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A Hot Toddy For Me

For Lush Hot Toddy Shower Gel

Hot Toddy Shower Gel

I bought this for the gold glitter and I will repurchase it for the scent. I love the scent of this shower gel. It is spicy and very strong. It makes me feel warm inside. It’s a very warm scent that lingers on the skin and in the bathroom for hours. I would love a lotion in this scent. It is very festive. I love the blood red color as well. The gold glitter collected on the bottom, so I didn’t end up glittery. That was a bit disappointing. I enjoy a good shimmer and sparkle. I know now that I will buy a big bottle of this or at least, the medium size. I can fully commit to this scent. I’m not one to repurchase the same scent twice, so that says something that I want it again.

With Love ❤


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QTT: A Nose In Need Deserves A Lush Bath

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

It is that time of year again!

Eve: What year is that mom? Serena: Yeah, mom. What year is that?
Eve: What year is that mom?
Serena: Yeah, mom. What year is that?


Yes, you named it: flu season. While I do not believe that I have the flu, I am under the weather with a cold (stuffy nose and sore throat). What I discovered yesterday is that two products from Lush clears up the sinuses before bed in no time. I used half of a Cinders Bath Bomb and the combination of the scent/steam really unclogged my nose, while Hot Toddy in the shower cleared it further. I could actually BREATH through my nose. I was amazing! I’m gonna use some Hot Toddy as a bubble bath, since it is a lot stronger than Cinders. I am going to post up my Lush haul this weekend, so you all can see everything that I bought. Do not worry, it is coming. I’m thinking that I might add an extra post tomorrow about my first impression about the new Kindle Fire. What do you guys think? And as always, thanks for reading Quick Tip Thursday, where I write a tip and a small little rant each week.

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo