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Dean’s ABA Week

Dean had a tiring week and he regressed a bit in areas that he was strong in. He is mouthing items more this week, but everyday never mind every week, has its ups and downs. We are all here for the ride and will support him every step of the way. He has been very lovey dovey and even kissed Joyce on the lips. She didn’t appreciate the drooly kiss in her mouth, but you have to learn to turn your face away. Or explain to him that he can only kiss your cheek. She apparently told my dad not to encourage lip kissing. I don’t ever scold Dean for lip kissing. I try to turn my face, so he gets my cheek. If he gets my lips, I tell him thank you and ask for a kiss on the cheek. I love this lovey part of him. I am not going to scold him for it.

2/5/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. Did well with puzzle, shape sorter, ring stacker, and links. Started pointing for snacks, noticing does better pointing with right hand than left hand. Dean needs more prompting with left hand. Lots of sounds and great eye contact today.

2/6/18 – Joyce

Dean happy to see staff, first solo session with Joyce. (We pushed a little). May be an “off” day? Legos an issue; wants to build what/how he wants. Taking pics of Beanies and Bulkie, Mike reported Beanies #1 Preferred. 4 Flops/arches

2/8/18 – Ann

Dean was a little “off” this morning. Not as interested in toys and usual. Played with things briefly and then wanted to get up. Did well having pointer finger ready as I was presenting things.

2/9/18 – Joyce

Introduced photos, Dean very engaging, very nice job with new toys. Lots of chewy today. Much better with legos today!

2/9/18 – Ann

Dean liked new puzzle and new shape sorter. Started pictures at snack time.

ABA started their new paperless process today with their tablet besides giving me little report cards. Don’t know how long these reports will last, but I am happy to know what he does while I am gone at work all day.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

I still cannot get over his cute hair cut! I cannot wait for my tax money to come in. I never got to do a nursery, so I’m going to do a great toddler room. I’m going to Paw Patrol his room out and order most of the stuff off of Amazon. I will get what I can at Walmart like the comforter set and I think they have some curtains and decals for the wall. I am painting his room creamsicle orange this summer and it is going to be a toddler’s dream room. Dean’s dream room. I am super excited! Once his room is complete, I will do a room tour. Right now, he only has a crib, his toys in laundry baskets, and my old bedroom set dresser that I want to get rid of. He deserves better and he is finally getting toddler sized furniture.  I’m also getting another cube organizer for my room before doing my own room tour as well.

1/30/18 – Ann

Dean did well with toys. Started new coin in bank toy. Pointing when prompted at his elbow.

1/30/18 – Joyce

Dean has done so well, great sitting, more eye contact and awareness, pointing with less prompting. He’s so curious! Lots of nice toy play.

1/31/18 – Deb

Dean did great today. Lots of great eye contact and lots of sounds. Worked on puzzles, books, shape sorter and ring stacker. Did well with pointing. Did great with sitting. Grandpa introduced a cup to help fade out the bottle. Great session.

2/1/18 – Ann

Dean did well playing sitting across from me. Did coins in bank independently. Pointing to snack choices.

2/2/18 – Ann

Dean did well this morning. Doing shape puzzle on his own. Holding at his elbow for him to point. Making several different sounds this morning.

Soon, Dean’s ABA will be all digital to cut down on their paperwork. Not sure if there will be digital day summaries or what. So, I will let you know when these stop completely so you are prepared. I know he will still get periodic reevaluations. I will show those when they occur and I have the paperwork to go with it. His EI ends on his third birthday, so I don’t know what I’ll do after that. Maybe, a weekly Dean diary instead.

One thing I noticed between both ABA and EI is that he has been babbling more. I am so excited! Maybe speech is not that far away.

With Love,


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Dean’s EI Week

Here’s the down low on another week of Dean’s state services. He has done so well and has come so far. He is really pointing now when prompted, but still isn’t pointing on his own. This past Saturday he got his hair cut and was so good in the chair with me as he had two dumdum pops. Cherry and Pineapple in case you were wondering. He has been eating a lot more lately. I joke that he’s going to eat me out of house and home, but when I have to pit stop in the middle of the week for more bread and fruit, you know that he is eating A LOT. I am not complaining, I am Happy that he has such a good diet.

1/29/18 – Speech

Not using any of his words at this time. Dean was seen at home with Mike. He was very tired today. He sat in his chair and used more sign several times. He required some hand over hand, some modeling and he requested more several times on his own. He enjoyed and followed a game of ah choo. Brought toy up to my head and he followed smiled when it fell off “ah choo”.

  • Continue to model “more” sign with snacks.

1/30/18 – OT

Dean had ABA today and Ann brought in new toys for Dean. He has been spinning/closing his eyes. Dean greeted me with a smile today and vocalizations that sounded like “Hi”. He did well again with shape sorter, pop beads, and star stacker. Consistently pointed with moderate prompting at elbow for right hand and at hand for left hand. In swing, he recognized he had to do something with his hand so routinely gave them to me to sign more. He signed more independently for swing 4 times.

  • Continue to facilitate pointing and signing more.

2/1/18 – OT

Dean had a busy day today. Grandpa reported it was a difficult day cleaning up after Dean today. Dean continues to do well with pointing to desired item with minimal prompting at elbow for right hand and moderate prompting on hand for left. Signed more 1x for swinging today but able to hold hands out to help to sign “more”. Did all 4 animal shape sorter pieces independently. Tapped my arm with vocalization to get my attention appropriately for more snacks.

  • Amazon – type in chewy tube. There is chewy tube combo pack for $23.97 by the sensory university.

Dean had a great week full of pointing and signing more. While he doesn’t really sign for me, he has been pointing when I assist him for snacks, at meal time, and for toys to play with. I really want to foster as much communication as possible.

With Love,


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Dean’s Week of HMEA

Today, I am sharing Dean’s first week of ABA services from HMEA. I would like to say that for those of you who have been trying to comment that I am using my son’s disability for views can go fuck yourselves. I’m sharing my experience of having an autistic son and his services to help educate other parents’ whose kids could be going through the same emotional roller coaster as me. I want to put my son’s story out there to let other parents’ know that there is hope in what seems like a hopeless, helpless situation. I’d like to say that it gets better, but I’m still struggling with accepting that my son isn’t going to be like his peers. I’m trying to accept him for who he is and not mourn the loss of what I wanted him to be.

He is my sweet son and autistic or not, who I react and teach him will shape him into the man that he becomes. I want him to have an open mind and be accepting. I’m using my blog to try to teach others that autism doesn’t mean a mental disability. He just sees the world differently than the average person. I’ll get off of my soapbox now. 🙂

Dean has three ABA workers coming in 4 times a week to help him.

Tuesday 8 – 9:30

First session with Dean. Explored my toys. Liked ball toy, pull tube, books, and stacking cups. Did some hand over hand pointing, signing more. Mouthing all new tubes presented but better when has chew tube.

Wednesday 8 – 9:30

Met Dean today. Explored new toys with myself and Joyce.

Wednesday 8:30 – 9:30

Explored huge toy bag to see what might serve as a potential reinforcer. Discussed programs, discussed what Dean’s session will “look” like. We will be moving him, he’s active.

Thursday 8 – 9:30

Continued to explore new toys. Dean less focused than Tuesday. Liked ball toy again. Hand-over-hand pointing to request items.

Friday 8 – 9:30

Dean was really curious about all the toys today. Worked on staying sitting with toys, started to understand the expectation. I’m off Tuesday 12/26 will do sessions Wed/Thurs/Fri 8 – 9:30.

Friday 8 – 9:30

Increased demands today. Very quick learner. Sat for structured tasks with prompting. Beginning to challenge him.

That is a week in Dean’s like with the HMEA therapists. I still have to catch up on his EI weeks, but I the only day I’m working is Tuesday until 10:15 am. I have a 3 hour and 15 minute shift and then I’m out until Jan 2nd. It’s going to be a productive vacation with my boy, celebrating Christmas and his birthday.

With Love,