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Dean’s ABA Week

This is another long ABA week, but I see that the next ABA week will be a shorter post. On Tuesday of that week, he had a day off, because everyone was going through training, kinda like a development day for teachers. This week I have been able to work from home and it is glorious, I tell you. I love waking up early and getting some homework done. Then, I hope onto my work server and start my day. I’m able to change a diaper here and put a dish away there. I might be folding some laundry, while I’m waiting on the last few minutes before punching out for lunch. It’s great. I don’t have to pack a lunch or change out of my pajamas. I will be in for a shock when I can’t work from home as much or at all depending upon my future job. But I look forward to those surprise Dean run ins where he runs into my room and wants to say hi. It’s great to see your kid “at work” and being able to spend some time with him, even if it is just him playing with a puzzle at my feet while I’m working. I just love it.

9/24/18 – Joyce

Big Data Adjustments: set items moved, mastery changed, maintenance added.

9/24/18 – Ann

Dean was upset throughout session. Listed behaviors: flop, cry, one mouth. Dean was tired this afternoon. Crying with demands. A little better after eating, but pushing preferred foods and bottle away. Great doing several pieces of potato head on his own.

9/24/18 – Joyce

​​Big Data Adjustments: set items moved, mastery changed, maintenance added​.

Suggestions/recommendations/Training Senior Behavior Analyst

9/25/18 – Ann

Dean was very active, increased mouthing. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop. Dean was very active this morning. Tried some new puzzles. Interested but needed prompts to complete. Had pudding at snack so worked on spoon use. Able to do all the motions but needed help to get scoop of pudding on spoon.

9/25/18 – Deb

Dean did great today. He had a lot of energy. He maintained great eye contact and did great with pointing. We worked on sitting while drinking. Dean independently matched one picture. List behaviors observed: mouthing

9/26/18 – Ann

Sat for longer durations, flop when demands were placed. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop. Dean sat for longer durations than yesterday. Some flipping when demands were placed. Did great eating an apple. Doing well with new puzzles.

9/26/18 – Stefanie

Analyzed data Reviewed all targets to increase, determined which targets were mastered and needed to move to maintenance and which targets needed to be trained most-least, reviewed behaviors to decrease, reviewed all programs to determine which ones needed to be individualized. Assessment or Treatment Planning: went over phase adding phase lines to targets, and revised programs with Joyce

9/26/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. He came and Sat down for toys. He did well matching 3 pictures independently. Dean did well on programs Implemented. We worked on sitting while drinking. Dean had fun jumping on the trampoline. List behaviors observed: mouthing

9/26/18 – Joyce

​Big Data: adjusting targets, distribution, number of staff, number of trials etc.

9/27/18 – Ann

Good attending, eye contact. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop. Dean had a great morning. Sat well for toy play. Seeing increased independence with matching. Did well find toy pieces that he needed when placed at a distance from him.

9/27/18 – Deb

Dean did great today on programs. Went over programs with Joyce and started Dean on matching shapes. He did great matching pictures independently. Also worked on Dean choosing songs from the PECS books and requesting. He had great eye contact today. List behaviors observed: mouthing and escaping

9/27/18 – Joyce

Other – Describe: had staff do matching, asked to see identical snap matching, reminded staff to be sure exchange happens when using pecs, modeled for staff page turn of orcs book, showed staff how to begin man’s for songs so that Dean is not only using p ecsbooks for food. Other – Describe: grandparent observed mand for songs

9/28/18 – Ann

Good eye contact, sat well for activities, short attention span last half hour of session. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop, escape. Dean matched 4 different pictures independently. Completed lots of activities first hour, but shorter attention and more active end of session.

9/28/18 – Deb

Dean did great today, he had a lot is energy. Dean independently placed 5 pop beads together after waiting him out a little, placing the potato head arms in and signing ” all done” before getting up. He did great matching objects independently for some trials. He had great eye contact and pointing today. List behaviors observed: mouthing and aggression

With Love,


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Dean’s EI Week

Life has been good so far. I’m still waiting to hear if I got the job. The decision was extended by two more weeks. Fingers crossed that I still get the job! If I don’t, I probably won’t bid on anything until after the New Year when my dad has healed from his surgery. Whatever will be, will be. I have bought a camera, so my picture quality for all the new pictures will be back to more professional standards. I also bought a new phone that I will be showing on my blog once I receive it. I ordered it online and got free 1 to 3 day shipping that I have to sign for. I’m hoping the picture quality will be better. I needed a new phone that I could store music on, since my IPOD touch is an inch away from certain death. I also needed a newer phone with a newer software, so I can download the Influenster, Audible, Walmart Pay, and my Brightspace apps. I’m excited to share that purchase with all of you and it wasn’t that much money either.

9/10/18 – Speech

Using snack pictures well. Lots of sounds. Point has come back. Pointing to pictures for adult to identify. More independent play with toys. Dean was seen at home with mom and Ann from HMEA for a transition meeting. School was invited, but did not show. Hannah still waiting on letter from school acknowledging the referral. Discussed ABA and 1 on 1 needed at school, ABA at home, 4 days (work up to) for socialization, speech, OT services.

  • Contact school to check on referral.
  • Continue to use pictures for choices and label (repeat, repeat, repeat.

9/12/18 – OT

Hannah reported TPC did not happen yet with school and the family has not yet heard from the district. Dean went to the dentist and had an excellent visit.  He has all of his teeth including molars. Dentist commented that his eye contact was good. Dean did excellent today. He sat on balance disc to do 3 consecutive activities. He did some free play with climbing onto box and “falling” off with excellent eye contact and general interaction skills. He strung all of the smaller animal beads! He was swung at the end using picture consistently to request play/swing.

  • Try to use pictures more frequently when playing/eating. He has done so well with them.

Also, if Dean’s speech therapist thinks that I am letting him go to school 4 days a week this soon, she has another thing coming. I only said that I would try 1 half day next year.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA

So, I have been toying with the idea of sharing songs that I have been enjoying lately. I am really into obscure bands and dark music lately. I am been listening to a lot of Starset and I love those guys! Anyways, Dean has been battling a cold. Can you believe that this isn’t a predone post? I’ve been so busy with school that I lost track of my posts and now I have to catch up on writing them. I have been keeping super busy with school and taking care of Dean that I haven’t had much time for my blog. I’m ready for a break from school but that ain’t coming for another 12 weeks. Dean has been making great strides in therapy and I couldn’t be happier. The more time goes on, I can’t help but think what if he stays a child forever? Is that really a bad thing? I don’t think it is and he opens up my eyes to something new everyday that I didn’t see before.

9/17/18 – Ann

Dean was very active to start, but then became more focused and stay longer to play. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop, escape. Dean did well with programs. Started to track escape behavior. Put in 3 pieces of number puzzle independently. Pointing and eye contact were good.

9/17/18 – Joyce

​Generated icons for songs for communication, food items, interactive file games for communication

9/18/18 – Ann

Rough start, much better after first half hour. List behaviors observed:mouth, flop, escape. Dean had a hard time at first with so many people here. Did well after a short time and had a typical session. Great getting more of number puzzle independently.

9/18/18 – Joyce

Discussed programs with family member/therapist/other personnel Discussed big data programs, remove escape tally, anything new set at most to least, check to see what happened to gross motor, print pictures for first then, need generic toy icon, need to add matching to big data. Other – Describe: additional supervisor observing  BCBA provided interactive song icons and two  interactive song boards, frogs and bus.  Child performed well, 3 staff today, required redirection for escape attempts

9/18/18 – Stephanie

Discussed programs with family member/therapist/other personnel: discussed programs and changes needed with Joyce , discussed mouthing and eating of books family has removed them unless he is supervised, making nice progress with pecs. Other – Describe: discussed mikes concerns around school.  EI told the family that Dean has to go to school 4 days.  The family doesn’t feel as though he is ready for that.  Discussed the benefits of school such as being with other kids, waiting, sharing, learning routines etc.  discussed that home Aba could continue but we would be a replacement for school.  Discussed what support he may need and using the evaluation period to go and see the program and what it would look like beige making any decisions

9/18/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. We tried introduced new songs Implemented for him to dance too.  He did well on programs, continues to have great pointing and she contact. We worked on sitting to drink. Attempted to say “hi”, “yay” and “yeah”. List behaviors observed: mouthing and flopping

9/18/18 – Joyce

Modeled programs modeled wheels on the bus with board, modeled exposing to freeze dance. Provided feedback to therapist/family member/other personnel told therapist to keep reading Spot flap book, so not terminate. Other – Describe: instructed therapist to begin exposing to songs like freeze dance and wheels on the bus, therapist noted child stacking 4 blocks, child made approximations that sounded like yay, hi, and yeah, child  smiling , active, attempting to gain eye contact from staff. Other – Describe: Therapist asked questions, asked how many blocks to stack, how many beads to string

9/19/18 – Ann

Did well most of session, fussy last 20 minutes. List behaviors observed:mouth, flop, escape. Dean did well with programs. Began matching identical pictures. Good job making choices with pictures at snack. Hard time at end of session.

9/19/18 – Joyce

Assessment or Treatment Planning
Created Close-ended toy play maintenance program, reactivated gmi program, child could use minimal one additional set of 2D matching cards, moved matching out of distributed trials, mass trials to start

9/19/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. He had great eye contact and attempted to say “yes”. He did great with puzzles today. Dean Sat well during the session. List behaviors observed: mouthing and flopping

9/20/18 – Ann

Sat for longer duration. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop. Dean did well this morning. Continued with new matching program, very interested in the cards. Had fun playing in tunnel. Less protesting with non-preferred toys.

9/20/18 – Deb

Dean did great today. He had lots of new sounds today, very vocal. Did great on pointing and eye contact. I started matching pictures with Dean today. List behaviors observed: mouthing

9/21/18 – Ann

Sat for brief durations, choosing preferred toys. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop. Dean sat for.shorter times than usual. Did better when given choices between activities. Very little mouthing.

9/21/18 – Deb

Dean did great today. He sat well for programs. Dean did well on maintenance today. Dean enjoyed singing he itsy bitsy spider and row row boat. Dean made an attempt at saying “eye” and “arm” while putting the potato head. List behaviors observed: mouthing and flopping

9/21/18 – Joyce

Recommended adjustments made per Regional Director

renaming titles, adjusting domains, changing mass to distributed

created Maintenance Imitation Action with Object (in progress, need to identify mastered items)

With Love,


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Dean’s EI Week

I have just put Dean down for a nap and I bought a bunch of Christmas presents at Walmart today. I am very happy with my purchases. I am hoping to get the job as Product Analyst, so I can hopefully buy Dean a refurbished Ipad to play ABC Mouse on. I would also like an Iphone 6, since I haven’t had a new phone in forever and my Ipod touch is on its way out. I’m also hoping that with this new job that I’ll be able to buy a house this year if I see one that I like that fits us as a family. My dad is having foot surgery in December, so if the job happens and we do find a house, I will probably hire a moving company to move us out of this place and into the new place. It’ll be a pretty penny, but there would be no other choice.

9/5/18 – OT

Dean’s eye was cellulitis from a bug bite. He is still on antibiotics but he is also getting a probiotic. Dean did great today. He sat on balance disc to complete several puzzles followed by deep pressure tickles. He also sat in booster seat, when given a choice of two items, he scanned and pointed to desired item. He also signed all done spontaneously several times. HE strung smaller beads onto string independently. He did well with scanning pictures to choose which snack he wanted.

  • Continue to use pictures for identifying choices.
  • Deep pressure squeezes when agitated.

9/16/18 – Speech

Cellulitis on face being treated with Amox. Dean was seen for a visit with Mike. He made lots of nice eye contact and moved his arms to get us out of way. Dean vocalized a lot and needed to move a lot.

