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New Project Pan: 2019 Seasonal Focused

So, I am starting this late, but I am doing seasonal project pans this year! I still have until June 21st, which is the first day of summer. Since I am starting it late, I have chosen my items accordingly for my Spring Project Pan. I am starting out with 5 items that I want to use up/hit pan on. If I finish something up, I can rotate something else in to try to get to 5 by the first day of Summer. These will be more manageable for me than trying to do a year long project with 20 items at the moment, when I have a lot of other projects going on and not to mention work, Dean, college, and a new relationship to boot. I thought that I would update this at the end of every month. So, end of April, end of May, and the finale of the project in June.


I chose 5 items to use up by June 21 st. One or two items might be ambitious, but I think that I can do it. I want to use up my MAC Prep + Prime Fix + in Lavender, DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom in the 0.5 oz container, PIXI Sheer Check Gel in No 2 Sun Kissed, Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Au Naturel, and Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Lipgloss in 312 Sugar Sugar.


I have about a 1/4 of this bottle left and I would like to move on to the coconut scented one for the summer. This is a primer spray, so I use it after I put on my face cream but before I start putting on any makeup. I usually will put a second primer on top of this one after it dries. I believe it seals in moisture as my other primers tend to be drying for my oily skin. I believe that as long as I use it, this one might be finished by the second update that will be at the end of May.


A perfume is always ambitious, but considering there is only a little bit left, I think I can manage to use it up as long as I remember to apply it everyday. It is a long lasting perfume, but gone by bedtime. I could apply first thing in the morning and before bed to get the most use out of it. I love the way this smells, but I am tired of this floral. I want the green apple version of this so bad. I for sure will buy more DKNY perfumes and the apple scents tend to learn more summery/spring for me rather than fall. This perfume is for sure a Spring perfume, hence why it’s in this project.


Another ambitious one. I have 1/3 of this tube left and again, this is pretty old in my collection. I think I can finish it off, if I use it without fail every day. This may be one that I end up not finishing, but I bet that I can make a ton of progress on it. The thing is you don’t need very much to get a lovely bitten look to the cheeks. I apply with my fingers and then buff out with a kabuki blush to get rid of any harsh lines. I would love to use this up before it goes bad. I have another potted cream blush to use up after this one and that one is better suited for summer with its Popsicle red shade.


Not much left to this nude cream eye shadow stick. It is quick and easy for a very neutral look. This makes it really easy for me to wear eye shadow. I just apply to my finger and then to my eye lid. I have hooded eyes, so I tend to do a one to two eye shadow look. I know that in the future I want to buy more cream eye shadow sticks and small/mini powder eye shadow palettes. I don’t want big bulky eye shadow palettes anymore. They aren’t for me. Thank god, I only have 1 to work through. I like the credit card sized palettes or the little Too Faced ones. Perfect size for me, when I’m not really into eye shadow. Cream eye shadow though has me second guessing not being into eye shadow.


I threw in a lip gloss, because I can plow through a lip product easy. This one even has windows, so I know there is already good progress done to it. This shade is way too sickly nude on my lips, so I wear it around the house. I love the formula and the minty tingle. It is a very good lip gloss that I would want in more shades when I can justify buying more lip products. If I move more out, I’m closer to buying more. This is how I am choosing to look at it. I have no doubts of using this one up.

There you have it! The five makeup items that I want to move out of my collection by the first day of Summer. I am eyeing a few other bits for what I want to use up in the Summer. One of them, I know will be a hair care item that has stuck around for way too long. I will for sure be going for a Summer seasonal vibe like I did for Spring. I picked out neutrals with flush cheeks and Spring scents.

Anyone else doing a Seasonal project pan?

With Love,


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Makeup Monthly: June

Another month gone. I lost my May photos as you may know if you have been reading my blog. So, I cannot comment on last month really, because I cannot show you the photo and recap the month. Let us start off fresh with the June makeup that I will be using and wearing. I wanted bright, fun, but also easy to wear makeup. On work days, I get up early and only have time for few things. This is reflected in my makeup choices. On my days off and work from home days, I can put in a bit more effort and use all of these products or a good amount anyways.

I really want to use up this B&BW perfume once and for all. It smells great like a lime freshly juiced. The problem? It lasts as long as a body spray, so an hour at most. I like my perfume to last all day or at least, most of it. I totally forgot about this BareMinerals trio that I own. I remember not liking the bronzer, so I am going to try it again and see my thoughts on it. The blush, I don’t think I liked either. I really love the highlight though. I remember getting this on sale at Sephora. If I end up not liking the blush and/or bronzer, I am just going to crack them out of the pans and keep the highlighter. I have a good dip in that. I love the Kat Von D liquid lip in Pool Party. I want to get serious use out of it. The Avon I just want to use up and plan on using at work on my desk. The PIXI cheek gel is SUPER old. I want to use up this gel blush this month. I love how easy eye glosses are to use. But I love my Stila Glitter and Glows. Would love to use up this gloss in June.

This is all the makeup that I will be using this month (for the most part). Do you do a monthly makeup bag to rotate your stash?

With Love,


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Makeup Monthly: March

I missed this series in February, so this post will be a long one. I was so busy in February with studying for my test and then, my family got sick. It has been a busy month with work updates and I am on call tomorrow, because of this Northeast storm. My work is anticipating a large volume of claims coming in, so I might be working a couple of hours on Sunday at home. I have to dig up my HP monitor so I can see what cord I need to buy to hook it up to my new HP laptop. I have SO many hauls to share with you. So much occurred in February. I also found out that my credit score is good enough to buy a house, so the search is starting next year. Most likely in July since my 401K will mature next September and I’ll be able to withdraw the down payment. I also saw some cushiony state jobs that I can get with an Environmental Science BA. I won’t be stuck in Insurance forever and thank god b/c my corporation leaves much to be desired.

January Makeup Monthly:


I decluttered the eye shadow, because it lacked pigmentation. It just looked shimmery on my eyes with zero color difference between the two shades and the black was hella patchy. I decluttered the liquid eye liner, because I don’t use a liquid liner unless it is a glitter eye liner which are VERY forgiving when it has a clear base. This is black with glitter in it. I never line my top lashline in black, only a clear glitter base. I line my bottom lashline and my waterline/tightline more often. I made some progress on the blush, perfume, and the pore primer. I finished half of the liquid lipstick tube and had to take the stopper out. It was very smooth, but after removing the stopper, the rest of it is a thick mousse consistency. I would buy this when I ran out of liquid lips. I finished off the MUFE primer serum, but I would not purchase it.

February Makeup Monthly:


I am almost done with the Becca primer. I loved it, but I would not purchase as I didn’t see that much of a difference. I really enjoyed the moisture it left on my skin though. I love the caviar eye stick and will pull it out soon in another makeup monthly. I should probably pull out my palette every other month though from March on if I want to see any progress on it. I forgot about it for the third month pick in a row! I only used the MAC lip a handful of times, because my lips have been dry. I used the Burt’s Bees like crazy though. I have one more use out of one perfume, but the other is used up. I only touched the highlighter once, because Becca gave me a nice glow.

March Makeup Monthly:


I picked out my Harajuku Lovers perfume in Love, which smells very Spring like. I am ready for Spring and no more snow! I chose a nice pink highlighter to give my face a nice glow for when the Becca is used up in a couple of days. I missed filling in my pores last month, so I put the Porefessional back in there. I’m using the MUFE blush as a peachy eye shadow and I have a balm and gloss that match each other to wear at work. I am hoping that I can hit pan on the blush, use up the gloss and the primer, and make a good dent in the highlighter and perfume. Wish me luck!

With Love,


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I Did It Again To Your Heart

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I got my Birchbox order yesterday and I am dying to show all of you guys what I bought. I have only used one thing so far that I bought, because I wanted to have an unbiased haul post. I got a really great deal on all of these things and Birchbox was so generous to give me not one but TWO sample pouches with my 35 dollar purchase. Since I bought over 70 USD worth of stuff with only spending 10 USD out of pocket, I think they added one for each 35 USD spent, which I did not see coming. It was generous of them. I love Birchbox and the people who work their are amazing! Anyways, the haul, what you all came here for, right?

Yes to cucumbers Soothing Hypoallergenic Facial Wipes, 30 ct for 5.99 USD

face wipes

I am running out of wipes and needed some more. These were cheaper than buying it at Walmart, so I decided to pick some up. I have and love the Yes To Grapefruit Exfoliating Towelettes, so I wanted to try these ones. I like to use a basic wipes to wipe off my base and then go in with my Glam Glow to deeply penetrate my skin. I am interested in seeing how these work out. You can buy them in bulk at Amazon for cheap, so if I like them, I’ll be buying like a 6 pack on Amazon that’ll last me half the year. I heard that this burns some people’s skin, but my face isn’t THAT sensitive. We will see. Oh! These also smell like fresh cucumbers and that makes me hungry.

Stila Lip Glaze in Sparkling Grape, 0.05 fl oz for 8 USD


I love these pen lip gloss sticks! They are so easy and so juicy looking on the lips. This one smells like sweet apricots and it packs a bunch of color. It appears berry purple on the lips with a hint of shimmer. Because this one has a big color payoff, I whip out my compact to apply using a mirror to evenly distribute the color. It does not feel gooey or sticky. It feels smooth on the lips and just a tad grainy from the shimmer/glitter. I am a fan and I will be buying more of these, but I have so many balms/glosses that I shouldn’t have even bought this one. Next time I shop Birchbox, I’m sure one will find a way into my cart.

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 8% AHA Gel, 3.3 fl oz for 26 USD


I bought this, because I really liked the sample of wipes that I received from Birchbox. This is also very similar to Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Treatment, but a lot less expensive. It is 45 USD for 1.7 oz of the OHINT gel, while PC is very affordable. I just hope that it works just as well. I don’t see why it wouldn’t though, since they contain very similar ingredients and the texture is identical. I’m hoping that this will further diminish my acne marks and get rid of my acne all together. Fingers crossed!

Treatment gel


Spornette Styling Brushes Little Wonder #111 for 8 USD


I needed another little brush for teasing and updos, since the one I bought from Kmart ended up ripping my hair out. This is made with real boar bristles and some other type of rubber bristles. It does not pull or tug and it perfect for what I want. It is also great for smoothing the hair. It doesn’t snag my hair if I take the brush out midstroke, which is how you brush if you’re getting your hair ready for a pony tail or something. I’m really into styling my hair and copying styles in magazines. I’ve gotten quite good at it. I’ll probably post a few pictures in the coming weeks on how to recreate some looks.

Two Sample Packets:


Mighty Leaf in Chocolate Mint Truffle, Bombay Chai, and Organic Spring Jasmine, 3 packets for 1.99 USD


I’m giving my dad the Chai one since he enjoys black tea and got excited by my tea samples. lol. I will write a little review for any tea that I buy. I think a pack of 15 teas is pricey at 10 USD, but if it is tasty, then I just might have to buy some next time as a treat to myself. I am excited to try the chocolate one the most. Has anyone tried these teas before?

Manna Kadar Liplocked Priming Gloss Stain in All Of Me, 0.01 oz for 0.20 USD


There seems to be a lot of product for 20 cents, so I’m happy. It is in a pretty pink nude color and smells a bit perfumey which is weird. It has a cute pink gem on the cap that gives it a girly touch. I am quite happy with this sample since it seems to be a decent size.

Tocca Creme Da Mano Hand Cream in Cleopatra, 1 fl oz for 5 USD

hand cream

This smells heavenly! I would totally buy this. It is a thick cream, but it sinks in quickly. It smells like fresh cut grapefruit with the soothing scent of cucumbers. I cannot stop smelling my hands! This is my new hand cream! Next time I buy, this is in my cart for sure! It is 10 USD for 2 oz and in my opinion so worth it. An ounce lasts me a month or so. I might just buy the 38 USD kit that you get 4 or 5 full sized hand creams in this line. I just love it. You need to smell this to know.

And yeah, I’m not that innocent.

With Love,