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I <3 FALL TAG Collab W/ Ana Marie

Every Monday in November there will be a new tag up on my blog along with a matching post on the lovely Ana Marie’s blog. Read her tag post HERE. We are calling it a month of tags. I hope you all tune in and check out Ana Marie’s blog for her answers to the same tag. She is one of the best friends that I have made on my blog. She is from Romania and that makes us soul sisters! Seriously, she is so sweet. You guys should check her out if you like my content as she does similar things like project pans. Anyone can do any one of these tags. Just please leave a link to your tag, so I can read your responses to the questions. Without further ado, here is the first tag!

1.     Favorite fall lip product?

My favorite Fall lip product is this Anastasia Lip Gloss in Kristen. It is hella pigmented as a true brown nude on my lips. My natural lip color looks like pink lip liner in that pic, but that is just the gloss over my natural lip color. It is a lovely bold gloss for the cooler months. It is for sure a cool lip look and is great with a natural looking face. I also like to wear berries and darker pinks. I like to bust out the dark nudes and my unusual colors. My purple MAC gloss will be worn for sure as well.

2. Favorite Fall Drink?


My favorite drink for Fall is hot chocolate if we are going for a bargain and a hot peppermint mocha coffee if I want to splurge. I am also a sucker for espresso, but that is not Fall related. I have been buying the International Delight Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer since it came out a few weeks ago.

3.     Favorite Fall nail polish?

I am so bad at painting my nails. Seriously, I need to start taking the time to take care of myself. While I am having all of this time off, I will be painting my nails more regularly and having fun with it. I am loving nude nails and cool blue nails this Fall. I love how easy and classy nude nails are. I also love the way blue looks against my skin. If my blue starts chipping, I throw a silver glitter on top to get another week out of them. It also looks very pretty! It’s my Frozen look. I’ll need to look at what other glitters I have, because I think a gold would look very Fall as well. I never go too dark with my nails, because I don’t want to look pale. I like colors that make me look tanner than I am.

4.     Favorite Fall candle?

I am loving this candle from B&BW that I got in last year’s Black Friday bag. It is in Champagne Toast and while more Winter than Fall, this is the candle that I am loving and burning during the Fall. I will be saving this to reuse the jar. It is too pretty to throw away. I might keep all my lip products in it or something. It could be really cute to hold cotton balls/pads too. It is so pretty and it smells so good. I highly recommend that you give it a sniff if it comes back this year. I might buy the Black Friday bag again this year. It is a great deal at $30 full price or $25 if you purchase $35 worth of product. You get a lot more than $30 worth but it wasn’t quite the number that they claimed last year.

5.     Haunted house, haunted hayride or haunted corn maze?

Hmm…. I don’t do scary stuff, so possibly a haunted hayride. Things can’t touch you or anything and you are next to other people, not by yourself. It feels safer. I am not much of a Halloween person. It was fun when I was a kid, but now that I am an adult, Halloween isn’t about candy. People actually practice Satanic rituals on that day… I’d rather not be out during that time. But of course, when Dean is old enough and wants to trick or treat, I would take him to a Halloween party or something.

6.     Favorite scarf/accessory for Fall?

Ummm……OOOH! I know! I just bought these cute shoes! These are BearPaw boots, specifically the Treasure boot in Taupe size 9. They came in a nice sturdy box and only cost me $65 because I had a $20 off of my order coupon. I just love them. I love these types of boots and they are naturally water repellent. I still like to spray them to waterproof them though. I will be wearing these all Fall, all Winter, and all Spring. Seriously, I never want to take these boots off. They are so me!

7.     Favorite candy?

Is this a general question or a fall related question? If we are talking generally, I love
Ferroche chocolates which are the hazelnuts dipped in chocolate with a wafer then more chocolate rolled in chopped up hazelnuts. I guess, they are a Fall/Christmas choice, too. I love them year round, but any really good chocolate will do. I don’t 

8.     Your favorite horror movie? 

I don’t have a favorite horror movie. I don’t really watch horror movies. I mean, I watch maybe a couple every year. I don’t have a favorite. I’ve never watched the same one more than once. I am more of a thriller girl.

9.     Favorite blush for Fall?


I love a good nude blush for fall or a nice berry color if you are going with a neutral lip instead of a bold lip. I am currently loving this Tarte Amazonian Blush in Paarty, which was the Sephora BI birthday gift last year. I love wearing bold Fall lips, so my blush tends to be neutral. For work, I usually have nude lips, so I could wear a berry blush if I wanted. I have been into a more sunkissed gel blush for work though that I am trying to use up, so I didn’t include a picture of the berry blush. I love this Tarte formula, but not loving Tarte’s ethics right now.


My favorite thing about Fall is the fresh, crisp air when it starts to get a little chilly. I love when all the leaves start changing colors and falling to the ground. I love putting the fireplace on and needing to get a little warmth to ward off the chill. I love drinking hot chocolates and watching the holiday Hallmark movies of which there are 22 new ones this year. AND CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY IS IN ONE!

Tune in next Monday for another tag!
With Love,
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Dean’s EI Week

I’m writing this on 10/28 and it’ll go up later in the week, but gosh, what a week it has been. I was stressing, because of my history essay final. I wrote 6 pages worth and like a few lines on page 7. I really enjoyed my topic and I will be sharing it on here once everything is graded. I’m the nerd that if I really enjoyed my paper, if it wasn’t an A, I will fix it up with the teachers comments and save it. Yeah, I’m weird, but that is who I am. Anyway, I was also dealing with Dean transitioning into a toddler bed and fixing up his room. Plus, work was a bit stressful due to high volumes. Now, I’m stressed, because of this stupid Precal class. UGH! But I will survive it. I have confidence in myself.

10/10/18 – OT

Dean was happy to see me and gave a big smile. When I sat, he jumped into me. Family still has not heard from school. Dean ate 3/4 bowl of spaghetti using a fork yesterday. Dean did excellent today. He sat on move ‘n sit disc and did a variety of puzzles. Independently stringing smaller animal beads consistently by himself. Swinging, he was able to hand swing picture or singing picture. He was happy with brief periods of eye contact. Shared eye bolt and crisp with Hannah. Left instructions on how to set up and attach swing. Shout a text if can’t figure out how to tie swing.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

It was a bit bitter sweet this weekend, because we found out that Joyce put in her two weeks notice. She will be working in her home state in the school system. I wish her the best of luck, but all of us will really miss her. We may have gotten on wrong footing to start with but she really grew on us. I don’t know who the replacement is going to be yet, but the staff is mostly women so I doubt it will be a man. I think they keep the men for the single dads to relate to. lol. Dean is FINALLY going to have his play assessment at the school during the month of November. I am really nervous about it, but I will have an entourage with me. I’m not alone. I just don’t really know what to expect and how we will be treated. I hope we will be out of this town next year, but it isn’t looking like it. I’d rather he go to a different school in a different town than the one we are in. The state had to take over, because of child trafficking and pornography. Don’t really want him to go there whether the state took over or not.

10/9/18 – Ann

Sat well with preferred activities, seeking attention. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop. Dean was seeking attention and tickles during work times. Started first then board with First play, then  tickles. Continued independence with links and hanging monkeys/dinosaurs. Needed prompts to exchange PECS with Joyce.

10/9/18 – Joyce

Child seeking attention, smiles, requiring redirection back to task, may be looking for more physical interaction with therapist, BCBA served as second person for me exchange generalization. Secured direct BCBA one hour session per week for future. Therapist is trying new trinkets and items as potential reinforcers. Assessment or Treatment Planning: generated new PECS organization book for client (plastic pages), generated dinner icons for home use, and generic icons for ABA Staff use.

10/9/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. He had great eye contact and pointing. Dean had a few instances of flopping  when Demands were placed but was said re directed. Dean did great on programs. List behaviors observed: mouthing and flopping.

10/10/18 – Ann

Dean sat well for all activities, good eye contact. Dean sat well for all activities. Good eye contact and pointing for requesting. Continued to show independence with matching. Very chatty, lots of sounds.

10/10/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. He did well on programs. Dean was independently signing all done after trials. Dean was shaking his head no at times. He sat right down to eat snacks, great requesting snacks. Dean started licking materials, his hands and shirt more than typically. Dean independently placed 4 potato head pieces in this afternoon. List behaviors observed: mouthing and flopping.

10/11/18 – Ann

Great session, very attentive. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop, escape. Dean did a great job this morning. Sat for longer than usual with toy activities. Following gesture prompt to match pictures.

10/11/18 – Deb

Dean did great today. He did well on programs. We tried a doodle board with Dean and drawing imitation. Dean did well sitting and completing tasks. Dean had great eye contact today. We discussed programs and New possible behavior. List behaviors observed: mouthing and flopping.

10/11/18 – Joyce

Provided feedback to therapist/family member/other personnel instructed therapist to redirect licking by providing chew tube, child may throw chew tube but providing still may serve as a redirection. Parent showed good follow through mom attended entire session, ABA gave parent newly organized book for housing PECS. Asked therapist to do Magna Doodle for sessions, Provided tactile materials for sessions (sand, play doh). Facilitated PECS with mom, child received new plastic pages in pecs book, child explored pages, worked on page turn with mom, asked mom to run food orcs one time per day, asked that icons be used in addition to real photos.

10/12/18 – Ann

Dean sat well at start of session. Dean here to observe. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop, escape. Dean tried New slime. Used Magnadoodle and held pen to scribble. Did well turning page of book to find PECS book.

10/12/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. He sat great for activities. Dean had good eye contact. He enjoyed a few different toys and books throughout the session. He became tired towards the end of the session . List behaviors observed: mouthing and flopping. Dean was up during the early Program hours today.

With Love,


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Dean’s EI Week

Dean has had a busy week. I am still trying to catch up on all the weeks up until where we currently are in October. Doing these posts every other day along with the weekly ABA has got his EI reports behind by almost a month. I am hopeful that they will catch up, because I just have one more week to write before I just have the current one to do. I forgot that EI had Columbus week off, so I don’t have anything for that week. Well, that is much better than I had originally thought. I am working on my last week of school for this term and the next term starts Monday. I have to get my intro post for that semester written and work on the wrap up the following week once all my grades are in. I really enjoyed this semester much better than last semester. This term was more career specific and so if my next semester. Of course, Dean has a bacterial infection on his face where the cellulitis was, except this time it is mrsa, the stronger STAPH strain. It is highly treatable for Dean and he has an ointment to use. My dad and I are both being treated as well as a precaution. He’s a tough little boy, who didn’t cry for the first time when he got his flu shot! We are growing up!

9/24/18 – OT

Dean has speech later and ABA at 4:15 tonight. Dean had an excellent session. He sat on balance disc to complete several activities in a row. He chose which activity to do via pointing. He opted to complete 5 puzzles in a row. Self feeding with spoon. He was able to feed himself whole container with only occasional minimal assistance to try to teach him how to scoop larger bites. He tends to lick items but stops when chewy is offered. He signed more independently about 8 times for more swinging. Worked on receptive language skills, which he did not have when verbally asked for animal when given a choice of two.

  • Continue to have him point to items.
  • Use PECS for eating.

9/24/18 – Speech

“Yum”. “Mom”. Dean was seen at home after a great session with OT. Mike reported that he has been moving a lot since “like a different kid”. It took some time to settle him with deep pressure and a milk bottle. Sucking calms him. Tried “baa, neigh, more”. Dropped off Dean’s Autism DX w/(school) 9/24 at 10:50 am.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

This will be uploading on the final week of the semester. I am currently writing this the week before, so right now it is the beginning of week 7. I will soon be having a September semester wrap up post and also a semester beginning post as well for the October to December semester which is the final one of the year. I will actually be getting a two week break from school at the end of the year, I believe. I still have yet to do my September project 200 pan update post. I will probably work on that one after this one. Anyway, Dean has been doing amazing with his therapy. He still isn’t talking and I still haven’t heard from the school. He is doing so well though. He just starting matching identical flash cards, so I am trying to buy him different flash cards to do the matching game with. He is super into firetrucks and I will have redone his room by now. You will be seeing a Dean room tour. Not sure if his closet will be done, but his room will be. He still has a bunch of junk in his closet. I think I will make his closet a separate post. I don’t think that I’ll get it done any time soon.

