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Macy’s Haul

So, I bought a bunch of clothes at Macy’s for Dean. It was $250 worth of clothes that I bought for $98. I love shopping at Macy’s and getting a great deal. I also bought a few outfits for Dean at Walmart that are all Paw Patrol. I will leave that haul for a different time. Dean needed some new clothes that would fit him for the current season. I recently did a clean out of him clothes and filled a small hamper full of size 6 months to 1 year old clothes that he still had in his drawers. His 18 month clothes are getting snug and probably won’t last very long as well. So, I see another Macy’s haul coming in September. Here is what I bought him:

Carter’s 2 Pc Cotton Shirt & Jogger Pants


FYI, everything is a size 2T or 2 year old toddler. 2 year old pants FINALLY fit him. His legs are super long now. I bought these long sleeve shirt and pants to transition into Spring and these will be great in the Fall as well. I love the bright green color. This outfit retails for $30 and I bought it for $11.93. This essentially makes each piece worth $6. The little green monster on the pocket is a cute touch.

Carter’s 3 PC Whale-Print Cotton PJs


These are great transitional pajamas from Spring to Summer with the pants to the soft shorts. I love the cute saying on the t-shirt. Bedtime usually requires tears at my house. lol. Retails for: $26. Purchased for: $12.99. Each piece: $4. These pants are a little long, because they aren’t cuffed at the bottom or cinched. I love the whales and the little yellow subs!

Jem Graphic Print Cotton T-Shirt


Totally describes my little boy! These were $5.99 dropped down to $3.99. It is a cute basic little t-shirt and he needed more separates for the Summer.


I also got these graphic tee, too for the same price and brand. I love the shirts with sayings on them. I think it is amusing to see a little kid with a t-shirt that says something like Here Comes Trouble and Can’t Be Tamed. Miley Cyrus could wear this shirt.

Epic Threads Little Boys Dark Blue Denim


I bought Dean his first pair of blue jeans. These retail for $30 and I bough them for $11.99. I worked briefly at Macy’s so I know how to work the sale. I worked in the teenager girl section and in the children’s department. People buy this stuff full price ALL the time, so it isn’t like JCP where the sale price is the retail price. I only buy from Macy’s on sale. Great things go on sale and I like to check them a few times a year. The Spring clearance is the best time to find Calvin Klein dresses for $40 or $60.

Epic Treads Fleece-Lined Full Zip Camo-Hood


This is super comfy and fully lined with fleece to keep Dean warm in the car seat during the Winter. It retails for $40 and I bought it for $11.96. I found matching pants, which I will show you next. This sweater is really fluffy and it is something that will still fit this coming winter. All of his sweaters got too small for him recently and I needed to get some that would fit him now.

Epic Threads Camo Print Jogger Pant


This jogging pant retails at $30 and I got it for $11.99. It is a great pair of pants for Dean. It is a bit big at the waist, but it does have draw strings to make them tighter. You try tying them when you have a 2 year old that wants to run around though. They are a thicker pant, so it is great for the Spring and Fall time. Pants last longer on Dean than shirts do. He carries most of his weight on his upper body and has a shorter, trimmer lower body. He is short and stocky. He’s my boy. ❤

Epic Threads Hooded Puffer Jacket in Gumball Red


I love, love, love this winter jacket for Dean! He can wear it strapped into the car seat, no problem. It has a retail value of $48 and I scored this lovely red jacket for $18.73. Dean chewed some of the teeth off already, so it doesn’t zip up all the way but almost. He has a real Winter jacket for exploring the backyard and sledding. Plus, that jacket is a two like this one but HUGE on Dean. He is like a marshmallow in that thing.

Paw Patrol Marshall Hooded PJs


This was so cute that I could not resist. The retail value $14.99 and I bought it for $10.86. It was so worth it and if you have stuck with me this far, you’re reward is seeing my Dean Bean in this very outfit!


I always catch him in motion! Until next time!

