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Collective April Haul

I am borrowing this blog post type from my friend Danielle over at Dani Writes Reviews. She has a similar type of post on her no buy about what she has bought that month. I really like this sort of post when you don’t really have enough things purchased to do a haul post. I have collected things here and there over the course of April and here is what I have purchased:

Royal and Langnickel Moda Prismatic 4PC Face Perfecting Kit

I had a $10 Walmart gift card from signing up with Ebates and making my first purchase and I also had $2.75 from bottle deposits, so I only spent $5 on this set of makeup brushes out of pocket. I only tried them once and I am really impressed with the big 801 brush. It buffed out my foundation flawlessly in 60 seconds. I am not even joking. I have never done my foundation that fast before and my skin looked more flawless than when I used a Beauty Blender to blend out my makeup.

Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear Cushion Foundation in Medium

I got this in the Walmart clearance section for $6.50 which is 50% off of the original price. I really wanted to try a more matte cushion foundation. Unfortunately, this color is way too dark for me and I will be using this as a contour color instead underneath my foundation. I actually found a foundation that I really enjoy that I am hoping to pick up in May. This would go great underneath that one.


Equate Wedge Sponges

You cannot go wrong with cheap sponges infused with vitamin E for $1.88 for 32. I use this to blend my concealer and to tap on liquid highlighter. They are good quality and I am thinking of using one for nail art, specifically with glitter. I heard they are really good to get an opaque coat of glitter.


Paw Patrol Reusable Plastic Plate

Dean loves Paw Patrol, but he isn’t old enough to use a plate yet. He just likes to throw it.

Max Studio Pet Bed

This pet bed was only $16.99 at Marshalls. The dogs needed a new bed that would fit both of them in there at the same time. This is still roomy with the two of them in there. They love it and will still fight for it, even though there is room for three.

Fido’s Diner Stonewear

This is their new water dish. No more using my bread pans to give them water. It is cute and deep. They both share the water and will actually take turns. It’s cute!

Yankee Candle in Tropic Island Breeze

This was a great candle. It was very tropical and coconutty, while still being very light and refreshing. Sadly, this candle died, when my dad dropped a can on it and the top of the glass shattered. I’m heading to Marshall’s to try to find this one again. If you can find it, I would give it a good sniff. It was worth the $13 that I spent on it, even though it didn’t make it through. It is also a huge ass candle. It’s 22 oz of candle and I saved a few bucks on it. I never had a Yankee Candle before, now I know what the fuss is about.

Clothes for Dean and Me

Dean’s new clothes are from Macy’s size 12 months and they were $11.99 each. My long sweater tunics are from Forever 21 and they were $11.99 buy one get one free. Dean and I still need more clothes. We need more summer clothes. You might see a few shopping sprees in May, because a. It’s my birthday and b. I really need more clothes. I only have a Fall/Winter wardrobe right now. I decluttered a ton of my clothes that don’t fit anymore.

I think I’m going to start a fitness series to keep my weight loss goals on track and to keep on top of my exercise goals. I think I’ll make an intro post and then update once a month.

With Love ❤


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Dean’s Chrisbirthday Present From D

Danielle very graciously bought my son a Christmas and Birthday present. I am very grateful for being gifted with a caring best friend that supports me no matter what decisions I have made in my life. I just hope that I am as great of a friend to her as she is to me, because as far as friends go, she’s pretty amazing.


This is the cutest little penguin ever! Dean enjoys biting on his beak, which all four of Dean’s first molars have erupted! They are half way through his gums. Now, my little boy has twelve teeth. I think he can only get 8 more, so here’s to many more.

She also bought him Micky Mouse pjs, a fleece one piece, and a Paw Patrol shirt, which Dean adores dearly. I love having a few more new things to put him in. He never seems to have enough clothes, especially since half off his pants are too long. He is short for his age. He wears 9 month old pants and clothes. He is a 14 month old in 9 month old clothes.

We have new books to read to Dean and he has tons of new toys to play with. He is blessed with love and that is what is important. He still has a lot of basic toys though. He doesn’t want for anything. I will happily go without to get Dean something he needs/wants. He loves the little train cars and the shapes. He gnaws on the rubber ducky and tries to eat the books as well. He is attached to his big red Clifford that Danielle had bought him months ago now. He sleeps with him at night. It’s so cute to find him in the morning snuggling with a stuffed animal that is almost as big as he is. Well, that is what Danielle got Dean for his birthday and Christmas. He is a spoiled, sweet boy.

With Love,


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February Empties

Another month gone by and another basket full of empties! I have a couple of empties for March waiting to go in here, so I thought that the sooner I write this post, the better. I’ll be saving some of these items for reviews to do in a separate bag, but some of these are repurchases and I won’t be reviewing those unless my opinion changes on them. I think I might have more than last month, but we’ll see soon. 🙂 I’m so happy to be using this stuff up instead of having it sit around. I want to buy new stuff, but not for the sake of just having stuff. I don’t have the storage space for that!


  1. Organics Happy Baby Teethers in Sweet Potato & Banana


  2. Gerber Graduates lil’ Crunchies in Mild Cheddar


  3. Gerber Graduates lil’ Beanies in White Cheddar & Broccoli


  4. Gerber lil’ Meals in Spaghetti Rings


  5. Gerber Graduates Lil’ Biscuits in Vanilla Wheat


  6. Swiss Miss Marshmallow Hot Chocolate


  7. International Delight in Caramel Macchiato


  8. Rite Aid Cinnamon & Clove 18 oz Candle


  9. Nicki Minaj Pink Cupcake 6.2 oz Candle


  10. Infants’ Tylenol in Grape


  11. Paper Mate Ink Joy Blue Pen


  12. Hair Tie

    cotton pads

  13. Swisspers 100 ct Cotton Rounds


  14. Strawberry-Banana Scented 3- In – 1

    Body Lotion

  15. Tree Hut Shea Extra-Rich Moisturizing Lotion in Coconut Lime

  16. Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub in Coconut Lime


  17. Pantene Expert Pro-V Intense Colorcare Shampoo


  18. Earth Enrichments Lavender of the Valley Sugar Scrub


  19. Ren Flash Hydro-Boost

  20. Valentia Night Revive Retinol Serum


  21. L’Oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur Instant Skin Smoother


  22. Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume


  23. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Perfume

24 empties sounds like a good month to me. I have a bag full of empties now to review for you. So, expect a lot of reviews in the weeks to come. I know I’ll have one upload on Friday, but we’ll see how many reviews I’ll have time to write. I’m currently studying for my test, so that is my focus right now. See you next month for my March empties!

With Love ❤

Selena Hannah

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Another Dean Food Haul

I am back with a few interesting posts on the way. I will be having my Pan That Pallet Update, February Empties, a sponsored post from TopHatter, 7 Before Spring Finale, What Dean got for Christmas/Birthday from Danielle, What I got for Christmas from Danielle, as well as review posts. Dean eats a lot of food, so I’m constantly buying stuff for him. I bought him a big 2 lb bag of animal crackers, since they have less sugar in them than the one I bought him below. When I go grocery shopping tomorrow, I’m gonna grab him some more healthy snacks like soft cereal bars and veggie crackers. He needs to get more fruits and veggies which are messy to feed him and he doesn’t really like them. He’s more of a meat and starch little guy.


Gerber lil’ Beanies Original

Walmart only had the plain beanie snack and Dean prefers food with flavor. He still eats them, though. They are just not his favorite plain. He loved the cheese and broccoli ones. I’m going to buy a big bulk pack at Market Basket, because it’s cheaper and comes in a variety pack. He’s an eater, so the container is already half empty and I bought all of this stuff two weeks ago. Go figure!


Plum Organics Might Sticks in Berry Beet

Same deal. Half the pack is gone. Dean loves this and he is getting his fruit and vegetables. It can get a little messy, but it is so worth it. Not sure that I would buy it again, because it is on the pricey side. It is a good, healthy snack for your toddler though.


