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Dean’s ABA Week 1/19/18

Dean had another great week. We are going to be working on bottle weaning and Dean will be seeing a foot specialist for his flat feet. He might have a week left ankle, so he might need an ankle support. It is official though like father like grandfather like son, Dean has flat feet. He’ll never be drafted, which is a big relief to me personally. I never want to lose him and especially not in an unnecessary war. Dean’s doctor appointment went well. He had no shots and only had the lead and hemoglobin test. I’ll know the results to that in a few weeks, no rush for me. My big boy weighs 25 lbs and 8 ounces and is 2 foot 8 inches and a quarter. He gained a healthy amount of weight and that makes me happy. Only thing I did was cut down a serving of milk (5 ounces) a day.

1/16/18 – Ann

Dean did well with toys today. Still trying puzzles and see-and-say on his own. A little more fussy than usual – slight runny nose. Lots of good eye contact, looking at me during play.

1/18/18 – Ann

Dean put 3 blocks independently on stacking blocks. Many attempts to do see and say on his own. Saw Dean use new swing from OT. Good eye contact when playing bubbles.

1/19/18 – Ann

Dean did well today with toys. Liked new cause and effect toy. Able to pull see and say handle a little more. Discussed Dean’s looking for the bottle.

1/19/18 – Stephanie (Supervisor subbing for Joyce)

Discussed bottle and going to gate. Discussed progress in sitting and attending and initiating tasks. Took some data on going to gate and whining. Discussed programs as well. Dean has made nice progress. Showing initiation with puzzle and shape sorter. By the end of the session, he was really initiating the point. Worked on signing more as well.

His ABA therapists think that he is ready or 2 hour sessions 4 days a week. They are going to try and see how many days this coming week he will work or 2 hours. He can get up to 30 hours of therapy and they for sure would like to build up to that point. He really needs more help to pay attention for longer periods of time, but also some talking or self expression lessons. They want to draw and finger paint with him. I really look forward to seeing his ABA therapists again.

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Dean’s ABA Week 1/12/18

Dean had a break through week this past week. He did his ring stacker toy all by himself and can continue to do all by himself with me at home. He has acquired a ring stacking skill! I am so proud of him that I even took him out for ice cream. I am just so proud of him in general. He never really gets mad and is mostly a happy little guy. He’s not letting a thing like autism hold him back from having a good time like any other child. I’m sick of hearing “I’m so sorry” when I tell someone he has autism. I want to hear anything else but that. I’m not sorry. He wouldn’t be my boy without it. All it is is a challenge. He isn’t dying and I’d rather him have a life long condition than have cancer. Is that a horrible thing to say for people who have kids with cancer? I’m sorry but its the truth.

1/8/18 – Ann

Make-up session for last Thursday. Dean sat briefly for different toy activities. Seeing some toe walking. Liking textured puzzle, books, and stacking blocks.

1/9/18 – Joyce

Very good session! Dean independently placed ring on stacker right after being frustrated. Progress with books, eye contact. Using many toys.

1/9/18 – Ann

Dean did well today. Looking for prompting to complete toys. Great doing ring stacker. Great eye contact when playing bubbles.

1/11/18 – Ann

Dean had a great day! Did ring stacker independently many times. Also starting to do more to put in puzzle pieces, pull handle on see & say, and stack blocks.

1/12/18 – Ann

Dean did great again this morning. Really watching my mouth when I spoke – “buh, buh” for bubbles. “mmm” when eating. First time put all the balls on hit-a-ball toy. Tried to put block on stacking boxes.

This week was full of progress, which makes every week before worth it. I know he won’t always have great weeks, but this was a great one. My life has big changes coming up ahead and some of it is scary but it is all good. I’m hoping to get my dream job as an Operations Specialist I, so I can work with the Data Analysts. I want to be a Data Analyst as my career. This would get me one step closer and being able to support my family financially would be great. My interview is today! Wish me luck!

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week 1/5/18

I am really happy that I really like the HMEA representatives that come over to work with Dean. They are reliable and always let you know ahead of time if they will be missing time and when they can, someone fills in for them. I wish his OT would arrange for that. It would be so much better for Dean. He missed Thursday this week because of the snow storm, but otherwise, he had a full week.

1/2/18 – Anne (The regular ABA worker Tues, Thurs, and Fri)

Dean did great remembering routines we started last week. Came to sit with me as soon as he saw toys. Starting with a runny nose. Tired after first hour.

1/3/18 – Joyce (Supervisor, does 3 hours during the week generally: Wed & Fri)

Deb getting to know Dean. Practicing “all done”, “more”, pointing, beginning toy play. Runny nose – allowed staff to wipe. Very interested in staff and toys.

1/3/18 – Deb (In-Training ABA, does only Wed)

Played with Dean today. Worked on pointing, “all done”, and “more”. Dean had a runny nose today. Went over a few items with Joyce.

1/5/18 – Anne

Dean liked ring stacker toy. Looking for my hands to complete toys for him. Worked on pointing, more, and all done. Sat for longer durations on my lap.

Dean had a great week with his ABA girls. To say he is a major flirt wouldn’t be saying enough. He loves his leading ladies. I’m looking forward to more progress in the next week. I have to say that I have noticed that he does sit with me for a longer period of time than he did before. He can sit with me for 10 minutes flipping through a book before wanting to run around again.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Weekly Recap

Dean’s second week of ABA services went great! I am so happy that I was able to watch them work and pick up some really great tips. I have been working with Dean more during the week a half hour at a time and I think it really shows in his sessions. He’s been having more patience when going out and about to different stores. Other people really love him, too. He got a hair cut so I’ll need to share his new do soon. HMEA came for 3 days this past week, because Ann had a day off on Tuesday.

Anne – Wednesday 11/27/17

Dean did well with toys today. Brief interruptions went okay to complete quick play activities. Heard more “ahh” sounds today.

Anne – Thursday 11/28/17

Dean was very focused and sat to play a variety of toys (was up late last night so maybe tired). Allowing me to label pictures in book before he turns the page.

Anne – Friday 11/29/17

Dean did great sitting with me to play with toys. Great with books and puzzle. Very brief cry when ended with beans. Great increase in attending.

Joyce – Friday 11/29/17

Dean has already improved with sitting, attending, and looking at books. 🙂 Some scratching his head today. Loved beans and tactile books. Responding very well to structured session.

I love the quick notes that they write to give me an idea of how he is doing. In the future, I will ask for a progress report of things that I can do to help him excel. I really learned a lot being home with him and learning about what they were actually doing. Hopefully, I’ll be working from home in the next coming books. That would really make my life so much easier and I would probably use my vacation for vacation time. I wouldn’t have to take time for appointments. I could just work around it.

With Love,


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Dean’s Week of HMEA

Today, I am sharing Dean’s first week of ABA services from HMEA. I would like to say that for those of you who have been trying to comment that I am using my son’s disability for views can go fuck yourselves. I’m sharing my experience of having an autistic son and his services to help educate other parents’ whose kids could be going through the same emotional roller coaster as me. I want to put my son’s story out there to let other parents’ know that there is hope in what seems like a hopeless, helpless situation. I’d like to say that it gets better, but I’m still struggling with accepting that my son isn’t going to be like his peers. I’m trying to accept him for who he is and not mourn the loss of what I wanted him to be.

He is my sweet son and autistic or not, who I react and teach him will shape him into the man that he becomes. I want him to have an open mind and be accepting. I’m using my blog to try to teach others that autism doesn’t mean a mental disability. He just sees the world differently than the average person. I’ll get off of my soapbox now. 🙂

Dean has three ABA workers coming in 4 times a week to help him.

Tuesday 8 – 9:30

First session with Dean. Explored my toys. Liked ball toy, pull tube, books, and stacking cups. Did some hand over hand pointing, signing more. Mouthing all new tubes presented but better when has chew tube.

Wednesday 8 – 9:30

Met Dean today. Explored new toys with myself and Joyce.

Wednesday 8:30 – 9:30

Explored huge toy bag to see what might serve as a potential reinforcer. Discussed programs, discussed what Dean’s session will “look” like. We will be moving him, he’s active.

Thursday 8 – 9:30

Continued to explore new toys. Dean less focused than Tuesday. Liked ball toy again. Hand-over-hand pointing to request items.

Friday 8 – 9:30

Dean was really curious about all the toys today. Worked on staying sitting with toys, started to understand the expectation. I’m off Tuesday 12/26 will do sessions Wed/Thurs/Fri 8 – 9:30.

Friday 8 – 9:30

Increased demands today. Very quick learner. Sat for structured tasks with prompting. Beginning to challenge him.

That is a week in Dean’s like with the HMEA therapists. I still have to catch up on his EI weeks, but I the only day I’m working is Tuesday until 10:15 am. I have a 3 hour and 15 minute shift and then I’m out until Jan 2nd. It’s going to be a productive vacation with my boy, celebrating Christmas and his birthday.

With Love,