With Love,


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Macy’s Haul For Dean

I bought so many cute things at Macy’s for Dean. I shopped his clothes online. Right now, his is a size 9 to 12 months, but some of his size 9’s and 12’s don’t fit. He is a bit wider than the average baby and he grew in length, so some things have become too tight/snug to wear comfortably. I bought him 18 month old clothes, which is the next size up from 12. Honestly, I see him in that size until the end of next year. He’s a really slow grower in weight, but he looks heavier than he is. He’s such a healthy baby boy! I bought his 14 outfits online when there was a 60 or 65% off sale, plus an extra 25% off of clearance. So, I bought him all clearance clothes. They were holiday themed though. Are those already on clearance? That’s fast. As always, I’ll tell you the original price, then what I paid for it. There are a ton of cute stuff, so let’s get into it!

Carter’s Best Gift Ever Bodysuit in Ivory 18m, for $12 paid $4.99 USD

Sorry that the clothes are a bit wrinkly. I plan on cutting off the tags and washing everything after he opens his presents on Christmas. I wrapped up each individual out fit as one present. This was such a steal at 5 dollars and really cute as well. He really was the best gift ever for me, since he was born the day after Christmas. I can see putting him in this throughout the year next year. I mean, it is Christmasy, but he usually get wears these around the house unless it is summer otherwise we layer with pants and a sweater. No one will really see this out of season and you know what, who cares? At least, he is wearing clothes that are clean and fit him.

Carter’s Silent Night Bodysuit in Red 18m, for $12 paid $4.99 USD

Another steal for just 5 bucks. This one I can see wearing year-round without a care, because let’s face it, I would love a silent night just once. LOL. These seem like they will be big on him, but he is still in 9 month bodysuits. I wanted clothes that he could grow into at an affordable price. I always hear to size up your child, because they have unreliable growth spurts. Once he gets to be a toddler, it’ll be easier to buy him clothes I think. It’s so hard trying to guess what size he’s going to stay at. I mean, he is almost a year old and still in some 9 month old clothes, but some of the 18 month clothes that I bought him doesn’t look too big on him. Some of the clothes are snug fit (non pajamas), which fits him better than the pajamas.

Carter’s Hunk 1 Pc in Red 18m, for $20 paid $6.99 USD

Now, this outfit seems INSANELY huge for Dean right now, but I’m sure that he will grow into it. This is something light that can be used during the summer, but will be great in the Spring or Fall with a nice jacket or sweater. I like easy pieces that I can put him in with little fuss. He doesn’t like to be changed, so outfits have to be quick on and quick off. Dean loves watching baseball, so when I saw this baseball player themed outfit, I knew he would love it. It would be great as part of a Halloween outfit as well. Maybe, I’ll go as a ball girl, Dean will go as a player, and my dad will go as the referee. That would be funny, but a cute family photo. The possibilities are endless with children clothing. Anything goes for kids.

Carter’s Sports Print 1 Pc in Blue 18m, for $20 paid $6.99

This one piece is snugger fitting and cotton. Dean has 4 pairs of fleece pajamas, but the apartment is kept warm, so he only wears those out. Even though these aren’t meant to be Pajamas, I thought that they would be good to wear at night when it’s a little cool without a blanket. He still doesn’t seem with a blanket yet. In the Spring, I can see Dean wearing this out. I like cute little quick outfits, but I know that in the Spring, I will have to fit him for shoes and socks. Dean still eats his feet, so he doesn’t really wear socks.

Carter’s 3 Piece Micro Set in Tan 18m, for $32 paid $11.99 USD

I just loved this fur jacket. I worried that it’s a bit girly, but was assured that its not too girly. I love this outfit.It’s hard to write about all of these outfits, when I’m thinking about packing up and moving. I have to change my address for my bank, my work, my credit cards, my health insurance, dental insurance, doctors’ offices, and I’m just feeling a little overwhelmed. I’m so excited as well. I’m packing up all the games, books, and clothes that I want to donate this week. A friend of mine at work is taking all of it, because her daughter is a professional cosigner and she needs it more than I do. It makes me feel good as well, so there’s that. I just want to start fresh at the new place. No more dragging things with me that I won’t use. I’m also donating my mini fridge. Well, it’s not that mini. It’s a half size refrigerator.

