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First Impression: Especially Escada Delicate Notes

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I am cleaning up my categories with my guru blogger friend Jen. I am taking a page from her blogging book and broading my categories to make my posts easier to search for. I am also making my tites of my posts more earch friendly, but every post will include the unique title that I would have given it anyways. I want my blog to be successful and I will always have three posts up every week. I may be able to do more, but my life is very busy, so I might not have time for more. On those days that I cannot really write a good detailed post. I will do a quick post or a little DIY tip that I have collected over the years. This way, I still post everyday, so you don’t miss me, but I will only do detailed ones three times a week at least. So, join me tomorrow on my new blogging week.

Definitely Ununique

Especially Escada Delicate Notes

This perfume smells really nice and light, but it strangely smelled like another perfume I owned. This perfume costs 46 US DOLLARS an ounce and originates from the Czech Republic. The smell of this perfume is heavenly, but it smells very similar on my skin to Harajuku Lovers Love perfume. Although delicate notes has a sweeter floral scent and the Lovers holds a sweet musk, the scents are similar enough to be mistaken for each other or as the almost same scent. I do think that the Delicate notes is more bang for your buck, so when I run out of Lovers, Iwill be purchasing Delicate Notes. I cannot really judge the perfume by a little sample in the mail that is only a once use deal, but I really like the scent. It is definitely a sweeter side of me for daytime use.

Has anyone else tried this or another perfume by this brand? What perfume are you loving for August? Leave a comment below or a request.

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