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My collab post is going out a bit late today, but I have a lot on my plate right now with Dean, school, my dad’s surgery, and some personal issues. I would have loved to post pictures with this, but I just don’t have the time and it wasn’t a big priority of mine. I still wanted to do this post, because I love the lovely Anna Marie and you need to go read her responses over on her blog. She is simply amazing and such a great friend. She recently reached out to me to find out what was wrong, because I never replied back to her email. She is a real, dear friend of mine and I would love it if you visited her and shared the at love with me. But onto the tag!

Architects Daughter Regular

I really should not be planning to buy any makeup, because I have more than enough. However, if I went to Marshalls and saw any Too Faced Sweet Peach items, I would see if I wanted any of them. I really want to try stuff from that line, but I don’t want to pay full price for it. I don’t like paying full price for makeup anymore and would rather hunt down the clearance aisles for a steal.

Architects Daughter Regular

Architects Daughter Regular

I would buy the new Hour Glass Holiday Palette (The pink/purple one) for $80. I already have the 2015 one, I believe (its the Marble one) and I love it. The colors is the Pink one are very different from what I already have. I already have one though, so I am not going to be buying this $80 palette. If I use up my current one, I would buy another one. If it ends up in the sale section of Sephora, I might grab it then. It’s how I got the 2015 one.

Architects Daughter Regular

The oldest item on my Sephora Loves List is the Too Faced Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss in Papa Don’t Peach. I REFUSE to pay $19 for a lip gloss though.

Architects Daughter Regular

The newest item on my Sephora Loves List is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Highlighting Fluid in Skywalk. It is a lovely pale blue color and very unique. They are currently half price, but I have too many highlighters at the moment.

Architects Daughter Regular

Carolina Herra Good Girl is on my radar. I have to smell it first, but the bottle is beautiful. I’ve also wanted the DKNY Green Apple perfume FOREVER as well.

Architects Daughter Regular

I am looking forward to the Hourglass Holiday palettes, but as stated, I will not be purchasing it. I don’t really lust after new makeup. I know what I need and any wants go on my Wish List that I purge every so often of stuff no longer available or that I no longer want. It is really important to me to use what I have and to not buy more until I use some of my stuff up. I am embracing my inner minimalist and I am taking that approach to my home as well as I am purging cds and dvds. I don’t want to have so much stuff that sits, especially if I’m going to be moving soon.

Architects Daughter Regular

No, there isn’t really anything that I have been wanting at the drugstore. I do enjoy new brushes from the drugstore, but nothing really has caught my eye. When I am in the market for makeup/skincare, I usually go to Marshalls and see what I see. I don’t usually buy drugstore. Not saying that I am a snob, because I’m not. I just don’t seek it out when I could get something high end at Marshalls for the same price.

Architects Daughter Regular

The Norvina palette for sure. I am really gravitating over those colors and I haven’t seen anything but the Huda Beauty Green Gemstone palette, catch my eye. If I had to choose, I’d go with the Norvina, because I could use more of those everyday. I always say that I’m gonna wear makeup, but my dad doesn’t allow me to wear it out of the house. So, I don’t use it as much as I would like.

Architects Daughter Regular

No one but me buys me makeup on my birthday. My best friend and myself are the only ones that get me gifts on my birthday. I usually get my hair done for my birthday, but I am thinking of skipping the bleach this year and getting some new clothes and a few makeup bits. I love base products, so I’m thinking undereye concealer and banana powder. I really want Too Faced too. We shall see.

Architects Daughter Regular

Architects Daughter Regular

I don’t know of anything that is not easily accessible in the USA, except Bioderma and I’m not as obsessed with it as I once was. I don’t hear anyone raving about it on Youtube anymore.

Architects Daughter Regular

Architects Daughter Regular

I want to try anything from Marc Jacobs, but his line is VERY expensive. I think I might get something for my birthday next year. I am thinking a highlighter if I don’t have anything like that or a lip product that isn’t too expensive.

Architects Daughter Regular

Architects Daughter Regular

I would wish for a Louboutin Lipstick. I really want ones of those. The ultimate black widow weapon. lol.

With Love,




Fall Tag Collab W/Ana Marie

I am back with another collaboration Fall Tag with Ana Marie. You can read her answers to this tag HERE. I am really enjoying our month of tags together and reading her responses to these questions. If you guys haven’t already, you should go check out her blog. Ana and I are both doing a 20 by 2020 year long project pan challenge. I also have been invited to join a masking challenge by the New Year. You can look forward to these new posts coming your way soon. So, go follow Ana Marie, so when she start her 20 by 2020, you can follow along for the year. I will also be having an updated makeup/beauty collection blog post series in the New Year. I am also posting an updated morning and evening skin care routine, now that the cold air has set in. There will be some new, interesting posts on my blog again. I feel like some posts are getting tiring, but some refreshing new ones will brighten it up again. Let’s get to the tag!


I didn’t dress up for Halloween this year or last year. I don’t dress up for Halloween. I am sure when Dean gets older, we will do the whole trick or treat then, but dressing up just seems like a waste of money for me. Why do adults dress up if they are not going to a costume party? If I had a party to go to, I would, but I’m very antisocial.


What is a fall themed food? Umm…..I like pumpkin pie! I love pumpkin pie, but it has to be REAL pumpkin. None of that canned crap for me! I buy a REAL sweet pumpkin, got it, scoop out the pumpkin, and use it in my pie. It’s the secret to why everyone loves my pumpkin pie and why it tastes “pumpkiny”. So, yeah, I LOVE pumpkin pie and it is my favorite fall food.


I don’t have any Fall traditions really. Unless you count watching the end of the baseball season every year and watching Hallmark movies most nights at our house. We don’t go apple picking every year or go chop down a tree. It’s nice to not be so constrained by traditions, especially outdated ones. I like not feeling the pressure to do some tradition that I don’t care about. Thanksgiving is always something done my way as well. Usually, its some of the traditional fare that is home cooked, but I don’t feel the need to have EVERYTHING. I usually make a small turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce (in the can is to DIE for), rolls, real butter, homemade pumpkin pie, whipped cream, sweet pickles, stuffed olives, and sweet potatoes. Simple, but really good.


I don’t listen to any certain music in the Fall. At the moment, I am really into the band Starset and I will have a haul related to that to share as soon as the package is in my hands. But, I listen to whatever I want. I REFUSE to listen to Christmas music until December, before that is BLASPHEMY!


I don’t really watch spooky movies and I do not have a favorite. I recently watched the whole season of Cloak and Dagger and I enjoyed that a lot. It isn’t a movie, but it for sure had spooky elements that I enjoyed.


Pumpkin pie all the way. S’Mores are for late summer nights. I love s’mores during the summer, but when the pumpkins are out, it is pie all the way.


I am a hot chocolate girl all the way. I haven’t found any hot apple cider that I like. I enjoy cold apple cider from time to time, but we usually get that around Christmas. Near Thanksgiving, we get the sparkling cider that is SUPER expensive. On a regular basis during the fall, I love hot chocolate and I usually try all different kinds.


Yes, I do like PSLs. Do I buy them? No. If I am in the mood for one, I will buy something at the store and make it at home or at the office. They don’t float my boat, but I don’t hate them. If I am buying a coffee out, it will be a peppermint mocha during this season.


Well, this is not Fall related. My favorite day of the year is my son’s birthday, because he was/is the greatest gift that I have ever been given. No matter how difficult he is and how much I worry about him, he is the best gift ever and nothing can/will change that. He’s my special boy and he hold my heart.


I don’t understand this question. If you are asking what my spirit animal is, I have thought for a long time about this. My spirit animal would be my horoscope sign, which is a taurus. I am highly intelligent, but fierce and stubborn. I tend to fight over flight, but I have a big heart if you tame me.


The best thing about my town during the fall is that they put up the town’s Christmas decorations in the beginning of November for both holidays. They are old fashion wooden trees, elves, reindeer, and the like painted in festive colors with a good dose of glitter. They are all handmade by a carpenter that we happen to know. I have never lived in a small town that did this. The town I live in currently is even smaller than the one that I lived in before (Seriously, we are talking about small town USA in MA) and they never decorated for Christmas besides twinkle lights at town hall. I really love this aspect of my town and it makes the children really happy.


Yes, that is my favorite sound. I do not step on wet leaves though, because they stink like wet dirt. But if the leaves are dry, I love to hear that crisp sound. It is one of my favorite things to do besides jumping into a pile of leaves.


I have never been to a pumpkin patch. I don’t know of any pumpkin patches around here. I’d love to go to one some day. Preferably a hay ride through a pumpkin patch.


I don’t go hiking. I enjoy walking, but I don’t get to do it outside most of the time with Dean. So, no, I don’t go hiking during the fall.


I am on the fence with B&BW, but I have been buying my candles from Marshalls instead for all seasons. Occasionally, I will buy a candle from Walmart but not too often. I found out that Glade is not CF.


No, I do not enjoy carving pumpkins. I am not creative and carving pumpkins is HARD. I like to gut pumpkins though to cook the seeds and make authentic pumpkin pie and bread. But carving? Leave that to professionals. Nobody want to see me wield a knife.


My favorite Fall colors are red and gold. I just think they look so pretty together. Everything looks prettier with gold right? lol.


I’m not a tree hugger, so I will say a maple tree. Because maple syrup. Seriously. I don’t look at trees. Should I be looking at trees? I mean, they are pretty, but I don’t know most of the names….Maybe, a Chinese cherry blossom tree. Those are really pretty!


Corn maze all the way! I don’t like haunted/spooky stuff in real life. I like to watch ghost stories and all that fun stuff. I used to be OBSESSED with Ghost Hunters and actually met them and got autographs. I fell in love with Dave….awe… Those were the days. I’ve been to a corn maze once and really like it. It was an easy on though.


No, I am terrible at carving pumpkins. They never come out right, even with a simple design. I am just not an artistic person. Even my makeup is super simple.


I’d rather have a sweet treat than something spooky. I think we have determined by now that I am not the horror/Halloween type.


I do like to visit graveyards. In particular, I like to visit my grandparents and great uncle’s graves. I also am learning to drive in a cemetery. Granted, I visit during the day and not at night.


My favorite fall memory is going apple picking with my family when I was younger and getting those honey sticks at the end of it. We used to go apple picking for like two hours, no joke. We were a family of five growing up (add 2 adults and you have 7), so we had to pick a lot of apples. My mom also made apple pie and bread until I got old enough where she could force me to do it. I actually enjoy baking though, so the joke was on her.


My best fall ever would have to be the fall that I was pregnant with Dean, so fall of 2015. I was so happy, glowing, and felt the possibilities were endless. I wasn’t constantly uncomfortable or worries about giving birth. I was enjoying feeling his kicks and actually popping out and looking pregnant. Honestly, the best time of my life was when I was pregnant and the year after having a little baby to take care of. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Dean and enjoy watching him grow, but there is just something special about being pregnant and that first bonding year.


I wear gloves. I need all of my fingers to be individually wrapped and independently movable. I hate mittens. You cannot do anything in mittens. There are so many stylish gloves that have a mitten cover, so you can have the best of both worlds. Those are the gloves that I own.


I love the rain. I love being in the rain and listening to the rain. I like to watch it rain and be caught in the rain. You get the picture. I think my enjoyment of the rain started from the epic kiss scene in the movie The Notebook in the pouring rain. It opened up something inside of me. I have yet to experience a kiss like that, but it’s my inspiration.


I would spend fall in Greece, because I really want to go there. Spending Fall anywhere but in the USA would be nice really. I would love to travel abroad.


My dream Halloween outfit is to be a faerie again. I just love glitter on my face and the wings. It’s my favorite mystical creature. I’m not opposed to a fallen angel as well with black raven wings. If I ever dress up, it will be one of the two.


Since it is already Fall, nope! I don’t stock up on anything for the fall. I buy as I see fit. What would I be stocking up on? I just buy as a go. I’m trying not to be a hoarder and more of a minimalist going forward.


I love the Summer, next would be Winter, then Spring, and Fall last. I don’t really care for the Fall to be honest with you. Everything changes and dies. It is kinda depressing as it gets darker. In Winter, everything is covered in white and its chilly. Summer is just epic every year. Spring is new growth and my birthday. Winter is also Dean’s birthday.


Halloween is past now, but I spent my Halloween highly uncomfortable suffering from a Crohn’s complication. So, I was popping antibiotics and steroids, chilling my ass on the couch.


Yes, I love Christmas! I love giving and I love receiving. I love the joy of shopping for other people and being thought of by others. I’m waiting until Black Friday/Cyber Monday to buy a few gifts for Christmas. I usually do a bulk of my shopping then. It is a good time all around. It is especially enjoyable to see Dean’s eye light up with the tree and the presents.


My favorite shop during any season is Lush, because it always smells so divine in there. I haven’t gone in years, but I just don’t have one near me. Otherwise, no place is my favorite in the fall. None of them really decorate or anything. Marshalls is my favorite store though.


Yes, I love the cold weather. I love the chill and wearing a fluffy coat. I enjoy layering up and cuddling up in front of the heater. Burying myself in blankets and cuddling under the covers. There is just something about the cold weather and lower air quality that I enjoy. I like the burn in my lungs and the feeling from sweating in the cold shoveling snow. I’m weird.


My favorite Halloween candy is basically everything. The only candy that I hate is anything black licorice. I am not that picky when it comes to candy and I don’t eat that much candy either. I can take or leave candy. If you offer, I will take it, but I hardly ever go out and buy myself candy.

That was a long tag! If you read the whole thing, give it a like. Thank you!

With Love,


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I <3 FALL TAG Collab W/ Ana Marie

Every Monday in November there will be a new tag up on my blog along with a matching post on the lovely Ana Marie’s blog. Read her tag post HERE. We are calling it a month of tags. I hope you all tune in and check out Ana Marie’s blog for her answers to the same tag. She is one of the best friends that I have made on my blog. She is from Romania and that makes us soul sisters! Seriously, she is so sweet. You guys should check her out if you like my content as she does similar things like project pans. Anyone can do any one of these tags. Just please leave a link to your tag, so I can read your responses to the questions. Without further ado, here is the first tag!

1.     Favorite fall lip product?

My favorite Fall lip product is this Anastasia Lip Gloss in Kristen. It is hella pigmented as a true brown nude on my lips. My natural lip color looks like pink lip liner in that pic, but that is just the gloss over my natural lip color. It is a lovely bold gloss for the cooler months. It is for sure a cool lip look and is great with a natural looking face. I also like to wear berries and darker pinks. I like to bust out the dark nudes and my unusual colors. My purple MAC gloss will be worn for sure as well.

2. Favorite Fall Drink?


My favorite drink for Fall is hot chocolate if we are going for a bargain and a hot peppermint mocha coffee if I want to splurge. I am also a sucker for espresso, but that is not Fall related. I have been buying the International Delight Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer since it came out a few weeks ago.

3.     Favorite Fall nail polish?

I am so bad at painting my nails. Seriously, I need to start taking the time to take care of myself. While I am having all of this time off, I will be painting my nails more regularly and having fun with it. I am loving nude nails and cool blue nails this Fall. I love how easy and classy nude nails are. I also love the way blue looks against my skin. If my blue starts chipping, I throw a silver glitter on top to get another week out of them. It also looks very pretty! It’s my Frozen look. I’ll need to look at what other glitters I have, because I think a gold would look very Fall as well. I never go too dark with my nails, because I don’t want to look pale. I like colors that make me look tanner than I am.

4.     Favorite Fall candle?

I am loving this candle from B&BW that I got in last year’s Black Friday bag. It is in Champagne Toast and while more Winter than Fall, this is the candle that I am loving and burning during the Fall. I will be saving this to reuse the jar. It is too pretty to throw away. I might keep all my lip products in it or something. It could be really cute to hold cotton balls/pads too. It is so pretty and it smells so good. I highly recommend that you give it a sniff if it comes back this year. I might buy the Black Friday bag again this year. It is a great deal at $30 full price or $25 if you purchase $35 worth of product. You get a lot more than $30 worth but it wasn’t quite the number that they claimed last year.

5.     Haunted house, haunted hayride or haunted corn maze?

Hmm…. I don’t do scary stuff, so possibly a haunted hayride. Things can’t touch you or anything and you are next to other people, not by yourself. It feels safer. I am not much of a Halloween person. It was fun when I was a kid, but now that I am an adult, Halloween isn’t about candy. People actually practice Satanic rituals on that day… I’d rather not be out during that time. But of course, when Dean is old enough and wants to trick or treat, I would take him to a Halloween party or something.

