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Hair Care Collection 2018

I have a ton of hair care products in storage. I am obsessed with having healthy shiny hair, so I have a lot of different products that do different things.  I have fine, thin hair that is hella oily at the scalp and dry on the ends. I haven’t found anything that makes my hair less oily. I only wash my hair once to twice a week, so from what I heard it should be less oily than when washing it every day. If you know something the gets rid of oily roots, let me know. Dry shampoo only works so much.

hair oil

I have two hair oils. The Moroccan Oil is a definite repurchase after I finish it up and open up the Ghost Oil. I love the scent of the M oil so much. I will see if I can finish the M oil this year, but I also have a few shine sprays that I need to get through as well. I have two thirds of it left and a little bit of oil goes a long way. Not sure if I can meet this goal this year, but I am going to try.

hair mousse

I have a love hate relationship with mousse. If it works, I love it. If it makes me greasy, I hate it. My hair has fallen out of love with TRESemme and it makes my roots greasy and crunchy. The Herbal Essence smells amazing, but I am not sure that I see any difference whatsoever. I just recently got the eSalon Above The Clouds Volumizing Mouse, so I can’t say too much about it yet. The Big Sexy Hair Root Pump I have yet to try. I would like to use up the TRESemme and the Big Sexy Hair can this year.

dry shampoo

I have four dry shampoos here and I know that I can finish off the Drybar Triple Sec and my favorite, Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo. I have TRESemme Waterless Foam Shampoo that is just ehh…..I don’t care for it, so I’d like to use it up. I have been using Lush No Drought on the weekends as deodorant. I don’t like it for dry shampoo, but I’m going blonde, blonde. So, maybe I will then.


I have a backup matching set of Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner, A Deva Curl Melt Into Moisture Matcha Butter Mask, and a John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Conditioner. I should have no problem getting through all of these this year. I wash my hair once to twice a week, so it takes me longer than most to use this stuff up. Still, these are small containers, so it should be all gone by the end of the year.

shine spray

I have two aerosol shine spray and one manual spray. I want to finish off the manual spray and then probably the Rusk spray this year. I have the Rusk Elixir Mist, L’Oreal Glass Shine, and Nick Chavez Starlet Shine Spray. I love these silicone hair coating products that give my hair shine and strength. I have an oil I want to go through, so hopefully I can balance out these products to use them up.


I have two leave in products that I like to use on freshly washed hair. I will probably only get through one of these this year, since I only use them 52 to 104 times a year. Hmm….maybe, I will get through both of them. We shall see. I have the Nexxus Pro Mend Split End Binding Leave-In Creme, Infusium 23 Moisture Replenish Leave-In Creme.


I have a few miscellaneous products. I will finish the B&BW True Blue Spa Malibu Wave Spray and the TRESemme hairspray. The TIGI Bed Head After Party Smoothing Creme will not be used up. I am trying to use up a lot of shine sprays and an oil. I won’t have enough time to use this one up too. I have plenty of hair care products for next year and this year will be a learning process of finding out what I really like in my hair.

I have a huge hair collection, because I like to invest in my appearance. First impressions are everything.

With Love,


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Perfume Collection 2018

I have done a good job keeping up with my perfume samples last year. I still have a ton of samples, but I am working on them. I was also able to move out two full size perfumes last year, I believe. I am now going to show you my collection and which ones I plan on trying to pan this year. I am going to try to use up ALL of my perfume samples this year, while trying to keep up with using up any that I get in boxes throughout 2018. Hopefully, it will still leave room for me to use up a few perfume bottles of my own.

Body Splashes

These are the body sprays that I have in storage. I have one that I am using on its last legs. I just these as bathroom sprays. Once I am all done with these, I will buy one for that purpose only. I much prefer perfume on my skin since it lasts so much longer without having to be touched up very often. I still welcome them as gifts. I just know not to gift them to myself if I already have one. They take FOREVER to use up. I have two B&BW sprays in Sweet Pea and Seaspray. I have two VS sprays in Sweet & Flirty and Fresh & Clean. Sweet & Flirty is my favorite of the four.


I have plans on trying to use up three of the above perfumes: B&BW White Citrus, MaryKate & Ashley #2 Orange, and Lady Gaga Fame. They all have half a bottle or less left over and I want to use them up. White Citrus does not last more than an hour on my skin. MaryKate and Ashley is my oldest perfume and I love it. I don’t want to waste it though and let it go bad. I’m half way done with Fame and I’m over the black perfume novelty. The scent is unique but I hate that the liquid is black. In Control is my second oldest perfume and I love the sweet fragrance. I know I’ll have to work on it next year, because I think it is around 10 years old.


I want to finish off all of these perfumes this year: Coty High School Musical, DKNY Be Delicious Pink Blossom, Harajuku Lovers Love, and Curve Crush. Realistically, I will probably only finish the DKNY one. Love and Crush only have a small amount in them, so they are a possibility if it is possibly to use up how much perfume I want without wasting it unnecessarily. I want to enjoy what I use up, not use up just to use up. The HSM perfume changed color but not scent. It needs to be a priority this year.


My Hilary Duff With Love perfume was missed in this photo, because I was using it at the time. I only have a third left and I’m enjoying it. I have Brittany Spears Curious, Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy, and B&BW Twilight Woods are pictured above. Curious and Juicy haven’t been opened and I have 2/3 of the roll on left. I would only like to use up the roll on. Anything else would be a bonus.

I have huge ambitions for 2018. Wish me luck. Do you have perfume goals?

With Love,


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Lotion Inventory 2018

I have a serious lotion addiction. I love buying them, but not so much using them. I was really good last year and I used up a ton of my lotion back stock. I only bought 2 lotions last year and that was at the end of the year. I have recently fallen into a slump with using up my lotion. It’s been so cold out that I’ve gotten lazy with my lotion routine. My bathroom is chilly and not well insulated. So, after a shower, it can get chilly pretty fast. I am going to be better and just suck it up and lotion every time after a bath and shower. I’ll go back to lotioning every morning when my bathroom is less chilly. In the summer, I was using up 8 ounces of lotion every month.


I have 5 of these seasonal lotions left. I believe that I started out with 8 to 10 of them. These are only 4 ounces, so I can get done two in a month. So, this is about 2 and a half months worth of lotion. I think I have opened and used every one of these, but they all seem pretty full still. I bought these on the website Midnight Velvet, but I would not repurchase. I don’t like websites likes these anymore. They are very overpriced unless you buy things on sale.


I have 4 more lotions/body butters/message bars here. I have a Victoria’s Secret PINK body lotion in Sweet & Flirty, another PINK in Total Flirt but it is a body butter, Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter body butter, and Lush’s White Chocolate Message Bar. Total Flirt is my favorite scent and I am sad that they no longer sell it. Sweet and Flirty is similar, but just not the same. I have about 4 months worth of the lotion and I have no clue about the massage bar. I would say 3 months probably of consistent use. I think I have used half of it already.


I bought the Bath & Body Works Black Friday Tote, which is where I “bought” the red tube from. I wasn’t sure how to categorize Claire’s Glitter Mist, but I’ll use it up on my body during the summer time. The Nivea Men is a leftover that my dad won’t use. It has about half left and I always use up his leftovers. I don’t like to see stuff going to waste. B&BW Aromatherapy Recharge Body Cream smells divine! I have about 2 and a half months worth of lotion.

My total back stock of lotions are 12 and the amount of time it should roughly take me to use them all up are 12 months. That is very convenient. It means that I should be done with my back stock by the end of this year. That means that next year I could be buying new lotion and I’m going to be only keeping 1 back up. No more years supplies.

With Love,


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Makeup Inventory: Face Powders

I also have an obsession with highlighters in case you haven’t noticed. I love a good glow and am trying to find out an excuse to buy the Anastasia Aurora Glow Kit. Yeah, first world problems over here. I don’t have an overabundant amount of highlighter, so I am going to combine this category with blush. I don’t always remember to wear blush, but when I do I really enjoy it. Most mornings, I’ll only highlight or I only use blush. I mostly highlight though I try to go back and forth. In the fall, I’ll probably use blush again.

Highlighter: 12

I’d like to cut down this stash to 6 highlighters, so I intend to use up quite a few mini tubes of highlighter. I included the ones in my pallets. I don’t want to forget about them. I have a nice dip going in my Bareminerals powder highighter. I like the three highlighters in my Smashbox pallet, but they are a bit too glittery for my taste. I want to use one up next year completely. They are great to use in the summer for a really nice glow. I prefer the powder and liquid highlighters for work that are a little bit more natural and just a gleam instead of a beam.

Blushes: 12

I think I can use up two blushes if I set my mind to it by January. I don’t use a ton of blush and I don’t use it very often. I want to make more of an effort to use up my blushes. I think I can use up the Tarte blush from the Sephora birthday present this year and possibly the mini Josie Maran cheek gel. Blush isn’t something I really go out at boy, the pallets being the exception to this rule. I’m not a big blush fan, so I’m happy with only having a few on hand. I look forward to hitting pan on some of these blushes.

Bronzer: 4

The only bronzer I have is in pallet form. I want to use up these bronzers before buying anymore. All of them are really great for my fair complexion. Some of them do pull a little orange on me, but I still find them workable. I would like to hit pan on one of these by January. I am really loving the Hourglass one, so I think I might hit pan on that one. Every season, I switch out my makeup and concentrate on a new batch in my collection. I think I will breakout this pallet for the Fall. It feels very Fall to me.

I have 28 face powders that I want to use up and I forgot that the Hourglass pallet has a big face powder in it. So, I should be all set for face powder for a while. Once I use up my loose powders, I will be using this pressed one or I might just take a break in the fall and use this whole pallet for a consistent three months. I’m sure I won’t use up the whole thing in three months. I’m interested in seeing how far I get with it though.

With Love ❤


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My Nail Polish Collection 2017

I have 48 nail polishes. Yes, you heard me right. 48 bottles of nail polish in various stages of being used up. I’m concentrating on the bottles that are close to being empty and using those up first. Then, I will move on to my Julep nail polishes. After that, I can use whatever full bottle of nail polish that I want. I want to try to get my collection down to about 10 nail polishes: a top coat, a base coat, strengthening coat, a spring color, a fall color, a summer color, a winter color, a glitter polish, another glitter polish, and something unique or different like a metallic top coat or something. I already used up one nail polish (so originally had 49 this year). I want to see 5 polishes go this year. I know that is asking for a lot, but I think that I can do it.

So, I only have four more polishes to use up this year. My pink OPI is one that I am currently working on. Possibly the silver or gold glitter after that one. Maybe a mini or two. I have a lot to choose from.

With Love,


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I’m So Fancy

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I promised that I would share my perfume collection with all of you, so here it goes. Also, I decided to get more creative with my titles. Do you like it? A lot of you seem to when I got 99 views in one hour on yesterday’s post. Thank you guys so much! This means the world to me. Anyways, this my collection. I have about 20 decent sized perfumes and a few small  vials. I have other samples in vials, but they are really tiny single use ones. Also, my giveaway is still going for 13 Little Blue Envelopes. Enter HERE. You still have great odds!

My Whole Collection At A Glance:


My Expensive Designer Perfumes:

Perfume Perfume

From Left to Right: 

  • Britney Spears Curious: Remember when these were so popular? I still love mine. Curious is surprisingly strong and musky with undertones of something sweetly floral. A most curious scent!
  • DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom: This is tinted pink and is sweetly floral with a light crispness and a little applesque. It is perfect for spring. And come on! I love the apple shaped design!
  • Britney Spears In Control: I think this was her first perfume ever. Dani doesn’t even remember it and she loves and owns practically all f them, except for this one. It was my first perfume ever back when I think I was 11 or 12. It was a really long time ago, but it still smells exactly how I remember. Perfume doesn’t really go bad I think at least, not mine. The perfume is sweet and cotton candy like, but instead of being childish, the light musk elevates it to elegance. This bottle is also HUGE. It is still two thirds full. I use it for special occasions only. I love it so much and it is no longer made.
  • Hilary Duff With Love: I love the diamond bottle and I’m sad to be halfway finished with this one. It is sweetly musky, but also very warm. It is like a cozy cashmere sweater on a cold day. Something about just makes you feel like its a cozy candlelight dinner night. A warm and fuzzy feeling. I’m not really good at describing scents, but this is how they make me feel.
  • Gwen Stefanie HaraJuku Lovers in Love: The bottle is childish, but I think that’s the fantasy of it. The scent is sweet and sour from the musk in it. It has a slight floral that is masked almost completely by the sour musk. It’s a scent that would give you a headache if you smell it too much. I don’t really care for it, but sometimes, I find myself grabbing for it if I want something different.
  • Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture: I don’t want to say how expensive this little bottle was. *shudder* It is yellow tinged and still brand new. I bought it before the move and just found it. It is very strong and expensive smelling. It is very musky with a sweet floral accent. It is very alcoholy smelling in the bottle, but dries to a powdery musk that is just divine!

Body Sprays:

PerfumePerfume Perfume

From Left to Right:

  • Victoria’s Secret PINK With A Splash in Fresh & Clean: I bought this at Bath & Body Works at a 2 for 1 sale. This smells exactly like the name of the scent. It smells like fresh, clean sheets. It kinda has that fresh laundry sort of scent. I use body sprays to layer my perfumes on and this one is a great base for the powdery scents.
  • Victoria’s Secret PINK With A Splash in Sweet & Flirty: The scent is sweet and floral which goes great with most of my scents. I tend to gravitate towards sweeter scents and most of those has a bit of floral in them, which I do not mind. I guess, I am just a sweet kind of girl.
  • Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea: I used to be really into this scent. It is cotton candy sweet with a dash of floral freshness. This pairs great with my really sweet cotton candy like scents. On a low key day, I wear this on its own.
  • Bath & Body Works Sea Spray: Since this is moisturizing, I  use it in the summer after a shower instead of body lotion unless I am really dry or going to be doing a fake tan soon. It smells like a day at the ocean and I tend to use musky scents with it. I then layer a sunscreen on top of it if I am going out and they pair beautifully together.
  • Mary Kate & Ashley Tropical Burst  in Vanilla Sugar: This is sugary sweet, but it is also a bit citrusy as well. It saves it from being overly sweet and sickening.

Childish Perfumes:

Perfume PerfumePerfume

From Left to Right:

  • Mary Kate & Ashley Two: this is the yellow tinged perfume. The first one, I think was pink. This perfume is fresh, sweet, and girly. It is also a bit peppery, but I still love this perfume It is a unique scent that I haven’t come across yet and reminds me of good times in my childhood. I used to spray my Barbie’s hair with this perfume.
  • High School Musical: It used to be a lighter purple, but now it is a much darker purple. It smells sweet like vanilla ice cream. There really is no other notes in this, but I love it for its simplicity. Who doesn’t ant to smell like ice cream?
  • Prince Matchabelli Cotton Candy: Need I say more? This is super sweet and doesn’t last very long. I’m almost done with this though. This is the one childhood fragrance that I am happy to part with once its gone.
  • Lavender Perfume: This came in a perfume making set. It is strongly lavender and nothing else. I like a little bit of lavender now and then added to another perfume for dimension.
  • Precious: A little sweet but mostly powdery musk. It is a nice light daytime, almost not there scent.
  • Rockin’ Rio: It smells like John Freida Go Blonder Shampoo and I tend to wear this any time I use that shampoo to lasten the scent of freshly shampooed hair.

Little Vials:


From Top to Bottom:

  • Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy: This scent is spicy, sweet, white musk, woodsy, fresh, and a little fruity. I would wear this on a date night for sure. It has that kind of scent to it.
  • Britney Spears Fantasy: This scent is strongly musky, warm, almost mentholy, warm vanilla for that hint of sweetness, and a bitterness of lime.
  • Pop Sugar Pink Sugar: This smells like spun sugar and light musk. It isn’t cotton candy sweet, but it is lightly sweet like an adult cotton candy.

Affordable Perfumes:

Perfume Perfume Perfume

From Left to Right:

  • Bath & Body Works White Citrus: I don’t know why it’s called White, but it is strongly citrus. It smells like freshly juiced lemons and limes. It is one of my favorite scents ever.
  • Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods: This is another one of my favorites. It is perfectly woodsy like fresh snow and the crunching of fallen leaves. It has the earthy scent with the warmness of a fireplace. It is sweet and just perfection. It reminds me of In Control in a way.
  • Bath & Body Works Amber Blush: This scent is sour and coconuty. It smells like yummy to be honest. It has a hint of a sun tan oil type of scent.
  • Curve Crush: This is powdery and sweet like a white powdered donut. It is simply delicious. I like the occasional food scented perfumes.
  • Lady Gaga Fame: This black perfume is very sophisticated. It has a sweet musk and fruity. Of course, it has that other ingredient too. lol
  • Vampire: This one is super spicy and rich. It definitely has a sweetness to balance out the spicy and heavy musk. It is totally different from anything else that I own. I wear this a lot during the winter and the name is amazing too.

I hope you enjoyed me Perfume Collection and my interpretation of how they smell. This also could be the longest post I have ever written before. Yay for weekends for making this possible! Also, a life update: I could be getting a weekend job to have extra cash since having a new car is expensive. I’m gonna see if I can get a job again at Kmart strictly as a floor personal in the clothing department. Does anyone else hold two jobs?

With Love,