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New Furniture

So, I bought the cube organizer and desk during Walmart’s black Friday. I got $20 off the cube shelf and $210 off of the desk. It was a $300 desk for $90. It was such a steal and it is made of real wood. The cube organizer has some real wood but then it also has some processed wood and really hard particle board stuff. I really love both. I didn’t like the knobs on the desk, so I’m on the hunt for my own.

My dad bought me a black desk chair, so I bought a white fluffy seat cover for it. It came in the mail a few days ago and I’ll get a picture up of it soon. It looks so much better in the room with the white cover on it. I’m not crafty enough to make my own. Now, I’m inspired to do a room tour. I’m gonna do a room tour, so you can see my bedroom and I’ll say a little something about every picture. Gosh, I’m excited!

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Christmas 2017

I took two blogging days off for Christmas and Dean’s birthday. Dean is officially two years old now. He has so many toys and I know he’ll still have gifts coming in from D on Monday. My landlord and landlady gave Dean a book for Christmas and he also got a bulldozer from Stephanie. I really appreciate all the gifts for Dean. Here’s a look at our tree on Christmas Eve.

Dean has two ornaments now: one for every Christmas. I had to put Shadow on the tree, of course! We had a happy low key Christmas with some sledding action. We will probably go sledding once a day, since I am home the rest of this week. I burned my Christmas tree candle from Bath & Body Works and the green wax turns red when it is burning. Then, it turns back to green when cooled. It is pretty neat! I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year as well. I’m hoping to be starting a few new things on my blog. There are a lot of upcoming personal changes in the New Year. I’m going back to college, trying to get a better paying job, and possibly working from home if the better paying job doesn’t work out. I have a lot of posts that I am planning for the coming weeks. I’m hoping I can get a few out of the way while on vacation.

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Macy’s Haul For Dean

I bought so many cute things at Macy’s for Dean. I shopped his clothes online. Right now, his is a size 9 to 12 months, but some of his size 9’s and 12’s don’t fit. He is a bit wider than the average baby and he grew in length, so some things have become too tight/snug to wear comfortably. I bought him 18 month old clothes, which is the next size up from 12. Honestly, I see him in that size until the end of next year. He’s a really slow grower in weight, but he looks heavier than he is. He’s such a healthy baby boy! I bought his 14 outfits online when there was a 60 or 65% off sale, plus an extra 25% off of clearance. So, I bought him all clearance clothes. They were holiday themed though. Are those already on clearance? That’s fast. As always, I’ll tell you the original price, then what I paid for it. There are a ton of cute stuff, so let’s get into it!

Carter’s Best Gift Ever Bodysuit in Ivory 18m, for $12 paid $4.99 USD

Sorry that the clothes are a bit wrinkly. I plan on cutting off the tags and washing everything after he opens his presents on Christmas. I wrapped up each individual out fit as one present. This was such a steal at 5 dollars and really cute as well. He really was the best gift ever for me, since he was born the day after Christmas. I can see putting him in this throughout the year next year. I mean, it is Christmasy, but he usually get wears these around the house unless it is summer otherwise we layer with pants and a sweater. No one will really see this out of season and you know what, who cares? At least, he is wearing clothes that are clean and fit him.

Carter’s Silent Night Bodysuit in Red 18m, for $12 paid $4.99 USD

Another steal for just 5 bucks. This one I can see wearing year-round without a care, because let’s face it, I would love a silent night just once. LOL. These seem like they will be big on him, but he is still in 9 month bodysuits. I wanted clothes that he could grow into at an affordable price. I always hear to size up your child, because they have unreliable growth spurts. Once he gets to be a toddler, it’ll be easier to buy him clothes I think. It’s so hard trying to guess what size he’s going to stay at. I mean, he is almost a year old and still in some 9 month old clothes, but some of the 18 month clothes that I bought him doesn’t look too big on him. Some of the clothes are snug fit (non pajamas), which fits him better than the pajamas.