Carter’s 4 Piece Skiing Polar Bear Pajamas in Blue 18m, for $34 paid $12.99 USD

I thought that these polar bears were really cute and he needs some cotton pjs. He mostly has fleece one pieces and he’s getting older. He needs more two piece outfits in his wardrobe. I also just love him in leggings. LOL

Carter’s 2 Piece Bodysuit Canmo-Print in Yellow 18m, for $20 paid $7.99 USD

I couldn’t find any grandpa and grandson clothes, so I bought a few Daddy and son ones. Dean will grow up and know the truth, but there is no harm to looking up to my dad as a father figure when he has none. Dean loves my dad and now tells us all the time that he loves us. It’s so cute. Dean won’t understand what his shirt means, but I do and that’s all that counts. My dad loves Dean just as much as Dean loves him.

Carter’s 2 Piece Long-Sleeve in White/Green 18m, for $22 paid $6.99 USD

I thought that this was such a boy outfit and that Dean would like it as he gets older. The pants are super soft and lined with fleece, but this outfit is not pjs, just made to keep warm. I cannot believe how cheap all of these clothes were. Such a deal!

Carter’s 2 Piece Leader of the Pack in Blue 18m, for $20 paid $7.99 USD

I got this, because we have two dogs and Dean is the new leader of the pack (all humans are leaders of their pack). I love the Aztec inspired print on the leggings. I still felt like he would a few of these bodysuits with the snap closure. If we start potty training, I would just leave it unsnapped.

Carter’s 2 Piece Pajamas in Red Stripe 18m, for $20 paid $7.99 USD

I thought this outfit was adorable an I can see him wearing this to bed and on lazy Saturdays in. These are thermals, which means that he could wear this under a pair of fleece pjs going out or under a thick sweater and a pair of pants.

Carter’s 2 Piece Long Sleeves in Grey 18m, for $22 paid $6.99 USD

My dad is hoping that Dean will be interested in baseball; hence, all the baseball themed outfits. Dean already seems to be interested, but time will tell. Maybe, he’ll be a famous baseball player and I’ll get to retire in my 40s. A mom can dream!

Carter’s 4 Piece Penguin PJ set in Green 18m, for $34 paid $12.99 USD

This is the last set that I bought. Dean went to see Santa at Church on Sunday (This Sunday is the kid’s pageant!). He had a grumpy face and wanted to cry. LOL. Poor baby. He loved designing his own bulb for the tree and a Santa hat. The Church was making adorable goodies to take home. Next year, I’m going to stick around for the mason jars where you could layer ingredients for cookies! They were so pretty when finished.

That’s all for today, I’m out of time!

With Love ❤


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Mini Macy’s Haul

So, I had the day off today. After going to my appointment, I stopped at Macy’s on the way home to shop their clearance. Well, I found a few cute things for Dean and spent 18 USD. I love getting high quality items without spending the high original prices. I was unhappy with the way I look, which is why I bought nothing for myself. Now that I have the green light for exercise, I think I’ll be happier with my figure. After gaining 65 lbs during pregnancy, I am happy to say that I have lost 45 lbs of that extra weight. I only have 15 lbs to go to be back at 130, which was my prepregnancy weight. Knowing that I’m only 10lbs away from wearing my old clothes really cheers me up. I might buy a few new things next month. I had so many questions answered that I feel like I’ve hit a turning point.

First Impressions Onsie in Bluebelle Multi for $3.49 USD

I think the design of this one is very cute with the little elephants. It has become an instant favorite of mine and something that he wears every time it is clean. After discovering the power of oxyclean, Dean wearing white (anything for that matter) doesn’t phase me anymore. I can get ANY stains out with that stuff. It is a miracle product. Breastfed baby poop is so hard to get out once it sets in, but hit with oxyclean and the stain is gone. I could write a testimonial about it. 🙂

First Impressions Onsie in Deep Black Multi for $3.49 USD

I thought this one was whimsical, so I had to get it. I was pleasantly surprised when these items were even more discounted than they stated on them. Onsies are staples for me, since I usually throw one on him and decide if I want him to wear pants/shorts. Sometimes, it’s just too hot to wear pants! Nothing like telling the whole world who my main man is.

Carter’s Baby Little Layette 3 piece set for $11.99 USD

I love how this set goes together and the little sayings are precious. Dean’s my little monster alright. I have to be mommy and daddy, but that’s alright with me. I’m happy to be both parents. My own dad can help fill in the role of daddy with those future baseball games and other boy stuff.

Just a quick little haul today, since I had the day off. I gotta go. It’s dinner time!

With Love ❤


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Birthday & Dean Presents

I recently went over Danielle’s house to spend a few hours and brought my matching accessory Dean with me. Her mom absolutely loves him and Danielle’s grandma bought him some really cute clothes!






Danielle bought me the best present EVER!!! I haven’t even bought myself a birthday present yet and I’m lucky if my dad remembers my birthday, never mind buy me a present or a card. I’m definitely making an order to Sephora this Friday and requesting my birthday gift! I’m saving up my points for that Bareminerals kit! I might buy from MAC as well…We’ll see…well, here’s what D bought me!!!!

I love my authentic Vera Bradley Tote in Katalina Blues! It is similar to my other tote that I got from the Salvation Army awhile back. It can fit a ton of stuff and I can go to work in style with my pump. I love all of the pockets and the flower design. I just love it! I can now purge my old purse and put everything in this one. I feel a what’s in my purse coming on.

I thought the card was sweet and adorable. As I’m typing this Deano is looking on in my lap. He says that he likes the pretty card, too. It was a very nice touch.

I like this MAC wallet type thing. I’m going to use mine for holding my pads and other feminine hygiene on the go products. It’s the perfect size and very stylish.

Face Mask

I am a huge fan of face masks and I really love these cloth kinds. Red Wine?! Sign me up. This is about the only alcohol my skin will be drinking up these days. I love the pink packaging.

This lippie color is pink on me without being too pink. It is the perfect color and it actually shows up on my lips! Which not a lot of light colors do. It’s the prefect neutral pink to go with everything and I feel comfortable wearing it to work. Once I finish off my pot of orange korean gloss that is. A very neutral color for work 🙂 It is such a nice and creamy formula. It is surprisingly not really glossy, just a slight sheen to the lips that dries down matte.

I am hoping to paint my nails sometime soon and this would be the perfect color. It is a nail treatment, so it is a great base or in my case, a great standalone if the color comes out the way I’m hoping it will. If I manage to paint my nails, I’ll have a Manicure Monday up this week or next. I’m hoping I’ll be able to paint my nails. I’ll make a deal with my dad, so I can have the 30 minutes to paint and dry. I’ll clean the bathroom….I think that would be a good trade off and of course, I would clean first. Don’t want to ruin a well deserved manicure!

hand cream

I can always use a good hand cream. I’m almost out of my Victoria Secret’s Body/hand lotion in a mini bottle. This will replace it nicely. My hands really need the moisture now that I clean bottles and the dishes more than I  used to. I do a lot more chores, now that my dad watches my son while I’m at work It’s a worthwhile trade off since I don’t have to worry about childcare. Honestly though, my dad still does most of the house work. It’s tough to work, nourish a child, and get little things done on little sleep.


A nice little perfume sample to round out my present. I love to try high end perfumes.

Thank you so much D! I love everything, but you know that. 🙂

With Love <3
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Nursing Mom Clothing Haul

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

It is so hard to find clothes to fit when you are nursing a two month old. I was shopping for tops for work and at home that would make nursing and pumping easier for me and less of a clothing hassle. I hate shoving his head up my shirt and I fear that the humid air from being trapped in my shirt cuts nursing sessions short, making them more frequent than they have to be. I don’t mind throwing a cover over myself when nursing my son when my dad is around, but I wanted a way to nurse that wouldn’t make my friends uncomfortable. I am fully comfortable nursing my son in front of friends and relatives, but I would never do it in public. That’s just not me. I get limited time to pump at work, so I need clothes that are easy to push aside. I don’t have time to take off layers and put them back on and straighten myself out. That is a few minutes too many. If I have 15 minutes, I want to use twelve minutes on the actual pumping, not ten minutes. At lunch, I’ll be able to pump for 27 minutes and I’ll have 15 minutes left to see my baby. On Mondays, I have an extra 15 minutes to pump as well. The rest of the days, I just have my paid break and lunch.

Let’s get onto the haul!

Macy’s: This baby haul came to $20 USD total, because everything was on clearance. Macy’s is really great for their clearance.

Carter’s Sleepy Sack in 0-9 months:

I love these sleepy sacks! They are great during the Winter time for Dean to sleep in. He can now roll over on his own, so no more swaddling. This is the next best thing and I don’t have to worry about his feet getting cold. It keeps him all warm and snugly. I also love the cute prints as well. The zipper feature is great as well for middle of the morning/night changes.They are ultra soft and Dean seems to enjoy wearing them.

zipper onsie

Carter’s Terry Cloths Onsie in 9 months:

Dean is my little dinosaur and now he can dress like one. I like putting him in this night and day. It soaks up the night sweats and the sweat in the day from the heat in the apartment. We sit on top of the boiler, so it can get hot without the heat on. This is nice and big on him, which helps prevent heat rash from sweating. He has been getting a heat rash/moisture rash from sweat. It is a lot better than it was before. It disappeared off his back and face. It is a bit on his chest, but mostly on his arms. I think it is because he is chubby and the sleeves tend to be a little tight on the arm, resulting in sweat collection. I believe this terry cloth has helped to promote healing of the rash. Again, zippers are my friend.

winter onsie

Carter’s Plush Onsie in 9 months:

My dad spotted this one and it is very plush. This outfit is great for taking your little one out and about. I have a winter blanket thing that attaches to the infant car seat, but when he outgrows the car seat (He is already 11lbs and the car seat only goes up to 20lbs), this would be nice and warm to wear out in the convertible car seat. I also like that it says “Little Guy” on it. I’m always about buying things that fit now and later. He has so much 3 month and 3 to 6 clothes! I have three drawer out of six filled with his clothes! I decided to consign a bunch of my clothes and all the good things that he outgrows. I’m going down with my first batch today. I’ll let you guys know how it goes!

Target: My dad and I both bought clothes here.

denim tunic

Liz Lange Maternity For Target Denim Tunic in Indigo in XXL for $24.99 USD:

I was hesitant to buy this, because I always question buying myself clothes. I knew I needed to buy some new tops though. My boobs made that really apparent. None of my current tops really work for my nursing sized chest. So, new tops was a given. I didn’t get any pants though, because I’m still in my fattest maternity jeans. I get to start an exercise routine tomorrow, so I’m hopefully that I will shed off some pounds in my thighs and butt. I have lost thirty five pounds out of the sixty I gained. I only want to lose twenty pounds. I heard five extra pounds is good for nursing. I’m not in a hurry to lose. I can take my time. It took 10 months to gain. I don’t mind if it takes that long to lose. I really love this top. It is soft and long enough to cover my butt. I plan on wearing this with leggings or skinny pants. I always wanted a denim shirt and this one fits beautifully. I was discouraged at Sears, when none of the tops fit in the Junior section. I guess they think that young people cannot have large chests or something. The button down is a great feature for nursing or pumping at work.

Motherhood Maternity: I spent over $200 USD here. Nursing clothes are EXPENSIVE!

Motherhood Intimates in 36 E in Black and Nude for $24.98 USD Each:

I got one in nude and black. Sorry, I don’t share pictures of my intimates any more. The best basic colors. My older nursing bras that I bought before birth were too small after my milk came in and regulated. I think it was one of the reasons why I got mastitis in my right breast. I love the lacy design and the clip down design. I needed to get a wire supported bra, which leaves marks when I clip the bra down to nurse. It fits comfortably though. I never had a more comfortable wire bra before. There isn’t much more to say, except I miss my bright colored fun bras that I no longer fit into and have to wait over a year to possibly fit back into again. le sigh


Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bra in Baby Pink in I/XL for $34.98 USD:

I love the baby pink color and how well this bra works with any pump. I used this with my electric double pump and my electric single handheld pump. It allows me to be hands free to use my lap top or kindle. It is comfortable, but not as supportive as a nursing bra. I would use this one Mondays at work, where I have to pump three times and have to be a real stickler about the time. Mondays are busy where I work. I have no complaints and I see the value in the money.

Motherhood Maternity Nursing Mock Wrap Top in Navy & Gray in Large for $29.98 USD

Yes, I paid thirty dollars for a nursing top. The prices may be a bit insane, but I did purchase large sizes for my large chest and these have special functions that regular tops just don’t have. You can pull down the grey built in undershirt under one breast and put your child underneath the two wrap layers. Nursing is discreet with nothing to see. This also works well for pumping. The material is very soft and overall, this was worth the thirty. It was just a big shock on how expensive this stuff is, but then again, I’ve seen plenty of clothes at other places be just as expensive. I’m just not use to buying items full priced.

Motherhood Maternity Nursing Tang Top in Navy & White in XL for Free!

There was a clearance sale of buy two get one for free, so this was my free item. It was originally $24.98 USD and reduced to $14.99 USD. I like the side ruching detail and the pull down nursing feature. It is great to put underneath other non-nursing clothes to still get a nursing feature out of it. Fifteen dollars for a tang top is still a lot in my opinion. Oh! All these nursing shirts have elastic underneath the girls for support while nursing.


Motherhood Maternity Button Down Tunic in Grey & White Pinstripes in XL for $24.99 USD

This shirt was originally $34.98 USD. Since I paid 25 for that other shirt, I don’t consider this a high price to pay. I wasn’t a big fan of it at first, but I love the way I look in it. It sheds off pounds and is very figure flattering with the tie waist feature. It is prettier on than on the rack, that is for sure! It is a stiffer, starchier material than I am used to. I’m trying to have a more appropriate adult wardrobe to be taken more seriously and hey, I have a son now. This fits right in there. I’m still going to have fun with some cool prints and sexy dresses, but I want a more adult style…or more like a young 24 year old would wear who has a kid. Still young but mature at the same time. If you know what I mean.


Motherhood Maternity Plus in Plaid in 2X for $34.99 USD

I’m noticing that I bought a ton of tunics, but seriously, it is the most flattering on my figure right now and let’s me get away with wearing jeans that right now, are a little too tight to wear with a shorter shirt. I love this cotton soft tunic! It is in a magenta, purple, blue plaid that is simply gorgeous. This originally went for $44.98 USD. It was expensive, but this was the only size that fit my chest comfortably in this style. It may be large, but it fits perfectly on my shoulders and is very comfortable. Again, having a tie waist feature is very figure flattering.

Motherhood Maternity Nursing Cami in Coral Pink in Large for $26.98 USD

Yes, I paid that much for a cami with a built in bra. It is crazy expensive, but very comfortable. It has the clip down feature and is great to wear around the house. I would wear a bra with it, when out and about in it. It isn’t enough support for that. It is the right amount for leisure time at home. This has the ruched siding details on each side as well. I love the bright color and how comfortable it is. I’m all about the comfort these days.

JCPenny’s: I actually found a few regular tops that fit.


St. John’s Bay Short Sleeve Crew in American Navy in Large for $14.00 USD

There was a buy one get one free and I didn’t realize that clearance was excluded from the promotion. So, I will be returning this and buying two again so I can get the second one for free. This way, I can also use my coupon that I earned for 10 USD off of 25 USD on a jewelry purchase. This is a great undershirt to go underneath my navy polka dot shirt.


St. John’s Bay Long Sleeve Crew in Chic Pink in Large for $4.79 USD

This was clearance from $16 USD, which is 70% off. I got this to go underneath the pink shirt. I have started to really love pink, especially bright ones. There is just something special about this color that I love.

St. John’s Bay Polka Dot Blouse in Shocking Pink Dot & Navy Dot in XL for $18 USD Each

I got the same blouses in two different colors that is how much I love them! They fit really great. These were buy one get one free, making them 18 each. These ones makes my stomach look thinner as well. This has been long winded, so I’ll end my haul here.

With Love <3


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Mega Mall Haul

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I went on a shopping spree on Monday, which was my day off (granted, I wrote this a few weeks ago.). I started shopping at Kmart for a few essentials, then I hit up Macy’s, Victoria Secret’s, Forever 21, and Bath & Body Works. I went all out and got a ton of great stuff with my 2013 tax return. I even had enough money to use on my car for repairs as well. It was a great shopping experience and I loved every minute of it. So, let’s get started with all of the items that I bought at Kmart.

Kmart Items:

Basic Editions Scoop Tank Promo in Light Blue in Medium, 4.98 USD

[It’s a basic bright blue tank top. I didn’t take a picture of it.]

First up, I bought a shirt for free using my SYW rewards bonus points. So, I got a 5 USD tang top for nothing, nada. Major score!

Tree Hut Loofah, 2 USD


Next off, I bought this loofah by the brand Tree Hut, which I went crazy and bought a few more of their things. I really needed a loofah for my Lush Shower Jelly and this one is the perfect size for my little hands. I also like the more natural color than the artificial brights.

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub in Coconut Lime, 18 oz for 6.49 USD

Sugar ScrubSugar ScrubSugar Scrub

I have yet to try this body scrub, but it smells amazing which is why I bought it. It is a beautiful blue green color with coconut shell particles for extra exfoliation. I can definitely smell the coconut and lime with a hint of sugar sweetness, courtesy of the sugar aspect of the scrub. I found out about this brand from Elle Fowler from allthatglitters21 on Youtube.She loved this scent and I have to say that I am in love with this as well. I thought that the product would be really expensive, but the range is very affordable. I was happily relieved about that. She took this on vacation with her, but using this, is like a vacation for me. I am hoping that I can trade in my Bath  Body Work’s expensive scrub with this inexpensive one.

Tree Hut Shea Moisturizing Shower Wash in Coconut Lime, 16 fl oz for 6.49 USD

shower gel

This does not smell as good as the scrub, because it is less sweet and more sour from the lime. Actually, it is a bit apple scented as well. I cannot wait to try this body wash. It is a nice big size for how inexpensive this product is.

Tree Hut Shea Extra-Rich Moisturizing Lotion in Coconut Lime, 9 oz for 6.49 USD

Body Lotion


This smells almost identical to the scrub, except the lime is a bit more apparent. This sinks right into the skin, leaving my skin soft and smelling like a vacation. I love smelling like a summer vacation. It is one of my favorite scents. I don’t have much to say about the products, since I just bought them.

March of Dimes Figurine, 50 USC(cents)


I got this figurine for free using my SYWR points and this was “pennied out” at my store, so I got it for cheap. Pennied out means that the item is being discontinued, so it sells for less. It was originally 5 USD. It is a cute Christmas figurine for my first tree. I cannot wait for Christmas!

Bruins Socks in Medium for 2.09 USD


I bought two pairs of Bruins plush socks that were clearanced. My discount also saved me 84 USC. So, I paid 3.34 USD for two pairs of socks. I really love plush socks, so these were a treat for me. Fluffy socks are my life. Lol.

The next store I went to was Macy’s, which I spent so little money in. I bought 180 USD worth of clothes for 36.09 USD. I work at Macy’s, so I get the 20% employee discount on top of the 20% off coupon that I used. I also used two 3 USD off coupons that I got for the two Macy card applications, which Kmart only pays you 2 USD per application. I also bought everything on clearance as well.

OhMG! The Boyfriend Cardigan in Black in Large, Original Price: 29.50; Paid: 9.21 USD

The Boyfriend Cardigan

I cannot believe that I bought this light sweater for under 10 USD. It fits very loose on me, which is the style and I am really into the oversize styles right now. I bought it, because it would be great for work and stylish. I really love how soft it is. The quality is just amazing for the price that I paid.

Jennie Active Tissue Tee in Electric Kiss in Medium, Original Price: 17.50; Paid: 4.40 USD

extrasblogs 342

I really love this bright pink cheetah print workout shirt. You put it on over your sports bra for more modesty, but it is still super thin to avoid major sweating. This shirt is so pretty that I would consider putting an undershirt and just wearing it as a regular shirt. I workout at least three times a week, so this shirt will be put to good use.

Pink Rose Fashion Top in Guava/Heather Oatmeal in Large, Original Price: 34.00 USD; Paid: 8.24 USD

Fashion top

This longer sleeve shirt is so soft and comfortable. I really love the color and the stripes. I am a more conservative person and having a scoop neck keeps me covered and feeling confident. I love this tunic styled shirt. It will go great with my leggings.

B. Darlin Junior Dress in Mint/Black in 9/10, Original Price: 69 USD; Paid: 14.24 USD

Mint Dress

The dress is a bit loose, since I am usually a size 6 to an 8 (if the dress is body con, I don’t like it too tight and revealing). This was the last dress and I really wanted it. Since it is a fit and flare, I just need the straps shortened an inch or two for the top of the dress to fit comfortably. When I wore it out for the day, the straps were sliding and on kept falling off of my shoulder. I love how silky the dress feels and it can be a day/night dress depending upon how you style it, which makes it very versatile.

I ended up walking away from Macy’s and straight into Forever 21 for some jewelry…

Forever 21 Meet Me in Paris Bracelet in Silver/Clear, Originally: 3.80 USD; Paid: 99 USC

Paris Bracelet

I love this little bracelet that says “Oui”. It totally caught my eye and I knew that I had to have it. The little fake diamond is a nice touch of glam. The bracelet is really big on me, but for 99 cents, I will make it work.

Forever 21 Bracelet in Gold/Black, Originally: 3.80 USD; Paid: 99 USC

LoveOui & Love

This one is really big as well, but I love jewelry with words on them. This will pair nicely with my love necklace that I got at a shop on Block Island in Rhode Island, if you don’t know where that is, who are you? I am really into dainty jewelry right now, so I loved these.

Forever 21 Headphones in White/Multi, Originally: 6.80 USD; Paid: 3.49 USD


I really need headphones, since all of mine decided to die one after the other after having them all for years. I loved this, because they are simple with a special touch (the fake diamonds). I like a little bling on my headphones. They are super comfortable, which is most important to me in headphones.

Next, I stopped at Victoria Secret’s, because I wanted to see what all of the fuss was about with Pure Seduction, the product all beauty gurus on Youtube were raving about. What I found out was that it wasn’t for me, but I found a different scent line worth raving about I am seriously obsessed and will be buying more when I run out. I also got some coupons as well. The greatest thing is that it was on sale, when the pure Seduction wasn’t.

Victoria Secret’s Pink in Total Flirt 2-in-1 Wash & Scrub, 10.1 fl oz, Originally: 18 USD; Paid: 12.50 USD


This smells freakin’ amazing! It smells like sour green apples (real, fresh granny smith apples) and freesia (light floral notes). It is a really fresh, crisp scent that I am going crazy over. This might be my new go-to scent to replace White Citrus. I can see myself enjoying this year-round, not just in the summer months. I need to buy more!

Victoria Secret’s Pink in Total Flirt Luminous Body Butter, 10.5 oz, Originally: 15 USD; Paid: 12.50 USD

body butterbody butter

In the container, the scent isn’t amazing, but when you apply it, it transforms into a light apple blossom scent, a little less fruity and a bit more floral. It is still a yummy scent with a hint of shimmer for that luminous glow. I may have switched my obsession for Bath & Body Works to Victoria Secret’s Pink.

Victoria Secret’s Pink in Coconut Mango 2-in-1 Wash & Scrub, 10.1 fl oz, Originally: 18 USD; Paid: 0 USD


My VS’s had a promotion going where if you spend over 50 USD, you got something for free for 20 USD or less. My original order would have been over 50, without the promotion of 2 for 25 USD. I was excited to get this for free and just grabbed it when the cashier said that I could get one more item for the same price. This smells coconutty with a hint of sweet mango. The rose gold cap gives it the perfect luxe touch.

Next, I peeked in at Bath & Body Work’s to see what they had going on and as usual, I was sucked into buying one of their candles, because they were having a Semi-Annual sale. I also picked up another product, because it was 75% off. Curse you promotions! I didn’t spend as much as I used to, though. For some reason, the store doesn’t hold that seductive power over me anymore and I’m not as excited as I used to be with it. Is it just me?

Bath & Body Work’s Home Scented 3-Wick Candle in Turquoise Waters, 14.5 oz, Originally: 22.50 USD; Paid: 12 USD


I love the candle deals, whether its 2 for 22 or 1 for 10/12. I can never resist a candle from B&BW’s when they are on sale. This one smells refreshing and soothing. It is supposed to smell like sea spray, sunlight, and beach grass. It smells like a day at the beach, so I am in love with this scent.

Bath & Body Work’s Shea & Vitamin E Shower Gel in Coconut Lime Breeze, 10 fl oz, Originally: 12.50 USD; Paid: 3.12 USD

Shower gel

This was a steal for just over 3 dollars, which is really not that much for a great body wash. I am just really into coconut, huh? The lime keeps this from being too sweet. It adds just the right amount of crisp, sour scent to the body wash. I just love it, especially for the price.

So, that was my long overdue haul. I did get a coupon from B&BW, so I will be going back in August/September for more goodies. I really needed body wash, so I am happy that I got plenty of it. I seem to go through about one a month, keeping in mind that I rotate scents around. So happy that I could share this with you. Have you hauled anything lately?

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo