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14 Before Fall Finale


It is finally time to wrap up this project pan and I am sad to see it go. I’m happy as well, because I think I completed my goal this time around! I won’t be doing anymore project pans this year or next year. I’m going to be doing monthly makeup bags, so that all of my makeup gets to spend some time with me every month. For that series, I will be posting the progress of the products when I start the month and then at the end of the month to see how much I was able to use up. Time to finish up this project pan and see how well I did. Anything I didn’t finish will have a final progress picture.

Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque


I finished one of these packages and didn’t notice much of a different. It’s a nice firming treatment and maybe if I had some fine lines, it would have shown some improvement? It was nice 5 minute mask and I will use the other one up.

Medicell Eye Mask Duo

eye mask

I really enjoyed these gel eye masks. They are super weird! They are silicon eye patches and I didn’t feel like it DID anything. There wasn’t a lot of serum on them to make any difference in my under eye area. I still had to add eye cream to feel moisturized. I would try other eye patches, but I think I’ll stick to paper ones. I think they have more solution on them and that’s what I want in an eye path and face mask. A lot of serum!

MJCARE Snail Essence Mask


My dad did this mask with me, since I had two of this kind. It has a light earthy scent, but had a TON of serum. To the point where it was dripping down my neck. Not my favorite mask, but I’m not afraid of snail masks anymore. It had a ton of serum in one of the packets (probably my dad’s since his didn’t come out as soaking wet as mine) and barely any leftover in the other. I highly recommend this brand strictly for moisturizing purposes. I don’t notice any other difference with any of the different varieties of masks from this brand.



Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in K-Dub

Still no progress on this tube and that’s fine by me. I’m putting it away until next Spring/Summer where I will probably use it up. I love this really bright color. I wore it a ton around the pool and the house. It’s so nice not to be taking lipstick off of Dean all the time. I cannot help but kiss that boy a ton!

Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow in Pearl

I didn’t use it at all since the last update. I got tired of this shade. I still would like to finish it at some point. I’ll probably bring it out around January or so.

B&BW White Citrus Eau De Perfume

I think I might have mismarked it at some point, because it seems to be at the same point despite using it all month long. I am retiring this scent for at least the next month. I want to give other perfumes in my collection some love and I’m tired of this scent. It is a really nice citrus scent, but after three months, a girl needs a break. It also doesn’t last very long and I had to layer it with other perfumes.


Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil SPF 8


I am done with this SPF oil and I ended up really liking it. I might look into getting some higher SPF sun oils next summer. I really enjoyed the extra moisture with the protection. It was great for just every day sun exposure and for quick dips in the pool.


Temptu Highlighter


This was an easy one to finish off and was a very in your face highlighter. I really love highlighters that are super wham bam and I also love subtle ones. It depends on my mood. I wore this to work a lot and no one ever said anything about it. It was very fresh and wet looking. I have too many highlighters, so I wouldn’t buy this one. I also prefer powders to liquid or cream. I prefer liquid or cream if I’m going bare faced to work.

I didn’t finish any of these replacement items either. I am close to finishing the bronze lip gloss though. They have so much more product than you think and it lasts longer than other glosses that I own in my collection.

I finished up 5 products, bring my total to 14. I FINISHED THE CHALLENGE! I’m so proud of myself for completing the challenge and setting out to use up some products that had been sitting in my collection for a long time. I will be coming back next week with my 5 makeup picks for the month, plus one bonus perfume item.


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Six Before Summer Finale

So, this project was a half fail. I only managed to use up half of the products in this challenge. I am still proud of myself though, since the last project was a total fail. I have already started my 14 Before Fall Challenge and I have already used up 1 item, so I feel like I might have a blooming success in my hands. Anyways, here is my progress on these products since the beginning of the challenge.

Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo

The progress pictures are above. As you can see, this is taking me FOREVER to use up as a deodorant. I will continue to use this up, but I am going to take a little break from it and use traditional deodorant for the summer. I sweat more in the summer. This will be more suitable for Fall/Winter and maybe, I will manage to use it up then.

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossoms Eau De Perfume Spray

I made a lot of progress with this perfume and I look forward to finishing it up next Spring. I would guess that there is two weeks to one month of use left in this perfume bottle. I really enjoy the scent, but I will not be repurchasing this particular scent. I will be buying the original Be Delicious perfume, because I think that it smells perfect for Spring/Summer. It’s a dual season scent. This was two-thirds full when I started and now I have about a quarter of the perfume left.

Eyetini Shadow Tint EC007 Violette

I didn’t use this product enough between the last update and the finale to update the progress mark on this one. I will be taking a break from this eye shadow. Maybe, I will take it back out in the Fall and try to use the rest of it up. I am about half way through the tube and I will remove the stopper to use every last bit of it up when I get there. I do like the shade, even though I like to tone it down with a bit of powder eye shadow on top.

Wen Sweet Almond Mint Volumizing Treatment Spray

I am finally almost done with this one! I am very happy with my progress on this product especially. I am going to put it away to focus on two other hair products that I want to try out/use up. I will still use it occasionally, but I probably won’t aim to use it up again until Fall. I need a break from these products and then, I can come back to them in a fresh new season. I find that I can get sick of a product, if I put them in back-to-back project pans. I am very happy that this will be gone by the end of the year.

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush 45 Orchid Hush

I used quite a bit of this blush, but did not manage to hit pan on this. I will bring this back out for the Winter into Spring project pan. It will look very good on the cheeks during that time. I wore down the dome shape of the product and with another project pan, I can see using up about half of the product that is left in the pan. I might put it in my Fall to Winter project pan….we will see. I want to use up some other cheek products that I have laying around.

3 Finished Products

These three masks are what I managed to use up during this project pan. I still have one more mask that I want to use up before opening up my Loreal mask that I got from my birthday, but once that one is done, I will be opening up that bad boy. I might open it up sooner if I manage to use up some more skin care products to make room for it.

If you project pan, I would love to follow you. Please comment on this post, so I can follow you and keep tabs on your progress. Reading others posts, help me to feel motivated for my project.

With Love,