Sephora Haul

This haul post has been a long time coming. I purchased this stuff back in August to celebrate finishing my BS degree. I wanted to focus on getting BECCA and MARC JACOBS products as they were being discontinued. I did sit on my cart for a bit, so I didn’t get everything that I wanted. I am checking out my local Marshalls though to see if any of that stuff is also there to purchase. I know that I don’t NEED more makeup with our BoxyCharm subscription box, but I have been using up more makeup recently. Once I got past the mental block of using loved stuff up, I have been able to use and enjoy my products knowing that I can always afford to repurchase them when I use them up. It may not happen immediately (I only buy when on sale for my luxury products), but it can and will happen if I chose.

These are the Sephora Collection acne drops. I received a returned empty product. Sephora sent out another one, no questions asked. I hate that they got scammed for a bottle, but I also feel like a returned product should be double checked before being mailed out to a customer. I have been purchasing from Sephora since 2015, I believe. I’ve never experienced this before.

I bought this set of liquid highlighter minis and the primer. I have the full size of the lightest shade I believe. I love the formula so much that I bought this set on sale (all of these items were on sale). I plan on hitting these minis hard and enjoy the full size. The darkest shade I have been using on my body to give it a bronzy glow. I really enjoy it that way as I find it a tad too dark for my face.

I am so happy about this find and it is still on sale on Sephora’s website right now. I haven’t tried it yet, but I figure it will be nice on no makeup days to help keep the oils at bay and during the summer as well if it lasts that long.

This is a nice foaming cleanser for when our skin is acting up.

I haven’t tried this primer yet, but I wanted to try out some BECCA products before it was too light to buy anything at all. I did have a few products before, but I had donated them to a friend who was going through a hard time. I had only swatched those products and hadn’t actually used them yet.

This is great for those days were we get breakouts. The next day, everything is significantly reduced and calmed down. Unfortunately, this line was discontinued at Sephora, but I was able to snag the whole suit of products.

Gift with purchase: I used this up and it was a nice day time serum.

Sample: We hated this. It was too lotiony and took a long time to rub into our skin.

Sample: I enjoyed using this sample and it definitely cleared up my skin overnight.

We love these toner pads when our skin is breaking out. They aren’t too rough, but you can tell that you are getting your skin super clean. Niacinamide has always worked well on my skin in regards to my hormonal cystic acne.

This is the zero pigment foundation. It does not change color. It perfects skin for no makeup makeup days. I haven’t tried it yet, but I like lazy makeup routines 50% of the time. I am sure that I will try it soon.

I love these gel pencils, so I knew that I needed another one while I still could. This is in Orange Crush and I love the bright sparkly orange.

This is a foundation and concealer duo that is the right shade for me. It has a doe foot applicator that I enjoy, even if it is not as sanitary as a pump. The amount of product suggests to use it as a concealer, but I don’t usually do full coverage. I don’t see using this as an allover foundation too often.

I wanted a shade lighter to be a brightening concealer, but I know that this will match me in the winter when I am less tan. I am happy with all of my purchases and I plan on trying everything out soon.

With Love,


Boxycharm: August

This was our first Boxycharm and we are waiting for our October box. We absolutely fell in love with this box! We can see ourselves keeping this box for the long haul. We might subscribe to get the large box quarterly, but we shall see.

I love that a card with the prices are included on them.

Clean Slate Clearing Mist – 3.4 fl oz for $38

We love this skin clearing spray. We use it as a toner after washing our face. It doesn’t really smell like anything. It also isn’t cooling on the skin with the eucalyptus oil. We will use it up, but I don’t think it is a necessary step in our skincare routine. I could see us going back and forth between using a traditional toner and a spray if our skin ever got to be on the drier side.

Kate Somerville Exfolikate Glow Moisturizer, 1.7 fl oz for $70

We love that this smells the same as the exfoliting product and has the same interesting matcha green coloring as well. We use this as a daytime moisturizer and it is very nice. Our skin does feel and look smoother with consistent use.

#Give Them Lala Beauty The Grown Woman Palette – $42

I thought a bunch of these colors look the same on the eye as each other. They are very chalky and you have to really build up for real, rich pigmentation. I gave it to my SO to play around with and see if he likes the palette. My first impressions were very blah.

