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Misfits Market 2nd Delivery

A second week of getting our produce delivered to us. Now, this week, I feel like I am giving away a good amount of what we received to my mom, but I’d rather they get used than go to waste. You can’t pick what you get in these boxes, so you will get stuff that you won’t use, I just make sure to pass it onto my mom, who I see at least once a week. This is still a great deal for us, but I will be canceling this service when Dean starts going to daycare. It is $77 a paycheck (2 weeks) and I rather have that to put towards a combined amount of groceries. I’d rather cancel it to be on the safe side. I can always resub if we can easily have this service, pay for daycare, and groceries. If not, I will wait until I get the daycare voucher and then go back to this service if we really miss it.


8 Apples

We love apples here, whether we have them for a snack or bake them in muffins. I might try my hand at an apple pie….


2 Turnips?

I am guessing that this is a different type of turnip. I am making a potato salad and I’m mixing potatoes, sweet potatoes, and one of these in the mix. I want a real variety salad for a unique take on potato salad. Plus, it is going to be delicious!


6 Jalapenos

These are great to cook with and put in the potato salad. Not so good raw, because it doesn’t have the best flavor. I think this type is more of a cooking pepper.


2 Acorn Squash

I still haven’t made the others, but I plan on making squash muffins and squash bread. Martin isn’t a huge fan of squash, so I am going to sneak it into other foods and make it tasty. I hope he doesn’t mind and he may even find that he likes how I prepare squash!


2 Zucchini

I love baking zucchini in the oven or on a grill. However, I think that I am going to try my hand at making zucchini fritters for dinner one of these days. I love making interesting and unique dinners and not having the same thing all of the time. Martin says he hasn’t eaten so many veggies in his life. LOL


2 Fennels

It is kinda similar to dill. You can eat the top and the bulb. I want to add some of the top to the potato salad and the bulb finely chopped. I think it will add a very good flavor to it. My potato salad is kinda like everything including the kitchen sink. I like to add a lot of different flavors that work together making a delicious dish.


2 Broccoli Bunches

I am going to be meal prepping all of this broccoli into a container that we have. I love to eat broccoli raw with ranch dressing or veggie dip. I am sure all of this will be eaten up in no time at all. I might even try my hand at steaming some of it to add some much needed greenery to some of our meals.


2 Roman Hearts

I already have these meal prepped and chopped up. I also already had a salad with it as well. It is turning slightly brown, so I know we have to eat this up in a few days or it will soil. Since we both love salads, that is literally not a problem in this house.


2 Kale Bunches

All going to my mom. We just had Kale chips and ate 2 bunches of Kale. We need a much needed break from it.


2 Leeks

These are like onions. I am giving one to my mom and keeping the other. It is interesting to give it a try, now that I know what it is. I can substitute it instead of having onion, have this in whatever I need.

I love discovering new produce and trying new things. I also love that I am able to pass on what we don’t use to my mom who does so much for us. It is a little way to give back and to reduce waste. I am so excited to use up the veggies with week. It for sure lasts us the week and over the week as well with certain items that we just don’t get to but have a long shelf life for veggies.

With Love,



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Walmart Haul Using The Grocery App

Okay, so this was so easy to use and I will continue to buy my items from Walmart this way for as long as I can. They don’t have everything in the store available for purchase to bring out to your car, but it is close enough to wear having to actually go inside should be rare. I bought snacks, baking/cooking ingredients, and a ton of household stuff. The app was super easy to use to order, then I just let them know that I’m on my way, and pick up my order. Easy peasy. I actually had Martin pick it up for me. I 100% recommend this app if you hate going into the store to shop. I have used this app multiple times and I am still in love with it. Unless I need something that isn’t on the app (like grip socks for Dean), I don’t go in the store anymore. It is really great for budgeting and staying within how much you want to spend that week. I always have my shopping list on my phone, when I am doing my groceries on the computer. I will make a set amount that I want to spend on household things and then up to how much I want to spend on groceries.

I have been slowly stocking up our pantry with spices, baking supplies, and things you don’t use very often but is nice to have on hand. It’ll be a few months, I think before our pantry is a pretty good size with many options to make different kinds of foods. Also, Dean is going to be going to daycare and I’m on the wait list for discounted child care for 8 to 10 months. So, I am looking at $100 or less a week for 2 full days of childcare for Dean. That will also slow down our pantry shopping as well. I am also building a reserve for backup money (School loan money (extra) and my company’s reimbursement for classes), so if Dean’s daycare becomes a financial strain some weeks, there is still a reserve of money to buy groceries. Since, we are looking at a maximum of $400-500 a month on childcare.

I don’t use the app to order the groceries. I just use the app to “check in” that I am on my way to pick up the order, which Martin usually does on his way home every Sunday. I highly recommend trying this app out or even logging into the computer to make an order (like I usually do). Like I said, I stay within budget now and get everything that I want every week without breaking the bank. Do some things have to be prioritized? Yes, but this makes that way easier than getting to the checkout line and seeing how far over your budget you went… I love that I don’t do that anymore.

With Love,