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Sunday Adventures: Part 8

More photos of our fall adventures. I’m really hoping to catch up with my old posts soon to show some new/current adventures at add more details. lol

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V-Day Gnome

For $35, I made a Valentine’s Day Gnome at a local craft store. It was really fun and my friend Pam went with me. We are going again with my bf’s mom who wanted to go with me (probably to meet me and get to know me). I think that I did really well for being out of an art class for over a decade. It was a pretty simple craft to do that is self-paced (in a 2hr time slot). There were other people there that we socialized with as well. It was a very good time and bring your own food and booze. I brought drinks. Next time, I think I’m gonna get some snacks as well that are easy to eat. Anywho, I had a really great time and now have this great decor piece for V-Day. I will need to repurpose one of my totes to a decoration keeper.

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Erin Condren Rose Gold Gift 2022

I spent an embarrassing amount of money on Erin Condren last year (like I almost have everything now), so I qualified for the Rose Gold Gift they send to Rose Gold Members every year. It came with a cute pin and mini notebook. I really love the color blends, soft pink to lilac, with the cute quote! I can always use another notebook as I live by paper and pen because the pen is mightier than a sword.

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Sunday Adventures: Part 3

I am a bit behind on our Sunday Adventures. lol. Life has been super crazy busy and a total rollercoaster ride so far this year. I have some beautiful fall photos of us hiking in the woods. I love the beautiful colors. Fall has always been a beautiful spiritual time for me as everything dies around you in the cold chill. Spring has always been energizing, with new life bursting through fresh soil. Spoiler alert. I have a lot of hauls coming up as I made a lot of purchases this year…already, but also a lot from last year!

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Life Updates For July

I have a couple of life updates to report. I started my Master’s Program at Walden University. My study is in Social Work with a concentration in Trauma. I am really loving it a lot more than my Bachelor’s degree. My goal is to be a therapist for children suffering from trauma. I also switched my career. I quit my job and I now work as an Applied Behavior Analysis Therapist for children on the spectrum. I currently have 5 clients during the week. I also just got my wedding dress and alterations need to get done on it. Life is just going really well right now.

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Empties/Purchases Analysis: June

Empty Items:

Serum: 3
Face Mask: 4
Sheet Mask: 3
Lip Mask: 5
Eye Mask: 13
Nose Strip: 1
Face Wipes: 7 packages
Facial Cleanser: 2
Bar Soap: 1
Body Lotion: 5
Body Scrub: 2
Hand Cream: 2
Dry Shampoo: 5
Hair Leave-In / Detangler: 4
Hair Mousse: 2
Shampoo Bar: 1
Lip Liner: 1
Bronzer: 1
Blush: 1
Cream Eye Shadow Stick: 1
Liquid Eyeliner: 2
Mascara: 2
Lip Balm: 1
Liquid Lipstick: 3
Cream Contour Stick: 1
Setting Spray: 1
Primer: 2
Concealer/Foundation: 1

Liquid Highlighter: 1

Bath Salts: 1

Bath Bombs: 7

Foot Mask: 2

Brush Set: 1

Perfume: 1

Shower Gel: 1

Toner: 2

Shampoo: 1

Conditioner: 1

Eye Serum: 1

Eye Cream: 1

Number Of Empties:


Current Amount Used Up:


Items Purchases:

Perfume: 1
Dry Shampoo: 4
Facial Wipes: 12
Hair Leave-In / Detangler: 6
Pressed Powder: 2
Primer: 3
Brush / Set: 3
Bronzer: 2
Lip Scrub: 1
Serum: 1
Facial Moisturizer: 5
Lip Liner: 1
Nail Items: 8
Samples: 16
Eye Cream: 3
Liquid Eye liner: 2
Mascara: 3
Body Balm: 1
Setting Spray: 4
Bath Salts: 1
Foot Mask: 3
Body Mask: 1
Tanning Lotion: 4
Scalp Scrub: 1
Highlighter: 3
Face Mask: 7
Toner: 2
Liquid Lipstick: 2

Hair Mask: 5

Body Cream: 4

Cream Blush: 2

Lip Stain: 1

Eye Mask: 2

Body Scrub: 4

Lip Gloss: 2

Eyeshadow Palette: 2

Contour Palette: 1

Lip Balm: 2

Foundation: 1

Eyeshadow: 1

Bath Bombs: 2

Bath salts: 2

Body Mask: 1

Deodorant: 1

Hair Spray: 1

Number Of Items Purchased:


Current Amount Spent:


Current Beauty Balance:

– 39 Items Added To Collection
– 566.18 (More product $ used up than purchased)

I am doing good with using up more products in the monetary sense. I feel better that my number went down from 45 to 39. I have used up 6 more items than what I bought in June. I am looking forward to seeing this number go down a bit further.

With Love,