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Lush Haul

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I just received my package from Lush in the mail yesterday. I ordered it on the 24th of March and it shipped on the 25th. I was so excited for it to be here early, especially since it shipped from the UK. So, without further ado, here’s what I got!

Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt for $5.62 USD

I am so happy to be getting an Easter product from Lush. This is a bath bomb/melt hybrid. Since it is a big bomb, I will be using half, so it will give me two uses. It is so glittery! I love all the gold glitter. It will make for a pampering bath. To me, this smells of a sweet honey green tea. I personally love the scent. It is sweet and earthy at the same time. Very unexpected given the egg’s appearance. I would have thought it would be more citrus scented. Looking forward to a golden bath when I can spend an hour in there to fully enjoy it. I’m looking at you, Dean! lol

Razzle Dazzle Bath Oil, 20 g for $2.85 USD

This solid oil melted a bit on it’s way to me. It is supposed to have a luster purple/pink outer coating, which mostly melted away between shipping and taking these photos. I can get two baths out of this as well, I think. I don’t want it to be too oily. It smells of raspberries and the fresh scent of falling snow. That is the only way I can describe this heavenly scent. I like the sweet fruitiness of this very much.

Big Blue Bath Bomb for $4.98 USD

This has a fresh and clean scent. It doesn’t smell fishy or very ocean-ey either. It smells more like fresh linens or clean fresh air…maybe that’s what it is. The clean, fresh scent of the ocean without the salt. There is no saltiness that I can smell. I am a fan of a fresh scent though. I love the smell of laundry floating in the breeze. I think everything that I bought can be cut in half. These bath bombs are WAY too big for the tub that I have right now. I’m hoping to buy a house next year with a nice marble bath tub….if it doesn’t have a nice master bath, I would make that my first project. Then, I could just throw the whole thing in there.

Frozen Bath Bomb for $5.62 USD

These are just HUGE. Let me just restate that fact. I wanted this one, because I reall love the movie Frozen and I relate to Elsa a lot. I really love a powerful Disney princess and Elsa really fits that bill, plus she has a super power. It’s a pretty bath bomb with silver luster glittering all around making it look like a snow ball. It is very floral….I don’t know how to describe it…I don’t particularly like the scent. I feel like one it is in the bath I might like it..looks up ingredients Okay, it has rose oil in it. Rose oil is really intense from Lush, I feel. If I don’t like the first half, I’ll let my dad have the other half. He has become Lush obsessed as well.

Waves Solid Shampoo 100 g for $9.25 USD

Ignore the gold glitter from the golden egg. This is for my dad. He really loved my Rose Argan Oil Solid Shampoo Bar, so he wanted another solid shampoo, but without the rice bits. This huge chunk of solid shampoo is exactly that, solid shampoo. This will last a lot longer than the other bar that I think was 50 g. This could last a year if that it true. It smells fresh, but also a bit salty due to the sea salt in the bar. I might steal some from time to time. I hope he likes it!

Marilyn Hair Treatment 225 g for $13.87 USD

This is much more affordable than the 22 USD on the US site. I cannot believe how much cheaper the UK site is! I needed a pre-wash treatment for my blonde locks, since I already have the Roots hair/scalp mask. This will keep my blonde bright kinda like a purple shampoo, except it is a light yellow in color. I would use this as an overnight treatment, since you use it on dry hair. I probably have six uses in this jar. I’ll try it this upcoming weekend! It is a soupy consistency and smells like chamomile tea.

Cup O’ Coffee Exfoliating Mask 150 g for $9.60

This smells just like a fresh cup of morning Jo! When I opened the pot to smell it, my fingers had oil on them, which I then smoothed over my hands. I love the scent and I know that this will be a nice mask that moisturizes and exfoliates. My skin has become more on the normal to dry side instead of SUPER oily. Nursing has made my skin drier. So, I’ve been buying things to moisturize it to get rid of that tight feeling. This is a big tub that will last quite awhile. I only do masks once to twice a week and never the same one twice.

Well, that is my Lush haul. They did not put a sample in my box this time. 😦 Oh well! I bought a ton  of goodies. I’m going to try my new mask now. Bye!

With Love <3
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Manicure Monday: Frozen Elsa

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I have a quick Manicure Monday post for you and it is a pretty polish that I like to call Elsa’s fingernails from Frozen, if she could of had her nails painted a color that would match her personality. Dani calls them “Cinderella’s Glass Slippers”. Either one would be an accurate description of it.


What do you guys think? This is two coats of Rimmel London’s Sweetie Crush in 012 Blueberry Whizz. It is a sugar effects nail polish. It is similar to sand polishes, but I think that the sugar ones are extra glittery and sparkly! Happy Monday Everyone! BTW, Dani bought me this nail polish along with a few others. So, you can look forward to some never before seen colors. I want to try to do these posts more regularly. What do you think about them apples? Now, I want an apple…with feta cheese.

With Love,