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Lotion Inventory 2018

I have a serious lotion addiction. I love buying them, but not so much using them. I was really good last year and I used up a ton of my lotion back stock. I only bought 2 lotions last year and that was at the end of the year. I have recently fallen into a slump with using up my lotion. It’s been so cold out that I’ve gotten lazy with my lotion routine. My bathroom is chilly and not well insulated. So, after a shower, it can get chilly pretty fast. I am going to be better and just suck it up and lotion every time after a bath and shower. I’ll go back to lotioning every morning when my bathroom is less chilly. In the summer, I was using up 8 ounces of lotion every month.


I have 5 of these seasonal lotions left. I believe that I started out with 8 to 10 of them. These are only 4 ounces, so I can get done two in a month. So, this is about 2 and a half months worth of lotion. I think I have opened and used every one of these, but they all seem pretty full still. I bought these on the website Midnight Velvet, but I would not repurchase. I don’t like websites likes these anymore. They are very overpriced unless you buy things on sale.


I have 4 more lotions/body butters/message bars here. I have a Victoria’s Secret PINK body lotion in Sweet & Flirty, another PINK in Total Flirt but it is a body butter, Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter body butter, and Lush’s White Chocolate Message Bar. Total Flirt is my favorite scent and I am sad that they no longer sell it. Sweet and Flirty is similar, but just not the same. I have about 4 months worth of the lotion and I have no clue about the massage bar. I would say 3 months probably of consistent use. I think I have used half of it already.


I bought the Bath & Body Works Black Friday Tote, which is where I “bought” the red tube from. I wasn’t sure how to categorize Claire’s Glitter Mist, but I’ll use it up on my body during the summer time. The Nivea Men is a leftover that my dad won’t use. It has about half left and I always use up his leftovers. I don’t like to see stuff going to waste. B&BW Aromatherapy Recharge Body Cream smells divine! I have about 2 and a half months worth of lotion.

My total back stock of lotions are 12 and the amount of time it should roughly take me to use them all up are 12 months. That is very convenient. It means that I should be done with my back stock by the end of this year. That means that next year I could be buying new lotion and I’m going to be only keeping 1 back up. No more years supplies.

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April Empties 2017

I know I’m about two days early for my monthly empties, but I am ready to empty my wicker basket and start collecting for May, my birthday month. I am hoping to go through more beauty products next month, since it is my birthday month. I will probably be wearing more makeup anyway. I also have EXCITING news on my Pan That Pallet progress, at least exciting for me. LOL. This was a lighter month with less empties, but I am happy that I finished off two makeup products. I also have three more on their last legs, so I am hoping to have 5 or more makeup empties in May. I have so many update posts to write, but I love being busy on my blog. I might have a May Reads post this month, because I made a promise to myself to read an hour on Saturday and Sunday. I hope that I can keep that promise. I’ll be back to reading more once I finish my last class for my Associates Degree in Information Technology.


  1. Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner


2. Glam Glow Glow Starter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer


3. Scented Secrets Gingerbread Cookie Body Lotion in Wild Berry


4. Victoria’s Secret Hydrating Body Lotion in Pear Glace


5. Lush Cup O’ Coffee Face and Body Mask


6. Bumble and Bumble BB Hairdresser Invisible Oil Primer


7. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray


8. Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo


9. IGK Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm


10. Crest 3D White in Arctic Fresh


11. Sharpie Accent Highlighter in Green


12. 13. 14. 15. PaperMate InkJoy Pens in Green, Red, Pink, and Light Blue


16. Halls Triple Soothing Action Drops in Cherry


17. 18. International Delight Coffee Creamer in Amaretto Cafe and White Chocolate Raspberry


19. Boston’s Best Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee


20. Celestial Seasonings Green Tea in Candy Cane Lane


21. 22. 23. 24. Gerber Lil’ Beanies with White Cheddar & Broccoli


25. Gerber Fruit Pick-Ups Diced Apples

It was a slow month with a few product multiples, but I really enjoyed using what I have up. I currently have a lotion on its last legs and I think I might use another mini lotion after I use this one up. I never realized how much I really had before I did my collection videos. I knew that I had a lot, but it really puts it in perspective. I know how much I can use up and I strive to enjoy using up my stuff everyday. I don’t want to be the girl with 20 lotion backups anymore. I think I can have a few in back-stock once I use up what I have. Naturally, when I go B&BW shopping, I will be shopping the annual sale and the buy 3, get 3 free sale. Naturally, I will have multiples of products, but it won’t bother me. I’m not going to buy more on top of that. It keeps the back-stock reasonable when you just buy once. Once I run out of something, I’ll do another haul when I can, but I’m really loving my mindset right now. Very zen and minimalistic. I really love minimalism. I got my closet down so much that now, I can go out and do a clothing haul to buy pieces I will love and that will last. I don’t want to support consumerism anymore.

With Love ❤


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Midnight Velvet Haul

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I ordered a haul from Midnight Velvet for my birthday! My father got a line of credit and he said that I could get some things for my twenty-first birthday. I never got any gifts for my birthday, besides from my besties. So, I was super excited to have some money to spend! What I got was really expensive, but keep in mind that it was my twenty-first and also, my dad will only have to pay a minimum of 25 dollars a month. I also told him that I would pay for half, so technically. It was not that expensive, but it is my most expensive haul in one place. Without further chitchat, here is the breakdown of what I received last Friday and Saturday. Yes, they came in two different boxes. No clue why they couldn’t have sent it all in a bigger box.


Zebra box

Isn’t this box cute?! It is zebra striped! I love that this company made their delivery boxes so personal and customized. However, the other box I received was in plain brown packaging. It was a bit of a disappointment, but at least, I got one pretty box to pack my stuff in when I move. I should be moving before December, but the job I interviewed for is still looking at references and wants to do a second interview. It is between me and some other person. I hope I get it!

Box opened

Everything was wrapped up so neatly inside of the box. I feel like this company really cares about the quality and integrity of their products, even if most of their products are not produced or made specifically by them.

The Dress:

Mai Tai Floral DressClose up

Mai Tai Floral Dress
Size Small

I feel like I will be wearing this dress, even through the fall. The colors are so bright and summery! I added a close up, so you can see more detail. The dress is even more gorgeous in real life. The colors really pop! This is a Missy’s small, btw, not a women’s small. I know there is a big difference. I am almost 5’4″, if not 5’4″ and this dress skims the tops of my knees. This is a very appropriate daytime length and the material is very silky. It has a slip, but it has a cowl neckline. Going out for a date wouldn’t be a problem to show some cleavage, but for day time use, I am definitely putting something like a cami or tangtop or some type of shirt underneath this. I feel like this is a jersey dress and could be very wearable taking care of kids in. It flatters my hourglass figure perfect, but beware! If you have a stomach, this will show it off in a bad way, not something you want to wear during your period. I have already worn this dress once and am already in love with it. It’s the perfect dress to go into fall with. Plus, it will look great with my Mai Tai nail polish!

The Lotion:

Body LotionActual size body lotion

7 Gingerbread Men Lotion
8.99 [SALE ITEM]
4 fl oz each [total of 28 fl oz]

I could not help, but pick these little guys up. They are super cute and come in a variety of holiday inspired scents. I was going to possibly separate them and give as gifts, but I am a greedy person. Once I smelt them all, I had to keep them for myself. LOL. The scents they come in are Vanilla Sugar, which smells exactly like sugar cookies; Butterscotch, which smells like true butterscotch extract made for baking; Wild Berry, which smells sweet and fruity; Mocha, which smells like artificial chocolate [this is my least favorite one]; Black Cherry, which smells sweet but a bit like medicine black cherry flavored; Chocolate Mint, which smells like mint with a bit of artificial chocolate; and Cranberry, which is true to life, it is sweet but a bit spicy as well. They are colored body lotions, so Cranberry is pink, Chocolate Mint is green, Black Cherry is a darker pink more on the red spectrum, Wild Berry is purple, Mocha is a very light beige, butterscotch is a more yellow beige, and Vanilla Sugar is white. I am keeping the packaging to put Christmas gifts in. It will be so cute for a certain someone in mind.

The Perfume Set:

Be Delicious Blossom SetBody LotionPerfume spray

DKNY Fresh Blossom Be Delicious Perfume 2 Piece Set
Spray Perfume: 0.5 fl oz
Body Lotion: 1.7 fl oz

I love this duo! I always wanted the Be Delicious green perfume, but the store only had the fresh blossom, so I settled. I am not disappointed. I am a girl with a girly/punk/glam vibe and fashion sense, so I tend to have citrus, fruity, sultry, musky scents on my perfume shelf. This is the only floral I own and it is a nice floral. Most floral, I find are too girly and pretty smelling if you know what I mean. I don’t want to smell EXACTLY like a rose. The spray perfume on its own lasts for 6 hours, but layered with the lotion, it lasts into the night. The lotion smells fresh, floral with a hint of a fruity, fresh apple smell. It is a heavenly scent that is light, but till packs a punch. One spray of the perfume is all you need, whether its layered with lotion or not. It’s strongly potent, but not overpowering. It smells similar to the lotion with one notable difference: it has more of a sultry, musky scent, which I find preferable in my floral. It is perfect for those girls that love a little edge to their life.

The Bra:

Lacy Bra

Lace Bra in Deep Sea
34 C

This is such a pretty bra, but very practical as well. The cups are not filled in with material to push the girls up, which I hate. My girls need ROOM. I like fuller coverage bra, but this still gives pretty cleavage, instead of half of your girls. It’s more like a fifth or quarter. The lace pattern is very eye-catching and the color is more of a bright teal than how it appears in the photo. There is boning on the sides, underneath, and in the middle. It is made with very sturdy underwire. It makes my girls feel supported and looks like it. It is a very comfortable bra and less expensive than Victoria Secrets with the coverage that I want. For bigger cup size girls, this is the perfect bra….at least for me.

The Underwear:


Boy Leg Panty in Deep Sea

The size of these underwear definitely run a size smaller. I wish I got the large size. I have to slowly pull these on over my thighs, where they are a bit snug going on and coming off. I cannot help it that I have beautiful shaped, muscular thighs that are not stick thin. Curvy is the new sexy. Get over it people. Besides that, these fit wonderfully and are definitely a cheeky cut if you know what I mean. These are see through, so it is more of a night-time underwear for dresses or lingerie. Again, I love the color. It makes me look tan or darker skin colored. I don’t know how some colors can do that, but they can.

That is the end of my haul. Have you bought anything similar from another store? Have you ever ordered from Midnight Velvet? Leave a comment or a request below.

With Love,


FTC DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own. All of these items are bought or gifted to me by a family member, not by the company. I am also paying for half of these items, reimbursing said family member.