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Birchbox Man: April

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

This is potentially my dad’s last Birchbox for a while. He has a nice stash of hair products and he wants to take a month or two (or three) off to go through everything that he has. I tried to cancel and Birchbox told me that I would lose my points. I emailed them asking if I was really going to lose 28 USD worth of points.  I am keeping my subscriptions, so I don’t see why. We will see what they have to say. I recently subscribed to Nature Box, because I was curious about the snack company. I should be receiving my first box next week. So, here is my makeup post for Friday.

English Laundry Cambridge Knight Eau de Parfum, ? fl oz for 1 USD?


My dad liked this scent, but wouldn’t buy it for the price. I totally agree with him. It smells nice, but really nothing special.

PARLOR by Jeff Chastain Reworkable Hold Paste, 0.5 oz for 4 USD


My dad really likes hair paste and the fact that you can use it on wet or dry hair. My dad just likes to rub some paste in his hair and call it a day. I like effortless style and I am considering getting my bf some hair paste. I love hair paste myself for grip on braids. This seems like a TON of product, though. My dad will have months of use since you only need a little bit, no matter your hair length.

PLANT Get It On Body Wash, 1 fl oz for 2.22 USD

body wash

My dad laughed at the name and is intrigued enough to give it a try. It is a one time use sample, but you can usually know with body wash. The smell isn’t amazing, but if it is very moisturizing, I would buy it for him for Father’s Day. Anyone has any Father’s Day ideas?

Declan Solid Squared, 1 ct for 30 USD

pocket square

My dad told me that I could have the pocket square. I told me to put it away until he has a fancy suit worthy even to go to like my wedding. This will be sitting for a long time. This was really ill suiting for my dad.

Word. Notebooks, 3 pack for 10 USD


My dad loves this little notebooks for writing out shopping lists or things he wants to remember. They are nice little notebook that are easy to just throw in a bag and go. These will make shopping so much easier!

This month’s subscription is worth a whopping 47.22 USD, which is double the subscription cost! This is a really great value and well worth the money. I did cancel the subscription and Birchbox assured me that I will not lose my points. I will be ordering something from them soon! An early Birthday treat to me, myself, and I. It’s all about me, me, me, me, and everybody. lol If you know where that song lyric is from, high five!

With Love,


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Birchbox Man: February Impressions

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

For some reason, my dad got the December box, then the February box. They skipped January for some strange reason. I do not know why. It is really weird why they would skip a month, but whatever. My dad likes this month’s box a whole lot better than last month’s. He received more tech-y things that he liked a lot. Here it is (Oh yeah, I am rewriting this post, because it ended up needing to be deleted for not uploading properly.):

Feb ManFeb Man

English Laundry Pomade, 1 oz (approximately) for 8.33 USD


This stuff seems very thick and clear in coloring. The scent is pleasant, but as a woman, I would not want to put this anywhere near my hair. It looks like it would make your hair sticky and “wet looking”. I don’t know what women with long hair would want to use this, but for short hair? What does my dad have to say about this pomade?

Well, it smells nice, but this is too heavy and sticky for my curls. It totally flattens out my hair and makes it look wet and greasy like I don’t shower. I don’t really like it all that much. I’m going to try to use less of it and see if that helps. I might even try to use this when my hair is wet and I like to slick it back. It might be better suited for that.

Histoires de Parfums 1899, 0.07 fl oz for 4.38 USD

Parfume BoxParfume 1899

At first, this stuff doesn’t smell all that nice, but once it has time to settle, I actually really liked the scent of this. My dad does not really like cologne, so he gave this to my boyfriend and I really like this scent on him. Too bad a full size of this stuff is 125 USD. That is so outrageous!

I really like this scent, but I don’t really use these types of products. I have a cologne that I really like that is full sized. I’m more inclined to use that than a sample. It is nice though. The full size is very expensive for something I have never heard of before (the brand).

Proper Bar Soap, 1 oz for 2.40 USD


I like that he gets samples of soaps in his box, because my dad really loves to sample soap. He always used to try mine in the shower. I could totally tell dad, you would come out smelling like apples or sorbet. My dad has a weak nose. I think that the scent of this soap is a bit old lady like really lavender scented. I wonder if he if he will notice?

This soap was alright I guess. It doesn’t lather much and it isn’t scrubby. I like scrubby soaps, but at least, it leaves my skin feeling moisturized. It smells a bit girly though. I’ll use it up, but I’ll make sure to cover up the smell with something manly like cologne or engine fuel or grease from the car.

Quirky Carabandits, 6 pack (2 large, 2 medium, 2 small) for 7.99 USD

Hook UpHook Up

I don’t understand these or how you would use them really. My dad knew what these were instantly and was ecstatic about them. Once he explained what they were, I understand why guys would be happy to get these. Guys like fixing things up and using gadgets to make things easier.

These things are great! You can use them to organize and attach things to the roof of your car! I’m going to be using the small ones to organize the cable wires, so they look less messy and all over the place. I might use a medium one is I need more to keep them organized. I plan on keeping the large ones in the car for times when we buy Christmas trees and large furniture, where you will need these elastic cords to secure the items.

Quirky Cordies, one unit for 4.99 USD


My dad is not going to have any use for these and neither am I until I buy a desk for this organizer to sit on. It seems like a nice concept to keep your cords organized and within easy reach. I always unplug cords when not in use, so I would still need to plug them in. It would eliminate me misplacing chargers though. I am famous for that.

I am giving this to Hannah. I really have no use for it. I would give to someone as a gift though too. It is a nice gift and cheap.

Quirky Wrapster, one unit in white for 1.99 USD


I stole these immediately and wrapped my head phones around it. I can now just toss them in my purse and be able to use them at work without having to detangle the mess. These are really convenient and I would buy them for friends as stocking stuffers.

Hannah took these with delight. I told her to buy me one when she buys something from the website. I would like to keep my headphones organized and not have to worry about untangling them. At 2 bucks, it is worth it and it works.

Overall, the total value of the February Birchbox Man was 30.08. This is still a good value with the total value of the box being 10 USD over what I paid for it. My dad really liked all of the guy stuff in this box better than last month’s box. I am satisfied with his box as well as I was able to snag the wrapster from his kit. LOl.

With Love,