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Lavender of the Valley

For Earth’s Enrichments Lavender of the Valley Sugar Scrub (not pictured)

Maine 008

My dad used this up for me, because I could not stand the very strong scent of lavender. I could not get pass the scent and the product itself is very rough. It was a very oily scrub as well, which I actually did like about it. I used this a few times as a foot scrub, but that lavender scent stuck around after. I don’t mind a sweet lavender or a soft smelling one, but this was overpowering with a hint of eucalyptus. I think that is what really carried the strong scent. I will not be repurchasing. I love my Tree Hut scrubs and would rather use that than this. I liked that this product is all natural and organic. If I liked the scrub, I might have looked into getting a different sent, but it was so rough on my pregnant sensitive skin.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