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January Empties

Remember when I said that I would be doing a new format for my empty series? Well, here it is, the moment you all have been waiting for. I decided to show my empties in group photos and flat lays to be able to store more pictures of my products rather than have everything in a single photo. It makes more sens to me this way, since I am a reviewing channel and have been deleting a ton of photos to make room for more photos. I hope you all like this new format. Give me a like if you do!


drink1. International Delight Coffee Creamer

2. Boston’s Best Jamacian Me Crazy

3. Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate

4. Nestle Mini Marshmallows Hot Chocolate



5. Act II

6. 7. 8. Gerber Lil’ Beanies

Body Care:

body care

9. Nivea Shower Sample

10. Aveeno Daily Nourishment Body Lotion

11. Equate Moisture Care Cocoa Divine Body Lotion

12. 13. Softsoap Body Scrub Coconut Butter

14. Nickelodeon 3 in 1

Skin Care:


15. Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

16. Clarisonic Mia

17. Makeup Forever HD Serum

18. Drunk Elephant Serum Sample

19. Olay Face Cream Sample

Hair Care:

hair care

20. Wen Sweet Almond Mint Volumizing Treatment Spray

21. Rusk Texture Dry Finish Spray

22. Wen Sweet Almond Mint Defining Paste



23. OPI Nicole Selena Gomez Mi Fantisma Nail Polish

24. B&BW Strawberry Lip Gloss

25. Vincent Longo Eye Shadow Trio

26. Mica Loose Eye Shadow

27. Dangerous Cologne

28. Laneige Cushion Foundation Sample

Toiletry Items:


29. Tom’s Simply White Toothpaste

30. Hello Toothpaste

31. Power Stick Deodorant

32. Eco Tools Mask Remover Sponges


33. Lofa

34. Equate Kids Toothbrushes

35. Equate Ultra Thin Pads

36. Hair Comb

37. Dial Hand Soap in Raspberry Limeaide

38. Equate Cotton Rounds

Household Items:


39. Zesty Paws Probiotic Bites

40. B&BW Balsam Candle

41. Little Remedies Honey Cough Syrup

42. Sharpie Highlighter

43. 44. 45. Papermate Ink Joy Pens

WOW! That was a ton of stuff that I used up in January. I don’t think I have ever used that much up before. I will be posting my update post on my Project 200 Pan soon after this one, which will show you how many out of this 45 I will be counting towards my 2018 challenge. I might be adjusting the challenge and make it harder. I guess, it all depends upon how much of this stuff I am using up.

With Love,


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Amazon Haul: Everything But The Fire

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

amazon haul

It is the weekend and you know what that means! Yes, I actually have time to write really nice blog posts with all of my free time. I decided to share an Amazon haul with you all today. I still have another Amazon haul in the works and the Lush one as well. I didn’t end up going out to shop today, because I woke up with severe hip pain. I’m hoping it will be much improved by tomorrow, because I am planning on buying a Christmas Tree, looking at new used cars, going to the Christmas Tree Shops, the Dollar Tree, Kmart, and Petsmart. I have a few Christmas DIYs in my mind as well and I’m sort of still thinking on how best to execute them. Hopefully, I can get back on track tomorrow. Anyways, here are the goods that you have been waiting this entire post to read about.

Replacement Brush Head Acne Cleansing 3 Pack for 6.02 USD

brush head

These are knockoff replacement Clarisonic brush heads that feel like the real thing. I think these are a tad softer than the legit Clarisonic heads and of course, these are not antimicrobial. Still, I feel like I can get a month’s use out of one brush head, which still makes it a better value over the Clarisonic version. I wouldn’t feel safe for using the heads for longer than a month, because I do not want to harbor bacteria. I might try a different kind in three months, when these are all used up. I’m thinking about trying out the deep pore cleansing brushes next. I am really happy to be back to using my Clarisonic again. I missed it so! It really does give my face a better clean that you can really feel.

Essence Mask Combo – 10 Different Kinds for 9.95 USD

Face MaskFace maskface maskFace MaskFace maskFace MaskFace MaskFace Maskwpid-wp-1418506994155.jpegFace Mask

I tried the seaweed one today and I have to say that I quite enjoyed it. I actually know have twenty of these with that whole mishap with my package. I cannot wait to try all of these out and you can bet that I will be doing Sample Wednesday of each different kind of mask. I will then do a review of the Brand of Masks as a whole. I’m going to be very thorough with this, since this venture into paper masks is very new to me. Does any of these look good to anyone? Which one do you want me to try next? Thanks in advance. I have to say that it wasn’t what I was expecting, but in a really good way.

The Long Road Home (Book 3 of A Place Called Home Series) by Lori Wick for 3.37 USD

The Long Road Home

I read the first book and enjoyed it (a book review to come!). The book that I got on paperbackswap was a two-books-in-one type, so I am already reading the second book in the series. I want to own the whole series, because I really enjoy the books by this author. I am pretty sure that I will like this book, but if not, it was only a few dollars and really no big deal. Lori Wick is to me like Meg Cabot is to Danielle: aka a really big deal. Although, I do enjoy Meg Cabot as well. I really wish that I could read all of the great books in the world. I know that I will never really read all the books I have ever wanted to read, but hey, I’m gonna try.

The Sims 3 Expansion Bundle With World Adventures & Generations for 17.11 USD

Sims 3

This was a really great two for one deal. I am saving this for a Christmas present to myself, so I refuse to open it. I have since wrapped this up, so I do not have to be tempted. I am super excited that I will be getting to play World Adventures. I have heard so many great things about it and I just cannot wait to play it. Generations looks like it will add a lot of great features to the game. The features that I am most excited for are the chemistry experiments and the bachelorette parties. I should make a little Sim movie and upload it. I think that that would be very fun and different. There are really just two computer games that I play: The Sims and Nancy Drew. Those are my nerd obsessions.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise for 19.99 USD

Sims 3

I bought this at Walmart, because I thought that it looked really cool and like I said, I am sort of obsessed. I was upset to find out that Walmart does not price match to their online price. I think that that is ridiculous and stupid, even Kmart price matches in the store. Whatever. I am never buying games at Walmart ever again. I am so disappointed with the store. I haven’t played this game either, because I am saving it for Christmas. I have two four day weekends coming up. One for Christmas and one for New Years, back to back, so I will definitely be getting a lot of game play soon enough.

So, that is my amazon haul, except for the one item that I bought at Walmart. I hope you all enjoyed this haul and this sneak peek into my life. Every day is getting us closer…to CHRISTMAS!! Talk to you guys soon!

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo

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Clarisonic Mia in Purple

Heya Fellow Gurus!

I was requested this review/discussion post about my Clarisonic Mia by AOIFEHARNEY (, because she found out that I had one and wanted to know if it is worth all the hype. This is going to be a review filled with my experience and where I purchased my Mia. This is going to be a different kind of post for me and structured different from other reviews of beauty products. I didn’t want to grade each section like usual, because I feel that as a tool, it really matters how you use it rather than how it performs. So, if you want to know what my experience is with my Mia, keep reading! It will be a long, rambly post.


Keeping in tune to how I usually review products, let’s talk about usage. I use my Clarisonic Mia twice a day, everyday. I have oily skin that is sensitive, but using it frequently does not bother my skin at all. I love using this to buff in my cleanser and to help it work better with my skin. To use, I just lightly place the brush/head of the Clarisonic Mia on my face, press the button, and lightly make circles all over my face. I stay away from my eye area, but I do not count how many seconds where. I just concentrate on where I have blackheads and only lightly cover areas that are clear. I mostly concentrate on my nose and around my mouth area to control hormonal breakouts. I charge my Mia every night that I do a chemical peel, which is once a week on Thursdays. It is off the charger right now as I write this review. I soak the brush head once a week in peroxide as well to keep everything sanitary, even though the brush is anti-microbial. I’d rather be safe than sorry. I use my Mia with my regular daily cleanser, Aqua Marina from Lush and I use it with my facial scrubs. I find that using this with a physical scrub helps give my skin a deeper clean. I do not use this to take off my makeup, but I will use my makeup remover using cotton balls, then use cleanser and my Clarisonic to get everything off for a deeper cleanse. My brush is only slightly stained due to my pink cleanser. I believe that that is it for usage. If you have any questions on this section, please leave a comment below. I tried to think of everything, but if I forgot something, feel free to ask. Oh! And I use the sensitive brush head that came with the Clarisonic.

