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MAC Cosmetics

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I made my first MAC purchase as a reward for having a baby! MAC is expensive, but not as expensive as other brands. I had a positive buying experience online, so I can see myself buying more online. I bought this shade online and it arrived on the third day. I ordered it on Sunday and it was delivered yesterday. I wasn’t expecting it until Friday! What a surprise! This is what I saw:


I was so happy that it arrived! I had to take care of Dean, because I had just come home from work. Once I had him settled in, I opened the box.


There was a lot of tissue paper, but I pulled this out of all that black!


I chose the free gift wrap option, because I wanted to see the type of pride that went into presenting the product and the presentation was amazing! For paying 18 USD for a lipstick, MAC made me feel special, which is what I want a company to do. It just shows respect.


My products were nicely nestled inside of the box.


I chose the Cleansing Oil for my free product sample. It’s a fifth of an ounce, so enough for a couple of uses. If I like it, I would purchase the full size. I need something nourishing to take off my face base that isn’t a pain. Plus, some of them come scented!

I love how this lipstick tube is in the shape of a bullet. I love it! I bought  a Matte Lipstick in the shade Kinda Sexy. Online, it is described as a “neutral pinky rose”.

I have to say that it looks more coral to me. It looks like a neutral coral pink. On me, it is definitely this color and the lipstick smells like vanilla cupcakes when you take a quick sniff. If you sit there and smell it, you can smell that cosmetic lipstick smell lurking underneath. I love the scent though.

As you can see, the color is neutral and looks natural on the lips. I’m wearing a glossy balm underneath it, so if it looks a little shiny, that’s why. It looks coral to me. Correct me if I’m wrong. It is a bit lighter than my natural lip color (I’m not wearing lip liner. That’s my natural color.). I really do love the color or else I wouldn’t have kept it. I wanted something natural and this fits the bill. I like that it’s matte for when I want it to be and doesn’t look drying on the lips.


That’s the full amount of product. It will take me awhile to finish this, but I look forward to buying more. This is a quality brand. Maybe, I’ll get Velvet Teddy next….???

Suggestions anyone???

With Love <3