Wetch Betch November 2022 Candle

This is a wonderful subscription that I continue to subscribe too. I love the reusable cyrstals and trinkets. This makes it easy to make my own intention candles or witchy rituals.

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New Year: New Start

It’s a new year, but it’s the same me. I just have a new start. I have a lot of changes coming for 2023. I’m switching to being more sustainable for the planet. I’m making my apartment my own this year, starting with a deep cleaning and decluttering. I’ve already made some new friends and have been more social than last year, if you can believe that. I also have a boyfriend named Mike, who comes with an adorable dog named Beans. Mike is 36, turning 37 in a couple of months, so he is officially the oldest guy I have ever dated. He is my oldest brother’s old friend from high school that we used to run around the neighborhood with and play baseball. Mike has never dated anyone with a kid before, but he is already talking about taking Dean to a baseball game this summer. It is very early, but it feels like what a healthy relationship would feel like. I’ve never experienced one, so I am working closely with my therapist this year to keep me safe and centered on my goals in life. My malpractice lawsuit is still ongoing. Papers have been served, and the negotiations have been started.

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Empties: July & August 2022

I decided to just lump in both months together, because I kinda missed the boat with July. This will give me a fresh start for the rest of the year. I was able to finish off quite a few items these past two months, so I feel very accomplished with myself.


Body Care:



Shower/Bath Items:



15 items used up in two months is not bad at all and it was a whole variety of items. I have like 3 or 4 more hair care products that are going to be used up this month. I’ve been taking good care of my hair lately and doing a lot of different styles now that I have more time on my hands.

It has been two weeks and it’s been a rough two weeks. I miss a lot of things. It is very bittersweet, but for the best for all involved.

With Love,


NYE Goal: Last Check In

This has been a very trying year for me after going so great for a few months. I am no longer getting married. I am no longer engaged. I am now single. I am a single mom. So, I hope this explains my absence. I will post when I have the time and energy. I need to focus on my son and healing for now. I also am doing a college class as well, because I’m not gonna let a man put off my dreams. I was in a toxic and abusive relationship. It took me a while with my therapist to figure it out and then come to terms with it. My ex said a lot of hurtful things to me that our relationship just couldn’t come back from. I wish him nothing but peace and healing. I need my space though. It’s still so raw.

That is all.

With Love,


22 in 2022: June Update

My current makeup count is 7/22 used up/decluttered. I have no used-up/decluttered items this month. This will strictly be a progress update. Things have been moving and shaking in June. I am hoping that July will yield some good results.

April/May Project Pan Items:

IGK Holographic Foam:

My son used this once. I think it has 1 or 2 more uses left. I plan on using it on a workday as I work with kids and I am always making sure that some part of my appearance is kid-friendly or attention-grabbing so they pay attention to me.

Huda Beauty Setting Spray:

I am still working on this. I swear it is the never-ending setting spray. I also really enjoying this one, so I am not mad that it is taking longer to use up than expected.

Farsali Setting Spray:

We have a third of the bottle left. I am hoping it will be gone by end of July, but I think it will be August before we can roll in another hydrating setting spray.

Becca Bronzing/Highlighting Beads:

I didn’t use this at all the past month. I have been into other things.

Ciate London Setting Powder:

I use this every day and I am getting there. I am looking forward to going back to a pressed powder after this one as a reward as I do not like loose powder anymore.

Florence Brow Gel:

Still plenty of product on the brush.

Bite Lip Gloss:

I am literally powering through this gloss. I am really enjoying it too.

Pretty Vulgar Beauty Mousse:

This is a foundation/primer hybrid. I found out that it is too light for me currently, so I will be replacing this with the Becca Primer as it gives a bit of coverage as well.

Dior Dream Skin Perfector:

This is a primer/light coverage (think slightly tinted) tint as well. It has been so hot that I haven’t been using this as it is a bit oily on my skin. I am putting this one aside until the cooler weather.

Rodial Glow Primer:

This is the oldest primer in my collection. It is a liquid dropper type. I have not started using this yet. I forgot that it was in the project.

Progress is slow, but it is going.

With Love,


Empties/Purchases Analysis: April/May

Empty Items:

Serum: 3
Face Mask: 4
Sheet Mask: 3
Lip Mask: 5
Eye Mask: 9
Nose Strip: 1
Face Wipes: 6 packages
Facial Cleanser: 2
Bar Soap: 1
Body Lotion: 5
Body Scrub: 2
Hand Cream: 2
Dry Shampoo: 3
Hair Leave-In / Detangler: 4
Hair Mousse: 2
Shampoo Bar: 1
Lip Liner: 1
Bronzer: 1
Blush: 1
Cream Eye Shadow Stick: 1
Liquid Eyeliner: 2
Mascara: 2
Lip Balm: 1
Liquid Lipstick: 3
Cream Contour Stick: 1
Setting Spray: 1
Primer: 2
Concealer/Foundation: 1

Liquid Highlighter: 1

Bath Salts: 1

Bath Bombs: 7

Foot Mask: 2

Brush Set: 1

Perfume: 1

Shower Gel: 1

Toner: 2

Number Of Empties:


Current Amount Used Up:


Items Purchases:

Perfume: 1
Dry Shampoo: 3
Facial Wipes: 12
Hair Leave-In / Detangler: 6
Pressed Powder: 2
Primer: 3
Brush / Set: 3
Bronzer: 2
Lip Scrub: 1
Serum: 1
Facial Moisturizer: 3
Lip Liner: 1
Nail Items: 8
Samples: 16
Eye Cream: 3
Liquid Eye liner: 2
Mascara: 3
Body Balm: 1
Setting Spray: 4
Bath Salts: 1
Foot Mask: 3
Body Mask: 1
Tanning Lotion: 4
Scalp Scrub: 1
Highlighter: 3
Face Mask: 7
Toner: 2
Liquid Lipstick: 2

Hair Mask: 5

Body Cream: 4

Cream Blush: 2

Lip Stain: 1

Eye Mask: 2

Body Scrub: 4

Lip Gloss: 2

Eyeshadow Palette: 2

Contour Palette: 1

Lip Balm: 2

Foundation: 1

Eyeshadow: 1

Bath Bombs: 2

Bath salts: 2

Body Mask: 1

Number Of Items Purchased:


Current Amount Spent:


Current Beauty Balance:

– 45 Items Added To Collection
– 322.17 (More product $ used up than purchased)

I am doing good with using up more products in the monetary sense. I am shocked that I brought in 45 items in 2 months. This is a good reminder to slow my roll for the rest of the year, except for necessities. Jesus. LMFAO

With Love,


Recent Purchases

I picked up a few things lately. Nothing huge or anything, but they are items that I am really excited about. I am waiting on 2 job offers to come through within the next few days. My 2nd interview went amazingly well. I’m getting tired of being at home and not working, even though I get a lot of stuff done around the house. They are both hybrid, but one would have me home 4 days a week which I prefer. I need to be able to pick up my son for emergencies in case my boyfriend can’t.

I bought this off of Boxycharm for $9 to try out. We love the regular Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo, but this one is a miss for us. It isn’t as effective at removing the oil, but it is better at setting your style in place with some light hold. It isn’t our preference, but we haven’t paired it with a blow dryer though, which is recommended for best results. This gives zero white cast.

I bought an undated Harry Potter planner for next year or for 2023. I haven’t decided yet. I am really hoping my life slows down, so I can utilize this planner soon. I am really excited to use it! I miss the weekly vertical layout and I would love to print out some HP themed sticker kits for the year! It doesn’t have a monthly calendar, so I need to buy a cheap monthly to make this work for me.

I saw this ring on a Facebook add that stated it was free if you paid the shipping and handling fee of $12.99. This is a $12.99 ring in quality, so you get what you paid for. I was charged a small international fee, but this was shipped within the US out of New Jersey. The postage was 53 cents. They made a $12 profit off of “free” rings. Yes, I understand that people mail the packages and pack the items, but they are being paid (if going by the new minimum wage) $15 an hour and probably packing hundreds in a day. The company still makes a huge profit. It is pretty though and I like it. It is a sturdy piece of costume jewelry and better quality than a ring purchased at the same price on Amazon.

With Love,