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Sephora Favorites Set

My dad gave me some money for Christmas, so I poped into my local Sephora inside of JCP and I found this little gem tucked underneath a table out of sight. I found JCP exclusive Sephora Favorites Lip Kit in nude. I am so happy and excited to show you these. I am a nude or pop of color kind of girl. I hate reds and any kind of really dark and vampy color unless it is a really unique color. This kit is right up my alley, so I thought that I would share all of these with you. I seriously have not touched this kit since I bought it, because I was waiting to haul it. LOL. This is the Sephora Favorites Lip Nude-ist Lip Sampler set. It contains a full size lipstick and 5 minis. It cost me $29.75 with tax.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick Sake 0.05 oz $8.67

This is the first swatch on the left in both pictures. The first one is in indoor lighting and the second picture was in natural lighting with my window. This lipstick is a third of the full size and I really loves the deep pink, more berry toned color. Indoors, it looks more pink, but in natural, it pulls more berry. It is a perfect at the office color and for just running around doing errands. I love a good nude and this lipstick is very moisturizing.

Urban Decay Comfort Matte Lipstick Backtalk $17

This is a full size lipstick in a nice mauve pink color. I love the purple tones in this lipstick and I also live for matte lip colors. I am very much into mattes right now, so bring on the mattes! I will get a lot of use out of it and it is another great one for the office. Really, all of these are very office friendly. Nothing is too out there. I think this lipstick would flatter a lot of skin tones, but I think it is definitely geared towards more fair skinned people than darker skin tones. I feel a lot of reds are made for darker skin color than for fair ones. I wish I could find a flattering red.

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme 1.5 g $10.50

This is almost half of the full size and the iridescence is SO PRETTY. I will be using this as a night time treatment to plump and smooth my lips overnight.  I love the smoothing my lip lines effect more than the plumping. It leaves a beautiful shine and if I really like it, it comes in a pretty purple tint. I will buy almost anything in purple. It is a problem.

Bite Agave Lip Mask about $10

It is almost half of a full size and I could get a few uses out of each little lip mask. Since I use a balm every night, I can easily use this up in February. I’m going to use it up and share my thoughts on it.

Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint Bestie 1 ml $3.34

This is a nice deep brown nude with a hint of pink. I don’t know how I feel about this on my lips, but I like the color better than Birthday Suit which is a little too orange looking on my lips personally. It is so small that I used it once and hit side pan. I bet one month of using this at the office and I can have it almost used up. It holds up well throughout the day. Out of everything, it is the most long lasting.

Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Gloss 312 Sugar Sugar $9.34

I love this low maintenance nude glitter gloss. It is so smooth on the lips and looks peachy and juicy on the lips. I would buy a set of these lip glosses if I ever run out of lip gloss. I am not going to be buying much makeup this year. I need to use up what I have before it goes bad and I have way too much. I need to make better decisions and spend my money well. I’s rather buy a fancy serum than a $30 gloss.

The total for these items is $58.85 and I spent $29.75 for it. It is double my investment into the lip shaped box. I think this set was worth it and I will use everything.

With Love,



September Favorites

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I don’t have a ton of favorites this month. I really loved Dean getting more powerful with his kicks and moving around. I enjoyed drinking my sugar loaded Sprite drink at the doctor’s, which came out negative by the way. I dislike that my iron levels are still very low. I might have to have a c-section, because of this. I am now taking two iron supplements a day, so 660mg of iron a day. I have so much to look forward to in October. I really enjoyed going to the mall with Danielle in September and I look forward to coming over her house in October. I will be buying the crib, mattress, and infant car seat this month. I am hoping to buy a few things for organization as well as baby wipes, cloths, and reusable diapers. I’m tired and I might be coming down with a cold. I’m going to cut it short and get to exercising. Light exercise. I’m just going to walk for 30 minutes.

With Love,


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August Favorites

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I cannot believe that I am already 6 months pregnant. Time is flying by but going slow all at the same time. I have been feeling poorly this weekend like morning sickness all day and night. Hopefully, it passes by soon. Blogging has really been making me feel just a bit better and for that, I am very grateful. I am so happy/excited that I have been going through a ton of products. I’m hoping to finish up more hair products in September and a few body products as well. If I could finish off a lip gloss or two that would be great. As of right now, I think this month made a huge dent in my collection. I already know that a dozen products are on their way out with only a few uses left in each. It is very exciting to not have so much clutter in the bathroom and in my bedroom. I still have a ways to go before I can justify buying most products.

Baby Dean has been kicking like crazy this month. It is so great to feel him moving around inside of me, but I also feel like a sci-fy movie as well. lol. I don’t have any particular product favorites this month. I tend not to focus on that aspect too much. I’m much too busy using up products than focusing on those that I enjoy in a certain month. I would think it would get boring choosing the same products. I will be sharing my pamper luxury skincare night with all of you in September. That is all I have to say for this month. If you have questions, ask them below.

With Love,


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Say Hello To July!

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Wow. I cannot believe that it is July already. Half of the year is already gone and it is just so exciting! I don’t have a lot of favorites, but I do have a few. I loved getting my ultrasound pictures and seeing my baby for the first time. It really made everything real for me, more real than what I was already feeling anyway. It was really fun to go to Monster Jam again with my dad. We really had a blast all day long, even standing in line for two hours was somehow fun. I also had a yummy snow cone, so there was that. Otherwise, I loved ordering and getting my Erin Condren Life Planner. I loved decorating the month spread and my first week spread as well. I don’t think I did any other fun things though. I don’t usually have very eventful months, just years.

I enjoy the little things in life really. I didn’t really buy anything this month, except some clothes and things. If I use up a lot of my stuff this month, I might indulge in a Victoria Secrets/Bath & Body Works haul this summer. Oh! My dogs got their 3 year rabies shots and their licenses to walk around. The tags are bone shaped and PURPLE this year! So cute. Anyways, I’m happy that my dogs will not need to go back to the vets for three more years, unless they develop problems. Serena still needs her three year booster and a checkup though. Shadow needs her blood work in September along with her booster as well. So many appointments to keep track of! Anyhow, that was my month in a nutshell.

With Love,


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May The Odds Ever Be In Your Favorites

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Another month of favorites has come to pass and I have decided on yet a different way to approach posting it. This month, I am going to do a bullet point list and be really brief. It’s only noon, but I’m already tired. I plan on getting some reading in and a bit of writing, possibly working on that book review that I was supposed to have this week. I’m getting really into planner decorating and will be doing a sticker haul in the coming weeks from Esty. I am also buying an uncustomized Erin Condrin planner that I have been wanting forever. That style seems to suit me better than the filofax. I am find planner decorating soothing, de-stressing, and gives me a sense of direction. Once the baby is here, I will have even more things to put in my planner and it’ll be a way to have “me” time.

  • Being Pregnant. Yes, sometimes I hate it, but it’s a beautiful thing.
  • My belly popped out this week. I now sport a noticeable baby bump and let me tell you, it was painful.
  • My Birthday! Another year wiser.
  • FOOD! My one and only obsession now.
  • Visiting my Bestest Friend Ever Who Loves Me No Matter What!

Those are my favorites for this month and I’m sure I’ll have tons to tell in no time at all. Until then, peace out!

With Love,


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December Favorites

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I had a few favorites this month and a very lovely December. My number one favorite was the Holiday Season, not just Christmas day, but everything that goes along with it. I love picking out the tree and taking it home to decorate. I love shopping for gifts for loved ones and wrapping them to put them under the tree. I love seeing the joy on their faces, when they find truly thoughtful gifts. I love how excited my dogs got with their gifts and how they never get bored of anything. I loved the festivities at work and the smell of Christmas Trees. I just love everything about the season. I loved what I got for Christmas which was clothes, a perfume, and a treadmill. I will show you guys everything that I got once my treadmill comes in. Oh, and I have to exchange the perfume, because my dad accidentally bought it in the men’s scent. lol. That post will be coming at the end of the month, most likely.

I also got a few games for myself for Christmas that I have been enjoying. Once I have played them long enough, I will be giving reviews on them as well. Overall, it has just been a great month for me and instead of doing a typical Favorites post, I’m just gonna write how I felt about every month and what I liked about it and what I didn’t. Products come and go. What I like today, I might not like tomorrow. My feelings? They don’t go away as easily. I love reviewing the month and what happened to make it memorable.

Do you like this favorites style? Do you want me to still highlight a beauty product that I really enjoyed? I think I could highlight one product, but I feel like my eventually review would do it more justice.

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo

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October Favorites

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I know that I am super late with this post, but better late than never, right? I will just get into it! The products that I have been loving this month are all from the Ole Henriksen line. I am really in love with his products. I have a lot of Vitamin C/Citrus infused ones and a few plain ones as well. His products are all superb and I haven’t found one that I haven’t like out of the six. They are doing a great job at balancing my skin out, especially since I found out a product that I have been using was causing extreme dryness on my chin, resulting in red, flaky skin. I don’t have any particular favorites, just every item that I bought in the kit on my recent Sephora trip. Speaking of which, my chin is burning like crazy right now. It is mostly better, but this cold weather is making it very irritable. I have to make this post quick, because I am not feeling too well. I have an upset stomach and a bit of heartburn, a very weird combination. What were your favorites this past month?

gift collection

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo

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September Favorites

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I know that I am late with my favorites post, but I’m even later on my Ipsy post than usual. It will be posted in the next week or so. My new job has messed with my posting schedule a bit. I’m also going to be working on my Wishlist for Christmas 2014 and I will be uploading it as part of my 25 Days of Christmas segment on my blog. I will release it piece by piece. I’m basically writing it for my family and friends, so they know what type of things that I would like to receive. It is also for myself though, so that I know what I want to buy with gift cards! I almost have enough Yappem points to purchase my 10 USD Sephora Gift Card! That is very exciting for me. After that gift card, I’ll probably purchase an Amazon one for some new books that I have my eye on. Well, I’ll stop rambling now!


Peter Thomas Roth:

Roth Produts

This stuff is truly amazing! It is helping to really tame my skin. My skin is not clear. I still have my hormonal imbalance to fix in order for me to be acne free. I’m mostly dealing with red marks and rough bumpy skin from acne. I’ve never had a really bad time with acne and I believe that once I address my issues my acne will be next to nonexistent again. This line though makes white heads disappear overnight and really helps to speed up the healing process. I will be buying more items from this line to pamper my skin. This line has gotten my face to the point where I don’t have to cake on concealer and foundation anymore. I can just put a layer of BB cream and feel great about myself.

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo

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Favorites: The Hair Edition

Heya Fellow Gurus!

Now that we are nearing the end of July and the unfortunate end of Julamorous, I thought that I would start off my favorites for the month of July. I always have so many favorites a month and choosing 5 in each category seems to be the way to go. These are my top 5 favorite hair products of July. I am always buying different hair products, whether it’s because of packaging brand, or type. I use a lot of hair products, because I enjoy styling my hair all different ways. My hair is medium length. It used to be mermaid long, but I wanted a change a year ago. My hair touches th bottom of my shoulder blades on my back. It’s a good length to style all different looks. My hair is dark blonde with highlights and low lights. My roots are on the brown side. but grows out dark blonde probably from the sun. I’m always outside enjoying the rays and my dogs. My hair tends to get oily on the scalp after the 2nd day of no washing. It is a bit on the fizzy side and is layered, although they are close to being grown out. I was my hair every 2 to 4 days depending upon the season, what I am doing, and if I have dry shampoo. So, without further ado, my top 5 hair picks of July are as follows:

hair favorites

dry shampoo
1. Dry Shampoo: My current love is TRESemme FreshStart Dry Shampoo Volumizing for fine/oily hair. First off, my hair is thick and not very fine. Due to my layers, it thins out the thickness, but it is still not fine by any means. I still love this spray though, because it soaks up all of the excess oil. I just wish that the formula was a bit more powdery. It is great for my darker roots though. I give it a 4 star performance out of 5. I just shake and do short bursts. I rub my hair to soak up the oil and I have lift and dry hair in no time.

frizz ease avon
2. Frizz Shield: I mentioned my frizz problem right? Well, you knew I would mention at least one product of this nature in my favorites. My current obsession is Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield For All Hair Types. I love using this one on my damp hair as a preventative measure. When I want sleek hair, I make ure to use this after a shower. It’s an oil like consistency, like a serum and I just comb the product through. I do not apply this to my roots, because I have oily hair. I give this 5 stars for performance. I do notice a difference in how sleek my hair is after using this. When I want super sleek hair though, I add something extra.

3. Oil Treatment: Remember when I mentioned something extra? Yep, this is it. A hair oil tames away the frizz on my flat ironed or curled hair. My current favorite is M Moroccanoil for all hair types. This light weight oil is a great addition after styling my hair to fight the frizzes. I make sure to use a tiny amount and add the oil to my ends first before applying it to midshaft and down. Keep this away from roots! It can make your style look greasy and weighed down. This adds bounce and a great scent to my hair. I give this product 4 stars out of five for performance, because it can be greasy if you aren’t careful.

uvb sea spray
4. Beach Hair: Everyone loves beachy waves. They look boho and lock in the laid back feel of summer. My current love affair is with Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa UV Absorber Malibu Waves Spray For Hair. Let me start off by saying that the smell of this stuff is ah-mazing! It smells like summer in a bottle with citrus hints and real sea water. This is the best perfume for your hair! Not only does it smell fantastic, but it gives the best effortless beach waves. My hair is naturally wavy, a bt more on a curly side of the wave. So, I do not know if I am the best judge for beach wave sprays, but I find that it holds braid waves without the crunchy feeling of hair spray. I give this product 5 stars hands down. You will not be disappointed.

closeup of wen hair maskhairmask wenhair mask
Hair Treatment: Wow, it seems that 3 of my favorites revolve around my frizz problem. lol. I did not plan it that way, I swear! My current love is Wen by Chaz Dean Sweet Almond Mint Re Moist Intense Hair Treatment. For the life of me, I can never smell the almond, but the peppermint smell is exhilarating. For the price, this stuff lasts a long time. I have used it a dozen times and haven’t made a dent in it. I scope out two half-dollar sized globes and start with the ends up to my roots being sure to comb everything through. I use this after the shower as an overnight treatment. I rinse it out the next day. It makes my hair really soft and smooth. I have been using this for 12 weeks and have enough for at least that many more. I use this every one to two weeks. This perks my hair up when it needs it. Heat tends to dry hair and the ocean. I make sure to use this after a day in the sun or ocean I give this 5 stars for performance and value for the price.

Well, those were my top 5 favorites for hair products. Stay tuned to see more favorites. I am open to suggestions, so please leave a comment. What are your favorite picks for July? Make a reply blog post and link it to my blog so I can see it. I would love to find a new hair obsession.

With Love,

PS: Can you find my little doggy Serena in the pics?