Gerber Graduates Cinnamon Graham Animal Crackers

Dean loves these crackers/cookies, but now he has the other ones that I bought him. I won’t be repurchasing this one, but he will be finishing it. The bag is almost done as is, so I needed to buy him another snack anyways. I’m trying to phase him into real food/snacks and less on the toddler helping foods. The toddler foods are still great to have on hand, but I’ve been making an effort to feed him “adult” food.

sippy cup

Munchkin Paw Patrol Insulated Sippy Cups

For the first time a few days ago, Dean was able to suck milk out of this. He’s not on sippy cups, yet. He hasn’t figured them out yet, but we try multiple times a day and let him play/explore them. I’m not concerned about it. I plan to take away his bottles, when he is 18 months old/ 1 1/2 years old. At that age, he should be able to drink from a sippy. At that point, he would just be lazy. He was a late bloomer with feeding himself food and eating, so I suspect that he’s a late bloomer with sippy cups as well.

With Love ❤


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January Empties 2017

Well, here we are in the middle of February and I have my January Empties for all of you to enjoy.I will be doing my usual list and if you want to hear my thoughts on the product,  I have a three part empties video, because my SD card is so small.I’m going to invest in a bigger SD card just for videos. Anyways,the videos will be at the bottom of the post. I like doing the video(s), because I can share my thoughts on the products that I normally would not review on my blog due to the samples being smaller than 0.5 ounces and stuff like that. I’m hoping for two makeup empties in Feb. I want to move 1 makeup product out of my collection every month, even if it’s just a sample.


  1. International Delight Coffee Creamer in Caramel Macchiato


  2. Gerber Graduates Arrowroot Cookies


  3. Great Value Fruit & Grain Bars in Apple Cinnamon


  4. Nestle Mini Marshmallows Hot Chocolate


  5. Gerber lil’ meals in Mac & Cheese with Chicken & Vegetables


  6. Gerber Fruit Pick-Ups in Diced Apples


  7. Royal Delights Mocha Instant Pudding


  8. Gerber Graduates lil’ sticks Meat Sticks in Turkey


  9. Nuby Teething Keys


  10. Purina Beggin’ Strips in Bacon Flavor


  11. Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser


  12. The Estee Edit Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack

  13. Lush Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub

    So White Shower Gel

  14. Lush So White Shower Gel

    Secret Body Spray

  15. Secret Body Spray in Rainforest Mist Brazil


  16. Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect After Sun Moisturizer


  17. Formula 10.0.6 No Time To Shine Mud Mask

  18. Evian Facial Spray

    Cleansing Gel

  19. Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Deep Dive Cleansing Gel


  20. NIA 24 SPF 30 Lotion


  21. Colgate Cavity Protection


  22. Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion Pore Perfecting Exfoliator


  23. Sephora Instant Moisture+ Cream


  24. Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel

I managed to use up 25 products in January, which I feel is a good number and yes, I know some of them are Dean/Dog empties.I’m counting them towards my stuff as well, since I buy these items. I have started to recycle my empties that are recyclable as well, since I now have a recycling bin at the new place.

I hope you all enjoy and have a great Saturday!


With Love ❤


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Dean Food Haul

Hey guys!


I am back with a Dean food haul. I had to refill his snacks and a couple of meal items to his stash. Yes, he has his own cabinet of food and snacks. He doesn’t just eat baby geared food. He eats fruits and veggies. He is having an avocado this week and trying jello for the first time. I poured the mixture into ice cube trays, so the jello would be cubed. And its technically flavored gelatin, since it has protein in it and regular jello doesn’t. It makes it easier for Dean to hold onto a cube and feed himself jello. Any who, here are the treats that I bought him at Big Y this month.


Gerber lil’ Beanies with Cheddar & Broccoli

Dean ate these up already! I love that these are healthy and made with protein packed beans and healthy broccoli. Dean is a snacker/grazer, so I really strive to find healthy snacks for him that he likes. I was buying the Cheeto version of this product and I won’t repurchase. Corn flour is just empty calories. These have white beans and a previous can that I bought was made with whole wheat. I will stick with the good calories of whole wheat and beans rather than the corn and rice flour. Dean doesn’t taste the difference.


