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Walmart Lifestyle Haul

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I just went shopping this morning and I thought that I would share what I bought. This is real life for ya and all of these things were necessities. They are boring items, but every house has them. Learn how they earned my heart and entered into my home. In May, I will be starting a new Life Hack Series based on requests from all of you. I will be showing embarrassing Before pictures and take you on my organizing journey through haul and DIYs. The After photos will also be shared once a room is completed. When a room is completed, I will write an over-review post on the journey. I need to organize desperately, so turning this into a series will be fun. If you guys really love it, I will bring it back when I buy/move into a house. (This will be YEARS from now. Like 2 to 3 years away.) I will be starting with the Bathroom first. Based on room size and monthly expensive, I estimate that I will finish the bathroom in 3 months or less. So, it will be a long series. I will only have about 100 to 200 USD available for buying stuff to organize with. If you guys have ideas, share them! I will be sharing a color scheme and dream bathroom pictures with you guys later this month.

Now, onto the haul!

The Game of Life:


This game is so much fun to play! My dad beat me at it today, but he was a lawyer and I was a fashion designer. He made more money than I did! Tomorrow, I will beat him at it. Have you played this game? Next month, I will buy Monopoly and conquer! Games are fun and exciting, plus it is something different than always playing video games by myself.

Beneful Wet Dog Food Variety 12 Pack:

Dog Food

The dogs love Beneful and it is actually made with real food. I feel good splitting the can for supper as a special treat. I love knowing that it is the perfect size for Serena to have two meals. I give a wet food supper about once a week. They do not get it very often, because Serena has a lot of plaque. The dry food helps to scrap it away and too much wet food isn’t good for their teeth. It is a healthy meal for your dog over the other brown sludge options which are around the same price range. You don’t have to break the bank to give your dog good nutrition.

Angel Soft Toilet Paper:

Toilet Paper

Yep, this is the brand that my bum prefers. It is really soft and strong. It is also friendly on my budget. Every time I try something else, I always come back to this. Nothing else compares.

Glad Press’n Seal:


Nothing beats this food wrapper. It seals out air and keeps contents air tight. There are no spills and it is really easy to use. Other cheap wrappers are hard to use and I end up ruining it. This wrap is thicker and easier to wrap things in. You’ll know what I mean if you try it. It is a bit pricey, but honestly, it’s the only wrapper I can use successfully.

Swiffer Wet Jet Refill Liquid & Refill Pads:

wet jetWet Jet

I love my Wet Jet mop for cleaning my Kitchen and Bathroom. It is the best mop that is also pet friendly. It is easy for me to use, since I actually like cleaning the floors with this mop. I clean the floors once a week, more if it rains/sleets/snows. It is a bit pricey for the mop but worth the investment. The pads last me 12 weeks and the liquid lasts for about the same amount of time, depending on the amount of dirt and grime. That is 3 months of use for 12 USD. My kitchen and bathroom are also small too. I do live in an apartment.

Great Value Aluminum Foil:


Aluminum foil is a great versatile product. I use it with my pizza making mostly. I have used it in my hair for my dye jobs. The list could go on.

Great Value Fold Top Sandwich Bags


These were a buck and my dad and I use them as cheap poop bags for the doggies. Poop bags are expensive. I do not know why. It is so much cheaper to just use these. I put a few in my poop bag dispenser and I am good to go…er, they are good to go.

Duck Tape Original


It’s always good to have Duck Tape, at least that’s what my dad says!

Marketside Extra Large Supreme Pizza


This pizza is so yummy! Every time I go to Walmart, I always grab a box.

Scott Pro Heavy Duty Cleansing Wipes


These were on clearance for 1.50 USD. I bought these for my Dad, since he gets greasy from working on the car or checking the fluid levels. These wet ones he can keep in the car, specifically designed for car grease.

Equate Hand Soap

hand soap

People are getting sick at work, so antibacterial hand soap is a must for me right now. This one doesn’t say what scent it is in, but I have tried similar products from this brand before and I know that I will like it.

Epsom Salt

Epsom Salts

Walmart is having a sale on this salt, 8lbs for 5.50 USD. This is a great price and there are multiple uses for Epsom Salts. My dad uses them to relieve his itchy skin and I use them to help my muscles relax after an exhausting workout or when I get sore from working out. These are unscented, so they are perfect to combine with scents or nothing at all for sensitive skin.



They were on sale, so I bought a package and ate half for breakfast. I love fruit.

Goody Clear Elastics


I’ve been looking forever for clear elastics and I have finally found them! I need them for a lot of hairstyles and now, I only need new bobby pins to go with them. They have small, medium, and large. I got the variety pack to try out and they would be good for different things like the ends of braids, ponies, and buns.

BB CreamBB CreamSwatchSwatch

Yep, I am trying another BB cream. Hopefully, I like this better than the other one that I bought which I am almost out of. I have only swatched it and it seems to be the right color. I like the pointy tip and the color was swatched in the middle. You can tell that it is a bit more tan, but it just gives a natural sunkissed effect.

I also repurchased the Cetaphil Moisturizer since I was out of it. Well, that is it for today! I hope you have a nice Easter! Mine isn’t until next week.

With Love,


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Heya Aspiring Gurus!

It is day 37 of blogging for lent. I did a bit of shopping today that I had been putting off for almost a month! I know! I was lazy, but there was A LOT of weekend snow, too. I bought some beauty things and some clothes. I bough mostly tops, since I really needed those. I have way more bottoms for some strange bizarre reason. I’m actually going to a consignment shop next Saturday to see if they will buy some of my lightly used clothes (and my never worn Prom dress. Yes, Dan. I was planning on making an appearance at our prom. And my other used once Prom dress from when I went to my fiance’s prom. He was declared prom king. I was the default Prom Queen. Yeah, none of the senior class girls liked me after that.) since my chest decided to be the ever-growing bunny. (pun on the energizing bunny that just keeps going and going). Seriously, I wish it would just STOP. It’s not fun to be petite and have a large chest. It makes my chest look even BIGGER sometimes. So annoying. Am I the only one? Where are my busty gals here? Let’s get on with the haul.


Here are the little things that I picked up. The girls loved their Munchy Pops and I loved that each package was only 1 USD. It is an amazing price! I didn’t realize that they had a dollar section. You guys should check it out, if you have one near you. I also picked up a package of can covers for only a dollar as well. The orange one is for Shadow and the other two are for the Girls. I bought Clearasil Toner Pads 90 ct for 6.19 USD. It is a three month supply if used everyday. I mostly use this the week before and during my period to keep the extra oiliness of my face in check. This one smells nice and is more effect than using my homemade toner. Toner pads are used when I need something extra. I got a Goody styling hair brush for 2.49 for using to put my hair up in a pony or for updos. My paddle brush isn’t good for those things. As you can see by where I am going with this, I will be having a visit by Mother Nature soon. This Neutrogena Spot Treatment was 7.39 USD and it is great for those annoying pimples. I use benzoyl peroxide very sparingly, since it is so drying. I only use it on those hard to get rid of pimples or cystic acne. I use tea tree oil and salicyclic acid on the others.

dogDogSerenaMookyDogDogsCatTonerBrushSpot TreatmentSpot Treatment


I stopped by Sephora, because I really wanted the GlamGlow Cleanser and I had a 10 USD gift card from Yappem. I wanted to get the white bottle for oily skin, but I ended up getting the black bottle by mistake. Now, when I was watching reviews on Youtube, there were only white and blue, not black. The black is brand new and is the AntiAging one out of the line. Basically, it is like the black face mask, the Tingle Exfoliate or something or other. The one I bought was 39 USD and called GlamGlow YouthCleanse. I am going to be trying it tonight. Do you want a first impressions? If I like the initial application, it will go away onto my beauty shelf until I use up the rest of my cleanser. It only has a week or so left in it. That was all I bought! AND I didn’t break my ban, because I was going to buy a new cleanser anyway.



I bought two different colors of the same shirt for 14.99 USD each. They are from the brand Sonoma and they are Sportswear. I take them in a size medium and they wear originally 26 USD each. I only bought those at Kohl’s. I wanted lighter shirts and they wear selling mostly heavy sweaters right now. I would come back to them later in the year though. The colors are sky blue and army green. The green is a bit lighter in real life. This picture makes it look dingy and grey. It is an emerald army green with a sheen.



This bra is supposed to be a bright coral pink. It’s looking a little nude in this picture. The bra is from GOM and it is a full coverage bra. The next bra is also a GOM bra and it is lightly lined. They both went for 14.99 USD, which I think is a great price for a good, colorful, pretty bra. I love the roses print! It is super cute! And no, I am not going to share my bra size, except that I wear a 34. You can kinda tell what cup size from the photos. The candy pink/coral a line dress is from XHIL and it was 24.99 for a size medium. I love this dress. It has an appropriate neckline and touches the tops of my knees. Oh, all of these clothes are for work btw. I had to make sure they wear appropriate, but also very fun. I am most excited to wear this dress on Monday. OTP. The grey and black tee shirt with high slits on both sides (it comes to about even with my belly button) is from MB and it was 19.99 USD. The sweet light soft pink sweater with the antique lace detail is from MSC and was 24.99 USD. It was a bit pricey, but I loved it. They are both shorter in the front and longer in the back.


Well, that was my haul! Tomorrow, I am going car looking, food shopping, and getting my eyebrows waxed! See ya soon!


With Love,