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Black Tea Anyone?

For Lipton Natural Energy Premium Black Tea

What it is:

Premium black tea with 75 mg of caffeine and 20 mg of theanine.

Key Ingredients:

Black tea

How it tastes/smells/looks:

When you make it, it ¬†looks like a regular cup of black tea, but it does not taste like the original Lipton black tea. It tastes so much better. It really is higher quality tea, but you wouldn’t know it by the way it looks or smells.

Why I like it:

I think the reason why I enjoyed this tea is simple. It is a high quality black tea that is worth the 2.50 USD for 20 tea bags. I think the “natural energy” label is a gimmick. So they added theanine in it. It isn’t at a high enough concentration to matter and I didn’t feel more energized compared to any other tea. I think that I would just buy their regular premium black tea, where you can get ¬†100 tea bags for 4 USD. My dad really enjoyed his two sample bags of it, so we will be making the switch, just not to “natural energy”.

With Love <3