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The Retail Diaries: Orientation

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I was super busy yesterday packing up a few of my things after orientation as well as having lunch with my boyfriend, picking up my younger brother from school, and making dinner. In there somewhere, I also caught up on all of my Youtube videos and watched Keeping Up With The Kardashions which is my new guilty pleasure show to watch when I want to forget about my own family drama. More about that in my Entertainment Weekly post. Any who, I had my orientation yesterday. I got up an hour and a half early and had my coffee. I also checked my email on my kindle fire as I washed my face for the day. I got dressed, had cereal for breakfast, and put on my makeup. If anyone wants me to do the FOTD posts, I will do one a week, only if it is requested though. I arrived at 8 o’clock only to be told that it starts at 8:30, so I waited for an hour and twenty minutes in the employee lounge. Yes, it was terrible and I texted my best friend while waiting, only to discover that the guy I was to do orientation with had arrived early and needed help with his application. I also got paid for the three hours that I was there, which is an added bonus. Once I was called into the office, we both watched the 4 videos that we had to load into the dvr and watch. There was one video on sexual harassment and discrimination and business conduct with activity questions on the dvd, one on how to set up the store for those that have disabilities and how to help them with activity questions on the dvd, another one on the core values of the store, and the last one was on the importance on connecting with the customers with the store motto WANT: Welcome/Assist/’N/Thank. After the videos, we had to fill out some paperwork and were told what the dress code is for the store: navy blue collared shirts with black pants and black shoes. I have a 15 hour week schedule up ahead and I was told that I would be filling out more paperwork and would b doing online learning in the office. I am so happy that I get paid for this! So, for the three days that I work it is a 5 hour work day. I will be working Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 1 to 5pm and I don’t have to be in dress code. I am super excited!! Due to the late time, the retail posts might not be up until the weekend. I will try to squeeze them into the mornings though. So, I have 4 posts planned for next week, but there is a possibility for more, especially if you guys leave requests!! Until the next post.

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FTC DISCLAIMER: Due to certain circumstances, I will not be revealing what company that I work for, just know that they do not have their own brand and I do not receive products to test for them. Think of this store like a big retail store that sells other brands and does not have its own.