6.     Favorite scarf/accessory for Fall?

Ummm……OOOH! I know! I just bought these cute shoes! These are BearPaw boots, specifically the Treasure boot in Taupe size 9. They came in a nice sturdy box and only cost me $65 because I had a $20 off of my order coupon. I just love them. I love these types of boots and they are naturally water repellent. I still like to spray them to waterproof them though. I will be wearing these all Fall, all Winter, and all Spring. Seriously, I never want to take these boots off. They are so me!

7.     Favorite candy?

Is this a general question or a fall related question? If we are talking generally, I love
Ferroche chocolates which are the hazelnuts dipped in chocolate with a wafer then more chocolate rolled in chopped up hazelnuts. I guess, they are a Fall/Christmas choice, too. I love them year round, but any really good chocolate will do. I don’t 

8.     Your favorite horror movie? 

I don’t have a favorite horror movie. I don’t really watch horror movies. I mean, I watch maybe a couple every year. I don’t have a favorite. I’ve never watched the same one more than once. I am more of a thriller girl.

9.     Favorite blush for Fall?


I love a good nude blush for fall or a nice berry color if you are going with a neutral lip instead of a bold lip. I am currently loving this Tarte Amazonian Blush in Paarty, which was the Sephora BI birthday gift last year. I love wearing bold Fall lips, so my blush tends to be neutral. For work, I usually have nude lips, so I could wear a berry blush if I wanted. I have been into a more sunkissed gel blush for work though that I am trying to use up, so I didn’t include a picture of the berry blush. I love this Tarte formula, but not loving Tarte’s ethics right now.


My favorite thing about Fall is the fresh, crisp air when it starts to get a little chilly. I love when all the leaves start changing colors and falling to the ground. I love putting the fireplace on and needing to get a little warmth to ward off the chill. I love drinking hot chocolates and watching the holiday Hallmark movies of which there are 22 new ones this year. AND CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY IS IN ONE!

Tune in next Monday for another tag!
With Love,
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Top 5 Posts of 2017

I got this idea by reading Stella’s post HERE and I thought that it was a really great idea. So, I am copying this one with express permission from the blogger herself. I really love this community and how no one has a problem with swapping content. I always give a link back, so I’m sure that helps out both of us. 🙂 Without further ado, this is my top 5 posts of 2017 and no, I didn’t peek first.

Pan That Palette 2017

I realized that project pan posts were really popular last year. Unfortunately, I didn’t stick with this project last year. Panning whole palettes aren’t my thing, but I am discovering more about my beauty preferences. This was my most popular post in 2017. Oh, and I am listing these in descending order starting with number 1. I am continuing with project pans and this was basically my start, but more popular than my first two projects. lol

Tophatter Auction Site Review

I almost forgot about this site and I really do like it. You can score really great beauty items at a low price. I will be hauling from here in a few months. I want to spend some of my birthday money here. I’ve had my eye on a few items and if I can get stuff that I want for 1/2 of the original price, why not?

Sephora Shopping List 2017

I should do an updated list and try to get the items on tophatter for way less than Sephora price. I like to see what stays on my list year after year. Do I not really want it? Or am I too on the fence about it? Or can I not bite the price bullet? I like seeing what others want to buy. Sephora is a real treat for me, so I am very wise about what I spend my hard earned money on in there.

Autism Talk on Beauty Blog

Most popular probably because of my comments section. I really want to do more controversial posts that I care about. I want to talk about some serious issues and this topic kinda opened the door for that for me on this blog. So be on the lookout for some posts in the future about my theory on social media and more autism posts for sure.

March Empties 2017

Most surprising is that March was a favorite empty post. I don’t think I used up anything exciting and by glancing through it, I only used up a couple popular items. I think it was also my second or first empty post of the year, so maybe that’s why? It was up for a long time? Empty posts are popular though and I like seeing the amount of stuff that I managed to use up/declutter.

Those are my 5 popular posts of 2017. What was yours?

With Love,


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10 Things I Hate About You Tag

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I have decided to make up my own tag. I am sitting here bored with no clue, so I thought that creating a fresh tag would be quite nice. There are no rules for this tag. It is just a courtesy to name who tagged you and to tag someone else at the end of your post. It is up to you how many people you tag. I will be tagging 4 at the end, so if you want, you can tag four as well, but at least just one to keep the tag going. Let’s get this tag to go viral! This tag is 10 things you have wanted to say. It doesn’t matter to who. You can say them now. Maybe someone feels the same way. This tag isn’t about hate. This tag is about wanting to stand up for yourself when in real life you couldn’t.


So, let’s get to it!

  1. I hate you when you sit in the stall besides mine when we are the only ones in the bathroom.
  2. I hate you for talking about me behind my back instead of just telling me how you felt up front.
  3. I hate you for making a list of the things you think I need to improve on like my imperfection isn’t perfect and everything you dreamed of.
  4. I hate you for making me feel small for wanting a full life like wanting a family of my own isn’t as important as being a Lawyer.
  5. I hate you for making me hate myself and think that I was the one to blame.
  6. I hate you, because you never saw me, only my reflection.
  7. I hate you, but a part of me will always hold onto us.
  8. I hate you even when I shouldn’t, because hating you is easier than admitting I was wrong.
  9. I hate you for making me feel again, when all I wanted was to numb the pain.
  10. Finally, I hate you for the most simplest thing: for making me believe life is worth feeling the pain when the reward is feeling loved.

As you can see, you start with the things you truly hate, then move into some deeper stuff. I’m not afraid to say that I am talking about my boyfriend, because the things that make me hate him, are the things that make me love him the most.

I will tag:





Will you guys do the tag? Let me know. I’m too lazy to put in the urls. lol. So, if you do the post, make sure to link it back to this post. Thanks guys! My Easter is only  a week away! So excited and sad that Blogging for Lent will be over soon.

With Love,


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Infinity Dream Award

Heya Aspiring Gurus!


I was nominated by Cos from The World of Cos and if you don’t know who that is, I recommend you click on the link to find out. She writes a facial mask review every Friday. It’s the post that I most look forward to that and Manicure Monday Madness. I just love painted fingernails, don’t you?


  1. Thank and follow the blog that nominated you.
  2. Tell us 11 facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them.

11 Random Facts:

  1. I kinda love instant coffee, because I’m too lazy most of the time,  to actually brew a pot.
  2. I love blogging so much that I made four events as an excuse to blog more: 40 Days of Blogging, Julamorous, Octoberfest, and 25 Days of Christmas.
  3. I’m actually pretty smart with an almost perfect GPA.
  4. I love lazying around my apartment in pajamas and a full face of makeup. At home glam anyone?
  5. I only wash my hair on Sunday and Wednesday night. I take a bath everyday though, so I do have hygiene people. The only exception is if I have a big date or a special night, then I will wash my hair the night before to have great hair the next day.
  6. In the wintertime, I only Nair my legs once a month. No one but me is gonna see them anyways.
  7. My eyebrows are two to three shades darker than my natural hair color. I do not know why.
  8. I love both coffee and tea equally.
  9. I don’t really have a sweet tooth. I prefer fruit and vegetables to candy.
  10. I’m a first class klutz.
  11. I only have one close friend. The rest of my “friends” I feel would throw me under a bus if push came to shove.

11 Questions From Cos:

  1. If you could be a cartoon character, who would you be?
    • This is such a hard one! I am trying to think of female cartoon characters that I really like. I guess…WAIT! FROZEN! I would be Elsa from Frozen, because I love Winter and being able to make it snow when I want it to. Christmas in July anyone?
  2. What beauty product can you not live without?
    • Right now, I cannot live without cheek stains. I have been really into them lately. Even if I have no other makeup on, I have cheek stain, but I don’t feel like they work as good on the lips or it could just be my lips. I love that lit from within glow.
  3. What is your favorite movie and why?
    • My favorite movie would have to be…I Kissed A Vampire. It’s a musical and it has Lucas Grabeel in it. Here’s a taste of it.
  4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
    • I would live in Greece and most likely Athens in Greece. I am actually looking into this, but I probably won’t ever live there. I would probably want to vacation there a lot. Maybe two weeks to a month in a villa? I don’t know, but I know that I could never leave the USA when I don’t know the job market overseas. I would consider moving to Arizona though.
  5. What is your favorite type of pie?
    • I don’t particularly like pie, but I do enjoy Maine Blueberry pies.
  6. What is your favorite thing about Spring?
    • My favorite thing about Spring is NO MORE SNOW! And winter jackets.
  7. What is your favorite nail polish color for the Spring?
    • I’m really into pastels and lighter shades for Spring, but I don’t really follow the trends. I tend to ignore them and just chose nail polishes that I enjoy wearing.
  8. Rollercoasters or Sky Diving?
    • Ummm…..Rollercoasters, because I could go on the baby ones and still have fun without fearing for my safety.
  9. Vacation on the beach or in the city?
    • The ocean for sure I love the surf and the sand. They also have great little local shops that you can find great things in. I could go to a city any day, unless we are talking about Vegas or Atlantic City. I would want to go to both of those places as well. On a day trip though, the beach triumphs.
  10. What is your favorite eye shadow (brand & color) of all time?
    • My favorite eye shadow (not that I am a big wearer of the stuff) is BareMinerals 5in1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow in Delicate Moss. It is the best taupe shade for my skin with a hint of gold shimmer. It brings out the flecks of silver in my grey eyes.
  11. What is your favorite lipstick (brand & color) of all time?
    • Is it bad that both of these products are from BareMinerals? It is in the line called Marvelous Moxie and the shade is Get Ready. It is a gorgeous pinky-nude color. My lips are very pigmented to begin with and this just brings out the pink even more.

My Nominees:

  1. Dani from Daniwritesreviews
  2. Jen from DarkCharm
  3. L from UnlikelyNonsense
  4. TheBeautifiedBlogger
  5. Tess from PlasticBows
  6. Jen from GraciousLuck
  7. Tara from Beausandbows
  8. Rinse
  9. Celia from Agirlcandream
  10. Billie from BK
  11. Anouk from Anouk

My Questions For Y’all:

  1. If you could sum up your blog in one word, what would it be?
  2. Are you addicted to yoga pants?
  3. Do you use a planner?
  4. Are your subscribed to anything?
  5. Are you an inner artist?
  6. Pants or skirts?
  7. Do you secretly love TSwift?
  8. Are you an animal lover? Prove it with pictures!
  9. Have you ever been a real life A? (Pretty Little Liars related)
  10. Coffee or Tea or Both?
  11. Favorite Sport?

Thanks for reading and subscribing if you did! I have an exciting giveaway for all of my subscribers coming up! It will be announced next week and will run one months time. When that one is over, another giveaway will run for one months time. I am making up for each 100 subscribers that I earned. We are 1/5 of the way to a third giveaway. So, subscribe and tell your friends if you want to see a third giveaway soon! I hope everyone does the tag and if you do, link back so I can read your response!

With Love,



Liebster Nomination

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I was nominated for a Liebster Award, again! I am so happy! I always do these nominations, even if I was nominated before, because the questions are almost always DIFFERENT. As long as the questions are different, I do all of your nominations, so keep them coming. This nomination came from a blog that I have never read / seen before and I am glad that she nominated me. I would never have discovered her fabulous blog otherwise. She writes some insightful life posts and the usual beauty ones as well. I am happy that she “fell in love” with my blog, because I have completely fallen for hers. She is L from unlikelynonsense. Thank you for the lovely nomination L!


Now, to answer all of your questions:

1. What is your favorite ever book?

My favorite book would have to be…wait….My favorite Ever book or my favorite book ever? Well, my favorite Ever book would have to be the first one:


It is a great story about a girl who falls in love and learns something paranormal about the world that she lives in. I really love paranormal books, but this is my favorite with the word EVER in it. My favorite book ever would have to be this one:

Favorite Book

I actually really love this series as a whole. I haven’t read the last in the trilogy, but I plan on it. It is a wonderful story with a lot of twists and turns. It is not your typical Angel book that’s for sure.

2. What beauty product can you not live without?

The beauty product that I cannot live without right now is new by Maybelline it is the Pure BB with salicyclic acid in it. I got the shade light-medium and it is the perfect shade for my complexion. I used this dollar off coupon for a sweet deal. It deals with my acne all day, while keeping it covered up. I like light foundations and I feel like this lets my skin shine through, even with its little imperfections.


3. If you had to spend the day as the opposite gender what would you do?

If I had to spend the day as a boy, I would hang out with the guys without the girls to see what guys REALLY talk about and do when we women are not around. If I could choose, I would be my boyfriend to see what he REALLY thinks about our relationship. It’s hard to trust someone who has broken your heart and cheated on you more than once. I know I am a push over and I forgive him a lot of his indiscretions. It’s hard to imagine loving anyone else and to quote a song “Holding onto the memories when I didn’t know. Ignorance isn’t wise, but it beats being alone.”

4. If you could be any Disney character who would you be?

If I could be any Disney Character, I would be Elsa from Frozen. I love her hairstyle and the way she looks. She loves the snow and the cold. The cold doesn’t bother her and I’ve been told I’m like an Eskimo, because the cold doesn’t bother me anyway shape or form. I also would be an awesome singer and rule a kingdom. My prince may not have been told, but I know that I’ll be stealing my sister Anna’s guy. I mean, come on. He likes the cold. I like the cold. We are a match made in heaven.

5. What’s your favorite form of exercise?

My favorite form of exercise is walking on a treadmill, figure skating, or doing yoga/Pilates. I love exercise programs and cds. I cannot run or jog or anything really physical for a long period of time, because I have a misaligned hip joint. I was told I would need an artificial hip by the time I am 30. Having children and exercising really hard would increase the chances of having the procedure sooner rather than later. I still love to exercise, but I find ones that do not put a lot of stress on my hips to be on the safe side. My hip joint (right) has the habit of popping out and it is painful to pop it back in. I avoid anything that makes the awful crack sound in my hip joint. It is a precursor to a displacement.

6. Where in the world would you least like to visit?

I don’t want to go to Israel anytime soon. It seems like a real war torn country. It is up there with Columbia for me. Any place that reduces my likelihood of coming back alive or coming back AT ALL is not even on my list.

7. What is your most used emoticon?

❤ Enough said.

8. What is your favorite month and why?

My favorite month is May, because it is my birthday month. I also really love May, because it is the time of year where the weather starts warming up and the flowers start to bloom. It is the most beautiful time of year and new growth for me. I find the month inspiring.

9. Describe your perfect night out (or in!)?

My perfect night out would be going out to a dinner and movie with my favorite man. Then, we would have a midnight picnic underneath the stars, drink champagne, and make wishes on shooting stars. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic, so he would end the night with the perfect kiss on my doorstep and a shooting star would streak by. He would see it out of the corner of his eye and say, “Make a wish.” I would say, “I did and it already came true.” I need to right this scene into a book.

10. If you could time travel, what time would you go back to?

I would go back to the Victorian age in England, where there were epic masquerades and corsets. I practically live in that time period in the books that I read. I would fit right in and have the perfect romance. I once had dejavo (spelt wrong I think) where I swear to God, I saw myself in an alternate life. I say myself at a masquerade dancing with a handsome guy and I had that romantic connection with him and a big heirloom looking ruby ring on my finger. It was amazing and terrifying at the same time.

My 5 Nominations Are:






My 10 Questions for you guys:

  1. What is your Dream Job?
  2. What would be the Worst Job for You?
  3. What is your All time Favorite Movie?
  4. The All time Worst Movie?
  5. What is your prefect day like?
  6. What do you think about diets in general?
  7. Are you a makeup or no makeup kind of girl?
  8. Who is your favorite Youtuber?
  9. If you are of age, what is your favorite mixed (alcoholic) drink? If underaged, what is your favorite drink (nonalcoholic)?
  10. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

I look forward to reading your answers and I hope you consider doing this nomination post even if you have already done it before. Have a Happy Sunday and stay well this crazy flu season!

With Love,


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2014 Winter Essentials Tag

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I was looking to do something different today. I just wasn’t feeling the Sample Wednesday series. I was in the mood of doing a Christmas-y post and the lovely Cos from The World of Cos tagged me for the Winter Essentials Tag. So, thank you again for tagging me for this wonderland tag. wink I’ve been looking forward to reading her Facial Friday posts week after week. She tries something new every week, so if you are into facial masks, you should definitely check out her blog.

1. What is your ultimate party season lip product?

Miranda Ker

Hmmm…This is a hard one to start out with, but I think that I am into the berry lip for the winter time. I just think that your classic red is too predictable or safe for the Christmas season. I think a nice berry shade shakes things up and is very on trend at the same time. On the other hand, I am also really loving the nude lip trend and if I have to be honest with myself, I’m probably going to be doing the nude lip more often than the berry.

2. What is your winter Essential Product? 

Lip scrub

My winter essential product would have to be my Lush Mint Julips Sugar Lip Scrub. The combination of winter air and indoor heating brings dryness to my delicate pucker. I like to exfoliate my lips every morning with this minty scrub. The tingly cool peppermint is very refreshing on my lips and it allows a smoother application of lipstick or lip stain. The worst is having blotchy lip color from dry, flaky lips.

3. What are you most hoping to see under the Christmas Tree?

Christmas Tree

I am not picky when it comes to Christmas presents. What I am looking for under the tree are some new books, perfume, and games. The guys in my life are not very beauty educated, so I doubt there will be any beauty products. I am hoping for more computer games and books though. There are so many things that I like and I love being surprised when I finally unwrap those presents underneath the Christmas tree.

4. Name one beauty essential that is never missing from your bag during colder months?

Hand Cream

One beauty essential that is never missing from my bag would be hand lotion. I am really into the Figs & Rouge brand at the moment. The mango hand lotion that I have smells absolutely amazing and keeps my hands perfectly moisturized during the dry hand season. I don’t know why, but this season is being especially hard on my hands. I swear they never used to be this dry before, but this hand cream is doing wonders.

5. What are your winter weather skincare saviors?

facial moisturizerButter glosswpid-wp-1418506955134.jpeg

I have a few winter weather skincare saviors that are really that amazing. For facial hydration, it would have to my Garnier Moisture Rescue Gel, which is a holy grail of mine. I love my NYX  Butter Gloss to keep my lips perfectly happy, but it also smells like Sugar Cookies! Finally, all the new sheet masks that I have bought are guaranteed to kick up my skin’s moisture barrier. I even use the excess serum on my neck and hands.

6. What is winter going to smell like this year?

Online Pic
Online Pic

It will be smelling of Peppermint Mocha by Coffeemate. I love this stuff. Add a little whipped cream and a candy cane and I will call it a powerhouse coffee. I love the Holidays with its themed drinks!

7. Is the Berry eye the new Berry lip?

Internet Pic
Internet Pic
Online Pic
Online Pic

No, not even close. A berry eye looks overdone, but a berry lip can look effortless.

8. What are you greatest winter indulgences?

peppermint bark

If it is not obvious by now, my favorite winter treat is peppermint bark and candy canes. I cannot get enough. I eat York peppermints the rest off the year, but nothing can beat homemade peppermint bark. I need to make it all year round. Don’t they look yummy?

9. Lush Christmas? Your top pick?

It would have to be Snow Fairy all the way! I just love the sweet shop smell! AH! I cannot get enough. It smells delicious and if they made food that tastes the way it smells, I would buy it for sure. I actually recently bought this and have yet to take a picture. Is it just me or is this scent to die for? I guess that is why they bring it back year after year.

10. Name one (or more) random winter essential.


I have to agree with Cos on this one, sheet masks are my essentials.

Well, that is it for me! I would like to tag Dani and anyone else who would like to do this tag. If you are reading this and have not done this tag yet, why the HELL NOT?! lol.

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo

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Sisterhood of The Traveling Blogger Award

Heya Aspiring Gurus!


I couldn’t help it! I had to make a reference to the sisterhood of the traveling pants. I loved that series! It brings back so many lovely memories. So, I have been tagged by The World of Cos for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Cos, thank you very much for the nomination. I think that your blog is amazing and  we have very similar tastes. I look forward to new posts by you. They really make my day all that much brighter, when i am in a mood.

Your Question To Be Answered:

1.) Which do you prefer:  Pencil, Gel, or Liquid Eyeliner?

Honestly? I prefer pencil on my waterline and a pen gel/liquid liner for when I am adventurous enough to attempt a cat-eye look. I ould never do the gel pot and liner brush thing. I am so not that talented, but give me a pen/pencil and I can do some creative art.

2.) What is your favorite eyeliner?

glitter eye liner


My favorite eyeliner right now is The Pacifica Eyeliner in Gunmetal that I recently received in my Ipsy bag. It lasts the longest on my waterline than any other brand of penil that I have tried so far. I also really love my glitter Too Faced Starry-Eyed liner in Super Freak. Speaking of which, I need to go apply some right now.

3.) Which do you prefer:  Lip Gloss, Lip Stain, or Lipstick?

Butter gloss

I am definitely a lip gloss kinds of girl. My favorite one right now is the NYX Butter Gloss. I love having glossy, moisturized lips and most leave a pretty stain behind. PLUS, they do not require a mirror to touch up with. I can just smooth it on in the middle of a conversation and look flawless.

4.) What is your favorite Foundation?

I have yet to find a solid favorite type of foundation yet. I really love my Garnier BB Cream, but I will not be repurchasing it. It really is more of a summer alternative to foundation, but there are so many other BB reams out there that I want to try.

5.) Which do you prefer:  Waxing, Tweezing, or Threading Your Eyebrows?

I get my brows professionally tweezed and waxed in a salon every three months. I cannot maintain them myself and I really love that they match when I get it done. Speaking of which, I really need to stop in soon to get them redone.

6.) What beauty topic do you enjoy reading blogs on the most?

My favorite beauty topic or subject matter has to be hauls, reviews, and a nosey what’s in my shower. Let’s be frank, though, I love all things beauty, especially skincare.

7.) What is your favorite subscription service?

Right now, I am really loving Ipsy, but I really want to try PopSugar, even though it is expensive. You do get what you pay for and since I am earning more money, I think I an afford it. I’m not sure if I really want to subscribe though. Any thoughts or opinions?

8.) If you could obtain any makeup palette, what would it be?

Right now, I am lusting over the Naked 3 Palette, because I would use all of those really pretty rose gold shadows. I would never buy it myself though, because I really don’t use eye shadow often enough to excuse the expense.

9.) What is your favorite foundation?

This question is asked twice. So, I’ll answer a bit differently. I prefer a concrete foundation. It is very sturdy to build a house on.

10.) What makeup tip would you share with a beginner?

The most important tip in my opinion is to use makeup to enhance what God gave you, don’t hide behind a makeup mask. Hide the features you don’t like and highlight the ones you love. Make yourself glow. You are the star. Experiment and always be yourself. I cover up my acne with a base and concealer, but I highlight my cheek bones, lips, and eyes to let my beauty shine through the makeup.


My Ten Questions:

1. Your favorite part of blogging would be?

2. Why do you blog?

3. Are followers important to you, how many views you have, how do you measure your success?

4. What area do you consider yourself an expert at blogging? 

5. Who is your blogger icon?

6. Name the blogger that is very similar to you.

7. Do you see yourself becoming famous in the blogging community?

8. Do you want to be famous?

9. Do you have a customer header and if so who made it and does it make your blog more user friendly?

10. Name the best thing about being a blogger.


My 10 Nominees:

1. Dani from DaniWritesReviews

2. Tori from The Daisy Chain

3. The Secret Stash

4. Ana from Relevant Beauty Ideas

5. V from Say Hello To Gorgeous

6. Bea from As Seen By Bea

7. Olivia from Innocent Teen Beauty

8. Missy from Missy’s Beauty Reviews

9. Leanne from Dainty Dots

10. Rinse



1. Link back to my site

2. Answer my questions

3. Make 10 of your own

4. Nominate 10 others


With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo

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Proud Liebster Award Winner

Heya Aspiring Gurus!


That’s right! I got nominated a SECOND time for the Liebster Award and proud of it. Thanks so much to The Secret Stash for the nomination. You guys should go check out her blog. I really love it and find a lot of her product recommendations very useful. Now, onto the questions!

1. Who is your favorite blogger?


My favorite blogger of all time would have to be Fleur from FleurDeForce on youtube. I love everything that she blogs about, which is heavily beauty related. I try most of the products that she recommends and many of her things are on my wish list. My all time girl blogger crush!

2. What’s your favorite candle?


My favorite candle right now is Bath & Body Work’s Home Scented 3-Wick Candle in Turquoise Waters. I love how crisp and relaxing the seaside scent is.

3. What’s the best mascara you have ever tried?


The best mascara that I have ever tried is the Perversion Mascara by Urban Decay.

4. What would your perfect dinner be like?

My perfect dinner would be….a surprise! I love a good surprise at a nice restaurant. I am always trying new things and I am up for anything. A candlelit dinner or a seaside luncheon? I don’t want to choose. I want both…I want it ALL.

5. What’s the most expensive product you bought?

clarisonic mia

The most expensive product that I have ever bought was my Clarisonic for 106 USD.

6. If you could live the life of your dreams right now, what would you be doing, where would you be and with who?

If I could live the life of my dreams right now, I would be a successful YA Paranormal Novelist that lives in Cali and engaged to Lucas eel. That is my fantasy life and it is far from reality. I don’t think that I’ll ever live off of being a novelist. It is true that I am close to being done with my first novel in a series, but who says that it will even sell one copy? But I have to try to live the American dream. The thing is though that the great paying job and the white picket fence is closer than I thought. With my job at Mapfre, it could be possible within a year. I just have to survive the 90 day review and I’ll be a shoe-in for the rest of my life at this company. Because let’s face it, no matter the economy, people will always need car insurance. It’s a job that will always be around.

7. Favorite nail polish?

Opi & Sinful Colors

My favorite nail polish…that is a hard one. I guess, if I could only choose one polish for the rest of my life, it would be Opi’s Last Friday Night from the Katy Perry collection. It is just a classic glam glitter polish. I just wish it was a bit more opaque, because that periwinkle color is perfect!

8. Planner of choice?

This is so not hard! My Filofax A5 is simply amazing! I am obsessed! It is the best investment that I have ever made. It makes me so organized and I even use it at work to organize my day and to keep track how long it takes for me to do tasks. I also list my work priorities in my Filofax as well as my personal list of my weekly duties that rotates with the other three people in my unit. I already have a nickname: Annah. It is how people in the South say Hannah. I feel so special. lol.

9. What’s your favorite piece of clothing you own?

purple pumps

I don’t really have a favorite. I love all my clothes equally, but I am in love with my new pumps, because they are purple and comfortable, which is a winning combination for me.

10. Favorite tv show?

Season 6

Of all time? That is easy it is Pretty Little Liars. Love them so much! The show just keeps on getting better and better. I do not want it to end! Yes to season 6 poster!

My Ten Questions:

1. Why did you start blogging and when abouts?

2. If you could only choose between skincare and makeup, which would you choose and why?

3. If you could live anyone’s life for a day, who would you choose and why?

4. Long mermaid hair or a bob?

5. Name one thing you are looking forward to this Winter.

6. Name your favorite season and why that is.

7. What is your first makeup related memory?

8. What is your favorite book or Who is your favorite author?

9. Favorite brand of makeup.

10. The best makeup beauty find that was a bargain.


10 Bloggers I Nominate:

1. Dani from DaniWritesReviews

2. Cos from The World Of Cos

3. Alice from Strange Made Me

4. Crystal from Eat.Shop.Sleep.Repeat

5. Erika Armuand from ErikaArmuand

6. A Beauty Obsession

7. Jimmy from Amsterdaily

8. Sara from Sara’s Beauty Blog

9. Erin from East Coast Glam

10. Gabrielle from A Beautiful Twenty-Something Life


Rules of the Game:

1. Acknowledge and link back to me your nominator.

2. Answer my questions.

3. Name ten questions of your own.

4. Nominate 10 other bloggers that you admire.

Thanks so much for reading. I hope all of my nominees will at least answer my questions, if you have already been nominated before. Lots of love!

With Love,


Selena Hannah xoxoxo