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Holly Golightly

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I recently used up a fourth of my Holly Golightly Bubble Bar from Lush’s Christmas Collection. I have to say that this one is very festive and I would repurchase this one. It has a strong cinnamon scent that I love, the bubbles were overflowing, and the water was a bright green with swirls of silver luster. It was every girl’s fantasy glitter dream (if it was in purple/pink = even better!). It is the only Christmas bar that I’ve tried that has had a scent to it that does not disappear in the bath. It stays strong and you don’t need a candle. A cinnamon candle would just enhance the experience really. I’m not sure if I am buying Lush this year, because most likely, I will forget about it with the new baby and all. So, this year, I am saving up $150 for a new mattress and see if I can find a cheap frame that I like. That is what I am buying myself for Christmas this year: a new Queen sized bed. You all know that currently, I sleep on a stack of twins like the Princess & the Pea.

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Happy Monday!

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