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Iced Lattes

For Maxwell House International Latte Iced Hazelnut

drink mix

What it is:

A cafe-style beverage drink.

Key Ingredients:

Sugar, instant coffee, artificial flavor, milk

How it smells/tastes/looks:

I make mine with two packets in 16 fl oz of water, a generous amount of ice cubes, and a dash of milk. It looks and smells just like any other iced hazelnut coffee. It tastes sweeter than regular iced coffee without sucking up pure sugar from the bottom.

Why I like it:

It is convenient and a nice break from store bought iced coffees with all that sugar on the bottom. It also wasn’t that expensive as well. I would repurchase, because it made a good iced coffee. It also has simple ingredients and no aspartame as a sweetener. I try to avoid that as much as possible, even though zero calorie sweeteners are supposedly safer and better for you to consume.

With Love <3
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April Empties

Not that many empties this month! I need May to be a better purging month. It is my birthday month, so maybe I’ll feel more motivated to use up everything. I need to just use up my things instead of being afraid to do so because then I won’t have it anymore. I can always buy another if I love it that much. I need to retrain my mind. Hopefully, I get better at using my products up…..Hopefully.


Two Non-Reusable Mechanical Pencils From Target

drink mix

Maxwell House International Latte in Iced Hazelnut, 6 servings

K Cups

Sugar Babies Caramel Hot Cocoa, 1 ct K-cup


Summer’s Eve Morning Paradise Cleansing Wash, 15 fl oz


Equate Beauty Refreshing Cleansing Towelettes, 40 ct

And those are my empties. I have already repurchased a new Summer’s Eve product and I will be picking up a pack of the cleansing wipes today when I go to Walmart. Link your own empties post for me to read! They are my favorite posts!

With Love <3
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Cafe Vienna

For Maxwell House International Cafe Cafe Vienna


What it is: A naturally and artificially flavored cafe-style beverage mix.

Key Ingredients: sugar, nondairy creamer, instant coffee, cinnamon oil. 80 mg of caffeine per serving.

How it smells/tastes/looks: It smells like chocolate, cinnamon, and coffee. It looks like coffee (lol) with foam on top. It tastes incredible once it has time to cool off a bit. I find that the taste intensifies, when it has the time to sit and develop.

Why I like it: I really love these international cafe instant coffees, because they are a real treat for me and they don’t take much effort to make. I just add two round tablespoons (of a regular spoon) and mix with hot water. It already has milk and is sweetened as well. Honestly, I could add cinnamon, creamer, sugar, and chocolate to my own cup of regular coffee, but that is just too much effort for me and figuring things out.

With Love,


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A French Cafe

For Maxwell House International Cafe Cafe Francais

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What it is: A cafe-style beverage mix that is also great as a creamer.

Key Ingredients: nondairy creamer, sugar, instant coffee, natural and artificial, artificial color. 80 mg caffeine.

How it tastes/smells/looks: It looks like a foamy coffeehouse cappuccino. It smells like chocolaty coffee. Maybe the creamer makes it smell chocolaty? I don’t know why they all smell a bit like chocolate to me. This flavor didn’t taste like anything special to me. It just tasted like a plain cappuccino.

Why I like it: I like my specialty coffees to have a bit more flavor to them, but this one is nice if you are in the mood for something elegant but plain in flavor. I prefer Vienna, but that is just me. I don’t use them as creamer, because if I want my specialty coffee, I want to taste its richness to its depths. I personally do not think it really alters the taste if you add it to another coffee. They also recommend using 4 spoonfuls, which is way too much for me. A serving size is 1 1/3 tablespoons. A glass they recommend would be 180 calories. I use about half that and my glass is only 90 calories.

With Love,


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Belated TFV: Maxwell House

For Maxwell House International Cafe Suisse Mocha


PS: I used this nail polish again. Nail Selfie!

What it is: A naturally and artificially flavored cafe style beverage mix that is decaffeinated, sugar free, and low in calories.

Key Ingredients: Nondairy creamer, decaffeinated instant coffee, cocoa, nonfat milk, aspartame, and salt.

How it smells/looks/tastes: This smells like hot chocolate mix that Swiss makes. It tastes like an adult version of hot chocolate, too. The powder even has chocolate shavings in it.

Why I like it: I did not particularly like this mix and I would not buy this kind again. I do not like that it contains aspartame and the product tastes like watered down hot chocolate. I expected it to taste rich and flavorful, but it did not. I have had other flavors that I have loved, but this fell short. I mix two rounded spoonfuls of the powder with 8 ounces of boiled water and putting more spoonfuls did not help with the flavor at all. I would say pass on this flavor and to choose a different one like hazelnut. I have been enjoying that one. They are 2.99 USD a container, but I use it as a treat and it lasts me a month or two.

With Love,