10/1/18 – Joyce

Assessment or Treatment Planning: adjusting number of trials, maintenance, most to least and least to most for programming.

10/3/18 – Ann

Dean sat well for all programs, increased independence with monkeys. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop, escape. Dean had a cold, runny nose. Sleep problems Monday but better now. Dean did great despite having stuffy, runny nose. Attended well to all toys. Several independent matches. Used PECS during snack.

10/3/18 – Deb

Dean did well today on programs. He still has his cold and a little cough. Dean did well on independently completing pop beads. He did well eating pudding with a spoon. He had great eye contact and pointing. List behaviors observed: mouthing.

10/3/18 – Joyce

Observed child eat apple off of core, child recovering from cold, first cold ever, child just woke up from nap, bcba to make dinner icons for pecs. Parents will begin to use pecs book for dinner. Parent showed good follow through. Parent trying new foods with child. Parent / caregiver participated during this session updated bcba on child’s recent illness.

10/4/18 – Ann

Sat well first hour, very active end of session. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop. Dean still has runny, stuffy nose. Did great with all programs first hour. More flopping and running second part of session. Linked three dinosaurs independently.

10/4/18 – Deb

Dean did great today on programs. We worked on requesting songs using the PECS. Dean also was imitating me on blowing. Dean did great sitting and transitioned well from break to play. Dean was attempting some words today and was more vocal this morning.

10/4/18 – Joyce

Explained to therapist program title for matching is identical 2D matching with everyday objects as it reflected the cards therapists were already using, explained songs are to be done with PECS each session so child is exposed to requesting items other than food. Grandparent shown song request with PECS.

10/5/18 – Ann

Dean was very active. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop. Dean was very active this morning. Silly and looking for tickles. Getting much more independently with linking dinosaurs and connecting links.

With Love,


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Dean’s EI Week

I am having fun playing around with our new camera, which I will be hauling soon along with our new phones! Ah! I feel like I am buying a lot of new stuff lately, but I haven’t bought anything in forever and nothing was too expensive either. I know that my next big purchase will be Black Friday. I will do a VS order and a B&BW order as well. Then, my next big haul will be Christmas hauls. After Christmas, I’ll be updating my beauty collection and start my 19 in 2019 project pan. So many good stuff coming very soon. I will be updating you on the gifts that I am buying Dean for Christmas along the way. I won’t be doing blogmas, but I will try to do my very best at my own version. I hope you tune in during December for our own version. I will be off most of the month, besides school to take care of my dad recovering from foot surgery. I might be able to blog everyday, but I don’t want to guarantee that if it doesn’t happen.

9/17/18 – Speech

No words have been heard for a while. Lots of sounds. Dean was seen after ABA session. He sat for two puzzles and pointed to what he wanted. Modeled names of puzzle pieces and animal sounds. Dean made lots of sounds, pointed to what he wanted, smiled and made nice eye contact. Discussed school needs and what we are looking for. Specifically a 1 to 1 for Dean.

  • Continue to model words and sounds with books and puzzles.

9/19/18 – OT

Hannah reported Dean did well this am. He was very active but engaged. He did so well today. He was interactive. Loved the bean bucket and only tried putting in his mouth a few times. He sat in seat and chose which activity he wanted to play. Puzzles he did excellent with. He was able to independently string small 1/4″ animal beads. Spoon feeding he did great. Scooping and bring to mouth with minimal assistance.

  • Continue to work on spoon feeding. He is doing great!

Dean has been doing great with all of his therapies. He is currently getting over the tail end of his first cold. Yes, you heard that right. He didn’t get his first cold until almost three years old. Breastfeeding and a good diet is what did it, but that is my own personal opinion. I even feel healthier after breastfeeding and haven’t gotten sick nearly as much as before I breastfed Dean. I have gotten so many health benefits from breastfeeding that I cannot advocate enough for it. If you are able to, make the sacrifice for your child and yourself. If you aren’t able to, I am so sorry. I know how much you must be hurting. Keep your chin up. A well-fed baby is a happy baby and you did everything you could. Some women just can’t do it and that’s okay. I have a problem when women don’t even try for selfish reasons. All I ask is for any women to try as long as they can do that medically. I know some women can’t breastfeed, because of medication and that is fine too. Your mental health benefits the baby.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

