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Sunday Adventures: Part 12

Another post full of photos of our adventures. ❤

Dean had a delicious plate of food that I prepared for him and ate it all.

Dean started eating cubed cheese and playing with his Christmas toys from Gigi.

Dean had a checkup where he got diagnosed with an ear infection.

V-Day nails.

New hair.

Beat face. lol

Dean has been enjoying his steak and gravy a lot!

He enjoyed lots of carnival rides at a petting zoo as well. This was his first time ever riding any rides before.

With Love,

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EC Haul: Prep for the New Year

I bought quite a few things to try to start the New Year off on the right foot. I bought so much with very good intentions of using everything this year and I am getting to them which is fantastic!

This calendar board is going to come in handy. I just haven’t decided where I want it yet… I think I know but we shall see where it ends up.

The Sherpa was on a mega deal! So, I got one for my couch in astrology HK of course.

This is a nice option to take the grocery list to the store with me. The little today and tomorrow part is nice as well if I am putting something off and want to remember that I need to do it.

This is another gratitude journal that I will be using. I love collecting the designs and color schemes that I enjoy, even if I have multiples of the same type of item. I know that I will get to the next one when I’m done with the first book.

I love the Flora design, so I got a softbound notebook. I want to make myself a dream journal, therapy journal, and a daily journal. I see so many journal challenges that I think that I would love journaling. I want to start because I want to start preserving memories.

I haven’t been able to put my all into fitness yet. It might have to wait until after I earn my degree and have more time to put into it.

This gift set is so adorable! I love it! I love everything HK. I can’t help it.

I also love my HK organizer and calendar set up. I love being able to know the date at a glance.

With Love,

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Marshall’s Haul

A tiny little haul to hold you over until the next one. I have picked up bath bombs that I have since used up. A Mario Badescu duo that I have since split up. I only kept the spray. I bought these pretty nails and now have no clue where they are. lol. A Dr. Jart+ facial cleanser for the shower when I am done with my current cleanser, which it is close to being done.

With Love,

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I enjoy my special edibles that I buy from my friend’s business. She was able to quit her job and make this her career. I am happy to support local businesses and my friend.

Each little cardboard box will throw you back $20.

This tray was $40 and heaven. She bakes everything from scratch and everything has always been delicious.

With Love,

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Hello Kitty Surprise Box: 2022

Look how cute this box is! It is adorable. I had to have it because I love Hello Kitty. I paid $60 for this one. I kept the box, because it is just so cute.

It was packaged beautifully as well.

A 20% off coupon is always appreciated.

An overview of the items. I was very please with this purchase.

A cute reusable coffee cup. I see this as a novelty with no value, but I could buy this for $5 at my local TJMAX.

I love me some gel pens! These are metallic and write beautifully as well. Similar items are priced at $16.50.

These are super adorable sticky notes! I use sticky notes to send notes to Dean’s school in his folder for any communication to his teacher. Similar items are $8.50.

I love that this lined petite journal has Hello Kitty designs on the inside as well. Similar items are $10.50.

This washi tape trio is simply adorable! I love that I get one metallic design. Similar washi tapes are $8.50.

A similar clipboard is $26.50, so since this is a mini but with a notepad, I’ll price it at $20. I have this waiting in the wings for me.

The total value of this box was $69, so minus what I paid $9 value isn’t great at all. I still liked everything that I got though, so I look at it as getting limited edition items $9 off.

With Love,

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Winter SSB: Erin Condren 2022

This is the winter surprise box from Erin Condren for 2022. I absolutely loved this winter box! I only paid $20 for it as I waited and took my chances until it went 50% off. I would have been so sad if I had missed this one as it was filled with everything that I will use.

The design and inside of the box was beautiful.

I like using these to mark pages in books and notebooks instead of bookmarks. There is nothing similar to this on their site, but I would give it a $5 value.

A coupon for $20 off my next order making this box virtually free for me.

I do enjoy these stickers and I have used them. A similar two page sticker pack is $5.50.

I have this pad saved away for when I need it. Similar pads go for $10 on the site.

I love EC pens, so the more the merrier. I am happy to have a metallic gold and midnight blue in my collection. Similar pen duos go for $12.50.

I love this pretty snowflake cover. Similar covers go for $8.50.

This beautiful folio with the goals petite planner is #goals. I loved this item a ton! It is perfect for on the go. Similar items are priced at $27.50 for folio and $14.50 for a total of $42 for this set.

This box was a value of $103.50 and $83.50 is the total if you minus the $20 I spent on the box. I would say that this is a great value!

With Love,