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$200 Before 2018 Update #4

I feel like I used up quite a bit in July and so far, I feel like August hasn’t been as successful. We shall see next month. But this update is a big deal for me. I finished a ton of perfume samples and I am still steadily going through them. I’m using up all of my sprayer samples first and then going onto the dabbing ones. I finished up 4 deluxe sized makeup products as well. It’s very hard to go through a lot of makeup, so I’m very happy with the results that I see here. So at the end of June, I used up 7 out of 20 products with the total adding up to $78.74 out of $200. Let’s see what I can add to that.

Perfume samples: 5 = $5


I enjoyed how sweet the Brittany Spears Midnight Fantasy is. I would pick that one up if I came across it as Marshalls, but I’m on a no perfume buy. It is so crisp and fresh and sweet like candy. I just love it. If I see a bottle at Walmart, I might just have to buy it. The rest of the samples were okay, but nothing that I would purchase for myself. There were no scents that I couldn’t wear. I just didn’t care for them.

Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer Conditioning Lip Treatment = $8


I liked using this as a night time treatment, but I would not purchase it. It felt grainy if I got it on my teeth and I don’t like that sensation. This lasted me forever! I already found my dream night time lip balm, so I’m just trying to use up my balms.

Model Co Lip Lacquer in Viva = $6


I really enjoyed using this and the peachy color pay off. I took out the stopper and used up every last drop. I would not purchase this, but I am glad to have moved it out of my collection. I’d much rather buy a lip oil. I thought that I wouldn’t like this though and I did. It had a lot of pigment for a gloss and I used this up at work so very appropriate.

Josie Maran Surreal Skin Argan Finishing Balm = $7.20


I am considering buying this in the full size. I want to use up the rest of my primers first, but when I get down to 1, I really want to buy this. It was very moisturizing and gave my skin a nice glow. I used this mostly on its own and my skin looked flawless with this on. I got a lot of compliments on my skin when wearing this. I need to use up what I have first though. I’ll revisit this next year.

DERMAdoctor DD Cream = $8.76


This was WAY too dark to use on my face, so I used this on my legs when I wore a skirt to work. My legs looked tanned and toned. It was too dark for my face, but not only that, it was too greasy as well. I’m glad that I used it up and it’s gone. I need to do this with the rest of the creams that I bought/received that are way too dark for my face. It also didn’t moisturize my legs very well. I cut it with some body lotion to help with that.

Okay, I am pretty impressed with the monetary value that I used up in July. I have used up 11 out of 20 makeup items with the total being $113.70 out of $200. I am over halfway there now! I really think that I have a chance at completing this project. Next year, instead of project pans and this series, I will be doing a Finish 100 by 2019 and monthly makeup bags. This series is going so well that I want to pull in all of my other categories like hair and skin care for next year. The makeup bags will be fun, too. Every month, I’ll focus on different items to use up.

With Love,



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Empties: July

I have quite a few products that I used up in July. July turned out to be a good month for me and it is mostly due to my project pan. It really motivated me to use and enjoy what I have in my collection. I’m looking forward to reviewing some of these products in my post, so stay tuned for some reviews. I’m really a review blog for the most part. I love writing reviews on products that I have used up and I have a ton of posts in back stock. I just use up so many products that the reviews get backlogged. I try to mix it up, so it’s at least a variety. That means that some of these items won’t be reviewed for months though. Now that I have explained that. Let’s get counting.