This is another long ABA week, but I see that the next ABA week will be a shorter post. On Tuesday of that week, he had a day off, because everyone was going through training, kinda like a development day for teachers. This week I have been able to work from home and it is glorious, I tell you. I love waking up early and getting some homework done. Then, I hope onto my work server and start my day. I’m able to change a diaper here and put a dish away there. I might be folding some laundry, while I’m waiting on the last few minutes before punching out for lunch. It’s great. I don’t have to pack a lunch or change out of my pajamas. I will be in for a shock when I can’t work from home as much or at all depending upon my future job. But I look forward to those surprise Dean run ins where he runs into my room and wants to say hi. It’s great to see your kid “at work” and being able to spend some time with him, even if it is just him playing with a puzzle at my feet while I’m working. I just love it.

9/24/18 – Joyce

Big Data Adjustments: set items moved, mastery changed, maintenance added.

9/24/18 – Ann

Dean was upset throughout session. Listed behaviors: flop, cry, one mouth. Dean was tired this afternoon. Crying with demands. A little better after eating, but pushing preferred foods and bottle away. Great doing several pieces of potato head on his own.

9/24/18 – Joyce

​​Big Data Adjustments: set items moved, mastery changed, maintenance added​.

Suggestions/recommendations/Training Senior Behavior Analyst

9/25/18 – Ann

Dean was very active, increased mouthing. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop. Dean was very active this morning. Tried some new puzzles. Interested but needed prompts to complete. Had pudding at snack so worked on spoon use. Able to do all the motions but needed help to get scoop of pudding on spoon.

9/25/18 – Deb

Dean did great today. He had a lot of energy. He maintained great eye contact and did great with pointing. We worked on sitting while drinking. Dean independently matched one picture. List behaviors observed: mouthing

9/26/18 – Ann

Sat for longer durations, flop when demands were placed. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop. Dean sat for longer durations than yesterday. Some flipping when demands were placed. Did great eating an apple. Doing well with new puzzles.

9/26/18 – Stefanie

Analyzed data Reviewed all targets to increase, determined which targets were mastered and needed to move to maintenance and which targets needed to be trained most-least, reviewed behaviors to decrease, reviewed all programs to determine which ones needed to be individualized. Assessment or Treatment Planning: went over phase adding phase lines to targets, and revised programs with Joyce

9/26/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. He came and Sat down for toys. He did well matching 3 pictures independently. Dean did well on programs Implemented. We worked on sitting while drinking. Dean had fun jumping on the trampoline. List behaviors observed: mouthing

9/26/18 – Joyce

​Big Data: adjusting targets, distribution, number of staff, number of trials etc.

9/27/18 – Ann

Good attending, eye contact. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop. Dean had a great morning. Sat well for toy play. Seeing increased independence with matching. Did well find toy pieces that he needed when placed at a distance from him.

9/27/18 – Deb

Dean did great today on programs. Went over programs with Joyce and started Dean on matching shapes. He did great matching pictures independently. Also worked on Dean choosing songs from the PECS books and requesting. He had great eye contact today. List behaviors observed: mouthing and escaping

9/27/18 – Joyce

Other – Describe: had staff do matching, asked to see identical snap matching, reminded staff to be sure exchange happens when using pecs, modeled for staff page turn of orcs book, showed staff how to begin man’s for songs so that Dean is not only using p ecsbooks for food. Other – Describe: grandparent observed mand for songs

9/28/18 – Ann

Good eye contact, sat well for activities, short attention span last half hour of session. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop, escape. Dean matched 4 different pictures independently. Completed lots of activities first hour, but shorter attention and more active end of session.

