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Dean’s PEC Results

I am finally here to share the results of Dean’s PEC test. These results are personal to Dean’s development and I am very proud of him. He has come such a long way in just 6 months. I am not bragging about my son’s development. I am sharing his journey with others who might be going through the same thing to share that there is hope that one day your child might be independent. Honestly, I have had the best experience with ABA therapy. The three women are amazing with him and he has bonded to them. Simply put, he loves them and I do think that they really care about him. They are invested in our family and Dean’s life. They want to be a part of his life and cannot wait until he is older to help him cope with other life situations.

I will compare him from where he started to where he is now.

Development Area:

  • Imitation
    • Previous Age Equivalent at 2 years old: 0-6 months
    • Now at 2 1/6 years old: 0-6 months
      • He was able to pass 1 test out of 16 with an emerging score for waving goodbye
    • So, there is no difference in his age score, but he couldn’t attempt waving goodbye before. There is some improvement.
  • Perception
    • Previous Age Equivalent at 2 years old: 7-8 months
    • Now at 2 1/6 years old: 16-18 months
      • A big leap in developing these skills.
      • Out of 13 tests, he passed 5 of them and had emerging skills in 3 other tests.
    • He can find items under a cup, show interest in a book, and hear and respond to a clapper. He has emerging skills in responding to gestures and completing a form board.
  • Fine Motor
    • Previous Age Equivalent at 2 years old: 8-9 months
    • Now at 2 1/6 years old: 19-20 months
      • A huge improvement in this area
      • Out of 16 tests, he passed 5 and had emerging scores in 2.
    • He can grasp a dowel, threads beads on a spindle, and flip on a light switch. He has emerging skills in stringing beads and using hands cooperatively.
  • Gross Motor
    • Previous Age Equivalent at 2 years old: 17-18 months
    • Now at 2 1/6 years old: 12-13 months
      • He has regressed a bit in this area, because there has been greater focus on other areas to learn more in. Still, he has lost a few skills that he used to have and will have to relearn them.
      • Out of 18 tests, he passed 3 and had emerging scores in 4. He also lost 4 skills.
    • He can walk alone, carry a ball, and jump up and down on both feet. He has emerging skills in climbing a chair, drinking from a cup, and displaying hand dominance.
  • Eye Hand Integration
    • Previous Age Equivalent at 2 years old: 0-9 months
    • Now at 2 1/6 years old: 14-17 months
      • Another huge improvement in this area.
      • Out of 15 tests, he passed 2 and has emerging scores in 2.
    • He can fit shapes into slots and put blocks in a box. He has emerging skills in fitting pieces into slots by size and stacking blocks.
  • Cognitive Performance
    • Previous Age Equivalent at 2 years old: 0-8 months
    • Now at 2 1/6 years old: 11-12 months
      • A really decent jump in this area as well.
      • Out of 23 tests, he passed 1 and has emerging scores in 1.
    • He can find hidden objects and he has an emerging skill in 2 way sorting.
  • Cognitive Verbal
    • Previous Age Equivalent at 2 years old: 0-15 months
    • Now at 2 1/6 years old: 0-8 months
      • He didn’t regress here. As a child gets older, it is assumed that more words and verbal skills are developed. Dean hasn’t learned anything more, so he scored lower this time around.
      • Out of 27 tests, he didn’t pass any or have any emerging scores. No different than his last test.
  • Overall Development Age Equivalent
    • Previous Age Equivalent at 2 years old: 10-13 months
    • Now at 2 1/6 years old: 14-16 months
      • It is looking up and the improvement means so much more when you break it down by category.

