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Sample Wednesday: Marc Anthony

For Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Hairspray


[Picture To Be Updated. I didn’t realize that I didn’t take pictures and the bottle is out in the car!]

What It Is: It is a hairspray with Moroccan argan oil and infused with keratin to make hair healthier, while providing extra hold to your style.

Key Ingredients: It has a few good for you ingredients like argan kernel oil, keratin, and grape seed oil. It also has a few bad ingredients like polymers that coat the hair in synthetics, alcohol, and parfum.

How It Feels/Smells/Looks: This is the best smelling hairspray that I have ever applied. It has a nice hold to the hair and shine. It dries fast, but I didn’t see a difference in volume. The hairspray does not leave a sticky residue on the hair, but if you brush your hair the next day, the hairspray crumbles into white particles that look like dandruff.

Why I Like It: I really love this hairspray mostly for its great smell and the light hold it gives to my hair. I only use hairspray when I curl my hair and when I put my hair back into a sleek ponytail. I like to spray down the flyways on my head and keep the pony wild! I am not a fan of how it breaks apart into white particles, but I use this on the last day (hair wash day). I could see myself repurchasing this to use on my hair on was day, but it would not be something that I would reach for on a regular basis.

With Love,


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Sample Wednesday: Ole Henriksen

For Ole Henriksen The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths Brightening


What It Is: Pre-moistened wipes sweep away dirt, oil, and makeup, while brightening and hydrating the skin in one easy, simple step.

Key Ingredients: It contains many good for your skin ingredients like water, fruit oil, glycerin, citric acid, grape seed oil, grapefruit extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract, fruit extract, jojoba seed oil, rosemary leaf oil, flower water, palm oil, black currant seed oil, and algae extract. There were also two bad ingredients: carnauba wax and parfum.

How It Feels/Smells/Looks: The pre-moistened wipes are white and quilted on one side. They are also very durable and smell like creamsicles. They feel very refreshing on the skin and I enjoyed using them. They were such a lazy girl treat!

Why I Like It: I rarely use makeup wipes to cleanse my face as a one-step, only step system. I only used these on the nights that I didn’t wear any makeup. I didn’t need a deep cleanse and these wipes would do for a light cleaning before bed. These are a lazy girl must have if you just want to go to bed and not go through your whole routine. You can cleanse and moisturize all in one quick swipe. I’m not sure that I would buy these for myself, but I would enjoy them again if someone wanted to treat me to some.

With Love,


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The Final Verdict: For Garnier Moisture Rescue

For Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream For Normal/Combo Skin

facial moisturizer

What it is: A light hydrating gel that treats acne/oily faces without leaving a greasy film or leaving the face over moisturized.

Key Ingredients: This gel-cream is made with grape seed oil, but the rest of the ingredients list could irritate the face, if you are sensitive to alcohol, artificial coloring, and added fragrances. I, however, did not find this at all drying or irritating to my skin and it is very sensitive to unnatural ingredients.

How it feels/smells/looks: The gel is light and smooth with a refreshing fragrance reminiscent of summer days by the pool without that harsh chlorinated smell. The gel itself is tinged green and leaves the skin with a cooling sensation, which is perfect on those hot summer days.

Why I like it: This gel leaves my face hydrated without making it a greasy oil slick and the nice fragrance is just the icing on the cake. I did not notice any acne benefits when I use it, but I know that it does not make my acne worse. The cooling sensation is an added benefit. This is a summer holy grail staple for me, which I will be repurchasing in the next few weeks.

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo