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Apple picking

Back at the end of September, Dean and I went apple picking together. I did offer for my ex to come along, but he never did follow up to come along. This was the first year that he actually twisted apples off of the tree. I was so proud of him and he had so much fun that day.

Apple picking with Bean

We ended our day by making apple crisp pies. He was an awesome help in the kitchen. I love my little boy so much and I’m just trying to give him the best life that I can as we wade into the new waters we find ourselves in.

With Love,

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EC Haul

Another haul from EC. Yes, I am obsessed, but my spending is gonna be slowing down as I am buying gifts for Christmas. I have a short list as there are only a few people in my life that I am close enough to for Christmas gifts. Like literally 7 people. My spending is always reasonable. Things will be tight due to the holidays though and my son’s birthday is the day after Christmas. As such, I am having fun and using up the stuff that I already own.

I love that I got a pink box this time around.

The presentation was sloppy and the box could have been smaller. Lots of empty space, so they must have ran out of the smaller EC boxes.

I love the laptop stand, but I need a smaller laptop to fit it. lol. My desk is very compatible so I am able to make it work as it is up against the upper shelf. It gets scrapes and nicks very easily, but I don’t mind. Wear and tear is a part of life. I just don’t want my items coming in all dinged up.

I love this acrylic block. It has the mantra that I am trying to live by. I just use it as a decorative piece, but when the weather starts to warm up again, I probably will be using it as a paperweight with the fans going.

I hate to get the last HK pen that I didn’t have. They are super adorable.

Yes, I have a pen addiction. lol. I haven’t even used these pens yet, but I love having a variety for my planner by using various kits. I always look forward to using my gel pens and other various pens. I love experimenting and trying new kinds now. There is nothing like using a brand new pen.

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Bagel Boi

It has been ages since my son has eaten bread, never mind a bagel. Well, the bagel sammies came back to McD, so I had to get a bacon one. I had one bite and noticed that the Bean was interested in what I was eating. To my surprise, he took a bite. Then, another. I gave him the sammie and he ate it until it fell apart. He then ate the pieces. But he ate it like a sammie until it fell apart, which was the first time he ever did that by himself! I was so proud of him and I had to capture this moment. We were in the school parking lot waiting for the bell, so he could go in.

With Love,


My Malpractice Lawsuit

I am currently in the beginning phase of a malpractice lawsuit against my former therapist who sent me sexually explicit and implicit text messages. That is all I can say under the risk of being accused of defamation. As a result, I will be very busy between this and taking 2 Master college classes after Thanksgiving. Then, we also have the holidays coming up. Do not be surprised by sporadic uploads is what I am getting at here. At the end of the day, I’m looking to hold others accountable for their actions.

Below is my lawyer. I chose well. 🙂

Just know that you are not alone. ❤

With Love,

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22 in 2022: October Update

I have had more success this month, but it is only due to declutters. I find them very essential because I don’t want to hold onto makeup that I don’t like when one of my friends could be using it. I suppose that I could sell them on Glambot and I might do that with some of the items that can be sold there to recoup some money. I left off on 11/22 used up/decluttered items last month. The tally is going to go up a significant amount again and I am super excited about my progress.

We can add 6 more items to the list bringing up the total to 17/22. I just need to use up or declutter 5 more products. I’m soooo close to using some items up that I think that I can do it with two months left in the year. The BECCA was too light for my skin. ITEM cream blush didn’t blend very well. RARE BEAUTY primer had too much glitter in there for my liking. I don’t wear false lashes. The lipstick isn’t my color and the TOO FACED liquid eye shadow didn’t stand a chance against my oily lids.

With Love,

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Sunday Adventures: Part 1

With the breakup, one thing that I am doing is spending Sundays with my son going on adventures and giving him my undivided attention. We often go hiking. Our favorite hiking spot is an animal sanctuary and protected land. With the trees losing their lives, it has been beautiful there and we love the crunching sound the leaves make when you step on them. Unfortunately, my ex can no longer be in the picture for my son. I think it is all for the best in the end for the Bean. Some men run when you attach responsibilities of parenthood onto them and this was a sad case of that. Bean has a momma who loves him and a huge support network, he will always end up ontop. My Bean, the little boy who loves everyone caught up in adult drama. This series will just be a series of lifestyle updates and the latest photos of our crazy adventures.

With Love,

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Empties/Purchases Analysis: October

Empty Items:

Serum: 4
Face Mask: 4
Sheet Mask: 4
Lip Mask: 6
Eye Mask: 13
Nose Strip: 1
Face Wipes: 11 packages
Facial Cleanser: 2
Bar Soap: 1
Body Lotion: 7
Body Scrub: 4
Hand Cream: 2
Dry Shampoo: 8
Hair Leave-In / Detangler: 7
Hair Mousse: 2
Shampoo Bar: 1
Lip Liner: 1
Bronzer: 1
Blush: 3
Cream Eye Shadow Stick: 1
Liquid Eyeliner: 2
Mascara: 2
Lip Balm: 1
Liquid Lipstick: 4
Cream Contour Stick: 1
Setting Spray: 2
Primer: 3
Concealer/Foundation: 1

Liquid Highlighter: 1

Bath Salts: 1

Bath Bombs: 10

Foot Mask: 2

Brush Set: 1

Perfume: 1

Shower Gel: 1

Toner: 2

Shampoo: 6

Conditioner: 5

Eye Serum: 1

Eye Cream: 1

Face Moisturizer: 2

Hair Mask: 5

Acne Dots: 1

Scalp Scrub: 1

Lashes: 1

Eyeshadow: 1

Foundation: 1

Number Of Empties:


Current Amount Used Up:


Items Purchases:

Perfume: 2
Dry Shampoo: 6
Facial Wipes: 12
Hair Leave-In / Detangler: 6
Pressed Powder: 2
Primer: 3
Brush / Set: 3
Bronzer: 2
Lip Scrub: 1
Serum: 1
Facial Moisturizer: 5
Lip Liner: 1
Nail Items: 8
Samples: 16
Eye Cream: 3
Liquid Eye liner: 2
Mascara: 3
Body Balm: 1
Setting Spray: 4
Bath Salts: 1
Foot Mask: 3
Body Mask: 1
Tanning Lotion: 4
Scalp Scrub: 1
Highlighter: 3
Face Mask: 8
Toner: 2
Liquid Lipstick: 2

Hair Mask: 5

Body Cream: 4

Cream Blush: 2

Lip Stain: 1

Eye Mask: 2

Body Scrub: 4

Lip Gloss: 2

Eyeshadow Palette: 2

Contour Palette: 1

Lip Balm: 2

Foundation: 1

Eyeshadow: 2

Bath Bombs: 3

Bath salts: 2

Body Mask: 1

Deodorant: 1

Hair Spray: 2

Number Of Items Purchased:


Current Amount Spent:


Current Beauty Balance:

– 1 Items Added To Collection – Down by 16 since last month
– $1,274.25 (More product $ used up than purchased)

OMG! I cannot believe that I have used up so much products this year and the amount of money it all costs is insane! lol. I am so glad that I have calmed down my beauty spending and I have only been purchasing items as I need them. Sometimes, I’ll buy something extra just because.

With Love,

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Empties: October 2022

Another month has come and gone. My life has taken so many terms, but everything is on the up and up now. I’m even casually seeing someone without involving my son. We just instantly clicked and hit it off. I wasn’t even looking for anything. It just kinda found me. But you know what they say, when you let go of what is not meant for you, you allow what is meant for you into your life. Now, let’s ger on to what I was able to finish off in the month of October.

3 sheets of stickers, a set of covers for my EC, and 5 individual stickers. That is pretty good. I did take off 2 weeks from stickering because my life got crazy for a bit.

3 Hair care products: Conditioner, Dry Shampoo, and Scalp Scrub. I wouldn’t repurchase any of it. The Matrix I wouldn’t because I now have extensions. It was a very good conditioner. I bought a different set made for extensions from Matrix.

Miscellaneous: Mouthwash, Room Spray, Candle, Deodorant. Still on the hunt for an all-natural deodorant that doesn’t irritate my arms after a while.

Skincare: 2 packages of makeup/face wipes and 1 lip mask. It was a lazy month. lol

Oh, and this mini moisturizer. It was minty.

Makeup: Primer and Blush didn’t work out for me. The primer has glitter and the blush doesn’t blend well. Lashes – I’m giving to J to use. The lip gloss and eye shadow are being trashed bc I caught Dean sticking them up his nose. lol

These are products that I decluttered to J as I can no longer use these on my hair as I need special shampoo and conditioner. The foundation is tooooo light for me and it didn’t appear it from the bottle.

Well, that wraps up this month! What did ya’ll finish up?

With Love,