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What I Received on Mother’s Day

I am so blessed and so lucky to be recognized on Mother’s Day. It was wonderful of my mom to get me a present “from Dean” and it was really touching. I had to work my 12 hour shift on Mother’s Day, so it was nice of my mom to come by after work and spend a couple of hours with us. On a similar note, except to see a similar post for birthday presents. It’s the thought that counts, but I ALWAYS love everything that I am gifted. I am just so lucky to be surrounded by people who love me now.


Dean smashed my coffee cup a few days after moving into the new place. My mom bought me this one to replace the old one. It’s a major upgrade, because I love this one 100x better than the old one that I had. It’s blush pink and rose gold, going perfectly with my office theme colors. The saying on it is also 100% true.

These stack bracelets were also a gift from my mom. I don’t wear jewelry that often anymore, but I can see myself wearing these. They are in one of my favorite colors (purple) and look pretty on. I have a few shirts that these would look nice with. They aren’t cheap looking bracelets and you can wear them stacked or individually.

I am officially a size small now. My mom got me this shirt that says “Espresso Yourself” at Kohl’s. Even with a black bra underneath, this shirt is not see through. It is super soft and comfy. My hair is getting really long and I am growing out my bleached hair. I need to refresh my blue color but I am loving my natural dark blonde roots coming in. My natural hair looks so much darker compared to my bleached end colored in a light blue/green. It’s no secret that I have struggled with my weight, so it feels good to be a size small. A size that I have never been before. I still exercise 2 hours a week and I feel better than I have in a long time. Still considering chopping my hair off though.

With Love,


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Adore Me!

I have been checking out a Victoria’s Secret like site called Adore Me for over a month now. Right now, they have a buy one get one free sale and I am seriously considering purchasing a couple of sleepwear or lounge wear outfits. I need more adultish clothes now that I’m a mama bear. Here’s a sneak peak at Adore Me’s new collection for Fall:


Personally, I would pair a great highlight with this robe. I would add vampy lips to this pj set. This one would look great with a nice smoky eye. This little black outfit would be the one that I would wear a red lip with. Out of all four of these, I’m most likely to pick out the bath robe and the plaid pj pants set. I’m leaning more and more with trying out the VIB membership, which lets you pick out your first set for $19.95 and every set after that is $39.99 which is $10 off of the normal price. After your fifth purchase, your six set is free and you can skip as many months as you want as long as you skip by the 6th in order not to be charged. If you want something that month, let yourself be charged and you have store credit of $39.99 to chose whatever you want. It’s honestly a great subscription service. You can cancel at anytime, so I think that I’ll try them out in December.

What do you think? I have my heart kinda set on that robe. ❤

With Love,



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My Beauty Profile

I thought that I would put myself into a beauty profile for all of my readers. This is just basic information, so that everyone knows my beauty type. If I miss something, feel free to comment with a question or anything and I will try to answer it the best that I can. I am a light-skinned person, but NOT fair nor am I medium. I do not tan more than two shades darker than my normal skin color. I do not purposely tan or go to tanning booths. I use SPF 15 on my face and 30 on my body, because over 15 on my race causes blemishes. I have oily skin and am acne prone. I love to paint my nails and put on makeup. I am into natural beauty, but I do like either bold eyes or lips. I distaste powder blush, but love the gels and creams. I am a lip gloss junky. I love to rearrange my room and add new decor. I am a fashionista, but when I am at home, I am usually in sweats and a large tee. I believe in comfort and style. I have grey blue eyes and dark blonde hair. My hair is naturally wavy/curly and past my shoulder blades. I own a dog and a cat. I work part-time and go to college. I love the winter time, but I love the summer break. I have a square-shaped face with angular cheeks and jaw. I love reading, whether they are books or fashion magazines. I cannot think of much else to say, so if you have a question just ask.

As a side note, all of my reviews are made after finishing a product. All hauls are when I fist purchase the products. Hauls are not reviews and many times opinions change after finishing a product. I hope all of my readers tune into Julamorous, where I will be posting everyday in July. Stay tuned!

With Love,

Hannah xoxoxo