Gerber Graduates Lil’ Biscuits in Vanilla Wheat

Again, these are cookies made with whole grain and filled with essential vitamins and minerals. He already had one today and loved it. He ate every last bit, even the bit that fell on himself. He gets a cookie a day, but these and other ones that I buy have a healthy aspect to it. They are also very low in sugar, 1 gram or less. I can feel good about giving him a treat during the day and these aren’t messy either. He has banana cookies made with real bananas that are really messy and I only let him have it in high chair or in the tub before a bath. In the bath, is also where I let him enjoy a few licks of a lolly pop.


Gerber 2nd Foods Beef & Beef Gravy

Dean doesn’t like to eat meat all that much, but I bought him turkey hot dogs that he loved by Gerber. I’m hoping that he will like to eat some beef that is easy for him to eat. Minced meat is also great to add in Mac N Cheese and other foods. I might try my hand at some ravioli. I can also use it as spread on a piece of toast for Dean. He loves his toast. I can see a lot of potential uses for this product. Hopefully, he likes it.


Gerber Lil’ Meals Spagetti Rings in Meat Sauce

Dean loves spagetti rings, so I had to grab him another little meal of this. It lasts for four or five meals and he really enjoys it. I love how healthy these little meals are and they are super quick to heat up. They are easy meals for when we are eating something that isn’t safe for Dean to have. This is a repurchase. When Chef B is on sale, I buy a few cans of that instead of this, but Gerber is definitely the healthier choice.

Tippy Toes Puffed Snacks Cereal in Strawberry Apple & Blueberry

Dean has recently gotten into cereal eating, so I decided to buy some more and this brand was two for three dollars. He only has a third of a bottle left of the Gerber cereal, so he will be trying this one soon. Dean eats a lot of whole grains and cereal. I’m trying to get him into oatmeal, but he doesn’t really like it. A couple of flavors will keep him interested. He is really into feeding himself, so easy to eat food is a must.

Well, that is it for this Dean haul! I hope you enjoyed and let me know what your little one is enjoying. Dean is 13 1/2 months old for reference.

With Love ❤


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Macy’s Haul For Dean

I bought so many cute things at Macy’s for Dean. I shopped his clothes online. Right now, his is a size 9 to 12 months, but some of his size 9’s and 12’s don’t fit. He is a bit wider than the average baby and he grew in length, so some things have become too tight/snug to wear comfortably. I bought him 18 month old clothes, which is the next size up from 12. Honestly, I see him in that size until the end of next year. He’s a really slow grower in weight, but he looks heavier than he is. He’s such a healthy baby boy! I bought his 14 outfits online when there was a 60 or 65% off sale, plus an extra 25% off of clearance. So, I bought him all clearance clothes. They were holiday themed though. Are those already on clearance? That’s fast. As always, I’ll tell you the original price, then what I paid for it. There are a ton of cute stuff, so let’s get into it!

Carter’s Best Gift Ever Bodysuit in Ivory 18m, for $12 paid $4.99 USD

Sorry that the clothes are a bit wrinkly. I plan on cutting off the tags and washing everything after he opens his presents on Christmas. I wrapped up each individual out fit as one present. This was such a steal at 5 dollars and really cute as well. He really was the best gift ever for me, since he was born the day after Christmas. I can see putting him in this throughout the year next year. I mean, it is Christmasy, but he usually get wears these around the house unless it is summer otherwise we layer with pants and a sweater. No one will really see this out of season and you know what, who cares? At least, he is wearing clothes that are clean and fit him.

Carter’s Silent Night Bodysuit in Red 18m, for $12 paid $4.99 USD

Another steal for just 5 bucks. This one I can see wearing year-round without a care, because let’s face it, I would love a silent night just once. LOL. These seem like they will be big on him, but he is still in 9 month bodysuits. I wanted clothes that he could grow into at an affordable price. I always hear to size up your child, because they have unreliable growth spurts. Once he gets to be a toddler, it’ll be easier to buy him clothes I think. It’s so hard trying to guess what size he’s going to stay at. I mean, he is almost a year old and still in some 9 month old clothes, but some of the 18 month clothes that I bought him doesn’t look too big on him. Some of the clothes are snug fit (non pajamas), which fits him better than the pajamas.

Carter’s Hunk 1 Pc in Red 18m, for $20 paid $6.99 USD

Now, this outfit seems INSANELY huge for Dean right now, but I’m sure that he will grow into it. This is something light that can be used during the summer, but will be great in the Spring or Fall with a nice jacket or sweater. I like easy pieces that I can put him in with little fuss. He doesn’t like to be changed, so outfits have to be quick on and quick off. Dean loves watching baseball, so when I saw this baseball player themed outfit, I knew he would love it. It would be great as part of a Halloween outfit as well. Maybe, I’ll go as a ball girl, Dean will go as a player, and my dad will go as the referee. That would be funny, but a cute family photo. The possibilities are endless with children clothing. Anything goes for kids.

Carter’s Sports Print 1 Pc in Blue 18m, for $20 paid $6.99

This one piece is snugger fitting and cotton. Dean has 4 pairs of fleece pajamas, but the apartment is kept warm, so he only wears those out. Even though these aren’t meant to be Pajamas, I thought that they would be good to wear at night when it’s a little cool without a blanket. He still doesn’t seem with a blanket yet. In the Spring, I can see Dean wearing this out. I like cute little quick outfits, but I know that in the Spring, I will have to fit him for shoes and socks. Dean still eats his feet, so he doesn’t really wear socks.

Carter’s 3 Piece Micro Set in Tan 18m, for $32 paid $11.99 USD

I just loved this fur jacket. I worried that it’s a bit girly, but was assured that its not too girly. I love this outfit.It’s hard to write about all of these outfits, when I’m thinking about packing up and moving. I have to change my address for my bank, my work, my credit cards, my health insurance, dental insurance, doctors’ offices, and I’m just feeling a little overwhelmed. I’m so excited as well. I’m packing up all the games, books, and clothes that I want to donate this week. A friend of mine at work is taking all of it, because her daughter is a professional cosigner and she needs it more than I do. It makes me feel good as well, so there’s that. I just want to start fresh at the new place. No more dragging things with me that I won’t use. I’m also donating my mini fridge. Well, it’s not that mini. It’s a half size refrigerator.

Carter’s 4 Piece Skiing Polar Bear Pajamas in Blue 18m, for $34 paid $12.99 USD

I thought that these polar bears were really cute and he needs some cotton pjs. He mostly has fleece one pieces and he’s getting older. He needs more two piece outfits in his wardrobe. I also just love him in leggings. LOL

Carter’s 2 Piece Bodysuit Canmo-Print in Yellow 18m, for $20 paid $7.99 USD

I couldn’t find any grandpa and grandson clothes, so I bought a few Daddy and son ones. Dean will grow up and know the truth, but there is no harm to looking up to my dad as a father figure when he has none. Dean loves my dad and now tells us all the time that he loves us. It’s so cute. Dean won’t understand what his shirt means, but I do and that’s all that counts. My dad loves Dean just as much as Dean loves him.

Carter’s 2 Piece Long-Sleeve in White/Green 18m, for $22 paid $6.99 USD

I thought that this was such a boy outfit and that Dean would like it as he gets older. The pants are super soft and lined with fleece, but this outfit is not pjs, just made to keep warm. I cannot believe how cheap all of these clothes were. Such a deal!

Carter’s 2 Piece Leader of the Pack in Blue 18m, for $20 paid $7.99 USD

I got this, because we have two dogs and Dean is the new leader of the pack (all humans are leaders of their pack). I love the Aztec inspired print on the leggings. I still felt like he would a few of these bodysuits with the snap closure. If we start potty training, I would just leave it unsnapped.

Carter’s 2 Piece Pajamas in Red Stripe 18m, for $20 paid $7.99 USD

I thought this outfit was adorable an I can see him wearing this to bed and on lazy Saturdays in. These are thermals, which means that he could wear this under a pair of fleece pjs going out or under a thick sweater and a pair of pants.

Carter’s 2 Piece Long Sleeves in Grey 18m, for $22 paid $6.99 USD

My dad is hoping that Dean will be interested in baseball; hence, all the baseball themed outfits. Dean already seems to be interested, but time will tell. Maybe, he’ll be a famous baseball player and I’ll get to retire in my 40s. A mom can dream!

Carter’s 4 Piece Penguin PJ set in Green 18m, for $34 paid $12.99 USD

This is the last set that I bought. Dean went to see Santa at Church on Sunday (This Sunday is the kid’s pageant!). He had a grumpy face and wanted to cry. LOL. Poor baby. He loved designing his own bulb for the tree and a Santa hat. The Church was making adorable goodies to take home. Next year, I’m going to stick around for the mason jars where you could layer ingredients for cookies! They were so pretty when finished.

That’s all for today, I’m out of time!

With Love ❤



Mini Christmas Haul

This is not everything that I have purchased Dean. It is just the start of Christmas shopping for him. I bought a ton of clothes for him from Macy’s, which you will see that haul coming up soon. I have a lot of hauls coming up what with a $25 dollar gift card from work, that $50 Visa one, and the rest off Dean’s Christmas money to spend. It really is the most wonderful time of the year and I have a housing interview coming up, so we might be moving in the new year. So much excitement and things to look forward to, not to mention that Dean is turning 1 years old in 13 days! Let’s get to the baby haul!


I bought this as part of the gift grab from work. I ended up with such a cute gift that my best friend from work Amanda bought. This is the second year in a row that I have ended up with the gift that she bought. This gift was a hit at work with the cat lovers in my unit.


I want Dean to have some developmental toys as well as ones just for fun. This one teaches him different sizes and colors. He also likes toys that rattle, so the red one will probably be his favorite. I’m thinking about buying some blocks with the alphabet on it as well.


Dean already has this toy, but the batteries died and they cost $15 dollars verses just buying the whole toy again for $9. He hasn’t grown out of it, so I know he’ll enjoy the music again. He just loves toys that are musical and shows with songs in it.


Dean has been watching the commercials forever for this and every time he gets really excited for it. I think my dad is more excited than Dean. LOL. I know he will be happy to see the car go around and lighting up the track. He really loves lights, so he loves the Christmas tree as well. I will be sure to review these toys after he has played with them for a good while.

Well, that’s it for this little haul. I hope you all enjoyed it.

With Love ❤


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A Day Off Haul

Yesterday, I finally took my little one apple picking at the end of the season. I strapped him to my chest in his carrier and he managed to slap a few apples off the tree. We have about 5 baby apples, which were the ones Dean “picked”. The orchard had a little store and you buy your apple bag first and then go picking, which is different from other places. Other places give you a bag and then weigh your apples afterward. I only paid 11.99 plus tax (for the bag, which was only about a quarter).

We had a great time picking our own apples, which were Red Delicious, MAC, Fuji, Pink Lady, Macoun, and Courtland. Only Red Delicious, Pink Lady, and Courtland are in season, but we managed to pick a few good ones still remaining on the other trees. They had a beautiful store of already picked apples, a bakery, and tons of homemade canned goods. They are opened year round, so I’ll definitely be back.

I had to buy a few things from the store, of course! I bought a 1/2 gallon of apple cider, because the one at Walmart sucks and I wanted to see if there was a difference. This was even cheaper than Walmart at 3.75 USD. I really wanted to try some apple butter, but they were all out. I opted for apricot butter instead, which I hope will taste amazing on my morning toast. It was 2.85 for 9 oz, which is a steal! The big jar of apricot preserves was 6.20 for a pound! My dad and I love apricots, so we had to get this. I also bought an apple cider powered doughnut and a piece of apple crisp, not pictured because it was gone in the car. 🙂 From there, I went to Walmart for some food essentials and odds and ends.

These were on a little clearance food display for a dollar a piece. I got both varieties to put in a little glass bowl at my desk at work for a little chocolate pick-me-up. It was really cheap, so I was like “Why not?”. I’ve never had these flavors before.

This is the NUK Learning Cup, which is essentially a sippy cup with a bottle nipple like spout. I think that Dean will take to this one a lot better. It is most similar to a bottle, so I’m hoping it will be a smooth transition and that he will immediately take to it. It’s a little girly, but this was the only design they had. If he takes to it, I will invest in some boy ones for him. My goal is to get rid of the bottles by 1 years old. Hopefully, he likes this one and after he’s one, we will learn how to use a regular cup. Maybe, he will use the 360 cup then, because he would be older and can figure it out better. I’ll be sure to review the bottles that he uses (Parent’s Choice), before I get rid of them.

I am definitely coming down with something. I’ve had massive migraines, stuffy noise, and sore throat. I bought hand sanitizer for my desk at work to keep myself as protected as possible. I need gentle medicine, since I am still breast feeding. The Equate version of Thereaflu is a lot cheaper and works just as well. I used a packet last night and it tastes just like a sweetened cup of tea. It took care of my stuffy noise and sore throat. I wish I bought more than one box, but hopefully, I don’t have a cold for very long. I’m taking the second packet in an hour or so. Like I said, I have to be very careful with how much and what type of medicine that I use while breast feeding. I do better with drinkable meds than pills anyways. I’ve always used meds that dissolve in water, once I found out that they worked better for me than traditional pills.


I love the PaperMate InkJoy pens a lot. The packet of pens that I bought for school are almost running out, so I needed replacements fast. I’m through half the course and I already filled up my notebook as well. These pens were cheap at under 4 USD. I have a few more colors as well such as light green and brown to color code with. I might need to replace my highlighters as well, since they aren’t working as well as before.

Well, that is my little Friday haul. I hope you all enjoyed it. I enjoyed my day off yesterday and I hope I can be just as productive the rest of this weekend.

With Love ❤



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August Empties

My bag is overflowing from all of the empties I have in there. I am hoping that there is at least twenty products in there. I was really dedicated last month in using up products that just had a little bit left in them. I still have a few almost empty products that I’m sure will be empties in September. I’m so happy for myself! I cannot wait to see how many products I actually used up. I will be coming back Sunday and Monday with new posts, since it is a long weekend! This might be a long one!

nursing pads

1. Lansinoh Nursing Pads, 60 count = 30 day supply

milk bags

2. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, 50 ct


3. Pantene Pro V Deep Cleanse Purifying Shampoo

cotton pads

4. Swisspers 100% Cotton Rounds


5. Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars in Pecan Crunch


6. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Smooth Light Roast Coffee


7. Degree Men Motionsense Dry Spray Extreme 48H Antiperspirant


8. Rite Aid Feminine Care Cleansing Cloths


9. Dunkin’ Dark Coffee

leave-in hair conditioner

10. Aveeno Nourish + Condition Leave-In Treatment

bubble bath

11. Groovi Beauty Pink Champagne Bubble Bath


12. Tarte Tarte Guard SPF 30

Face mask

13. Kalos Triple Threat Detox Masque

nail polish
L to R: LA Girl Flare in NL33 Neon Yellow, Avon in N910 Sweet Mint, Sephora in 83 Jungle Playground, H&M in Mad Mint, Julep in Amy, Color Club in 984 Wild Cactus

14. L.A. Girl Flare in Neon Yellow


15. It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product


16. Forever 21 Love & Beauty Cucumber Sheet Mask For Sensitive Skin


17. Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Sample


18. Olay Fresh Effects Swirled Mattifier Sample


19. Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream in Light to Medium Sample


20. Olay Regenerist Luminous Moisturizer Sample


21. Chanel Le Lift Sample


22. Gevalia Kaffe French Roast Coffee


23. Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in 010 Fair

Royal Rose Serum

24. Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum

BB Cream

25. Marcelle BB Cream in Golden Glow

Face butter

26. Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter Sample


27. Malibu Ultra Body Lotion Sample


28. Hair Tie

cleanser (2)

29. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

Wow! Almost 30 products that I have used up. This is so amazing! I cannot wait to see what I use up in September. I don’t have any empties so far, but I’m sure that I will start using things up left and right. I have nothing to repurchase yet. I haven’t used up the last of anything important in my skin care routine, plus I have plenty of back ups! I will be buying a few school/college supplies next week when I get my books for my class AIT 131 Essentials of Information Technology. I love shopping for college/class supplies. Maybe, I’ll get some supplies for my desk as well. Anyways, I’ll be hitting the dollar tree and Walmart for supplies next week I’m supposed to get my books on Thursday!

With Love ❤