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For Dunkin’ Donuts Colombian


I bought this, because the brand was on sale and I enjoy Colombian coffee. I wouldn’t buy this one again though. It really didn’t taste like Colombian coffee. It was really too mild a flavor to be called Colombian, which has a full, bold, dark flavor. The Dunkin’ Donuts brand is really hit or miss on all of its varieties. I love some, hate others, and am unimpressed with the rest. This isn’t the worst coffee. I don’t hate it. I’m just not impressed with it. It doesn’t taste like I think it should based on the other brands of Colombian that I’ve tried.

With Love ❤


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Eight O’Clock

For Keurig Brewed Eight O’Clock Colombian Peaks K-Cup Packs


What it is: 100% Colombian Arabic coffee

Key Ingredients: Arabic coffee, foil, plastic

How it smells/tastes/looks: I love the smell of strong Colombian coffee. Honestly, Colombian coffee is my favorite kind (without anything added). The coffee is very dark, almost black. No other coffee is quite as dark as Colombian coffee. Colombian coffee has a rich, strong coffee flavor with just a hint of sweetness to it. This coffee has that bold flavor with zero burnt taste that some coffees can get if brewed improperly.

Why I like it: The coffee is always brewed to perfection, since it is a K-cup. I like that you can always get a deal (I wait for  them at Kmart) and use a coupon to further along your buck. I enjoy the way the coffee tastes. I like that with a little bit of sugar and creamer, you can still taste the strength of the coffee. That is quality coffee for you. I really love the Keurig. I will be buying the Hamilton Beach coffee maker or any brand coffee maker that you can brew K-cups in and ground coffee. I saw one online at Kmart for 25 dollars. So, if you are looking for a Christmas gift for me, a coffee maker would be heaven on earth. I need my coffee fix! Especially after delivering a baby boy.

With Love,