9/28/18 – Deb

Dean did great today, he had a lot is energy. Dean independently placed 5 pop beads together after waiting him out a little, placing the potato head arms in and signing ” all done” before getting up. He did great matching objects independently for some trials. He had great eye contact and pointing today. List behaviors observed: mouthing and aggression

With Love,


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Dean’s EI Week

Life has been good so far. I’m still waiting to hear if I got the job. The decision was extended by two more weeks. Fingers crossed that I still get the job! If I don’t, I probably won’t bid on anything until after the New Year when my dad has healed from his surgery. Whatever will be, will be. I have bought a camera, so my picture quality for all the new pictures will be back to more professional standards. I also bought a new phone that I will be showing on my blog once I receive it. I ordered it online and got free 1 to 3 day shipping that I have to sign for. I’m hoping the picture quality will be better. I needed a new phone that I could store music on, since my IPOD touch is an inch away from certain death. I also needed a newer phone with a newer software, so I can download the Influenster, Audible, Walmart Pay, and my Brightspace apps. I’m excited to share that purchase with all of you and it wasn’t that much money either.

9/10/18 – Speech

Using snack pictures well. Lots of sounds. Point has come back. Pointing to pictures for adult to identify. More independent play with toys. Dean was seen at home with mom and Ann from HMEA for a transition meeting. School was invited, but did not show. Hannah still waiting on letter from school acknowledging the referral. Discussed ABA and 1 on 1 needed at school, ABA at home, 4 days (work up to) for socialization, speech, OT services.

  • Contact school to check on referral.
  • Continue to use pictures for choices and label (repeat, repeat, repeat.

9/12/18 – OT

Hannah reported TPC did not happen yet with school and the family has not yet heard from the district. Dean went to the dentist and had an excellent visit.  He has all of his teeth including molars. Dentist commented that his eye contact was good. Dean did excellent today. He sat on balance disc to do 3 consecutive activities. He did some free play with climbing onto box and “falling” off with excellent eye contact and general interaction skills. He strung all of the smaller animal beads! He was swung at the end using picture consistently to request play/swing.

  • Try to use pictures more frequently when playing/eating. He has done so well with them.

Also, if Dean’s speech therapist thinks that I am letting him go to school 4 days a week this soon, she has another thing coming. I only said that I would try 1 half day next year.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA

So, I have been toying with the idea of sharing songs that I have been enjoying lately. I am really into obscure bands and dark music lately. I am been listening to a lot of Starset and I love those guys! Anyways, Dean has been battling a cold. Can you believe that this isn’t a predone post? I’ve been so busy with school that I lost track of my posts and now I have to catch up on writing them. I have been keeping super busy with school and taking care of Dean that I haven’t had much time for my blog. I’m ready for a break from school but that ain’t coming for another 12 weeks. Dean has been making great strides in therapy and I couldn’t be happier. The more time goes on, I can’t help but think what if he stays a child forever? Is that really a bad thing? I don’t think it is and he opens up my eyes to something new everyday that I didn’t see before.

9/17/18 – Ann

Dean was very active to start, but then became more focused and stay longer to play. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop, escape. Dean did well with programs. Started to track escape behavior. Put in 3 pieces of number puzzle independently. Pointing and eye contact were good.

9/17/18 – Joyce

​Generated icons for songs for communication, food items, interactive file games for communication

9/18/18 – Ann

Rough start, much better after first half hour. List behaviors observed:mouth, flop, escape. Dean had a hard time at first with so many people here. Did well after a short time and had a typical session. Great getting more of number puzzle independently.

9/18/18 – Joyce

Discussed programs with family member/therapist/other personnel Discussed big data programs, remove escape tally, anything new set at most to least, check to see what happened to gross motor, print pictures for first then, need generic toy icon, need to add matching to big data. Other – Describe: additional supervisor observing  BCBA provided interactive song icons and two  interactive song boards, frogs and bus.  Child performed well, 3 staff today, required redirection for escape attempts

9/18/18 – Stephanie

Discussed programs with family member/therapist/other personnel: discussed programs and changes needed with Joyce , discussed mouthing and eating of books family has removed them unless he is supervised, making nice progress with pecs. Other – Describe: discussed mikes concerns around school.  EI told the family that Dean has to go to school 4 days.  The family doesn’t feel as though he is ready for that.  Discussed the benefits of school such as being with other kids, waiting, sharing, learning routines etc.  discussed that home Aba could continue but we would be a replacement for school.  Discussed what support he may need and using the evaluation period to go and see the program and what it would look like beige making any decisions

9/18/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. We tried introduced new songs Implemented for him to dance too.  He did well on programs, continues to have great pointing and she contact. We worked on sitting to drink. Attempted to say “hi”, “yay” and “yeah”. List behaviors observed: mouthing and flopping

9/18/18 – Joyce

Modeled programs modeled wheels on the bus with board, modeled exposing to freeze dance. Provided feedback to therapist/family member/other personnel told therapist to keep reading Spot flap book, so not terminate. Other – Describe: instructed therapist to begin exposing to songs like freeze dance and wheels on the bus, therapist noted child stacking 4 blocks, child made approximations that sounded like yay, hi, and yeah, child  smiling , active, attempting to gain eye contact from staff. Other – Describe: Therapist asked questions, asked how many blocks to stack, how many beads to string

9/19/18 – Ann

Did well most of session, fussy last 20 minutes. List behaviors observed:mouth, flop, escape. Dean did well with programs. Began matching identical pictures. Good job making choices with pictures at snack. Hard time at end of session.

9/19/18 – Joyce

Assessment or Treatment Planning
Created Close-ended toy play maintenance program, reactivated gmi program, child could use minimal one additional set of 2D matching cards, moved matching out of distributed trials, mass trials to start

9/19/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. He had great eye contact and attempted to say “yes”. He did great with puzzles today. Dean Sat well during the session. List behaviors observed: mouthing and flopping

9/20/18 – Ann

Sat for longer duration. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop. Dean did well this morning. Continued with new matching program, very interested in the cards. Had fun playing in tunnel. Less protesting with non-preferred toys.

9/20/18 – Deb

Dean did great today. He had lots of new sounds today, very vocal. Did great on pointing and eye contact. I started matching pictures with Dean today. List behaviors observed: mouthing

9/21/18 – Ann

Sat for brief durations, choosing preferred toys. List behaviors observed: mouth, flop. Dean sat for.shorter times than usual. Did better when given choices between activities. Very little mouthing.

9/21/18 – Deb

Dean did great today. He sat well for programs. Dean did well on maintenance today. Dean enjoyed singing he itsy bitsy spider and row row boat. Dean made an attempt at saying “eye” and “arm” while putting the potato head. List behaviors observed: mouthing and flopping

9/21/18 – Joyce

Recommended adjustments made per Regional Director

renaming titles, adjusting domains, changing mass to distributed

created Maintenance Imitation Action with Object (in progress, need to identify mastered items)

With Love,


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Dean’s EI Week

I have just put Dean down for a nap and I bought a bunch of Christmas presents at Walmart today. I am very happy with my purchases. I am hoping to get the job as Product Analyst, so I can hopefully buy Dean a refurbished Ipad to play ABC Mouse on. I would also like an Iphone 6, since I haven’t had a new phone in forever and my Ipod touch is on its way out. I’m also hoping that with this new job that I’ll be able to buy a house this year if I see one that I like that fits us as a family. My dad is having foot surgery in December, so if the job happens and we do find a house, I will probably hire a moving company to move us out of this place and into the new place. It’ll be a pretty penny, but there would be no other choice.

9/5/18 – OT

Dean’s eye was cellulitis from a bug bite. He is still on antibiotics but he is also getting a probiotic. Dean did great today. He sat on balance disc to complete several puzzles followed by deep pressure tickles. He also sat in booster seat, when given a choice of two items, he scanned and pointed to desired item. He also signed all done spontaneously several times. HE strung smaller beads onto string independently. He did well with scanning pictures to choose which snack he wanted.

  • Continue to use pictures for identifying choices.
  • Deep pressure squeezes when agitated.

9/16/18 – Speech

Cellulitis on face being treated with Amox. Dean was seen for a visit with Mike. He made lots of nice eye contact and moved his arms to get us out of way. Dean vocalized a lot and needed to move a lot.

I have my fingers crossed for this job. I finally would be paid what I am worth. When I graduate college, I can get an even better paying job as a Data Analyst and then with some experience, I can move on to be a Statistician. Who knows? I might decide to stay on as a Data Analyst, because there are higher tiers within it. I just want to live a comfortable life with a job that I enjoy doing. Then, if I meet a man, it’s cool and if not, I can support my family myself.

With Love,