Carter’s Hunk 1 Pc in Red 18m, for $20 paid $6.99 USD

Now, this outfit seems INSANELY huge for Dean right now, but I’m sure that he will grow into it. This is something light that can be used during the summer, but will be great in the Spring or Fall with a nice jacket or sweater. I like easy pieces that I can put him in with little fuss. He doesn’t like to be changed, so outfits have to be quick on and quick off. Dean loves watching baseball, so when I saw this baseball player themed outfit, I knew he would love it. It would be great as part of a Halloween outfit as well. Maybe, I’ll go as a ball girl, Dean will go as a player, and my dad will go as the referee. That would be funny, but a cute family photo. The possibilities are endless with children clothing. Anything goes for kids.

Carter’s Sports Print 1 Pc in Blue 18m, for $20 paid $6.99

This one piece is snugger fitting and cotton. Dean has 4 pairs of fleece pajamas, but the apartment is kept warm, so he only wears those out. Even though these aren’t meant to be Pajamas, I thought that they would be good to wear at night when it’s a little cool without a blanket. He still doesn’t seem with a blanket yet. In the Spring, I can see Dean wearing this out. I like cute little quick outfits, but I know that in the Spring, I will have to fit him for shoes and socks. Dean still eats his feet, so he doesn’t really wear socks.

Carter’s 3 Piece Micro Set in Tan 18m, for $32 paid $11.99 USD

I just loved this fur jacket. I worried that it’s a bit girly, but was assured that its not too girly. I love this outfit.It’s hard to write about all of these outfits, when I’m thinking about packing up and moving. I have to change my address for my bank, my work, my credit cards, my health insurance, dental insurance, doctors’ offices, and I’m just feeling a little overwhelmed. I’m so excited as well. I’m packing up all the games, books, and clothes that I want to donate this week. A friend of mine at work is taking all of it, because her daughter is a professional cosigner and she needs it more than I do. It makes me feel good as well, so there’s that. I just want to start fresh at the new place. No more dragging things with me that I won’t use. I’m also donating my mini fridge. Well, it’s not that mini. It’s a half size refrigerator.

Carter’s 4 Piece Skiing Polar Bear Pajamas in Blue 18m, for $34 paid $12.99 USD

I thought that these polar bears were really cute and he needs some cotton pjs. He mostly has fleece one pieces and he’s getting older. He needs more two piece outfits in his wardrobe. I also just love him in leggings. LOL

Carter’s 2 Piece Bodysuit Canmo-Print in Yellow 18m, for $20 paid $7.99 USD

I couldn’t find any grandpa and grandson clothes, so I bought a few Daddy and son ones. Dean will grow up and know the truth, but there is no harm to looking up to my dad as a father figure when he has none. Dean loves my dad and now tells us all the time that he loves us. It’s so cute. Dean won’t understand what his shirt means, but I do and that’s all that counts. My dad loves Dean just as much as Dean loves him.

Carter’s 2 Piece Long-Sleeve in White/Green 18m, for $22 paid $6.99 USD

I thought that this was such a boy outfit and that Dean would like it as he gets older. The pants are super soft and lined with fleece, but this outfit is not pjs, just made to keep warm. I cannot believe how cheap all of these clothes were. Such a deal!

Carter’s 2 Piece Leader of the Pack in Blue 18m, for $20 paid $7.99 USD

I got this, because we have two dogs and Dean is the new leader of the pack (all humans are leaders of their pack). I love the Aztec inspired print on the leggings. I still felt like he would a few of these bodysuits with the snap closure. If we start potty training, I would just leave it unsnapped.

Carter’s 2 Piece Pajamas in Red Stripe 18m, for $20 paid $7.99 USD

I thought this outfit was adorable an I can see him wearing this to bed and on lazy Saturdays in. These are thermals, which means that he could wear this under a pair of fleece pjs going out or under a thick sweater and a pair of pants.

Carter’s 2 Piece Long Sleeves in Grey 18m, for $22 paid $6.99 USD

My dad is hoping that Dean will be interested in baseball; hence, all the baseball themed outfits. Dean already seems to be interested, but time will tell. Maybe, he’ll be a famous baseball player and I’ll get to retire in my 40s. A mom can dream!

Carter’s 4 Piece Penguin PJ set in Green 18m, for $34 paid $12.99 USD

This is the last set that I bought. Dean went to see Santa at Church on Sunday (This Sunday is the kid’s pageant!). He had a grumpy face and wanted to cry. LOL. Poor baby. He loved designing his own bulb for the tree and a Santa hat. The Church was making adorable goodies to take home. Next year, I’m going to stick around for the mason jars where you could layer ingredients for cookies! They were so pretty when finished.

That’s all for today, I’m out of time!

With Love ❤



Mini Christmas Haul

This is not everything that I have purchased Dean. It is just the start of Christmas shopping for him. I bought a ton of clothes for him from Macy’s, which you will see that haul coming up soon. I have a lot of hauls coming up what with a $25 dollar gift card from work, that $50 Visa one, and the rest off Dean’s Christmas money to spend. It really is the most wonderful time of the year and I have a housing interview coming up, so we might be moving in the new year. So much excitement and things to look forward to, not to mention that Dean is turning 1 years old in 13 days! Let’s get to the baby haul!


I bought this as part of the gift grab from work. I ended up with such a cute gift that my best friend from work Amanda bought. This is the second year in a row that I have ended up with the gift that she bought. This gift was a hit at work with the cat lovers in my unit.


I want Dean to have some developmental toys as well as ones just for fun. This one teaches him different sizes and colors. He also likes toys that rattle, so the red one will probably be his favorite. I’m thinking about buying some blocks with the alphabet on it as well.


Dean already has this toy, but the batteries died and they cost $15 dollars verses just buying the whole toy again for $9. He hasn’t grown out of it, so I know he’ll enjoy the music again. He just loves toys that are musical and shows with songs in it.


Dean has been watching the commercials forever for this and every time he gets really excited for it. I think my dad is more excited than Dean. LOL. I know he will be happy to see the car go around and lighting up the track. He really loves lights, so he loves the Christmas tree as well. I will be sure to review these toys after he has played with them for a good while.

Well, that’s it for this little haul. I hope you all enjoyed it.

With Love ❤


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Holly Golightly

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I recently used up a fourth of my Holly Golightly Bubble Bar from Lush’s Christmas Collection. I have to say that this one is very festive and I would repurchase this one. It has a strong cinnamon scent that I love, the bubbles were overflowing, and the water was a bright green with swirls of silver luster. It was every girl’s fantasy glitter dream (if it was in purple/pink = even better!). It is the only Christmas bar that I’ve tried that has had a scent to it that does not disappear in the bath. It stays strong and you don’t need a candle. A cinnamon candle would just enhance the experience really. I’m not sure if I am buying Lush this year, because most likely, I will forget about it with the new baby and all. So, this year, I am saving up $150 for a new mattress and see if I can find a cheap frame that I like. That is what I am buying myself for Christmas this year: a new Queen sized bed. You all know that currently, I sleep on a stack of twins like the Princess & the Pea.

Holy GoLightlyHolly Go LightlyLushLushLushLushLushLush

Happy Monday!

With Love,


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Belated Monday, So Update Tuesday

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Here is an update on what’s been going on in my blog. So, I am officially two days behind on 25 Days of Christmas Blogging. I will be making these posts up this weekend. Do not fear! lol. Anyways, I have three different hauls coming up this weekend. My car was also fixed, so Christmas is back on at my place. I will be shopping this weekend, so I will be having more posts this upcoming week. There will be Christmas shopping hauls, Christmas Tree Shopping, tree decorating, apartment decorating, how to wrap presents, and so much more. I have a lot of posts planned that is going to be more personal than just making gift guides and Christmas Lists.

In the New Year, I am planning on buying more furniture pieces, so that my apartment is more homely. When you see my apartment pictures, keep in mind that the simplistic way that I live will not be permanent. I fully plan on getting more furniture when I can afford it. When I finish up decorating rooms, I will take you on a tour. I might even be doing some Youtube videos. What do you all think? I, of course, will be off the camera. What do you think about unboxing videos? Do you have any suggestions? Also, what would you guys want to see next post wise? It doesn’t have to be holiday related. How do you feel about New Year resolutions? I really appreciate the feedback and hope that at least one person, not including Dani, comments back, because it will really help this blog to be so much better.

I want to improve my blogging format and start a blogging schedule when not doing a blogging event (My current blogging events are Julamorous, Octoberfest, and 25 Days of Christmas). I think that I may blog on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday for sure every week and anything else would just be extra. I need time in my life to do other things, but I love blogging so much that it might be a struggle not to blog sometimes. On the days, that I don’t plan out a blog post, would you like to see my day in pictures? I think that might be fun and I wouldn’t have to think about what to say. Anyways, this is getting long, so I’ll say goodbye here.

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo

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November Favorities

Heya Aspring Gurus!

I have a few unfavorites, before I start my favorites post. My first unfavorite is that my stupid Kindle Fire decided to die when it did. I had to go through half on my savings, only to freaking discover that a few days later, that my stupid car would get air stuck in the radiator. My dad cannot get the bubbles out, so it’ll have to go to a friend’s shop and possible cost HUNDREDS of dollars. There goes my Christmas, really. I’m still buying gifts, but small ones. No decorations or Christmas tree. Maybe, I’ll buy some decorations on clearance for next year. It’s really been a crappy month, except Thanksgiving was amazing! I loved spending that time at home relaxing and not having to worry. Now, I have to worry about how I’m gonna get to work. Public Transportation? I’m still gonna have to walk over a mile with busy traffic (no sidewalk) to get to work to pay for those repairs. So messed up and it just keeps coming.I hope you guys have a better month, because it looks like a crappy December.

At least, I have a new Kindle Fire and Lush goodies to keep me warm at night.

And look, I’m not saying that I’m ungrateful for the life that I have, because I am. My life this past year, has just been a bit messed up with not being able to finish college or ever having the chance to go back part time never mind full-time, having to get a job to pay to move out on my own way, for having lived so many years in an abusive mother-daughter relationship, and now, my frigging car is basically useless until I pay to get it fixed. I just wish for some miracle from God to make it just a little bit better. And you know what? He did, because He gave me a full-time job that I love doing and that pays well. I just need another miracle of it not being so much money to fix the car.

Now, that I am done with this tirade, I don’t really have any favorites this month. I had a holiday favorite and I love my new Fire (post to come soon). I just received my Lush goodies, so there will also be that. I’m still excited for Christmas, because it is my favorite time of year. I really want it to snow on Christmas Eve, though. Oh, and did you know that Jesus was really born in July? So, He must have loved winter, if He wanted everyone to think that He was a Winter baby instead of a Summer one.

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo

25 Days of Christmas

Christmas List For Her

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I am back with a gift guide for her. I know that most of my viewers are girls, who don’t need help in this department, but these are just some of the things that I will be getting my friends for Christmas. I thought that I would share my ideas with all of you. You do not have to like my ideas, so please add some suggestions to this posts in the comments sections below. It might help someone out there make a decision.

1. Perfume:

Every girl wants perfume and could never have too many. I am that kind of girl. I don’t care if it’s the cheapest perfume or the most expensive as long as it smells nice! I’m not a perfume snob and one of my favorite Christmas time perfumes is called Vampire by Fantasies, which is a knockoff brand. I do not know what scent though that Vampire knocks off. I think it might be an exclusive scent by the company.

2. Clothes & Accessories:

Girls love clothes and I love jewelry as well. There is the really big statement necklaces trend, which I am totally on-board with. I also totally need more pairs of shoes! I only have like a few pairs, because I wore out most of my collection. It makes me sad, but now, I can justify spending a pretty penny on the latest fad. Kmart has buy one, get one for a dollar! So, I might just get two pairs of shoes, because I have my eye on a 50 dollar pair. If I get two, they would be 25.50 USD. I can totally live with that price.

3. Entertainment:

It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you know that she is into it. Weather she’s a gamer or a book worm, you cannot go wrong with cds, movies, series, games, electronics, or any accessories of that nature. I’m hoping for a few cds and a few games, not just the Sims. I love board games as well, which is really fun to play with my dad who is a stickler for the rules. Lol. He’s actually the biggest cheater I know.

4. Food:

Seriously. Gourmet chocolate and the finest teas? Sign me up please! As long as the chocolate is dark, I don’t care about the brand. I’m not a tea snob either and love trying different kinds when I visit D. I know D wants tea for Christmas and she just might see it…or not. There is really not many tea gift sets out there. There are plenty of coffee and food options though.

5. Beauty:

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with buying a girl something beauty related. It could be a hair brush, hair ties, or some new shampoo. A girl needs lots of stuff and the more stuff she has, the more stuff she wants. lol. It seems that way to me. The more stuff I have, the more I want new stuff, but don’t let myself buy anything until I purge some of it. This way, you can spoil her with new guilt-free goodies. I think my dad is going to be buying me stuff like a hair brush and head bands, because I’m always complaining about not having enough options.

Personally, I welcome any gift, but this hopefully gave you a better understanding of what girls want.

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo

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My Christmas Wish List

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

It’s finally the 25 Days of Christmas blogging event! Most of my posts will be Christmas themed during this time, but there will still be Sample Wednesday and Quick Tip Thursday. I will blog everyday up to and including Christmas. So, get ready to get many posts from me! This year, I have a top 5 wish list of items that I want on Christmas morning. My dad and boyfriend needed some tips on what to get me this year and I thought that I would also share this list with all of you. The items on this list are not very expensive. I had to buy an expensive item for myself and I made a Lush Christmas order as well. I don’t really care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree, but these are the cute little items that I am looking for this year that are easy to pickup for guys.

1. Freemen Face Masks:

I do not care which kind, but I really want to try these masks! I think that they come in ten different varieties. These are really cheap too at 3 or 4 USD. The guys in my life know how I feel about skin care and I don’t need everything to be fancy in order to be happy.

2. Cooking Supplies: Preferably Baking:

I am really getting into baking recently. I love baking desserts and sweets. I need more decorating supplies to design them and other baking artsy sorts of things. I could even use pattern cookie sheets and cutouts. I would even take cookie mixes and cake mixes as well. I’m not picking when it comes to these sorts of things and I cannot wait to see which ones that I get! I am really hoping for some sprinkles and decorating pens.

3. Sims 3 Expansion Packs:

I love the Sims 3! I guess, in this way I am a total nerd. I am really hoping for one of the following expansion packs: University, Seasons, Pets, Katy Perry, and Showtimes. Each game is 20 USD or less on Amazon or at Walmart. Although the Katy Perry can be quite pricey still depending on the seller. I have only seen it as low as 30 USD. Is anyone else a Sims 3 nerd? I just gave my base game to Dani to see if it will load onto her MAC computer. Let’s see if you will be asking to borrow my expansion packs soon!

4. Books:

I really don’t care on what book that I get for Christmas as long as I get some books. Do you want to see a top 5 or 10 books that I am really wanting at the moment? Comment with the request if you are interested, otherwise I’ll not do it. I don’t want to bore you guys with posts that you do not want to see. I am an avid book lover and I am always trying to build my perfect bookshelf with only the books I truly love on it (and of course, I keep all the books that were gifts. I cherish my memories.).

5. Perfume

I don’t really have a preference for what type of perfume that I want. It’s the thought that counts, right? But, I can list ones that I do want. I want the two older Taylor Swift perfumes, any Vera Wang perfume, and DKNY Green Apple perfume. I would love to get the DKNY one, because I have been wanting it forever. It is the DKNY Green Delicious perfume. I cannot lie. I’m hoping to get that one, even if it doesn’t come in the cool apple shaped bottle.

Well, those are the things that I am wanting this Christmas! What are you wishing for? I’m noisy and I would love to know. Did you write a blog post about it? Then, link to it in the comments below! This will make it easy for me to find.

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo