.

And a shit ton of stickers as always as well as a trio of planner metallic bands to keep them closed.

With Love,

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Collective Haul for June

I didn’t pick up too many beauty items in June and some of them were birthday gifts. I have been focused on using what I have, which I feel will be very reflective in June’s empties post. I literally have almost everything I could want now, so I feel the slow down coming. I am also shifting focus, which I think will help curb my beauty spending. Like I said, I only picked up a handful of things, so here we go!

Pearlessence Watermelon Dry Shampoo, $6.99 ($15)

I wanted to try a different kind of dry shampoo and this one is watermelon scented! The bottle caught my eye. We do love our Batiste and Amiks, but we are not opposed to giving other brands a try.

Shiseido Facial Cotton, 165 sheets $7.99 ($12)

I wanted to see what all the hype is about this kind of cotton. We do need some cotton pads too because we have a liquid toner and are running out of cotton balls for it.

Kopari Charcoal Deodorant, $6.99 ($14)

So far this is the only natural deodorant that does not irritate my underarms. I do use a heavy-duty overnight deodorant/antiperspirant. I do have to apply it twice a day to stay effective. I do enjoy it, but it is too early for me to say whether I would repurchase it or not.

My fiance’s maternal grandmother gave this to me for my birthday along with some goodies! I love organizers and this fits perfectly in my bathroom free-standing cabinet.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer

I love love love this moisturizer. It has been perfect this summer with my oily skin. It smells like a watermelon jolly rancher and sinks in pretty quickly. It doesn’t irritate my eyes, either. This will probably be in this year’s empties.

Innisfree Intensive Hydrating Cream w/Green Tea Seed

I haven’t tried this yet, but it looks interesting. Since we share skincare, it will suit one of us, if not both of us.

Samples. 🙂

Joico Beach Shake Texturizing Finisher, $19.99 ($24.50)

I purchased this for when I want to wear my hair naturally, which has a bit of a wave to it. It is perfect and light, even though I have fair hair and it is for medium to thick.

With Love,

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EC Haul

Another planner/stationery haul. I was feeling very inspired to bring in a lot of paper goods to prepare for a couple of things that I will be announcing soon. My life has really been all good things so far this year (besides one incident). I am really proud of all the progress that I have made this year and I am excited for what is to come in my future.

I purchased these Star War stickers for my future sister-in-law as a small token of my gratitude for all of her support and the fact that she will be my sister!

I bought this memo board to put up on our desk with the magnets for any important event that is coming up or any invitation. Right now, a wedding invitation is hanging from it. It helps my fiance especially as he has a hard time remembering things.

I bought this organizer for my planner supplies. It can hold papers, folders, books, mail, etc. Our living room isn’t entirely set up yet, so I haven’t had a chance to employ this yet. I think it will be very useful in several aspects of my life.

I wanted my monthly tabs to be metallic and I believe that it should be a customizable option. The bitch of it is, that the spacing and font of the months DO NOT match the tabs in the planner. This was very disappointing to me, although I still used it.

I love Hello Kitty, so I had to get these rolls of washi!

I love the colorblends theme for EC this year, so I got the matching washi kit. It comes with 4 rolls of washi tape and two of them have blending colors that go from one color to another on the color wheel.

I love gel pens. I could not resist.

This seasonal sticker book is so cute! I am looking forward to using these in my spreads every month. I also use them to decorate the 12 boxes near the front of the planner for memory keeping.

I bought the newest pack of Hello Kitty stickers. Aren’t they adorable?! I cannot wait to use this in a very girly spread.

I kept some of these sheets but gave most of them to my daughter. I only wanted a couple of my favorites. She loves these stickers and I am sure her friends do, too!

With Love,

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EC Summer Surprise Box 2022

Another day, another haul post. I decided to pick this up after my cousin also ordered it. I ordered this when it was 50% off plus a promo to get $10 off your order when you order the surprise box. It was a fantastic deal that I could not pass up. I paid $20 for the box and I definitely think that I got what I paid for based on what I am going to use. I wish that lifestyle items were not included as I got EC for planner supplies, not other things. I digress. Let me show you what came in the box.

I love the Banana Leaves design on the outside of the box. The inside of the box is a soft color blends theme with an adorable quote. I personally turned it inside out for the quote and color blends color. I tend to use these as gift boxes and I have a friend getting married that I thought this would be perfect for.

I love these card. Definitely keeping it to incorporate it into something.

These are metallic nail art stickers valued at $7.50 that is exclusive to the box. Not worth almost $8 in my opinion. I am giving these to my 12 year old daughter.

I love this metallic cover and I will definitely be using it on one of my discounted notebooks that I purchased with covers I didn’t care for. It will be so pretty for the summer! It is valued at $13 and is exclusive to this box. I wouldn’t have picked this out for myself and I generally don’t buy covers as I’d rather spend a few more bucks and get a notebook.

A reusable shopping bag that snaps back together is very nice to have. I own way too many of them to be honest. This is exclusive to the box and valued at $13. I think the price point is pretty typical for a pretty tote bag.

I kinda love this rose gold manicure set. I was already in the market for one, so this was a welcome surprise. It is exclusive to the box and valued at $15. It is rose gold with a metallic finish, so I would agree with the price point on this one.

This is a self care sticky notepad that I will be using weekly. It is great for making sure you follow through with habits and make time for yourself. I also love that it is in the color blends theme. It is my favorite theme so far that EC makes. It is valued at $8 and a sneak peek item. I think it is a bit high for only 20 sheets.

These are exclusive stickers valued at $5.50, which is a good deal I think with looking at the costs of full sheet of stickers on Etsy. I am not interested in them though, so I will be giving them to my daughter.

I’m excited about this one. It is exclusive to the box and valued at $12. It is a colorblends productivity journal and I look forward to using it.

This rainbow pen duo is AMAZING! It is a sneak peek valued at $8.50 and I hope that it comes in other duo color packs. I will be using them for the whole month of June in celebration of pride month. So stoked for these! I am a pen addict and these are amazing. It adds something a little special to my collection.

The included insert.

Overall, this was worth it to me. I got my $20 worth and the pens and notebook are amazing. They gave me the value of the box. Everything else was just extras. I would have been disappointed had I paid full price ($40) for this.

With Love,

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EC Haul

I did a mini EC haul, when I ordered the Summer Surprise box at 50% off. I accidently bought the wrong pens and I will elaborate when we get there. I will be making another purchase in the future, so that I can get them and a few notebooks as well. Also, surprise, surprise, I am getting another planner. My June update will explain the reason for a second planner. I couldn’t be more excited to share this news with you!

This was a mistake. It was not part of my order, so I got it for free. They are snap in book markers which will be good for holding your page in a notebook or planner with a coil.

I thought that I had gotten the Colorful Dual Tip List Markers, but I had purchased these ones instead. Do not get me wrong, I still love these and will use them. I just thought that I had gotten something different is all. I am a pen Queen, so the more pens, the merrier. I also take a lot of notes at my job, so I run through them as well.

I’m a check list kind of girl, so I feel in love with these List Markers. I’m looking forward to using them in my planner and at work!

I also got these colorful date dots to make sticker kits go the extra mile. Extra date stickers are great to have around for a variety of reasons. The 12 sheets are all different colors, so I can be sure to find the right color for every planner kit.

With Love,

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Etsy Haul: Peaches & Pines Studio

Continuing on the trend of paper goods, I am coming back to you with an Etsy Haul from @Peaches&PinesStudio. I will be back to making my own stickers with purchasing printables, but I wanted so easy stickers to start out with. Also, one week out of the month, I will be using my other stickers unrelated to any of the kits unless they are far and few inbetween leftovers. Let me show you the goodies that I got!

She included such a sweet handwritten card with the package.

She included a free metallic sticker.

She included a free sampler sheet that I can incorporate with my kits that I purchased. They are also seasonally appropriate, which is very much appreciated.

I purchased some foil butterfly dividers that I thought would add a nice touch to my spreads if I want to define anything in the white space of the columns.

I bought the Cabana add on glitter headers and and the kit came with the above bonus boxes, which is much appreciated.

I bought the full 8 page kit. I love the blush tones and pops of green.

I bought the Santorini Dreaming kit with the glitter headers.

I purchased the Boardwalk kit with the glitter headers and girls add on.

I purchased the Kalispera kit with the glitter headers and girls add on.

I purchased The Blush Edit with the glitter headers and girl add on.

I also purchased a monthly kit for July in a beach theme.

Have you purchased any stickers lately?

With Love,

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EC Haul: The Planner

I purchased another Erin Condrin planner. This time, I went back to the vertical layout and I will be stickering the weeks again. I am going to breakout the sticker maker and buy planner sticker kits again. I did buy some already made ones though too, because I am lazy. I am also in a middle of a move, so like I don’t know where the sticker paper is yet. I also have so many stickers already laying around to use up, so I will be incorporating a kit free week every month where I just use all of the random stickers that I own and any leftovers from other kits.

I went with the gold coil this year and the colorblends theme (and cover!). I have my name in gold foil on the bottom.

The above are the freebies that come with the planner.

The above was a free gift with purchase of a planner during launch week.

The above was the Turquoise gift during launch week. I kept the Important part and gave away the rest to my daughter as I wouldn’t really use these flags.

With Love,

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Marshalls Haul

I promise to get my project pan content up. lol. With the move and unpacking, it has been a bit difficult to locate items and I haven’t been working on some of the items for the same reason. I am hoping to pickup with the project and I am actually going to be adding other items to it. I did go with my daughter and fiancĂ© to Marshall’s and we did a bit of shopping. Some were essentials. Others, not so much.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Sassy & Daring Wild, $8 ($20)

Our current can is almost out and we only have a mini of the Amika. We both live and breathe dry shampoo, so it is a staple in our household.

Elizabeth Arden Pro Skin Perfecting Peel Pads, $5 ($56)

My fiancĂ© really enjoys the toner pads, so I saw these for $5 and picked them up. I cannot believe how expensive these are. lol. We will enjoy these for sure. They are quick, easy, and fast, when you don’t want to break out the cotton balls for a liquid toner.

Marc Jacobs Youthquake Gel Creme, $12 ($59)

Again, holy hell at that price tag! I needed a new day time moisturizer as I don’t like the Too Faced one with the sunscreen in it. I’ve been using it on my tattoo or when going swimming as my SPF just to use it up. Everything just pills ontop of that stuff. I love gel creams and this one is no different. You can’t go heavy handed with this, because it will make you greasy. It is light and hydrating when applied sparingly on my oily skin. I like to get my hands on as many Marc Jacobs items as I can and I always wanted to try this.

Milk Makeup Holographic Stick in Supernova, $7.99 ($28)

Since I have been into creams lately, I thought that I would get a stick highlighter. This one is a purple/blue/pink shift and it is SO PRETTY! I am so glad that I own this one. I am seriously a makeup junkie and I am enjoying every minute of it. Fingers crossed that I can use up 22 makeup items this year. I think I can do it. I am included decluttered items as well in those numbers as I feel like they count just as much since they are still leaving my collection.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Stain in Gray Mauve, $6.99 ($18)

I wanted to get a vampy color to round out my collection. It is patchy and you really have to build it up to be opaque. I have to do quite a few coats, so I don’t think this lip stain will last long. In this case, that is a good thing. I will be on the lookout for another lip stain, because I do like the looks of a stain. They can be very pretty.

More swatches.

I do feel that I will have this lip stain used up by the end of the year. I will be breaking this out mostly in the fall. It is the perfect autumn lip color.

With Love,

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Sephora Haul

I am back with another Sephora Haul. I didn’t get as many things this time around as I was only looking for my birthday gift and a couple of items. I have recently tightened my budget for the rest of the year starting in June. I want to focus on saving for my wedding. I also have another exciting announcement and no, it is not a baby. lol

Not the samples that I chose.

I snagged a trail size of the new BumBum scent and I am in love. One of these days, I will bite the bullet on this $40 cream, but for now, I live for free samples. I wanted another mini Amika dry shampoo, so I opted for the Amika birthday set. I am not disappointed.

Sephora 1 Minute Face Masks in Lotus, $6 ($12)

These were half off and I needed an extra boost to get free shipping, since you can’t stack codes. I haven’t tried them yet, but I think these will be fun to wear. It is something nice and quick to use with my fiancĂ© and daughter. Oh yeah, I have my daughter back and having our family together has been amazing.

KVD Beauty XO Vinyl Lip Cream Lip Gloss in Rosita, $14 ($20)

I don’t really support Kate Von D, but I couldn’t resist the bright pink shade. It is so pretty and lasts a long time for a lip gloss. It is very opaque and a shade that I am sure to rock all summer long.

ITEM Beauty Blushin’ Like Cream Blush in Bad Bleep, $16

I have been really into cream blush lately and my only cream blush in a similar shade is almost done. Ahhhh, it will be nice having finished a blush. I think my current preference is cream, so I am going to stick with that for a while. This is a cream to powder blush. I tap this on with my finger, so I don’t get as intense of a shade. Sometimes, I mix it with a little bit of concealer or the blush down below. I absolutely love it.

Iconic London Sheer Cream Blush in Rose Riot, $27

This looks more like Fresh Faced Nude instead of the color that I actually wanted. It is still pretty, so I will wear it. I actually have been wearing this one more than the berry color currently. I have a funny feeling that this will be empty in a few months. It is watery, so you do have to use a fair amount to get the kind of color payoff that I like. I would purchase this again, but in a different color. I’m more of a pink girl.

Unblended swatches above.

Blended swatches above and the lip gloss swatched. They both dry down matte.

Both of the above are blended swatches.

I was a bit disappointed that the Rose Riot didn’t stay glowy as it looked SO PRETTY with a bit of gloss to it. It is still pretty matte, but I am a bit disappointed. Have you picked up any of these beauties?

With Love,

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TJMax Haul

For my birthday, we went out to eat and had sushi! I also stopped at TJMAX to look around and pick up some birthday treats. Here’s what I picked up:

DearBoo Peach & Hibiscus Hydrogel, 30 ct $7.99 ($16.99)

We don’t have many eye patches yet and we love to use these to brighten up the eye area. It is also great when you want to mask, but you don’t want the commitment of a mask. These are also great to throw on at lunch when I am working from home.

Beauty Concepts Cleansing Facial Wipes, $4 ($14.99)

This is a restock, since I only have a packet left from the last order.

Onyx Bathhouse Foaming Body Scrub, $5.99 ($22)

I love the scent of this body scrub and I love having a backup. I have been flying through my scrubs since I have been self tanning. I took a break because of the move, but I am getting back on the self-tan train. I am sure that this will appear in an empties post in the coming months.

AMNH Unicorn Dream Sugar Polish, $7.99 ($20)

This smells delicious like cotton candy or sugar floss! It has a very sweet scent that I do enjoy. It is a scrub and I plan on using this one in my shower next. It is definitely worth the hype and I think this is the knock off brand of Truley. The price point was well worth it for me and I love how pretty it looks!

AMNH Unicorn Dreams Whipped Body Butter, $8.99 ($20)

It has the same great sweet scent that is part of the Unicorn Dreams line. The color of the body butter isn’t as bright or as vivid as the scrub, but that is okay. This will be a fun body butter to use once I have finished up a couple of minis.

AMNH Peach Booty Butt Butter, $8.99 ($20)

I will be using this after I finish up my tightening boob cream. I just use these types of products where I want to see a tightening effect, if it even is that effective. Who knows? I love the scent of peach and this smells like a fresh, juicy, ripe peach. I am not going to lie. I went into the store looking for a peach scent and I am super hyped that I found one.

St. Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Gel, $13 ($44)

I thought this water gel would be nice to use after I use up the in shower self tanner that I have from the same brand. I am really into self-tan and experimenting with new looks and different types of makeup to try to find out the look that I enjoy the most. I definitely like a sunkissed look on my skin and that’s all that I am looking for in a self-tanner. I don’t mind just having a healthy glow from the sun.

I spent $56.95, but I could have spent upwards of $157.98 if I bought everything full price. That is 3x the amount approximately that I have spent on this haul.

With Love,