Iconic London Ultimate Bronzing Powder, 0.59 oz for $35

This is a good bronzer on my skin tone and it blends out seamlessly. Ours is in medium and the verdict is still out if it will work on my SO’s skin tone as he is hella fair. it is smooth. It is buttery. It is the 2nd? powder bronzer that I own that I enjoy. I have one that I am currently working on panning as it is orangey on me. I also have one or two cream bronzers as well. Love it. ❤

Jecca Blac Play Pots in Gold Touch, 10 ml for $22.80

I love the dewy glow this gives my cheeks. This is a keeper for sure. You definitely have to put down some setting spray though as it does have a tendency to move without it on.

This month’s box was worth $207.80. This is a great value for a box that I paid $25 and taxes for. We are going to be using every item. We might declutter the palette to our daughter as play makeup, but most of it will go to good use. I also love getting full sized prestige makeup/skin care items.

With Love,


Project Pan 2021: August

Very light on the use up this month or very heavy depending how you look at it. Our current count for our use up is 7/21. With everything down below, we have raised that number to 11/21. I am not sure we will be able to empty up 10 more makeup related items in the 4 months that we have left, but I am gonna try my hardest! I would have to use up about 2 to 3 items a month to achieve that goal. I finished up a setting/primer spray, a primer, a makeup brush, and a perfume sample. I have a few items on their last legs: a powder, a primer, liquid blush, and a setting spray. We shall see if I get 4 empties in September or a bit less. I am thinking the powder, primer, and blush should be used up by then, but I have been wrong before.

I am happy to have gotten these items out of the way and now have more room in my collection. I am really working on so many categories of products that I am trying to use up. I think my 2022 project pan will focus on more than just makeup since the number is getting up there and most of my stuff now are new or full size and just opened. I do have a few trial sized foundations that I need to try to see if they are the right color for me. I might do that this month, so I might be decluttering some ill fitting foundations.

With Love,


EC The Daily Duo

I am really loving my Erin Condren Daily Duo in the 7X9 size. I think I will go to the A5 size next year. I think I I have finally found my planner happiness. I love having daily lists and the minimal decorating with stickers. I can play it up or tone it down. I even can still use it with no stickers! I don’t feel any guilt when I am not mentally up to stickering. I had a stint of depression and looking on the nonstickered pages made me feel good. It made me feel good to still use my planner with no guilt that it wasn’t “good enough”. I am getting so much better with therapy and seeing a psychiatrist. I’m using those self-help workbooks and self-reflecting. I feel like my whole life is finally falling into place…into a sense of peace. Even though everything isn’t perfect, I’m still happy. I am no longer letting that effect my here and now and I think that’s amazing and I am so proud of myself. I am so proud of my progress. My therapist said that I made years of progress in a matter of months. When you want it, you make it happen. When you are ready and open, you get there sooner. I have gotten so good at seeing things from others perspectives that my therapist asked if I had a formal education or background of psychology. I don’t. That speaks volumes to me of my own personal progress.

I also print my own layout stickers now. I haven’t figured out other stickers yet, but I am working on it. I buy my stickers on Etsy and print them myself. Sometimes, I make my own designs. It is a big learning curve though.

I love the cover to this SO MUCH. It’s a beautiful planner and I am so happy that I made this purchase! Does anyone else love planning or stickers?!

With Love,


IPSY Glam Bag Plus: August

Before I begin into it, there won’t be another Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. I have already cancelled and moved to Boxycharm, which has more name brands and less Indy products. I am more interested in getting luxury brands than discovering affordable ones. I already buy affordable and indulge in luxury when I can afford it. For only $25 + tax, getting some high end products in a box seems like such a steal. Plus, Ipsy is raising their prices in October. This bag will now be $28 + tax. For what came in it, I don’t think it was worth it to me. I also share this with my “fiance”.

(We are dating. We are not in a relationship or boyfriend/girlfriend status. We are also not engaged. I established this when we got back together that I am free to explore relationships with other people. He does not want to update his status from single on Facebook yet, so I called fair for fair as I have been getting messages for dates. I’m not putting my life on hold for someone who hasn’t decided if he wants a long term relationship with me. I also stated we will only be boyfriend/girlfriend status if he updates his Facebook connected to mine, but we will only be engaged if he asks me as I proposed to him on Valentine’s Day in 2020. A long overdue update on my relationship status. We are living together again and he goes off to see if daughter every other weekend at her house. Her mother has temporarily suspended me seeing her, because of our relationship being unsteady. I miss and love her dearly.)

Pretty sure I gave my “fiancé” this bag or maybe I threw it out. IDK.

This is nice to have. We currently share it in our shower to wash our face. Nothing to write home about or purchase. I found it too light as I like a rougher exfoliate. This one was really gentle. $41

We share this in our evening skin care basket. I love an overnight lip mask and this one is very good. We didn’t have one in our routine, so it was great to get one. $19

This is a felt tip eye liner that we both will be sharing. My “fiance” recently discovered he is bisexual. I’ve had my suspicions since we got together, but sexuality is something one has to discover on their own. I used to identify as bisexual, but I now refer to myself as heteroflexible. It is possible to get a thin precise line, but you do have to do a second layer to build it up to be black. At first application/layer, it is a bit gray looking. $20

This is a nice clear brow gel that we will use. I have unruly brows, so this is perfect for me on natural days. It is also great for when I actually do my brows with a micropencil to “set” them as well. $14

I gave this to my “fiancé” as the blushers are too dark for me and the highlighters are not unique to my collection. I like that this can fit a variety of skin tones though. $60

The total value of my box is $154 and it is over the $120 price tag that it is advertised as a minimum. There is definitely a lot of value for the $25 that I paid for. Nothing about this box “wow”ed me though. I am hoping that Boxycharm will be a better fit for us.

With Love,


2021 Project Pan: July

7/21 used up so far this year including the items below. I have a feeling that I won’t meet my goal this year, but if I can meet my goal halfway, I will be really happy. I have been doing a good job this year. I decluttered my makeup, but didn’t count it. I don’t always count the items that I get rid off in a destash. I feel like I am going to use up 3 makeup products by the end of the summer. I have a cheek gel, a primer, and a sunscreen on their last legs. I also have been wearing makeup more since the start of our break.

I destashed a lot that was in the beginning of my project. There is no rhyme or reason to the products I am using now. I think I am happier this way with less structure of the things I can use and what I am working on. I just use makeup that I want to use versus what I should be using ’cause it’s in a project. The less stress in my life right now, the better. I hardly ever use lip products, because of the mask wearing. I have a liquid eye shadow on its last legs that I am excited to use up. I have been enjoying using my mascara and eye liner again. I am considering getting eye liner tattooed, because I suck at doing a cat wing. At my local shop that I trust that has done all of my piercings, it is $300 to get the top and bottom done. Might be a little extra for the cat wing, but I think that would be dope. I am not making any permeant decisions during this time as my emotional state is still shaky, but getting more solid every day.

With Love,


2021 Declutter: July

Last time, we left off on 483 items decluttered. This is everything since then that I remembered to save for my declutter post. I did throw out a few things when I wasn’t sure whether I was going to blog ever again. I obviously have decided that I will continue to blog, but in my own way. I have a new planner coming in and a clothing haul coming up soon. There might not be a whole lot of content every month, but I am going to try to post weekly at the very least. I am going to hit 550 or 600 this post, which makes me excited. I know that I’ll hit 1K next year probably, but to be 2/3rds done would be very exciting!

41 articles of clothing

524 – I got rid of a GOOD CHUNK of my wardrobe. It doesn’t reflect the person that I am nor the person that I am becoming. I know that I am going to have to buy more clothes that I enjoy to wear to work, but I am okay with spending some money on some much needed new clothes. I am a very different person than the person everyone was trying to make me be.


555 – I went through a shit ton of stickers. I am probably going to go through a shit ton more. It is a problem. I bought SO MANY stickers and I still make my own. I am going to be working on using up my stash and only printing my own stickers before allowing myself to buy already made stickers, I think. I just have too many to justify buying more to hang around.


560 – I had a few clothes that were outgrown in my declutter bag.

561 – I am currently working on 2 deodorants on their last legs.

564 – I used up some nail polish, fake nails, and an eye shadow primer.

573 – I love Ink Joy Gel Pens for life.

579 – I used up a ton of skin care and even more products including makeup are in the works. Since my break, I have been taking better care of me when I feel up to it. I have a lot of mini products that I am trying to use up.

581 – I used up a purple shampoo and a wave spray. The BBW Wave Spray smells amazing! I am so sad that it is gone. I did replace it with the Amika Beach Spray, which smells nice. I still prefer the BBW for the scent, but they no longer make this.

Almost 100 items in a couple of months. I wonder how much more I can get rid of by the end of the year. The race is on.

With Love,