Gerber Lil’ Beanies: 6 cans


International Delight: 2 Bottles


9. New England Coffee French Vanilla


10. RuckPack Caffeine Free Raspberry Grenade

11. Dunkin’ Donuts Caramel Coffee Cake Coffee


12. GlamGlow YouthCleanse Daily Exfoliating Cleanser


13. Tony Moly I’m Real Red Wine Sheet Mask Pore Care


14. Yes To Grapefruit Brightening Paper Mask


15. Soo Ae Charcoal Clay Bubble Mask


16. Kate Somerville ExfoliKate


17. Palmer’s Coconut Oil Facial Moisturizer


18. 19. Oribe Shampoo & Conditioner For Brilliance & Shine


20. 21. 22. John Freida Frizz Ease Beyond Smooth Shampoo, Conditioner & Primer


23. B&BW True Blue Spa Malibu Radiance Whipped Body Cream


24. Coty Lady Gaga Fame Black Shower Gel


25. Colgate Radiant Optic White Toothpaste


26. Equate Acetaminophen


27. Orange Paper Mate Ink Joy Pen


28. Hair Tie


29. Swisspers Cotton Rounds


30. Better Than! Ears


31. Munchkin Diaper Pail Refills


32. Josie Maran Surreal Skin Argan Finishing Balm


33. 34. 35. 36. 37. Sample Perfumes


38. DERMAdoctor DD Cream


39. Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer


40. ModelCo Lip Lacquer


I impressed myself this month with 40 empties. Granted only 23 were beauty, skin care, and hair care products. Still, 23 beauty related empty products is amazing in one month. I think August will bring around 20 items total. I really emptied quite a few products. Most of what I am using now are mostly full. I’m not thinking that I will have a whole lot, which is good. I have so many reviews to write about now. About 20 I think. I know it’s August 6th right now, but I have an empty bucket.

With Love ❤


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Pretty In Paradise: June Ipsy

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I know it is kind of late to be taking about June, but I just am now getting to it and I didn’t want to skip the month either. Since I am already late with my review, I will get to what I thought about everything now with this short intro.

The Theme:

Pretty In ParadiseJune 2014

I really like the theme for June, because many people go to the beach or go on vacation. So, it makes sense for Ipsy to compile products for the beach: easy, waterproof, effortless, and scented like a vacation if you are having a staycation.

The Bag:

Rebecca Minkoff

I am so excited to finally say that I have a Rebecca Minkoff bag! I love her as a designer and now I have one of her signature designer makeup bags. It has cute little pineapples on it. The feel of the bag is very luxurious. As I write this, I am switching out my makeup bag, so I have this one in my purse instead. Love, love, love it so much and I cannot say it more. Seriously worth all of my Ipsy subscription money.

The Contents:

  • Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray, 1.52 oz for about 3.50 USD:

Beach Spray 

This little bottle is perfect for traveling and for throwing into your beach bag. It smells like sweet coconut, reminding me of my beloved Hawaiian Tropics Sunscreen. I am so in love with the scent! I estimate that this little bottle would give you a good dozen uses, since it was filled to the top. I would buy this for the scent alone.

  • DERMAdoctor DD Cream 15-Benefits-In-1, 0.3 fl oz for 9.50 USD:

DD Cream

 The sample seems pretty full, so I would say that you would get six or so uses out of this one as well. The color seems a tad too dark on the back of my hand, but I think it would give my face the prettiest glow. It also smells like a vacation in a tube, which I quite enjoy in case you haven’t noticed yet. On a different note, what on earth is a white sapphire complex?

  • NYX Butter Gloss in BlGO2 Eclair, 0.27 fl oz for 5 USD: 

Butter glossEclair

This tube is actually a bit bigger than the normal size, which is very nice of NYX. The website says that these are 0.23 fl oz, but mine is labeled 0.27. This is a full sized product that is half of the total cost of the bag, which I think is a great value. This buttery gloss smells like candy floss! I was the most excited to receive this talked about NYX product and I have to say that it is raved about for a reason. The pale pink nude is the perfect neutral gloss to use on its own or over lipstick to create a glossy finish and to tone down a bright lip. I love the feel and look of this on my lips. It is the most comfortable gloss I own. It is not sticky in the least, but very buttery and nourishing.

  • Nicka K New York Shimmer Eyeliner in Green, 0.1 oz for 4.99 USD: 

Shimmer EyelinerGreen Nicka K

This was another full-sized product, which made me very happy. Both of my full-sized products made up the value of this bag. The shimmery green is so pretty and not too blingy. I was hoping for blue, but I do not mind getting the green. It is supposed to be waterproof, so I am planning to use this on my waterline. UPDATE: This stuff burns when applied to the waterline. DO NOT APPLY THERE. The angled felt tip brush makes application a breeze, following the contour of the eyelid. I don’t like this as much on my top eyelid though.

  • Be A Bombshell Mascara in Lash Out, 0.25 oz for 15 USD: 

mascaraBe a bombshellWand
Wow. I did not realize that the most expensive product in my bag would be a mascara that I will have to toss out in three months or less. This mascara has a horrid smell, but it is great for setting my long lashes. I use mascara to set my lashes, so they do not curl into my eyeballs, which is very much a problem for me. This stuff really flakes, which isn’t good. It darkens my lashes a bit, so they are more doll-like. Otherwise, I notice no difference between my eye with the mascara and the eye without it. I also just feel really sexy with mascara on.


Overall, I would give this bag 2 stars based on having used the products all month long. The value of this bag was 37.99 USD! That is an amazing value! It is almost four times what I paid for it. I cannot wait for what July will bring!

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo