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New In

I have collected a few new pieces over the course of January and early February, so I thought that I would share what I have picked up. I like writing these posts when I get have a pile of new things to do a haul post with. Most of the time, I pick up things spread out over a long period of time. I don’t do a lot of hauls. I think that I did more hauls in the past. I’m trying to use what I have rather than buy buy buy. I’m being more consumer conscious and I want to move towards being a minimalist. I enjoy the aesthetic and the concept of not having more than you need, use, and enjoy. Less clutter. It will be easier to do once I own my home, but this year I am focused on using up and decluttering.


Dean loves these blocks that were bought for him at Christmas time. His box was defective, so I had to return it and I rebought it at half of the price because it was clearanced. So, I used the extra money on his food for the week: Parent’s Choice fruit and veggie pouches and a couple of cans of beanies.


Simple is a cruelty free brand and I was in desperate need of micellar water, but couldn’t find any that were cruelty free. I do not like the Simple brand one. Maybe I should retry it? I think it might be different formula wise by now. These were clearanced down to $2.50 each and I had $1 off coupon, so two for $4 was not a bad deal at all for these. I use these every morning to cleanse my skin and on lazy nights.


I bought Dean a coloring page for practicing how to color with his therapists.


I needed a good cruelty free deodorant and I think D recommended this to me. I find that this dries out my underarms, so I apply lotion nightly and sometimes in the morning as well before applying. FINALLY! I have found a deodorant that truly lasts all day on me. It is even making me less wet when I stress sweat, which is AH-MAZING. I love this deodorant, but I want to try Tom’s next. I need to see if I can find something less drying.

Until I can find a better furry white or light blue seat cover, this seat throw will have to do. My dad bought me a black chair, which doesn’t go with my room. Throwing this fur (fake of course!) on the chair makes it look less harsh. If anyone knows a site or place to look for a furry white or light blue cover, leave me a comment and let me know. I want to find something so I can use this as a cute rug under my desk instead.

What have you bought lately?

With Love,


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Say Yes To…

For Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Hypoallergenic Facial Wipes

face wipes

What it is:

Facial wipes that cleanse, remove makeup, and nourish skin all in one wipe!

Key Ingredients:

water, glycerin, cucumber extract, aloe vera extract, green tea extract, citric acid, and fragrance

How it feels/smells/looks:

The smell is very true to cucumbers. It is a very clean scent that I love. The cloths are very soft and wet. I feel like they do cleanse and take off makeup very well. It will burn the eye area, so do not use it there.

Why I like it:

These did a very good job of cleansing my face and I used my Birchbox points to get it, so it was like getting these for free. I wouldn’t buy this kind again, because I like to remove the oils on my eyelids and around my eyes. Yes To makes exfoliating cloths in a grapefruit scent that I love even more than these wipes. I tend to use those as toner cloths though, not for cleansing. These cloths were very decent and they make me want to trey the blueberry ones.

With Love <3
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Walmart Haul

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I recently went to Walmart for a few things and ended up collecting a little haul for you. I plan on hitting up Kmart later this week, so there might be a mini Kmart Haul as well. I have 5 USD in shopyourway points, a 2 USD off a 20 USD purchase coupon, and a 2 USD off of a Sally Hansen product. So, I am going to combine these offers to get 9 USD off. You can look forward to that post soon. For right now, I have a Walmart haul to show all of you!

Cappuccino mix

Great Value Cappuccino French Vanilla Mix: I was so surprised to see a big can like this for 2.98 USD. I had to buy it and I have already tried it. It is very good and such a great deal! Nowadays, I like lightened versions of coffee and this is already mixed. It is very convenient and this will last the month of both my dad and I using it. I love mixes like these to make at home for my chronic headaches. Caffeine is the only thing that works and its more natural than medicine, which I’m not really supposed to take anyway. Before I have people attack me for drinking coffee, I am allowed 16 oz of coffee a day and as many decafs as I want. I have a cup in the morning and possibly one more at night, if my headaches come. I don’t always have a cup in the morning either. There are plenty of days that I have no coffee like yesterday.

Lipton Green Tea

Lipton Green Tea in Honey Lemon (Decaf): 20 tea bags were 2.19 USD, which was a good deal as well, since other herbal teas were 2.50 and up. I have tried the Lipton Green Tea in a sample pack before and I really liked them. I am getting really sick of mint teas, so I thought that this would be a nice change of pace. I am taking this to work with me to have tea there and cut down on decaf coffee. I usually drink 16 oz of water at work, 8 oz of whole milk, 8 oz of coffee, 8 oz of decaf, and usually 16 oz of more water in the afternoon. This way, I can cut out the decaf and possibly the caf if I’m not suffering from headaches. Honey lemon sounds like it will be sweet, so no sugar or milk needed!


Spring Valley Prenatal Adult Gummy: A bottle of this is 7.98 USD, which is expensive but I have to have it. I can also only remember to eat it, because they are gummies. They taste like candy and it reminds me to eat them. I really like these, but I haven’t tried other gummy brands. I prefer them over pill versions. I wonder if I can find gummy ones for iron supplements? I will check that out after pregnancy. I don’t have that problem anymore, since Aunt Flo hasn’t visited in four months.


Pantene Pro-V Deep Cleanse Purifying Shampoo: I bought this clarifying shampoo for 3.98 USD, which I thought was worth a shot for the price. I am having a pregnancy issue, where not all of my hair’s natural oils get cleansed with shampoo. I’m hoping that this will strip all the oils off of my hair. My hair is dirty/oily after I freshly wash it. That is not normal. I’m producing so much oil from my scalp and pores. My face is a greasy mess by 2. I use paper towels, because I was wasting too many oil absorbing sheets a day. I do a weekly deep conditioning treatment, so I think that this will pair nicely with it.

face wipes

Equate Sensitive Cleansing Facial Wipes: This packet of 40 wipes were for 3.98, so another steal in my opinion. I have never tried them before, so they could be a loss as well. I plan on using these at work on the days that I don’t wear bb cream. Let’s face it, it’s not very often. I will bring my moisturizer with me, if I decide to cleanse my face to get rid of the oil buildup. I use wipes for a quick cleanse. I don’t usually use them as a replacement for washing my face, unless it’s really late at night and I’m lazy.

razor refills

Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Care 5 Curve Sensing Blades Replacement Heads (4 ct): This is by far the most expensive thing that I bought, but these work wonders on my legs. It is honestly the best blades that I have ever used and so much better than the disposable version. It was 16. 98, but I had a 4 USD off coupon. It was only 12.98 USD for me.  Still, that is like 3.25 USD a piece. My legs needed them though and I can no longer use my trusted and well loved Veet. Each head will last me about two months of use, since I only shave me legs once a week. They get extremely irritated otherwise and it’s not a pretty sight.


The Big Wedding: This was in the 3.97 USD bucket at Walmart. I have never seen this movie, but I love the cast  of characters in it. I’m hoping that it will be a worthwhile romantic comedy, which is one of my favorite genres. I’ll let you know how it is in an Entertainment Monthly.

dog harness

Lastly, I bought two harnesses for the dogs, but I will be bringing the large one back. It turns out that Mooky fits into the medium perfectly and Serena needs a small instead. If Walmart’s small does not fit, I will have no choice but to go to PetCo as they have more variety in sizes and styles. Mooky’s harness was 5 USD. The bigger one was 11.98, but I am returning it and getting a small, which will probably be 5 as well. I wanted my girls to match!

With Love,


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I Did It Again To Your Heart

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I got my Birchbox order yesterday and I am dying to show all of you guys what I bought. I have only used one thing so far that I bought, because I wanted to have an unbiased haul post. I got a really great deal on all of these things and Birchbox was so generous to give me not one but TWO sample pouches with my 35 dollar purchase. Since I bought over 70 USD worth of stuff with only spending 10 USD out of pocket, I think they added one for each 35 USD spent, which I did not see coming. It was generous of them. I love Birchbox and the people who work their are amazing! Anyways, the haul, what you all came here for, right?

Yes to cucumbers Soothing Hypoallergenic Facial Wipes, 30 ct for 5.99 USD

face wipes

I am running out of wipes and needed some more. These were cheaper than buying it at Walmart, so I decided to pick some up. I have and love the Yes To Grapefruit Exfoliating Towelettes, so I wanted to try these ones. I like to use a basic wipes to wipe off my base and then go in with my Glam Glow to deeply penetrate my skin. I am interested in seeing how these work out. You can buy them in bulk at Amazon for cheap, so if I like them, I’ll be buying like a 6 pack on Amazon that’ll last me half the year. I heard that this burns some people’s skin, but my face isn’t THAT sensitive. We will see. Oh! These also smell like fresh cucumbers and that makes me hungry.

Stila Lip Glaze in Sparkling Grape, 0.05 fl oz for 8 USD


I love these pen lip gloss sticks! They are so easy and so juicy looking on the lips. This one smells like sweet apricots and it packs a bunch of color. It appears berry purple on the lips with a hint of shimmer. Because this one has a big color payoff, I whip out my compact to apply using a mirror to evenly distribute the color. It does not feel gooey or sticky. It feels smooth on the lips and just a tad grainy from the shimmer/glitter. I am a fan and I will be buying more of these, but I have so many balms/glosses that I shouldn’t have even bought this one. Next time I shop Birchbox, I’m sure one will find a way into my cart.

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 8% AHA Gel, 3.3 fl oz for 26 USD


I bought this, because I really liked the sample of wipes that I received from Birchbox. This is also very similar to Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Treatment, but a lot less expensive. It is 45 USD for 1.7 oz of the OHINT gel, while PC is very affordable. I just hope that it works just as well. I don’t see why it wouldn’t though, since they contain very similar ingredients and the texture is identical. I’m hoping that this will further diminish my acne marks and get rid of my acne all together. Fingers crossed!

Treatment gel


Spornette Styling Brushes Little Wonder #111 for 8 USD


I needed another little brush for teasing and updos, since the one I bought from Kmart ended up ripping my hair out. This is made with real boar bristles and some other type of rubber bristles. It does not pull or tug and it perfect for what I want. It is also great for smoothing the hair. It doesn’t snag my hair if I take the brush out midstroke, which is how you brush if you’re getting your hair ready for a pony tail or something. I’m really into styling my hair and copying styles in magazines. I’ve gotten quite good at it. I’ll probably post a few pictures in the coming weeks on how to recreate some looks.

Two Sample Packets:


Mighty Leaf in Chocolate Mint Truffle, Bombay Chai, and Organic Spring Jasmine, 3 packets for 1.99 USD


I’m giving my dad the Chai one since he enjoys black tea and got excited by my tea samples. lol. I will write a little review for any tea that I buy. I think a pack of 15 teas is pricey at 10 USD, but if it is tasty, then I just might have to buy some next time as a treat to myself. I am excited to try the chocolate one the most. Has anyone tried these teas before?

Manna Kadar Liplocked Priming Gloss Stain in All Of Me, 0.01 oz for 0.20 USD


There seems to be a lot of product for 20 cents, so I’m happy. It is in a pretty pink nude color and smells a bit perfumey which is weird. It has a cute pink gem on the cap that gives it a girly touch. I am quite happy with this sample since it seems to be a decent size.

Tocca Creme Da Mano Hand Cream in Cleopatra, 1 fl oz for 5 USD

hand cream

This smells heavenly! I would totally buy this. It is a thick cream, but it sinks in quickly. It smells like fresh cut grapefruit with the soothing scent of cucumbers. I cannot stop smelling my hands! This is my new hand cream! Next time I buy, this is in my cart for sure! It is 10 USD for 2 oz and in my opinion so worth it. An ounce lasts me a month or so. I might just buy the 38 USD kit that you get 4 or 5 full sized hand creams in this line. I just love it. You need to smell this to know.

And yeah, I’m not that innocent.

With Love,