The rest of his PECS, I will not be sharing because it is personal to him and what he needs to work on. I don’t want him to look at my blog later and see me saying what he can’t do all of the time. I want him to see me be proud of him. I just wanted to share how far he has come and share this milestone with all of you. As a fellow parent with autism, you can see how much improvement good ABA can give your child. I don’t think he would have improved so much without it. The rest of the PECS is about his Behavioral Skills, Behavioral Observations, Current Problem Areas, and his corresponding treatment plan. All of this stuff is really personal and I would only share with people close to me. I hope you all understand that some things are just private. I put a lot of our life out here.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

Dean has been misbehaving this past week and the notes from his ABA therapists are proof of it. he has been really irritable, moody, and clingy with lots of crying. I am going to bring him to the doctors in case it is an ear infection, which I hope it isn’t. He’s been having a temperature off and on and playing in only one of his ears. I can’t tell if he has an infection or not. There is a little bit of blood that has me concerned that it might be an infection from him scratching inside of his ear. I got to rule out that before I can positively say that he is turning into a terrible two. 🙂

8/6/18 – Ann

Dean had a good morning. More focused on programs. Jen here for last 15 minutes. Putting many items in his mouth.

8/7/18 – Joyce

Some “off” behaviors. Teeth? Still, did very well, making it known more likes/dislikes, wants.

8/7/18 – Ann

Did well with structured work activities. Refused snack. Pointing better when given more of a delay.

8/7/18 – Deb

Dean had a little trouble with transitioning between trials and activities. Did better at end of session.

8/9/18 – Deb

Dean did well. Some behaviors flopping and mouthing. Did well with trials. Went over programs and behaviors with Joyce. Great eye contact. Enjoyed bubbles.

8/10/18 – Ann

Dean sat well in my lap for toy play. Prompted pointing. Not interested in snack. Discussed increasing hours with Lisa. Available to do paperwork at evaluation.

Dean is usually a very good, well behaved boy, so I am concerned about him. He also is hating being on his back all of a sudden and I’ve heard that is a sign as well. It could be nothing, but I’d rather be safe than be sorry later for letting an infection fester in his ear. On a brighter note, I am house hunting again. My situation has changed and I am now on the hunt. I found two possibilities. The only drawback is that they have septic tanks, but the houses are beautiful (they need a little work, but I want to make it my own anyways) and the land ranges from 0.5 to 2 acres. I really wanted at least 0.5 acres to have a nice lawn and garden. One is a bit pricier than the other and it isn’t the 2 acre one.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

ABA is moving away from the daily summaries and being totally online. I was told that they are going to stop writing down the summaries, but the online platform isn’t ready for me to access it yet. So, I asked why that was right? How can they deny me summaries that are only a few sentences long when I am not here for the sessions? I was told that they would make an exception for me, but I don’t think that’s right. You can’t stop doing something, if the other part isn’t ready for me to view yet. When I asked for weekly printouts, I was told that they can’t do it, because they are paperless. That’s when she made the exception once she knew that I wouldn’t back down. I like to know how my son is doing, especially if he bites someone or is acting up. That’s helpful to know, so that I can deal with it as a parent.

7/31/18 – Ann

Dean had great eye contact. Lots of jumping and moving around, going down on belly while looking at books. Some good back and forth with ball play. Hasn’t lost any skills over the past week for sure! Doing great!

7/31/18 – Joyce

Dean had a ton of energy. New behaviors on belly, placing fist to head. Eager to play, very nice ball play. Testing with much eye contact.

7/31/18 – Deb

Dean had lots of energy today, some flopping. Great eye contact and pointing. Did want pressure on belly.

8/2/18 – Ann

Dean was very active. Putting toys in his mouth that I don’t usually see him mouth. Liked new books. Rolled on belly on big ball. Only wanted chips for snack.

8/2/18 – Deb

Dean was not himself, lots of crying not interested in snack, toys. He just wanted to be held today. Did well on programs. More teeth?

8/3/18 – Ann

Dean was a little active today, but more focused than yesterday. Did well with all toys. Likes new flash cards.

8/3/18 – Deb

Dean did better this afternoon. He started flopping when I would take the book away. He did well towards the end of the session. Dean bit me 1x today during a hug. He independently did pop up toy door 1x.

