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RevivHair Placode Booster Serum Review

I am lucky enough to be partnering with RevivHair and trying out their new Placode Booster Serum. I was planning on testing it out, but when it came in the mail, my dad was very intrigued. He asked if he could test it out and after confirming that it is uni sexual, I agreed. I applied it to his hair everyday or night for thirty days and the results really speak for themselves. He couldn’t be happier and I will be buying another 30 day supply on Black Friday through Cyber Monday (whenever the site will have a really good deal).

A 30 day supply retails for 79 USD, but right now you ca purchase it for 44 USD. The RevicHair Placode Booster Serum contains oligiopeptides, which encourages new hair growth reducing hair loss, boosts the development of healthy hair follicles, and thickens and strengths hair strands. This hair serum has powerful ingredients that benefit both women and men. No more separate hair loss products for husband and wife. The oligiopeptides are proven to reduce the rate of hair loss and visibly decrease the appearance of thinning hair.

Here’s a link to a video about The Placode Booster Serum:
In a 60-day, 23-person consumer study of Placode Booster Serum, 87% of consumers tested noted a reduction in the appearance of falling hair, 92% agreed that their hair appeared thicker or healthier; 74% of testers also saw a reduction in the appearance of thinning scalp areas; 92% said their hair appeared fuller or more supple.
About the Brand: specializes in novel and innovative clinical treatment serums. Our unique formulations are next-generation, high-performance, leading-edge — and any other great hyphenated catchphrases you can imagine.

We’re here to buck the status quo in standard medical grade skincare and haircare treatment lines. We’ve found the vast majority of current popular physician-office products, while certainly somewhat-to-quite effective, are no longer leading edge. And most of them contain ingredients that really aren’t that expensive to acquire, compared to their retail price.

So we created Reviv Serums to provide products equivalent to famous physician-office brands so it’s easy to compare, apples-to-apples. We then leapfrog them with brand new cosmetic chemistry, and provide them to you at a competitive price. Along the way, we’ve also developed some truly novel products with breakthrough ingredients and really astonishing results (case in point: our RevivHair™ and RevivLash™ Stimulating Serums).

Here is the package that I received on my doorstep:

The PR package was beautifully wrapped in black tissue paper, which I think the sticker was a very nice touch. I also really like the cute message on the box itself. When you first open the box, the vials and the syringe reminded me of diabetic insulin. Now, there is no needle in the plunger, but you can guarantee that each vial of serum is the freshest it can be. Each vial lasts you 6 days and there are 5 vials that come in a box. You use 1ml of serum everyday and leave it in and forget about it. The serum this clear and a bit thick. It absorbs fast and readily. It leaves a little shine that goes away in about 10 minutes. It was an easy step to add to my dad’s routine.

Here are some before photos of my dad’s hair:

You can really get the idea that my dad’s hair is thick, but his hair is receding, thinning, and balding in the back of his head on top. He was really hoping that this stuff would thicken his hair to at least hide the balding spot, but what he got was much more than that and you’ll see why.

Here are the after shots:

This did not just thicken his hair. It actually did stimulate some growth. Yes, he still has some balding and thinning, but not nearly as much as before. This stuff is simply amazing. It’s not going to work overnight, but after seeing such an improvement after 30 days, I can just imaging the improvement with another supply.

Before & After Photos:

The results when compared side by side is truly amazing. This is a repurchase for sure. I couldn’t be happier with the results and neither could my dad. He still cannot believe it when he looks in the mirror. He has so much confidence now. This product gives you so much more than thicker hair. It gives you self-confidence and your swagger back.

With Love,


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