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The Week Ahead

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I thought that I would do a short planner post today, since I got a couple of movies from the Redbox. My free token was expiring today, so I needed to use it and my dad wanted a non girly movie. Which is how I ended up with two. My dad is bringing my car to the dealership tomorrow to get a free oil change, tire rotation, and to fix a recall on the moon roof. When I bought the car as long as I get it serviced there, it is free for as long as I own the car (all the maintenance on it). That being said, my dad still does his own more frequent oil changes, when it gets too low for his taste. I have a doctor’s appointment Tuesday and I have to take the glucose test. It takes an hour and I have to drink a sickly sweet drink, not looking forward to it.

Depending on when I get out, I might be able to head on over to the registry to renew my state id. I need a new one to open a new checking account and my old one expired recently. If not, I’m getting it done October 6th and the bank better not harass me about it. My dad has a consultation about getting his remaining teeth removed to get a bottom plate and a new top one. He lost most of his teeth due to hockey and a car accident. His health car won’t cover a partial plate, so he wants to get rid of his remaining teeth. Well, that is all that is happening this week. Here are the pics:

Planner 001Planner 002Planner 003Planner 004

With Love,