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Summertime Treat

For Starbucks VIA Instant Refreshers in Strawberry Lemonade


What it is:

A naturally flavored instant beverage with green coffee extract.

Key Ingredients:

Cane sugar,white grape juice powder, green coffee bean extract, stevia leaf extract

How it looks/smells/tastes:

The lemonade has a pink hue to it and smells of strawberries. It tastes like a weak strawberry lemonade with some coffee undertones. I am glad that I cannot taste the “lavender”. Floral beverages are gross.

Why I like it:

I like the non-jittery energy boost from this drink. I dilute it in 32 oz of water and ice cubes. I drink it throughout the day at work and i don’t feel the afternoon slump or sluggishness. I enjoy the taste, but I want to try other flavors. After a week of these, I’m bored. I dislike the hibiscus flavor, so hopefully they make these in other flavors.

With Love <3
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February Empties

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I cannot believe that I only have a handful of empties this month. It seemed like a lot of things were close to being used up, but I guess not. Maybe, I’ll just have a massive empties next month. I’m getting my hair done next month as an early birthday present to myself which is exciting! I don’t get my hair done that often, so whenever I do, I get very excited. I dye my hair about once or twice a year. Last year, I didn’t dye my hair. I got highlights and low lights done in September of 2014 and that was the last time dye touched my head. So, my hair is a virgin again. Danielle couldn’t believe my hair was that dark. She’d never seen my virgin hair and she’s known me for 10 years. Anyways, only 5 empties this month.

Treatment gel

OleHenriksen Invigorating Night Treatment

Cappuccino mix

Great Value Cappucino French Vanilla


Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil Face


Johnson’s Baby Head-To-Toe Wash

Well, that is all of my empties! Hopefully, there will be more next time. I’ll definitely share my hair experience with all of you when it happens, which is March 26th!

What are you guys loving and used up lately?

With Love <3


Empties, First Impressions, Food, Reviews

Vitamin C

For Emergen C Super Orange Flavored Fizzy Drink Mix

What it is:

A flavored fizzy drink mix with 24 nutrients, 7 B Vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes, and 1,000 mg of Vitamin C.

Key Ingredients:

Fructose, citric acid, natural orange flavors, malic acid, orange juice powder, silica, beta carotene, and a ton of other nutrients and vitamins.

How it smells/looks/tastes:

It smells really appetizing like orange juice and looks just like it as well. However, it tastes nothing like orange juice. It is basically a good for you alka seltzer, which I only like when I am sick. So, this wouldn’t be good for me to drink to try to be healthier.

Why I dislike it:

Let’s face it. I poured this down the sink after a few sips. I just couldn’t stand it. I may like these sort of things when I am sick and my nose is all plugged up, but otherwise than that, this is pretty gross. They try to market this as a healthy and enjoyable good for you drink. This was far from enjoyable and I really do not recommend it, unless you enjoy torturing yourself.

With Love <3