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The Final Verdict: Glade

For Glade Cinnamon Apple Scented Candle

Sugar Cookie{Except in red}

What it is: An apple cinnamon scented candle that will scent your room like an apple pie.

Key Ingredients: Wax? Lol

How it feels/smells/looks: The candle was a nice cherry red color and the scent throw is amazing. I loved this candle so much!

Why I like it: Besides the amazing scent, the lasting power of this candle was crazy amazing as well. This candle lasted me almost a year of being at my bath side. I like the elegance of the glass as well. I will rinse the jar out and use it at my work desk to hold paper clips or something. I love candles and I would definitely buy another Glade candle again. They are definitely better than Frebreeze candles any day of the week.