As of this week, there are no more pages in the book. I’m hoping the platform is ready, but if not, I better have my summaries. I like marking his progress on this blog and seeing how far he goes. I’d love to copy paste from a website instead of hand typing it. But there will be hell to pay if I don’t get my summaries. I don’t mind if I’m there to not get anything because of the going paperless thing. But HMEA needs to get there shit together and not expect parents to be okay with not getting any of the information that they are writing about our kids. It would be like denying a parent a written progress report, because the login isn’t ready yet so you can’t know how your kid is doing. Stupid.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

Dean had more than two sessions this week. He had seven sessions, but for some reason only two of them wrote down a thing in my book. Ann and Joyce came at the same time and Joyce really only observes the session. ABA has started to use the tablets for a few weeks now and I still don’t have access to the parent portal to see what was said about the other days. I don’t mind this week, because I was here for every session except for the two on Tuesday. If next week I don’t have the parent portal or written down details, I will be asking for printouts of what was written. I like knowing what he did during the session, when I am not here. I also don’t want things being documented that I don’t agree with. I can’t refute something if I can’t see it.

7/17/18 – Ann

Dean did well this morning. Lots of sounds and great eye contact. Completed lots of toys.

7/17/18 – Joyce

Great to see Dean today! Lots of sounds.

7/20/18 – Ann

Dean had a great session. Very focused and completed lots of things independently. Finally did push button on pop-up toy.

Dean continues to do great and has been doing even better with the extra sessions. The sad part is that next week both Deb and Ann are on vacation. So, it will be up to Joyce to see how many sessions she can fill in for Dean or they might bring in someone new to fill in so he doesn’t lose out too much. He’ll get a little bit of a vacation from them too then. I just hope that he doesn’t regress too much by the time that they get back. College has been going great for me. It doesn’t leave much free time for reading or watching movies, but I am finally happy to be closer to earning my degree. As I write this, I am heading into week four, the halfway mark of the semester. I have been getting all As so far. Hopefully, I can finish it out with a bang before moving onto the next. I will be getting a week break between the end of this semester and the beginning of next.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

I am currently ending the second week of college and I have to say that I have been enjoying it. It hasn’t been too difficult or as time consuming as I originally thought. Do not get me wrong, it is still a lot of work and takes up my nights from 7:30 to 10:00 or later and when I work from home about 90 minutes in the morning and my 60 minute lunch. My days off are filled with hours here and there during the day as well. I would guess that I put about 20 to 30 hours in depending upon if its a WAH week or how many assignments are due that week. I have gotten 7 assignments back: all A’s. I must be doing something right. I have been using the writing center 1-3 times for every assignment that I have written. It is a really great resource and my professors have been amazing as well. I never thought that I would enjoy online as much as I do. I get to socialize with my classmates when I want to and not awkwardly in class either.

7/9/18 – Deb

Dean was full of energy today. He did well on programs today. Some flopping and mouthing. Dean had good eye contact with activities. Observed Lisa’s session at the end. Dean said “roar” during a book with Lisa. Lots of energy today, quick activities during sitting. *Missing a few programs on tablet.

7/10/18 – Ann

Dean was full of energy. Getting up to run a lot. Did some ball play rolling big ball back and forth. Really liking flash cards, watching my mouth as I say the words. Not interested in a lot of snack. Had a few chips.

7/10/18 – Deb

Dean did well for a short session. Brought new toys today. He had great eye contact today. Enjoyed tickles and imitated “Ann”. No programs on tablet. Recorded only behaviors.

7/11/18 – Deb

Dead did well today. He had lots of energy today, running back and forth. Introduced new toys to generalized to. Dean was very vocal also. Great eye contact. Some mouthing. Only interested in chips for snack this morning.

7/12/18 – Ann

Dean had lots of energy. Used chew tube all session, lots of drooling. Lots of sounds.

7/12/18 – Deb

Dean was full of energy today. Lots of mouthing, using chewy and toys. Lots of drooling. Did well on programs. Dean enjoyed going upside down and tickles. Dean had some Tylenol for his teeth. He seemed tired at the end of the session.

7/13/18 – Ann

Dean did well this morning. Lots of great eye contact. Did foam puzzle with minimal prompts. Sat well with less running into his room.

I am very impressed with Dean this week. He had 3 extra sessions with Deb and he did great doing the double sessions. Summer vacation has caused ABA a lot of cancellations either at the last minute or planned. I am cashing in on this cancellations by requesting Deb to come any time she gets one. Our only request is that the session be done by 1:30, especially if my dad is traveling to come pick me up after work. I am working at home the week of the 16th (just have to come in on Tuesday), so the lateness doesn’t matter to us as much as when I have to travel to work. I think we has three extra sessions with Deb this week as well and one is a two hour session when he usually only gets 90 minutes. You can bet there will be a lot of outside time during my work from home week.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

I was on vacation during this week from Monday to Thursday. I went into work on Friday, because three people in my unit were out and I figured it was just one day to come into work. I still worked Saturday from home along with a lot of other coworkers, because overtime was being offered. That is something that I cannot do anymore. I need my spare time for college. I don’t even get to read (besides Audible when exercising 2x a week for 30 minutes), because when I do have an hour to myself, I want to chill and watch a movie or a tv episode. I would expect my monthly review posts might not be there every month and probably only have one book on there. That’s okay. You might see more movie and tv series posts more often though. Also, a new thing for me, is only blogging on Sunday for an hour. College is that time consuming.

7/2/18 – Deb

Dean was off when I arrived, some whining and flopping. Did well on targets when presented. Enjoyed my pin toy. Had more energy after eating snack. Observed Speech (EI) at end of session.

7/3/18 – Joyce

Dean is making a lot more sounds. 🙂 Some testing, but ends up compliant. Loves Ann’s tactile cards – we will look to get some more. Ate an excellent amount of snack. Going paperless soon!

7/3/18 – Ann

Dean did well this morning. Few times flopping when took his little green block away. Chose lots of different items at snack with pictures.

7/5/18 – Ann

Dean did well especially without my usual toys. Really liked different sets of flashcards. Used his toys for programs. Good generalizing skills.

7/5/18 – Deb

Dean was full of energy today. Lots of sounds throughout session. Did great with toys. Some flopping and mouthing.

7/6/18 – Ann

Dean had a lot of energy to start. Needed items presented quickly to keep him sitting for longer. Only wanted very little of his snack.

Dean had an action packed week full of ABA sessions. He had a ton more energy this week, because he got to sleep in everyday (besides Friday). I was taking him out to the pool every day it was nice, but not 100. Saturday, yesterday when writing this, he got to jump on the outside trampoline. It was too cool for swimming, but perfect for jumping. I cannot wait for the Fall and the air gets a little chill. It will be so nice to be outside and jump on the trampoline with the autumn leaves turning gold. For now, we are enjoying the pool, grilling (there will be a recipe soon for beef kabobs and possible chicken stir-fry), ice cream/popsicles, swinging, and the trampoline. He even runs around outside now without a purpose. To be a kid again…

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

I cannot believe how much easier it is to keep up with my blog now that I have a new blogging schedule. I have been spending more time with Dean and he has been saying more words and communicating better. He says hello now with consistency! It is so great to watch him grow. We have been swimming in the pool a lot and bouncing on the big trampoline when the water was too cool on a mild day in the 70s. He only likes the temperature of the pool on 80 and above days. So, when it was in the 90s, he loved the pool and swam for a good forty five minutes before starting to shiver. He is a little guy, so he doesn’t last in the pool very long before getting cold and tired. There is nothing that he likes better than after swimming for thirty minutes than get into a sun warmed towel and enjoy a cold, refreshing Popsicle.

6/26/18 – Joyce

Dean had a good session overall. Seemed a tad “off”, had a BM (Bowel movement) during session, was better after that.

6/26/18 – Ann

Dean did well today. Discussed toys that he has mastered – shape sorters, rings. Did great with his beads with stick on the string. I’m on vacation July 23 – 27th.

6/27/18 – Joyce

Okay session. Dean clinging to mom today. Seemed to be seeking extra pressure today. Questioned teeth, took temp. Was better after milk.

6/27/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. He was quiet and off today. He enjoyed a book and sitting with mom. A lot of mouthing toys today. Dean said “all done” after his bottle, seemed to cheer up after that. I will be here Monday July 2nd and 9th at 8:15 and 9:45.

6/28/18 – Ann

Dean was making lots of sounds today. Very active first part of session, sat longer after snack. Not interested in chewy – wanting to chew harder blocks.

6/29/18 – Ann

Dead did okay this morning. Quick to flop down or started to cry when frustrated and when didn’t let him chew on a block. Finished up good.

I just got Dean’s results back from his PECS and I will be posting about it soon and comparing it to his intake results. I want to share just how much he has grown and benefited from ABA therapy. ABA isn’t for everyone or for every family, but with my Dad watching Dean during the day, ABA fits right into his schedule. I know that I am constantly going back and forth with whether he will do pre-K or not. The truth is that I really don’t know and I change my mind as I go. I would like for him to go once a week for the first year and then, possibly two to three days the next year. When I say day, I mean three to four hours in the morning. What they call half days. I think he needs peer interaction, but that he would benefit more from ABA at this time.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

Dean had his PEP test on Tuesday and I should know the results this week of how far he has come in 6 months. I will share his results in a separate ABA post. Besides sharing his weekly ABA notes, I wanted to share a little story of what happened on Saturday night when Dean and I were just having a cozy night in. We were on the couch eating crackers watching Paw Patrol and I was on my kindle watching Lost Girl. I can only take so much Paw Patrol. Anyways, Dean kept trying to move onto an end table and each time I touched his leg and said a sharp “No.” to let him know that he couldn’t get up on the table. After about 5 “nos” he got off the couch and tipped over the end table. It made a loud bang as it fell and Dean was stunned. He started screaming and I picked him up. I said on the couch with him and held him tight as I told him over and over that it was going to be okay and that he was going to be fine. Meanwhile, he screamed, cried, and bucked in my arms. He slowly calmed under my firm but gentle pressure surrounding him. It was the first time as a parent that I just knew what to do.

6/19/18 – Ann

Ran items for PEP. Dean did usual toy play items in between test items.

6/19/18 – Stephanie

Re-administered PEP. Discussed progress made in 6 months. Discussed changes in routine and how that impacts him.

6/19/18 – Joyce

PEP administration. Off day, still did very well.

6/20/18 – Deb

Dean did well today, was a little off today. He did well with programs started independently doing shape sorter today. A little flopping today when playing with toy play items. Dean had a lot of babbling today. Dean was drooling a lot and whining at the end of the session. Starting to tip toe walk. Parental Concerns: increasing hours.

6/21/18 – Ann

Dean had a great session. Very focused and completed a lot of toy activities. No flopping to floor until the very end of the session.

6/22/18 – Ann

Dean had a great morning. Very focused on toys and attended well. Lots of great sounds and said “yeah”!

I know Dean is going to have meltdowns, but he also has so many breakthroughs. Last night was one of his worst breakdowns, but I feel like it is nothing compared to the incredible journey of him talking. I feel like God knew what he was doing when He placed Dean with me. We both need each other and I understand him. I have my times of frustration, but most of the time, I have more patience for him than my dad does. I love Dean and I know that he is different. He is not being difficult, just himself. In that moment last night, he couldn’t get what he wanted and he lashed out and frightened himself. I love him through all of his faults and he cannot express his frustration in talking. So, it is physical. He will learn to vent to me and I’ll always be there with an nonjudgmental ear.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

Dean is continuing to do great with ABA therapy. He has started flopping his body back when he doesn’t want to play anymore, but things like this don’t last long. By next week, he will be over it and be enthused again. It doesn’t help that we don’t know exactly what he is thinking. He could have just been bored this past week or wanted to do something else. I cannot wait for more words to become a part of his vocabulary. I am adjusting to this new blogging schedule very well. I usually have two weeks predone and spend less time than I used to making sure posts are going up. I really love blogging, but I need to fit college in. I’m really not cutting back that much. It is every other day, which turns into half the month worth of posts. I also don’t get burned out. I always have something that I want to post. It is refreshing.

6/12/18 – Joyce

Dean did very well with multiple people here. Some testing, new “laying down” behavior. Figured out First/Then contingency. Approximation for “Boo!”

6/12/18 – Ann

Dean did well with additional people present. Interested to greet and interact with them. Started working on “tickles” picture. More flopping when wanting to end play, prompting to say “all done”.

6/13/18 – Deb

Dean was full of energy in the beginning. He enjoyed bubbles, books, and a few toys. Dean approximated “pop” when popping bubbles. He had great joint attention today. Dean started playing with right ear a lot towards end of session and became very tired. Went in gated area to lay down. Dean ate a lot at snack time. Loved being tickled, tried singing songs – seemed uninterested in them. Great pointing.

6/14/18 – Ann

Dean enjoying texture flash cards wanting to do them several times. Increased flopping back when he didn’t want to play. Looking to go into kitchen. Ate a lot at snack. Discussed increasing hours.

6/15/18 – Ann

Dean sat for short times to play toys and then looking to run. Liked bubbles and books. Ate only a little snack. Pointing still looking great.

Also, Dean is loving the pool. We are getting a lot of sunshine and I couldn’t be happier. It is nice to sit by the pool and just relax or in my case, reading my class work. My dad has been very good at giving me an hour a couple of times a week out there at the pool by myself to just study in the sun. It has been so nice and lovely out. I like the hot, muggy weather, but I also love the cold. I’m an enigma, I know.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

It has been a big week of Dean starting to talk and being able to communicate with him. Words cannot even start to describe the joy that I am feeling right now and the pride, oh the pride. I am so proud that my little boy has finally been confident enough to speak and to learn how to talk. I will never be tired of hearing that little voice tell me that he loves me or ask me for milk. He still relies heavily on nonverbal interactions, but that was all he knew all his life. Talking is really, really new to him and I don’t expect him to be an expert any time soon. I will talk anything that I can get. I am not picky about what he says or how he says it. I am just happy that he is talking.

6/5/18 – Ann

Dean had a lot of energy this morning. Moved quickly through toys. Started new inset puzzle. Pushing monkeys away, has become non-preferred. Pointing looks great. Fully independent with 3 different shape sorters.

6/6/18 – Deb

Dean did great today. Did well on programs. He was very vocal. Went over programs with Joyce.

6/6/18 – Joyce

Mom and Mike reported lots of language! “I don’t wanna have it” “Yup” “Goodnight good boy” We heard “Do” and “Yeah”. Lots of nice eye contact. Blew through his toy play. Excellent progress. *Kitchen chair usage-concern.

6/7/18 – Ann

Dean had lots of energy. Enjoyed active play – chasing bubbles, rolling ball. Not interested in snack today. Lots of chewing on chew tube entire session.

6/8/18 – Ann

Dean was eager to play and great eye contact this morning. Pointing looked great. Lisa observed starting at 9 am.

6/8/18 – Joyce

Met Lisa. (Part of Ann’s session). Observed Dean outside on trampoline. Talked briefly about programs and progress.

If I could share any advice right now to someone in my shoes whose child is nonverbal, I would tell them to never give up the hope that their child will speak. Never stop having a one-way conversation to your child. They absorb so much and if it wasn’t for my constant babble, I don’t think he would be talking right now. I talk to Dean about everything from makeup to cleaning. Even if I was just narrating what I was doing, I was always talking to him and I continue to do so. Now, I get the occasional reply, request, or comment. Sometimes, he’ll just repeat a word I say back to me. He’s listening. They are all listening, even if they can’t let you know that they are.

With Love,