Now, my packaging section is next. I think the device is so cute! I am so glad that I purchased mine in purple, even though it costed a bit more. The Clarisonic Mia isn’t a light weight nor is it heavy. It feels perfect in my hand and is just the right size for facial use. If you plan to use the clarisonic Mia on your body, I would use a seperate brush head for it for sanitary purposes. The brush head is just the right size to cover the larger areas of your face. It is hard to do around your nose, but I find that if I make different faces, the skin flattens and the Clarisonic can better reach those areas. There is only one button for one speed and I really don’t see the need for more. The speed is just fine for me as it vibrates in my hand. My Mia makes a buzzing sound as it vibrates and will make a unique sound to let me know that the battery is getting low. It is the perfect size for everyday and traveling. I like how the size isn’t ackward. I also love the brush cover that comes with it that protects the brush from dust and dirt, until the next time you use it. Again, comment if I missed anything or for questions on this section.

Scent does not really apply here, but my Clarisonic does smell like my cleanser. Lol. Ingredients does not apply as well.

Next is performance, which I will combine with results, since they go hand-in-hand here. I feel that my Clarisonic really does work to get dirt and gunk deep down in my pores. I also have noticed that my pores have gotten smaller from daily usage. My oily face? With this baby, my face is no longer oily by noon, but slightly dewy. By late night, my face is slightly greasy, but who cares?! I will wash my face at night anyways. Using this has dramatically cut down my oiliness, even with using spf. I will start at the beginning. When I got my Clarisonic, I used it faithfully with my own cleanser twice a day. My face was instantly smoother in one use. So, I was uber excited! The first month I did not notice a difference in my skin. It was still breaking out and bumpy as ever. It will be the end of the second month of using this at the end of next week. My face dramatically improved in the second month of using it. My large pores are now medium sized pores. Still rather large, but not as large as they used to be. They are less congested. My number of black heads is decreasing, but still there. It will take awhile to tame those, but I have no worries. I see them improving every week. I used to have at least three cysts a [deep read bumps under the skin that rarely come to a head] day on my face, either fresh or trying to heal. I now only deal with the ocassional cyst one at a time at all times no matter if fresh or healing. The Mia makes them come to a head and heal so much faster. They are gone within three days now, although they still leave a hyperpigmentation mark. This hyperpigmentation problem is new to my skin, but it is going away due to chemical peels and wearing sunscreen religiously. I have no more white heads at all on my face. If one comes up during the day, it is gone by the next day. The Clarisonic brings dirt out, so now the only real acne problems I have are cysts [which aren’t much of a problem now since they are hormonal rather than having blocked pores], blackheads, and congested pores. Over time, I believe the congest bumps on my skin will go away. I found out that a product I use on my face was causing these bumps. Now that it is out of my routine it will take three weeks for my skin to come back to normal. If you have questions on this section, comment please.

Lastly, where did I purchase this real Clarisonic Mia? On Amazon by amazon fullfillment. I purchased mine for 106 US DOLLARS, which is anywhere from 50-100+ US DOLLARS cheaper. Currently, they are selling the purple for 106 US DOLLARS and the pink for 104.99 US DOLLARS. The other colors are not available by fullfillment. I purchased mine from amazon fullfillment, because it is insured to be a geniune Clarisonic Mia or you get a refund with paid postage back. It is a safe bet on getting a real one on the internet. Mine is 100% real with a real identification number on the back that the company verified over the phone for me and online. I am so happy with this, plus the fact that I got it cheaper.

I have been waiting years to buy one and for me, it was a skin changer. I think that the people who complain that it breaks them out might not be using the right brush head for their skin type, uses it too often for their skin type, or it is the cleanser that they are using. Just because the cleanser never broke you out before, doesn’t get it off the hook. You are pushing the cleanser deeper into your pores, so the chemicals in it could be reacting bad with your skin. It can take 3 weeks to three months to see a difference in your skin, especially if you have a flawless face to begin with. Remember, the more imperfections you have, the eariler you will see results, because there is actually stuff to “fix” on your face like acne, clogged pores, uneven texture, and blackheads. Just my two-cents though. I hope this helps for everyone.

If you like this post, please send me more requests, so I can do more like this!

With Love,