I have my fingers crossed for this job. I finally would be paid what I am worth. When I graduate college, I can get an even better paying job as a Data Analyst and then with some experience, I can move on to be a Statistician. Who knows? I might decide to stay on as a Data Analyst, because there are higher tiers within it. I just want to live a comfortable life with a job that I enjoy doing. Then, if I meet a man, it’s cool and if not, I can support my family myself.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

Again, this is a loaded ABA post, so I am just going to have a short intro. As you know, I am reorganizing Dean’s room and it got me thinking about my own room and closet. I want to take some of his elements and incorporate it into my own closet. I really like the “sweater” bins and I will be using them to hold all of my jeans. I currently share a closet with my dad and basically my room for him to store his stuff in. Once I buy a house, I will be super happy to have my own bedroom and a separate office if I’m that lucky. I will settle with an office/bedroom combo. I got a massive migraine this weekend, so I didn’t really get stuff in his room done. I did some Christmas shopping instead and I am really happy with my finds. I’ll be sharing them soon.

9/10/18 – Ann

Dean was focused, good communication with pictures and pointing. Lisa from EI did transition planning meeting. List behaviors observed: mouthing, only one flop.

9/11/18 – Ann

Dean was focused and did well on programs. Dentist appointment today. Dean had a good morning. Discussed adding PECS to a second page in the book. Ready for more complex puzzles. Took cup away when throwing. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop.

9/11/18 – Joyce

Discussed programs with family member/therapist/other personnel child ready to move to higher level programming, interlocking puzzles , interactive file folder songs, etc, adding 2D identical matching. Other – Describe: beginning to teach page flip with PeCs book.

9/11/18 – Deb

Dean did great today. He was vocalizing more sounds during the session today. Dean had great eye contact. He sat well for activities and enjoyed tickles and bubbles during breaks. List behaviors observed: mouthing and flopping.

9/12/18 – Ann

Dean was very focused and did well on programs. List behaviors observed: mouth. Dean was very happy and playful, seeking tickles. Did great sitting to complete several toys in a row. Started new number puzzle.

9/12/18 – Deb

Dean did great on programs today. He did great with a few different toys. Dean had great eye contact and pointing. He became tired towards the end of the session. List behaviors observed: mouthing. Dean went to the dentist yesterday. Everything looks good with his teeth.

9/13/18 – Ann

Dean was very focused, attended for longer durations than usual. Dean attended well to all activities. Chose PECS from second page of book. Flipped page independently one time. Ate a large snack. List behaviors observed: mouth.

9/13/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. He sat great for activities. We worked on completing various puzzles, Dean did well on them. He had great eye contact when requesting a break. Dean did great pointing also. Dean independently put one pop bead together. List behaviors observed: mouthing and flopping. Mom reported that Dean has completed his antibiotic.

9/13/18 – Joyce

Other – Describe: staff varying toys, client compliant, worked well with staff, no testing. Child appears to be feeling well and has recovered from recent illness

9/14/18 – Ann

Dean sat for briefer durations, whining and seemed tired. Making lots of eye contact and looking up close at people’s eyes. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop. Dean appeared tired. Sat for shorter durations than usual. Starting to link dinosaurs independently.

9/14/18 – Deb

Dean did well, tough beginning of the session but was able to be redirected. Dean had great eye contact today. He did well on programs, independently putting one pop bead together. He did well on the rest of the items. Dean was vocalizing more sounds today. List behaviors observed: mouthing and flopping.

9/14/18 – Joyce

Assessment or Treatment Planning
New song icons for interactive songs/movement/language for child
Added Escape Frequency Tally to Child’s Behavior Plan
More food icons/photos for PECS book

With Love,


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Dean’s EI Week

I’m two or three weeks behind on Dean’s EI updates. I have just been busy with school and redesigning Dean’s room. I just bought a TV mount, so I can mount his TV to the wall. It is a 360 one, so you can put it at various angles. He still is pulling at wires, so I will have to mount it near the doorway to his room. I need to buy a shelf for the cable box to sit on and the wire can go behind the door. The door is hinged to the wall. He kept closing and opening his door and didn’t want his fingers to get caught. I bought organizers for his closet to hang his clothes in there. I am getting rid of the dresser in his room, which was my old dresser. He is eating the wood and it needs to go for safety purposes. I am rethinking his room. I am doing more mounted shelves to keep books and toys that he needs to be supervised when playing. He also needs a new plastic toy box with a removable lid for climbing reasons.

8/29/18 – OT

Dean’s eye continued to get worse. Family brought to MD, who reported non-contagious rash, part of herpes virus. He is on anti-viral, which is causing stomach discomfort. Dean did well today. Interested in puzzle, but his body unsettled so had him sit in working chair. He was unhappy at first but settled in and did several puzzles and strung all beads. Tired. Worked in swing. Initially his body moved erratically, he eventually settled. Each time he stopped, I waited and he got my attention by tapping my leg and reaching for my hands to sign more.

  • Explore with landlord putting in I bolt in beam to allow swing to be indoor hammock to swing him better.

8/30/18 – Speech

Family and Dr. trying to figure out rash/swelling on face for past 12 days. Dean was seen between two ABA sessions. He enjoyed movement, but then he settled and worked on beads. He made choices by pointing and when he was done, he shook his head no and swiped it away. Modeled words for cake, pop, cookie (beads) and farm animals and their noises. “Hi” “Mama”.

  • Continue to model words related to his meals and snacks. Eat, drink, cup, cracker…

I am surprised that is whole wardrobe fit into two hanging organizers. His closet is still full of junk that needs a new home and I am working on that. I have a bag full of his 12 to 18 month clothes (some of his 2 year as well) to donate to a friend of mine who has a 10 month old. I even added in slippers and a hat with gloves that no longer fit Dean. I also put something inside for Jessica as well like a sheet mask. She is a single mom with two young children and I feel for her. I know the struggle and it’s nice to get something for yourself to pamper with. I actually have a 100 anti-wrinkle serum sitting in my closet. She’s in her 30s, so that’s what I’m giving this time. I won it in a Top Hatter auction for $1 dollar. I needed an extra $1 to use my coupon code for $10 and I won a Tarte palette for $10, but the total needed to be over $10.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

I can officially say that switching over to a website for these notes are much easier and more convenient for me. I feel like I am getting more information on how Dean is doing and what goes on and gets discussed during sessions when I cannot be there. I feel like his weekly recap posts are now very long, so I will keep the intros and outros shorter from now on. I am really proud of Dean and everything that he is accomplishing. I have bought Dean’s first Christmas gift. I am going to take a picture of it before I wrap it up and hide it under my bed. This is the time of year that I start buying one thing from Walmart on my weekly trips. Walmart should just sponsor me by now.

9/4/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. He had a period of some flopping. Did well with programs today and had great eye contact. Dean has started drinking his water and spitting on himself. I had him sit while drink. List behaviors observed: mouthing

9/5/18 – Ann

Good session, less mouthing. Dean did well this morning. Put in piece to potato head independently for the first time. Less mouthing. Good making choices with pictures at snack. List behaviors observed: mouthing, flopping

9/5/18 – Deb

Dean did great today on programs. He was independently stacking 4 blocks, opening the pop up toy door and needing less prompts when putting pop beads together. Dean had great eye contact, he sat for a long period of time. List behaviors observed: mouthing

9/6/18 – Ann

Focused, very chatty. Dean was in a great mood, babbling throughout session. Focused well on toys, great eye contact. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop

9/6/18 – Deb

Dean did well today on programs. Dean had great eye contact when requesting a break and requesting more bubbles. He did well with new materials: nesting cups and shape sorter. Dean was very vocal today expressing different sounds as well. List behaviors observed: mouthing and flopping

9/6/18 – Joyce

Therapist varying toys, therapist praised for providing appropriate toys for session, therapist did a nice job keeping client engaged. Grandparent informed new chew tubes in. Grandparent observed most of session.

9/7/18 – Ann

Did well, fussy toward end of session. Dean did well this morning. Increase in pushing materials away and flop towards end of session. Did well with you play. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop

9/7/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. He had great eye contact. Dean did great on programs, getting more nice on materials. Dean did great eating and drinking in his chair. Dean seems a little off balance. Dean was vocalizing more sounds during activities. List behaviors observed: mouthing and flopping

9/7/18 – Joyce

Gave family new chews, Discussed moving to PECS book with family during staff session times, Mike asked for books to be removed temporarily due to mouthing, family to remove bureau, would like solution for toys, bins recommended, family afraid child will climb.

As I am writing this, I am freezing. It is cold in my house at 65 degrees F. It feels like Fall already. I have my comforter wrapped around me and I am about to get up to brew my second cup of coffee today. I have to get started on my homework and I think that I have procrastinated by writing this post long enough. I don’t know what is up next for my blog, but next year, I want to do more lifestyle posts. I am purchasing a camera soon, so I can share my recipes. I’ve been cooking a lot of homemade food and desserts. Besides doing a yearly makeup inventory/declutter and a yearly project pan, I am really just over the whole beauty scene. Anyone else just tired of it and want to do more?

With Love,


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Dean’s EI Week

Dean had his Early Intervention reevaluation for the last free months that he will be seeing his Speech and Occupational therapist. I will be sharing with you all of the info that I have for this test which is called the Battelle test. I don’t feel like this test is too personal, because it is more about his services and how I think he is doing. There is a section about what skills that I want to see him build on and I think that is good to share with other people to show what my expectations are for my son. I love sharing my son’s journey and I will continue to do so. I wanted to let you all know that there will be recipes coming out on my blog. I know I’ve said this before and it hasn’t happened but I am turning over a new leaf. I used to love to cook and over the past year, I have gotten very depressed about Dean’s diagnosis. I think I hid it very well, but I was in a bad way. I want to start doing things that I used to enjoy again and cooking/baking was one of those things. I want to cook healthier meals for my family and try new things. I think that I am going to subscribe to a cooking magazine possibly Family Circle for easy, family friendly recipes that I can ease myself back into.

Evaluation Notes:

Completed annual evaluation today to determine ongoing needs. Dean’s autism diagnosis makes him automatically eligible for 3 years. He has good skills with manipulatives, but difficulty with language based learning attention. Initiated IFSP. Reviewed daily routines and activities that are challenging. OOAIS written to address communication and play.

Health & Eligibility Summary:

Dean is automatically eligible until he is 3 due to Autism diagnosis. His eligibility scores is as follows: Adaptive: 58, Personal Social: 61, Communication: 55, Motor: 84, and Cognitive: 61.

Change in Service Delivery Plan:

Increased hours for ABA to 15 hours a week.

Developmental Summary:

  1. Adaptive
    • Dean feeds himself finger foods.
    • He chews and swallows well.
    • He is drinking out of a straw cup.
    • Weaning off bottle.
    • Practicing open cup.
    • Dips spoon, but not successful with using utensils.
  2. Personal-Social
    • Dean requires constant supervision.
    • He is affectionate with family.
    • Hugs and kisses.
    • Social in a sense that he is interested in people and goes right up to therapists and new people in his home.
    • Dean enjoys being active and movements like swinging, jumping, running, and swimming.
  3. Communication
    • Dean is imitating “mmm” at meals and with a flashcard.
    • He is vocalizing sounds on his own and family hears a word or phrase and then not again.
    • Dean is following some directions with gestures.
  4. Motor
    • Motor skills are an area of relative strength for him.
    • HE enjoys manipulatives such as puzzles, blocks, and bead stringing.
    • He has difficulty with stringing smaller beads and although he is always on the go his motor coordination skills are difficult for him.
    • He is often running and jumping.
    • He often trips and falls.
  5. Cognition
    • Dean is doing better with following daily routines and doing better with following directions with gestural cue provided.
    • His attention to task is variable.
    • He enjoys looking at books, but mostly as a self stim to flip pages of book.

He only had his evaluation this past week, because it is 2 and a half hours long. Three members of the EI staff had to be there to administer the test. He did as well as expected based on his ABA test results a month or two ago. This post is already really long, so I will get say that Dean is improving everyday and everyday is a new challenge for him. Raising an autistic child is challenging, but it builds you up to be a better parent. Only another parent raising an autistic parent will truly understand the challenges you go through and your own personal struggles from the self-guilt, denial, anger, pity, etc. There are so many emotions going through you all at once, hence my recent struggles with depression. I was feeling so worthless and down on myself. Going back to school has helped and trying to do things I used to enjoy. Nothing prepares you for this and its emotionally draining. I would never take it back though. I love Dean just the way he is.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

I now have access to Dean’s portal, so I no longer get written out summaries of how he does. I can access it over the internet instead. I love that I can copy and paste now. For his ABA posts, they are going to be much easier to write and faster. I really appreciate that they have gone paperless. I think I might even have more to say now and to discuss about how Dean is doing with his therapy. On a side note, my camera has pooped out completely and I now have to use my phone to take shitty quality pictures. I cannot wait until I can buy a new camera. I will able to buy one at the end of this month. Also, house update. I will have to wait until next year. I have to pay down my car loan in order to refinance it to get it at a lower payment. My debt to income ratio is keeping me from buying a home this year. The amount of loan that I qualified for isn’t enough to get they type of home that I want. I also become 100% vested in my 411K next year and can borrow against it to use for moving costs, closing costs, and appliances that you need.

8/27/18 – Anne

Dean sat for one activity at a time and then attempted to get up. He was mouthing items and flopping. Dean has an infection near eye that spread, doctor appointment tomorrow, may take him to urgent care sooner. Good picture exchange at snack. Rubbing eye.

8/28/18 – Anne

Dean is flopping when non preferred items presented. He is also mouthing/licking items. New medications for eye/skin infection. Dean attempting to get up after each activity. Good exchange of pics at snack and choosing a variety of items.

8/28/18 – Joyce

Discussed functions of flopping, escape attempts, attention. Grandparent observed part of session, has been leaving room per staff recommendation, child recovering from viral infection, on multiple medications.

8/29/18 – Anne

He continues to mouth items and flop. He may have a follow up for eye/skin tomorrow. Dean was very active and needed quick pace to keep him in task. Discussed skin near eye and follow up appointment. Several instances of drooling.

8/30/18 – Anne

Dean very active. Increased prompts to sit. EI Speech therapist overlap at end of session. He does not have chicken pox. Increase in flopping.

8/30/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. He had some trouble sitting during work. He did well on programs and eye contact today. List behaviors observed: mouthing. Dean still has a rash of some sort on his eye. Mom has brought to doctors to get a diagnosis.

8/30/18 – Joyce

Gave family parent portal info instructions, Discussed chewelry, informed family p and a chew ordered and we will use this first.

8/31/18 – Anne

Dean did well with all toys increased independence with foam puzzle. New medication for face. He quick attended to activities, flipping with non preferred toys. List behaviors observed:flop, mouth.

As you can see, Dean gets 14 hours of ABA services now, which is a big increase from the 6 to 8 hours that he was getting before. He has responded really well for the first week despite fighting an infection under the sink around his eye. He has cellulitis, possible from a bug bite that got infected when the bug bit him. At first, they thought it was the chicken pox, but that came back negative. Once I started taking pictures every day and sending them to his doctor, she came up with the cellulitis diagnosis. I am really happy that it isn’t something more serious. At the moment of writing this on 9/2, he is still suffering with it and it hasn’t improved all that much 3 days on antibiotics.

With Love,


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Dean’s PEC Results

I am finally here to share the results of Dean’s PEC test. These results are personal to Dean’s development and I am very proud of him. He has come such a long way in just 6 months. I am not bragging about my son’s development. I am sharing his journey with others who might be going through the same thing to share that there is hope that one day your child might be independent. Honestly, I have had the best experience with ABA therapy. The three women are amazing with him and he has bonded to them. Simply put, he loves them and I do think that they really care about him. They are invested in our family and Dean’s life. They want to be a part of his life and cannot wait until he is older to help him cope with other life situations.

I will compare him from where he started to where he is now.

Development Area:

  • Imitation
    • Previous Age Equivalent at 2 years old: 0-6 months
    • Now at 2 1/6 years old: 0-6 months
      • He was able to pass 1 test out of 16 with an emerging score for waving goodbye
    • So, there is no difference in his age score, but he couldn’t attempt waving goodbye before. There is some improvement.
  • Perception
    • Previous Age Equivalent at 2 years old: 7-8 months
    • Now at 2 1/6 years old: 16-18 months
      • A big leap in developing these skills.
      • Out of 13 tests, he passed 5 of them and had emerging skills in 3 other tests.
    • He can find items under a cup, show interest in a book, and hear and respond to a clapper. He has emerging skills in responding to gestures and completing a form board.
  • Fine Motor
    • Previous Age Equivalent at 2 years old: 8-9 months
    • Now at 2 1/6 years old: 19-20 months
      • A huge improvement in this area
      • Out of 16 tests, he passed 5 and had emerging scores in 2.
    • He can grasp a dowel, threads beads on a spindle, and flip on a light switch. He has emerging skills in stringing beads and using hands cooperatively.
  • Gross Motor
    • Previous Age Equivalent at 2 years old: 17-18 months
    • Now at 2 1/6 years old: 12-13 months
      • He has regressed a bit in this area, because there has been greater focus on other areas to learn more in. Still, he has lost a few skills that he used to have and will have to relearn them.
      • Out of 18 tests, he passed 3 and had emerging scores in 4. He also lost 4 skills.
    • He can walk alone, carry a ball, and jump up and down on both feet. He has emerging skills in climbing a chair, drinking from a cup, and displaying hand dominance.
  • Eye Hand Integration
    • Previous Age Equivalent at 2 years old: 0-9 months
    • Now at 2 1/6 years old: 14-17 months
      • Another huge improvement in this area.
      • Out of 15 tests, he passed 2 and has emerging scores in 2.
    • He can fit shapes into slots and put blocks in a box. He has emerging skills in fitting pieces into slots by size and stacking blocks.
  • Cognitive Performance
    • Previous Age Equivalent at 2 years old: 0-8 months
    • Now at 2 1/6 years old: 11-12 months
      • A really decent jump in this area as well.
      • Out of 23 tests, he passed 1 and has emerging scores in 1.
    • He can find hidden objects and he has an emerging skill in 2 way sorting.
  • Cognitive Verbal
    • Previous Age Equivalent at 2 years old: 0-15 months
    • Now at 2 1/6 years old: 0-8 months
      • He didn’t regress here. As a child gets older, it is assumed that more words and verbal skills are developed. Dean hasn’t learned anything more, so he scored lower this time around.
      • Out of 27 tests, he didn’t pass any or have any emerging scores. No different than his last test.
  • Overall Development Age Equivalent
    • Previous Age Equivalent at 2 years old: 10-13 months
    • Now at 2 1/6 years old: 14-16 months
      • It is looking up and the improvement means so much more when you break it down by category.

The rest of his PECS, I will not be sharing because it is personal to him and what he needs to work on. I don’t want him to look at my blog later and see me saying what he can’t do all of the time. I want him to see me be proud of him. I just wanted to share how far he has come and share this milestone with all of you. As a fellow parent with autism, you can see how much improvement good ABA can give your child. I don’t think he would have improved so much without it. The rest of the PECS is about his Behavioral Skills, Behavioral Observations, Current Problem Areas, and his corresponding treatment plan. All of this stuff is really personal and I would only share with people close to me. I hope you all understand that some things are just private. I put a lot of our life out here.

With Love,